World Stealers

Your fave fandoms, ruined by us. Or made better. A show with original fan fictions, written and performed as audio dramas by Cait Moldenhauer, and Liz Clarkin-Breslin, and guests! Season 2 includes, Star Trek, X-Files, Lord Of The Rings, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Pokemon, and Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Season 1 includes Star Wars, Disney's The Little Mermaid, True Blood, and Harry Potter.

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Live @ Respect Pod Fest : Star Wars & Game Of T...
Live at the Respect Women's Podcast Festival in Philadelphia at Amalgam Comics! Liz & Cait performed their first live episode! They cover the origin of World Stealers, their past fan fiction writing experience, and why everyone should join the tiny army!
33 min
S02E16 The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina : Par...
Tiny Army, is it hot in here or is it just us? OH, IT'S US, because today we bring you part two of our sexy sexy smut series, Liz's "The Demon Inside Me"! We're even joined in studio by the Dark Prince himself, Satan! Prep your smelling salts because this steamy Sabrina fic will surely have you swooning.
41 min
S02E14 The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina : Par...
55 min
S02E13 Pokemon Musical : Part II "Les Combattan...
56 min
S02E12 Pokemon Musical : Part I "Evolving Witho...
46 min
A Special Guest Naruto Fan Fiction with Philly ...
This week Liz and Cait step aside and give the mic to the one and only Philly Hughes as he reads the delightful Naruto Christmas fluff he wrote when he was but a wee lad of fifteen. Prepare yourself for anime, teenage FEELINGS, and true love. If your heart doesn’t melt by the end of this episode, then you’d better expect the first ghost as the bell tolls one, you irredeemable humbug!
42 min
Mini Ep! — WattPad Fan Fictions : Doctor Who Cr...
Hello Tiny Army! In-between the worlds we've stolen, we're bringing you an appreciation episode for the kind of Fan Fiction that got us started. Liz and Cait read two stories from the writing community WattPad. Liz brings a crossover fic of Doctor Who and Star Trek : The Next Generation. Cait brings a romance, typical of the best fan fictions, from the Marvel franchise Avengers.
48 min
S02E11 X-Men : Part II "Apocalypse Now"
33 min
S02E10 X-Men : Part I "Bamf'd Out of Heaven"
Tiny Army, a Liz and Cait have FEELINGS. We're sad. We're mad. We have super powers that the world fears. So good thing we're serving up our X-Men stories with a healthy dose of ANGST! Listen this week for Cait's story, told from the perspective of that perpetually emo blue demon, Nightcrawler, and get ready to give your heartstrings a good tug. No one understands us but you, Tiny Army.
37 min
Mini Ep! — Fan Fiction Writing Tips with Liz & ...
We've called for a treaty, Tiny Army. While there's no fan fiction to read this week, Cait & Liz reveal some of their writing tips for prepping and finishing fan fictions. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! World Stealers will be recording LIVE at the Respect Women's Pod Festival in Philadelphia, August 23-25. World Stealers will be on Saturday at 12pm for a live episode, reading fan fictions and doing voices! The day podcasts are FREE so show up Tiny Army.
39 min
S02E09 Lord Of The Rings : Part II "Little Girl...
It’s our second LOTR crossover episode and this week Cait is testing the limits of a very common Middle Earth fanfiction trope with her story “Little Girls in Middle Earth: A Meta Fan Fanfiction Fiction”. Only, dare we say, this isn’t your typical ‘young girl goes to Middle Earth and falls in love with Legolas’ story, because these aren’t your typical girls. It’s a Stranger Things crossover and these girls are El and Max!! So finish your arcade game, wipe your nosebleed, and hop on the noblest steed you can find because it’s time for World Stealers!
41 min
S02E08 Lord Of The Rings : Part I "The Fellowsh...
Worlds collide this week for the first of two Lord of the Rings crossover episodes! Listen to Liz’s story, The Fellowship of the Doctor, as she lands the TARDIS smack in the middle of Rivendale. Can the Doctor and her companions catch a Chimera before it ruins the Council of Elrond? Is Gandalf a Time Lord? Will Liz ever master a proper Scottish accent? The answers to these and more, on this week’s episode of World Stealers!
62 min
S02E07 Buffy The Vampire Slayer : Part II "A Sh...
Welcome (back) to the hellmouth! It’s week two of our Buffy series and it’s time for a peek into the dark and dangerous mind of the delightfully devilish Drusilla! It’s Liz’s turn to read her Peggy Sue fic and to try to convince a skeptical Cait that Dru is the greatest. They’ll also discuss Catholicism, how nuns are pretty dope, and how being a woman is ROUGH, even if you’re a super powerful vampire. Hang on to your necks, tiny army! Dru is back in town and back in time. Liz's fan fiction is called "A Sheep Among Wolves"
55 min
S02E06 Buffy The Vampire Slayer : Part I "Slayi...
