Women's Running Stories

Women's Running Stories features inspiring stories told by exceptional women runners about their running experiences. Hear about the many ways women are achieving excellence and changing their lives through the sport of running. Get motivated to reach your own running goals by women who are making it happen.

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BONUS: Hear Her Sports: Jenny Nguyen and the Sp...
64 min
Sika Henry + Comrades Marathon: An Experience L...
31 min
Christine Yu: Her Book, Up to Speed, Inspired b...
35 min
Race Report: Nell Rojas + 2023 USATF 25k Nation...
Insights into life as a professional marathon racer
29 min
Vanessa Fraser: 100 x 1-Mile SF Women's WR Rela...
How running new events and rediscovering the power of team and community is reinvigorating Fraser's pro career
43 min
Race Report: Alexina Teubel + 2023 USATF One-Mi...
Experience, steady progress, and consistency deliver a strong race and new PR for Teubel
24 min
Nicole Pinto: Returning to Racing Post-Partum (...
Nicole's journey from giving birth to running a half-marathon nine months later
32 min
LIVE EVENT: Podium Pioneers Panel, Boston Marat...
Panel discussion featuring Marilyn Bevans, Patti Dillon, Jacqueline Hansen
52 min
Patty Hung: 37 Consecutive Boston Marathons, A ...
How a pursuit to stay healthy and connect with family is making history
19 min
Race Report: Amber Zimmerman + 2023 USATF 10-Mi...
How refocusing, recommitting, and changing her approach to racing has changed the game for Amber Zimmerman
25 min
Dani Moreno: Track, Trail, Boston: A Pro Runner...
Professional sub-ultra trail racer Dani shares her entire running journey, heading into her first road marathon, at Boston
57 min
Race Report: Molly Huddle + 2023 New York City ...
A return to elite level racing and speaking up about motherhood in professional running
21 min
Race Report: Emma Grace Hurley + 2023 USATF 15k...
How Emma Grace went for it, and ran away from the crowd
18 min
Jae Gruenke: Running Form Expert & Feldenkrais ...
This is a special collaborative episode with Elizabeth Emery, host of Hear Her Sports podcast
65 min
Erika Kemp: Championships, Challenges, and a Ma...
Two-Time National Champion Erika Kemp shares her running journey, as she leads up to her marathon debut at Boston 2023.
42 min
Race Report: Lauren Hagans + 2023 USATF Half Ma...
Making The Move, A Podium Performance
20 min
Sara Mae Berman: Three Time Boston Champion & R...
One of the first elite US marathoners, Sara helped pave the way for other women
44 min
Lindsey Cortes: One Runner's Nourishment & Body...
How intuitive eating and body appreciation has led Lindsey to better health and performance
43 min
BONUS! Starting Line 1928: Bjorg Austrheim-Smith
An Ultra-Running Pioneer
67 min
Maegan Krifchin: An Epic Marathon PR Story
3 Marathons in Less than 30 Days
28 min
Tiffany Gayle Chenault: Running Through Grief, ...
36 min
Hillary Allen: An Unbreakable Will
Overcoming injuries, never giving up
33 min
Alison Mariella Désir: Running While Black, Her...
36 min
Gina Lucrezi: Running Toward Equity, Establishi...
38 min
WRS Host Cherie Turner + 2022 Comrades Marathon...
59 min