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The Working Class Audio Podcast

Navigating the World of Recording with a Working Class Perspective. 

Music Interviews
Music Commentary
WCA #319 with Michael Brauer - Total Clarity, M...
Total Clarity, Mixing From Your Heart, Transcendental Meditation, Forgetting Balance, and Having a Great Team
78 min
WCA #318 with Andy D. Park - Idealism, Making M...
Idealism, Making Mistakes, Persistence, and TV Detectives
50 min
WCA #317 with Ryan Gilligan - Quad Studios, Bus...
Quad Studios, Busta Rhymes, Duffle Bags of Hard Drives, Michael Brauer, and Mixing Based on Emotion
34 min
WCA #316 with Jenny Ortiz aka mixedbyJNY - Behi...
Behind The Scenes Videos, Using Social Media, Networking, Having Patience and Plan B
43 min
WCA #315 with Paul Fig - Punk Rock Ethics, Hand...
Punk Rock Ethics, Handling Crashes, Mailbox Money, Managers, and Getting Out of the Chair
46 min
WCA #314 with Shuta Shinoda - Tokyo to London, ...
Tokyo to London, Sacrificing, Visa Challenges, Surviving, and Listening to Your Instincts
39 min
WCA #313 with John Baffa - Cal Arts, Stable Sho...
Cal Arts, Stable Shows, Forecasting, Creating a Reverb Chamber, and The Hardest Thing About Teaching Audio
40 min
WCA #312 with Jesse Cannon - Panic Attacks, Pro...
Panic Attacks, Producing, Podcasts, Diversifying, Steve Albini and Big Words
53 min
WCA #311 with Maria Rice - Quitting Architectur...
Quitting Architecture School, Following Your Gut, Interning, Being Resilient, Restoration, and the Florida Simulation
36 min
WCA #310 with Steve Evetts - Knowing Your Worth...
Knowing Your Worth, Repeat Clients, Dealing with Opinions, The Moment Of Discovery, and The Power of Commitment
49 min
WCA #309 with Michael Romanowski - Mastering, S...
Mastering, Shared History, Deep Listening, Old Dogs, Staying Upright, and Fuzzy Quarters
78 min
WCA #308 with Robert L. Smith - Online Mixing, ...
Online Mixing, The State of New York, International Eco Systems, and The Virtual Hallway
41 min
WCA #307 with Kevin Churko - Family Band, Famil...
Family Band, Family Business, Mutt Lange, Ozzy Osbourne, Phil Collins Drums, and Graceful Exits
54 min
WCA #306 with Daniel Bacigalupi - Infrasonic So...
Infrasonic Sound, Supportive Parents, Poker, CD Text Fails, and a Collapsing Lung
53 min
WCA #305 with Anne-Marie Pleau - Saying Yes to ...
Saying Yes to Gigs, Album Credits, 9 to 5, Health Care, Moving to Hawaii, and Starting Audio Later in Life
43 min
WCA #304 with Joyce Lieberman - Hitchhiking, Wo...
Hitchhiking, Woodstock, Electronics School, Fresh Air, WHYY, and the Avocado Cutlass Supreme
62 min
WCA #303 with Steven Baughman - Hip Hop, Alpha ...
Hip Hop, Alpha Dogs, Sonic Puzzles, Happiness, and Respecting The Wood
40 min
WCA #302 with Leslie Gaston-Bird - Black Women ...
Black Women In Audio, AES, Recording The TV, Dolby Atmos, Morph The Cat, and Running vs. Pancakes
52 min
WCA #301 with Ryan Freeland - Bob Clearmountain...
Bob Clearmountain, Making Things Better In The World, The Artistry Of Engineering, and Beepers At The Beach
64 min
WCA #300 with Andrew Scheps - Life in the UK, Y...
Life in the UK, Yoga and Astronomy, Soundflow, Selling His Gear, Staying Visible and Squid the Cat
82 min
WCA #299 with Audrey Martinovich - Studio Busin...
Studio Business Systems, Wisconsin Weather, Confidence, Organization, and Avoiding Papercuts
55 min
WCA #298 with Nathan Smith - Sound Design, Stor...
Sound Design, Storytelling, Inspiration from Challenges, Learning from Failure, and The Nuances of Recording Guns
60 min
WCA #297 with Michael Rosen - Rogue Tape Machin...
Rogue Tape Machines, Tent Cities, Post Pandemic Predictions, Being Ready To Record, and Going Above & Beyond
56 min
WCA #296 with Max Perry - Selling Beats, Family...
Selling Beats, Family Influence, Lawyers, New York Hip Hop, Balance, and Cannabis
51 min
WCA #295 with Reto Peter - Starting Over, Green...
