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News Commentary
Puerto Rico’s crisis and the curse of American ...
The Trump administration’s bungled response to the crisis in Puerto Rico reflects the longstanding challenges facing an island that is neither a full US state
51 min
Angela Merkel won Germany’s election. So did th...
Sunday’s landmark elections in Germany, which were simultaneously reassuring and deeply alarming
48 min
Trump took his America First act to the UN
Donald Trump’s big first speech to the UN
38 min
Burma was a democratic success story. Now it’s ...
The growing human rights catastrophe in Myanmar
56 min
Why more sanctions won’t convince North Korea t...
Why decades of US economic sanctions haven’t stopped North Korea’s nuclear program — and why the Trump administration’s new ones probably won’t, either
62 min
Why a Mideast peace deal seems further away tha...
The most complicated, explosive, and genuinely fascinating issues in the world
62 min
Why Trump doubled down on America’s forever war
Trump’s decision to send more troops to Afghanistan despite spending years calling for a US withdrawal
55 min
The Philippines’s popular president is murderin...
President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines — an abrasive populist leader whose year-long war on drugs has already killed over 7,000 people
48 min
Is Kim Jong Un more rational than Donald Trump?
48 min
How scared should we be of North Korea's nukes?
How worried we should be about North Korea’s nukes
54 min
We’re finding out what happens when no one runs...
President Trump is at war with his own attorney general and national security adviser
52 min
Why Trump has stuck with the Iran deal he hates
Why President Trump won’t rip up the Iran nuclear deal that candidate Trump spent months attacking
48 min
ISIS’s caliphate is falling. Now what?
The fight against ISIS, what will happen now that it’s losing its last strongholds in Iraq and Syria
53 min
What could go wrong when Trump meets Putin? A lot.
The high stakes and high risks surrounding President Trump’s historic first meeting with Vladimir Putin
50 min
Why North Korea is scary, comical, and horrifyi...
The tragic case of Otto Warmbier, the US citizen who died after being detained for 17 months in North Korea.
48 min
The US is getting scarily close to a shooting w...
The potential for a US-Russia conflict in Syria.
58 min
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