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INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE is a weekly podcast series hosted by Colette Baron-Reid. Colette is an internationally acclaimed Oracle expert, best-selling author, intuitive strategist, medium and celebrated voice in the field of personal transformation.

Featuring authentic and playful conversations with some of the world’s most interesting sages, scientists and celebrities, INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE uncovers personal stories of spiritual awakening and transformation.

Society & Culture
Woo² | Oracle Cards: Predictive, Prescriptive o...
On this episode of Woo² my Executive Producer, Connie Diletti, and I talk about the difference between the nature of oracle cards being predictive, prescriptive and/or both.
16 min
SPIRIT & RECOVERY | Soulbriety, Inner-Work & Re...
In this conversation we talk about the multiple faces of addiction, recovering from ‘soul loss’ and the insightful concept of Soulbriety.
49 min
SPIRIT & RECOVERY | Emergence, Self-Exploration...
In this conversation we explore the redefinition of recovery and re-pair, the power of uncertainty and the reevaluation of what we fear.
61 min
SPIRIT & RECOVERY | EMDR, Emotional Freedom & R...
In this conversation we talk about the power of Tammy’s Transformation Solution, the opportunities for growth that trauma presents, and how we can move beyond the role of victim and create a new narrative for our lives.
49 min
SPIRIT & RECOVERY | Soul Care, Mindful Movement...
In this conversation we talk about facing generational trauma, the connection between movement and recovery and practical tools for coping with overwhelm.
47 min
SPIRIT & RECOVERY | Divination, Courage & Recov...
In this first episode, my Executive Producer Connie Diletti and I discuss my personal experience with addiction, the evolution of my relationship with Spirit, and the healing role divination played in my recovery.
56 min
SPIRIT & RECOVERY | Limited Series Preview
Here's a sneak peak of SPIRIT & RECOVERY, our up and coming 5-part mini series exploring powerful healing modalities and philosophies for recovering from trauma, addiction, and harmful behaviours.
1 min
Woo² | Getting Started with Shadow Work
On this episode of Woo², my Executive Producer Connie and I delve into the complexities of shadow work.
14 min
Woo² | When a Reading Doesn't Resonate
On this episode of Woo2, my Executive Producer Connie and I discuss the difference between not liking a reading and resisting its message, versus when a reading is completely off the mark and doesn’t feel aligned. We also talk about how to discern when a reading is accurate - even if you're not ready to hear it or accept what's being said.
15 min
Woo² | The Power of 8
On this episode of Woo2,, my Executive Producer Connie Diletti and I delve into Lynne's extensive research on the transformative power of healing circles.
10 min
Woo² | The Magic of Vision Boards
On this episode of Woo2 my Executive Producer, Connie Diletti and I discuss the magic of vision boards, setting intentions, using affirmations and the importance of clarifying your ‘whys’ when vision boarding.
21 min
Woo² | Synchronicity
We love this magical, auspicious topic here on Inside the Wooniverse, so today on Woo² my Executive Producer, Connie Diletti and I, will be exploring synchronicity more in depth.
18 min
Woo² | Getting Started with Meditation
On this episode of Woo2 my producers, Connie Diletti, Julie Fink and myself discuss the topic of meditation. We chat about our own meditation practices and give ideas on how to get started with your own practice. No matter the level - whether you are a beginner or an expert, we are here to give you additional support and to celebrate this amazing, ancient calming tradition.
14 min
Inside the Wooniverse | Season 2 Blooper Reel
Inside the Wooniverse | Season 2 Blooper Reel
5 min
Spirit 'Jingle' Jam with Colette Baron-Reid
In this episode we’re pulling the veil back on the Spirit Jam experience and sharing what it’s like to be in the room with me and my members.
62 min
Your Story in Numbers with Glynis McCants
In this conversation we talk about the science and energy of numbers, being a clear channel for numbers and numerological insights about 2023 and beyond!
49 min
Astrology As Medicine & Navigating Your Cosmic ...
In this conversation we speak about past life gifts, astrology as medicine and how ancient elements appear in our charts and personalities.
58 min
Mystics, Starseeds & the Sacred Rose with Rebec...
In this conversation we talk about the power of nature, hearing the whispers of our soul and honoring the cycles of change.
62 min
High Voltage Qigong & Activating Your Own Heali...
In this conversation we talk about how to bulletproof your energy, the infinite healing capability of qi and the benefits of practicing Qigong.
61 min
Witches, Womb Wisdom & Self-Sourcery with Lisa ...
In this conversation we talk about self-expression, the pelvis as a second skull and exploring self-sourcery.
53 min
Sacred Dream Technologies with Machiel Klerk
In this conversation, we speak about ways to see beyond this world, connecting to the soul through our dreams, and a special technique Machiel teaches to ask for and receive guidance from our dreams.
62 min
Becoming a Super Receiver & Powerhouse Creator ...
In this conversation we talk about desires inspiring an inevitable reality, practical manifestation steps and how to create the most epic version of YOU!
59 min
A Higher Pursuit of Happiness... Less Searching...
In this conversation we speak about the power of positive psychology, the Enneagram system and how to live our highest purpose in life.
61 min
Woo² | The Oracle Card Journal: A Daily Practic...
In this conversation we unbox and speak about my new Oracle Card Journal!
24 min
Plant Wisdom, Woods & Ayahuasca with Dr. Maya S...
n this conversation, we speak about sacred plants as medicine, psychedelics and the power of communicating with nature.
63 min