Starting Over, Green Day, Diversification, Recording Restrictions, Family, and Redefining Success
59 min
WCA #294 with McKay Garner - Remote Production,...
Remote Production, Curveballs and Lemonade, Production Mindset, Community, and Burritos
74 min
WCA #293 with Heidi Trefethen - Live Sound, Rec...
Live Sound, Recording, French Horn, Struggles with The Mormon Church, Session Mindset, Sexism and Learning to Evolve
54 min
WCA #292 with Jessica Paz - Manhattan Special, ...
Manhattan Special, Soda Stream, Theater Sound, Women in Audio, Sound Design, Advocacy and Last Minute Christmas Gifts
47 min
WCA #291 with Greg Gordon - Great Landlords, G...
Great Landlords, Glee Club, Relationships, Early Days of Internet Audio, Online Mentorship, Pyramind, and the Letter I
58 min
WCA #290 with Joe Chiccarelli - Frank Zappa, Pr...
Frank Zappa, Producing, Psychology, Budgets, Learning From Others, Sharing Knowledge, and The Tonelux Mic Collaboration
61 min
WCA #289 with George Vlad - The Draw of the Out...
The Draw of the Outdoors, Field Recording, Ecology, Adventure, Bribes, and Bees
59 min
WCA #288 with Jens Bogren - Chaos Theory, Worki...
Chaos Theory, Working in Metal, Psychology, Banks, Sports Fishing and, Motion Sickness
51 min
WCA #287 with Nacho Molino - Panama, The Norieg...
Panama, The Noriega Years, Bilingual Advantage, 15 year US immigration Process and, Responsible Grammy Voting
57 min
WCA #286 with Cullen Brooks - Music to Film Sou...
Music to Film Sound, Star Wars, Michigan, Recording Punk bands, Division of Labor and Disruptive Clients
46 min
WCA #285 with Sam Pura - The F-Word, Smoking We...
The F-Word, Smoking Weed, Doing the Hard Work, Intuition and, Being Responsible for Yourself
53 min
WCA #284 with Dallas Taylor - Twenty Thousand H...
20K Podcast, Crafting stories with Sound, Positioning, Ben Burtt, Challenging Covention and Burnout Prevention
53 min
WCA #283 with Jermaine Hamilton - Music Annex, ...
Music Annex, Tickle Me Elmo, Green Day, Zen Mindset, Financial Buffers, and Coffee
35 min
WCA #282 with Björgvin Benediktsson - Alternati...
Alternative Studio Income Strategies, Book Recommendations, Creating Online Content, and Audio Issues
57 min
WCA #281 with Baba Prasad - Knowledge from the ...
Knowledge from the Trash, IT in Singapore, Self Education, Childhood Inspiration, and 20 years of Studio Ownership in Chennai, India.
43 min
WCA #280 with Brad Wood - Virus Talk, Blacksmit...
Virus Talk, Blacksmiths, New Habits, Pandemic Albums, Instagram and the return of Andy Kaufman
45 min
WCA #279 with Kevin Ward - Teaching, Learning, ...
Teaching, Learning, Seizing Opportunity, Migrating to California, Team Building, and Faith
65 min
WCA #278 with the Work From Home Panel - Sara C...
Sara Carter, Jaimeson Durr and Fela Davis join me to talk about all things audio, business and survival in the time of Coronavirus.
50 min
WCA #277 with Rafa Sardina - Coming to America,...
Coming to America, Leaving Medical School, Empathy, People Skills, Educating Clients and No Plan B.
61 min
WCA #276 with Matthew Boudreau - Soul-Sucking J...
Soul Sucking Jobs, Audio Drama, Field Recording, Spiderman vs Draco The Dragon, and the Language of Audio
47 min
WCA #275 with Carlos Novais - Life on the road,...
Life on the road, Brazil, Organization, Multi-Tasking and the loss of gigs due to Coronavirus.
54 min
WCA #274 with Katie McMurran - NPR, KQED, Podca...
NPR, KQED, Podcasts, Rates, Interviewing for Radio Gigs, Codecs and Staying Calm Under Pressure.
47 min
WCA #273 with Maya Finlay - Mentors, Rosanne Ca...
Mentors, Rosanne Cash, Meditation, Finances Being an Introvert and taking City Cabs
36 min
WCA #272 with Alberto Hernandez - Fantasy Studi...
Fantasy Studios, Languages, Health Insurance, Planning for Sessions, Budget Rejection, Serving the Clients, Mistakes, Business advice, Worth to your Work, Retirement
40 min
WCA #271 with Dusty Wakeman - Texas Roots, Mad ...
In this episode, we discuss: Mad Dog Studios, Texas Roots, Playing bass, Running a Studio, Hard Drives and Hammers, Mojave Audio, David Royer, Viral Meningitis, Coronavirus, Hot Yoga, Dwight Yokam
55 min
WCA #270 with Dereck Blackburn - Studio Buildin...