In every generation, a podcast is born. It alone can stand against the vampires, the demons, and the copyright lawyers. It is WORLD STEALERS. That’s right, we’re doing Buffy the Vampire Slayer this week! Giles and Willow and Spike OH MY! Join us as Cait reads her story, Slaying is a Time Suck, a Peggy Sue featuring a time looping demon, a creepy child, and some classically bad Xander puns. We talk about our histories with Buffy fandom and how we unabashedly stan Anya. Straighten your hair and dig our your low-rise flares cuz we’re going back to the 90’s and we’re gonna slay all day!
51 min
S02E05 The X-Files : Part III "Meeting of the M...
It's the final week of our X-Files trilogy series. Along with guest host Shayna Cott, we're reading Cait's Fan Fiction, "Meeting of the Mind Control" Senate Staffer, Ms. Dumaine, is working for a former astronaut turned politician, Senator Campbell. They visit a seemingly pointless branch of the FBI, gathering research for the Appropriations committee only to find that some mysteries can be solved, no matter how insane they may seem. But of course, there's a price.
54 min
S02E04 The X-Files : Part II "Die Hand, die zus...
Welcome back to week 2 of our three-week X-Files extravaganza! Guest host Shayna Cott is back and this week we’re reading Liz’s story: die Hand, die zusätzliche Gutschrift verlangt. It’s a grim tale of high school high achievers, mysterious deaths, and the ominous presence of our two favorite FBI agents. Follow along on this self- insert fic as Liz takes you inside the mind of her 17-year-old self. You’ll be left with no doubt that high school is a truly dangerous place and that teenagers are nothing but pint-sized psychopaths.
44 min
S02E03 The X-Files : Part I "Party Into The Void"
Tiny army, do we have a BIG surprise for you this week. We have our very first guest, Shayna Cott, for this round of fan fictions about The X-Files! Shayna brings her own original fan fic, Party Into The Void. A story about a Halloween lover who throws a kick ass haunted house rave every year in honor of it. Decked out in themes, jump scare performers, and debauchery, the Halloween party is famous for getting out of hand. But then two FBI agents show up to investigate the disappearance of one of the party's former haunted actors, only to find mysterious happenings within the walls of the raucous loft party. Much to the chagrin of the party host, she must manage the FBI agents, make sure this Halloween bash goes off without a hitch, and figure out just what the HELL is going on here?!
49 min
S02E02 Star Trek : Part II “Deep Space V”
Welcome back, tiny army, to the second part of our Star Trek series. Today we bring you Liz’s story: Deep Space V. Taking place during the Original Series, this story takes a deep dive into bromance, chest hair, and what it means to be a man. Come for the drama, stay for the glitter. Meanwhile, Cait and Liz delve further into the vast fandom that is Star Trek, discussing the campy glory and rampant sexism of TOS and debating what their roles on the Enterprise would be.
26 min
S02E01 Star Trek : Part I "Separated Vows"
World Stealers is back for Season 2 with new fandoms and fresh fanfiction from your favorite podcast hosts, Liz and Cait. In our season 2 premiere we take you on a SciFi adventure like no other, traversing the final frontier itself. That’s right, Cait is kicking off season 2 with a Star Trek: The Next Generation fic!
35 min
S01E10 Harry Potter : Part IV “The Foreign Exch...
In this episode, Part IV of Harry Potter fan fic, for World Stealers : A Fan Fiction Podcast, Liz finishes her story of Draco's last year at Ilvermorny, and finally answers the mystery we've been wondering about for weeks!
31 min
S01E09 Harry Potter : Part III "The Foreign Exc...
We can’t stop and we won’t stop writing fan fiction about Harry Potter.  In this episode, Part III of Harry Potter fan fic, for World Stealers : A Fan Fiction Podcast, Liz writes a fan fic about the final year of school for Draco Malfoy.
52 min
S0E08 Harry Potter : Part II "The Herbology Pro...
In part II of the, four-part Harry Potter fan fiction end to season 1, Liz and Cait are finishing a story or problematic true love. Will the mystery potions professor and a sexy Neville Longbottom be able to work it out,
38 min
S01E07 Harry Potter : Part I "The Herbology Pro...
In part I of the long awaited, four-part Harry Potter extravaganza, Liz and Cait give you the first half of the greatest love story of all time. Journey with us to Hogwarts, years after the Second Wizarding War,
44 min
S01E06 True Blood : Part II, “Wolf Man Go Dig H...
For part II of Liz and Cait's dip into HBO's True Blood, the ladies present a cross over that they can guarantee no one has done before! It's a CROSSOVER with Pitbulls and Parolees on this episode of  World Stealers : A Fan Fiction podcast!  Cait ’s
27 min
S01E05 True Blood : Part I, “There Won’t Be Blood”
It’s time to pick a new world to steal on this episode of World Stealers : A Fan Fiction podcast! Moving on the a much different and expansive franchise, Liz & Cait randomly select True Blood as the next fan fiction writing challenge.
24 min