Women's Running Stories

Women's Running Stories features inspiring stories told by exceptional women runners about their running experiences. Hear about the many ways women are achieving excellence and changing their lives through the sport of running. Get motivated to reach your own running goals by women who are making it happen.

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Erica Stanley-Dottin: A Sub-3-Hour Marathon Goa...
42 min
Pat Freeman: 30 Years Running Comrades, and Cou...
36 min
Reair Celebrating the Return of Comrades!: Blan...
This bonus reair celebrates the return of the 90km/56-mile "ultimate human race" Comrades on August 28, 2022. Comrades has been on hiatus because of COVID since it last happened in 2019. We couldn't be more thrilled! We're celebrating by highlighting the story of running legend Blanche Moila in this reair. Also hear updates from host Cherie Turner, who shares some thoughts about going into her first time running Comrades. She also has a "stay tuned" announcement for next week's new Comrades episode featuring 30-time (!) Comrades finisher Pat Freeman, and please be sure to enjoy our entire Comrades series to get pumped up about the return of this great race!Also, about this episode: South African running legend Blanche Moila shares how she inspired change through becoming one of the country’s best runners and then through running Comrades, as well as public speaking, mentoring, and coaching.
39 min
Verity Breen: Running Far and Fast, A Life-Long...
40 min
Camille Herron: Menstrual Health & Running West...
36 min
Nicole Pinto: Part 1/2: Running Boston while Pr...
30 min
Gael Henville: Life Lessons Learned, and Shared...
Gael Henville discovered a pure love of running early in life, growing up in the Caribbean. After immigrating to the US, she experienced racism and bullying, and subsequent isolation. This is the story of how Gael's love of running eventually led her to discovering her own power and a driving desire to empower others through the sport, especially women of color. Gael is recognized as a leader in the running community, sharing the wisdom of many life lessons learned and many races run. She tells her story in her own voice.
38 min
LIVE EVENT: Marilyn Bevans & Maegan Krifchin, C...
74 min
Bobbi Gibb: The First Woman of the Boston Marathon
37 min
Sarah Lavender Smith: Ultramarathon Trail Runni...
34 min
Cathy Utzschneider: A Champion After 40, A Pass...
34 min
Sonia Samuels w/Jae Gruenke: Olympian Rediscove...
47 min
Roads to Boston 2021: We Ran the Boston Maratho...
41 min
Update & Reair: Camille Herron at the Comrades ...
41 min
Roads to Boston 2021: The Final Pre-Race Check-In
37 min
Roads to Boston 2021: How We All Got In
46 min
Roads to Boston 2021: An Inside Look at Maratho...
37 min
Roads to Boston 2021: Why We Marathon, Nicole's...
24 min
Roads to Boston 2021: Why We Marathon, Marija's...
27 min
Roads to Boston 2021: Why We Marathon, Patty's ...
28 min
Roads to Boston 2021: How We Started Running
23 min
Introducing Roads to Boston 2021: 9 Runners, 1 ...
4 min
Megan Flanagan: A Young Runner's Journey throug...
34 min
BONUS: Hear Her Sports: Dagmara Wozniak, Olympi...
42 min
Beatie Deutsch: Pregnancy, Fast Marathons, Shat...
32 min