Studio Building, Dual Electrical Systems, Mini Splits, Community Participation, Mastermind Groups and Meditation.
65 min
WCA #269 with Lij Shaw - Saving Home Studios, P...
Saving Home Studios, Podcasts, Creating Paid Content, Nashville Growth and The Hay Bale Studio.
61 min
WCA #268 with Frank Joly - Live Sound, Simple P...
Live Sound, Simple Plan, Family Grocery, Learning English and Government Funded Recording.
46 min
WCA #267 with Stephen Marsh - Goat piss to gaso...
My guest is Mastering engineer Stephen Marsh
52 min
WCA #266 with NAMM 2020 - Loads of gear, tired ...
A recap of NAMM 2020
38 min
WCA #265 with Alex Oana - Science Experiments, ...
Alex Oana, is the creator and co-founder of Audio Test Kitchen. Alex started out as a musician, became a recording engineer and producer, got into pro audio sales and marketing, and designs and develops products.
79 min
WCA #264 with Justin Perkins - Diversification,...
Justin Perkins is a mastering engineer located in Milwaukie, Wisconsin.
56 min
WCA #263 with Jacob Sciba - 99 Cent Pizzas, The...
Jacob Sciba is a producer/engineer/mixer based out of Austin, Texas.
51 min
WCA #262 with Jordan Richter - Going Broke, Bur...
My guest is Jordan Richter
42 min
WCA #261 with Dave Gardner - College Radio, Cri...
My guest is Dave Gardner.
53 min
WCA #260 with Ben Bernstein - Being a guide, Lo...
58 min
WCA #259 with Lenise Bent - The smell of tubes,...
My guest is Lenise Bent
58 min
WCA #258 with Jason Livermore - Selling Beer, S...
My guest is Jason Livermore.
53 min
WCA #257 with Music Expo - Warren Huart, Lenise...
Day 2 Keynote Panel of producers and engineers from Music Expo.
43 min
WCA #256 with Scott Evans - Quitting his day jo...
My guest is Scott Evans.
69 min
WCA #255 with Steven Gillis - Chicago winters, ...
My guest is Steven Gillis
48 min
WCA #254 with Jonah Strauss - DIY Attitude, The...
My guest is Jonah Strauss
59 min
WCA #253 with Mary Mazurek - Recording live, Kn...
My guest is Mary Mazurek.
49 min
WCA #252 with Dave Hillis - Metal beginnings, R...
My guest is Dave Hillis,
60 min
WCA #251 with Piper Payne - Infrasonic Sound, s...
My guest is mastering engineer Piper Payne,
62 min
WCA #250 with Vance Powell - Business managers,...
My guest is six-time Grammy Award winning record producer, engineer and mixer Vance Powell.
44 min
WCA #249 with Jeff Kolhede- A journey of adapti...
My guest is Grammy-nominated producer, composer, engineer, and musician Jeff Kolhede.
48 min
WCA #248 with Eyal Levi - URM, The Demands of M...
My guest is Eyal Levi who is the host of Unstoppable Recording Machine, former guitarist for Daath as well as producer and educator.
59 min
WCA #247 with Justin Colletti - Mastering, Soni...
Justin Colletti is a mastering engineer, author of hundreds of articles on the art, science, and business of music and sound as well as director of content and publishing for SonicScoop.
75 min
WCA #246 with Eric Fredricey - Running with the...
Eric Fredricey started with hand me down cassette decks and mixers, progressed to a broadcast internship in Junior High, worked at a tv station right out of high school and is now chief engineer at KCSB-FM college radio in his hometown.
44 min
WCA #245 with Steve Chadie - Making Records in ...
Steve Chadie started interning for Willie Nelson's studio in 1995. 24 years later armed with a host of high profile clients, awards and experiences Steve still has the same enthusiasm he did when he started and a desire to lend a helping hand, gear or advice to upcoming young engineers that he collaborates with.
51 min
WCA #244 with Paul Drew - The Power of Diversif...
Paul Drew is a producer, engineer, mixer, session guitarist, and member of Production Expert. He's also the D in DWB Music Ltd and DWB MIXING. His experience is diversified and has served him well. Paul walks us through the details of all of it and tells us about his new venture The Studio Rats.
56 min
WCA #243 with Patrick Meza - The Importance of ...
Patrick Meza is a Mix Tech at Warner Brothers. He is a prime example of how perseverance can open doors and shape your career.
36 min
WCA #242 with Brian David Hood - Creating A Six...
Brian David Hood is a producer/engineer, studio owner, and entrepreneur. Brian takes us through his journey, from playing drums on tour, opening a studio in his parent's basement, hitting a major low point that spurred him on to better opportunities, creating a video course and a podcast and his entrepreneurial ventures.
