We live in a confusing time, bombarded every day with news from around the world that can be hard to follow, or fully understand. Let Worldly be your guide. Every Thursday, senior writer Zack Beauchamp, senior foreign editor Jennifer Williams, and staff defense writer Alex Ward give you the history and context you need to make sense of the moment and navigate the world around you. Produced by Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network.

News Commentary
The end of the World(ly)
Zack interviews renowned economic historian Adam Tooze about his forthcoming book.
46 min
Authoritarians without borders
Zack, Jenn, and Jen Kirby look at how authoritarianism has become internationalized.
39 min
Trouble in Tunisia
Zack, Jenn, and Jen Kirby discuss the political crisis gripping Tunisia.
39 min
Zack Beauchamp, Jenn Williams, and Jen Kirby discuss what we know about the NSO Group.
41 min
Cuba Libre
Worldly guest co-host Jen Kirby talks to Michael Bustamante, professor of Latin American history at Florida International University.
51 min
Erdoğan’s enemy in the NBA
Frequent Worldly guest cohost Jen Kirby talks Turkey with NBA player and activist Enes Kanter.
44 min
Brexit interview
A special repost from the folks at Today, Explained!
23 min
Hungary's new anti-LGBTQ law gets a red card
Zack, Jenn, and Alex discuss the European soccer dustup over Hungary’s new anti-LGBTQ law.
39 min
Joe Biden’s Eurotrip
Zack, Jenn, and Alex discuss President Joe Biden’s big trip to Europe.
45 min
Introducing: Now & Then
A new history podcast from CAFE
46 min
Canada’s reckoning with residential schools
Zack and Jenn talk about the horrifying discovery of the remains of 215 children at a so-called “residential school” in Canada.
46 min
The end of the Netanyahu era?
Zack, Jenn, and Alex discuss the political earthquake happening in Israel.
47 min
Why John Cena is apologizing to China
Zack, Jenn, and Alex explain why WWE wrestling superstar John Cena issued an apology to China this week.
46 min
The big picture of the Israel-Gaza war
Zack, Jenn, and Alex take a look at how, after more than a week of fighting, the war between Israel and Hamas is already reshaping the contours of the broader Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
48 min
The Israel-Gaza doom loop
Zack, Jenn, and Alex discuss the ongoing fighting between Israelis and Palestinians — the worst violence the conflict has seen in seven years.
55 min
Bonus: Rep. Ro Khanna on what America owes India
On a special bonus Worldly, Zack interviews Rep. Ro Khanna on the covid crisis in India.
40 min
The politics of India’s Covid crisis
Zack, Jenn, and Alex discuss the political implications of the ongoing Covid-19 catastrophe in India.
43 min
The surprising success of Covid-19 travel bans
Zack, Jenn, and Alex are joined by special guest Julia Belluz, Vox's senior health correspondent, to talk about how Vietnam has managed to keep its total coronavirus deaths to just 35.
43 min
Bonus: The Super League
We gave Alex Ward, Vox's Chief Soccer Fan, 10 minutes to rant about the Super League.
9 min
How Nigeria explains the climate crisis
In a very special Earth Month episode, Zack, Jenn, and Alex use Nigeria as a case study to uncover the deep reasons why it’s so hard for the world to quit fossil fuels
57 min
America is finally leaving Afghanistan
Zack, Jenn, and Alex talk about President Joe Biden’s announcement that all remaining US troops will withdraw from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021.
52 min
Jordan’s royal family feud
Zack, Jenn, and Alex break down the royal drama that has roiled the normally quiet kingdom of Jordan this week.
40 min
Is Myanmar heading for civil war?
Zack, Alex, and returning guest Jen Kirby talk about the potential for a “bloodbath” in Myanmar.
39 min
Your questions about the world, answered
In a very special Worldly episode, Zack, Jenn, and Alex answer YOUR questions!
48 min
Europe’s vaccine disaster
Zack, Jenn, and Alex discuss the raft of problems stymying Europe’s vaccine rollout.
52 min