80 min
WCA #241 with Dan Shike - Avoiding Headaches, A...
Dan joins me to talk about building his mastering studio in Nashville, avoiding headaches, assisting Reid Shippen, being the only one accountable to his clients, learning to be socially active, getting out of debt and staying healthy.
56 min
WCA #240 with Sebastian Visconti - Philadelphia...
Sebastian joins me to talk about moving from Philadelphia to LA, recordings bands, working at Trader Joes, reinventing himself and breaking into the film audio world at 40. Enjoy! -Matt
49 min
WCA #239 with Damien Rasmussen - College Radio,...
Damien joins me to talk about working as a college radio DJ, interacting with bands, being an enabler, getting in trouble with N'Sync's management, and the business practices of an audio pro.
62 min
WCA #238 with Clint Bennett - 90's San Francisc...
Clint chats with me about 90's San Francisco, moving to LA, proving himself, persevering, union benefits, and not taking his opportunity's for granted.
57 min
WCA #237 with Kieron Menzies
Kieron chats with me about working at a pumpkin patch, help from his godmother, working with Rick Nowles, meetings with music industry suits, playing scratchers and saving money.
48 min
WCA #236 with Cameron Webb
Cameron joins me to talk about being the best runner, honesty, hanging up on studio managers, letting flaws shine through, synchronization nightmares, Yo Gabba Gabba, and listening to artists.
72 min
WCA #235 with Dave Nelson
Dave joins me to chat about Michigan, President Ford's doorbell, seeing Jimi Hendrix, harmonica lessons with Taj Mahal, staying on the bleeding edge of audio & video technology, losing his studio, agreements, and Dolby certification.
57 min
WCA #234 with Eric Kuehnl
Eric joins me to talk about college, the death of his father, the Burbank airport, when Masters Degrees come in handy, and 90's Digidesign. Enjoy! -Matt
65 min
WCA #233 with Beau Sorenson
Beau joins me for coffee to discuss hardware stores, being kind, respect for studio owners, having patients, and getting out of town to record
46 min
WCA #232 with Buddy Lee Dobberteen - Being a Ma...
Being a Marine, Iraq, His Studio for Vets, Suicide, and Mentoring.
53 min
WCA #231 with Brendan Duffey
Brendan joins me to chat about growing up in Davis, California, the impact of Sylvia Massey, the Banff Center, running a studio in Brazil, working with his wife, corruption, bureaucracy, violence, kidnapping, success, troubles with shipping & friends in the FBI.
50 min
WCA #230 with Chris Shaw
Chris joins me to talk about keeping your mouth shut, staying humble, always be learning, making mistakes and Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
45 min
WCA #229 with Ed Brooks
Ed joins me to talk about working at Tapco, transitioning from tech to recording to mastering, staying cool in intense studio situations and 90's Seattle.
39 min
WCA #228 with Shani Gandhi
Shani joins me to talk about her journey from Australia to the US, earning trust, not over mixing, immigration, the dynamics of Nashville and making time for yourself.
41 min
WCA #227 with Wesley Slover
Wesley joins me to talk about the art & craft of sound design, scheduling, family time, the cassette tape guy, making stuff and church sound.
44 min
WCA #226 with Rachel Field
Rachel joins me to talk about food service, customer service, reading people, riding motorcycles, getting sunshine and mastering.
43 min
WCA #225 with Joe Finocchio
Joe joins me to talk about his early struggles, the trust of mentors, skipping the intern process, working in corporate AV and not drinking with the band.
45 min
WCA #224 with Frank Marchand
Frank joins me to talk about freelancing, live sound, recording in rehearsal spaces, adapting to acoustic environments, being a soccer coach, client repeat rates, and working on projects he likes.
39 min
WCA #223 with Doug McBride
Doug joins me to talk about running Gravity Studios, assisting for Steve Albini, 911, word of mouth, dealing with landlords and unexpected guests.
36 min
WCA #222 with Justin Lieberman
Justin joins me to talk about his journey from his early experiences at Prairie Sun to his current gig at Sony Interactive, commuting, work/life balance, Al Gore, mixing hundreds of tracks in surround and more. Enjoy! -Matt
35 min
WCA #221 with Hans DeKline
Hans joins me from his home in Los Angeles to discuss his journey, communicating with clients, raising wolves, outside interests, and remembering to always ask what does it sound like?
50 min
WCA #220 with Butch Vig
Butch joins me to talk about growing up in Viroqua, Wisconsin, the trajectory of Smart Studios, one band leading to another, being diverse, vibe crushers as well as Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and Garbage. Special thanks to former WCA guest Justin Perkins for connecting us!
59 min