The Wolf Of All Streets

Host Scott Melker talks to your favorite characters from the world of Bitcoin, trading, finance, music, art, and anyone else with an interesting story to tell. Sit down, strap in, and get ready – we’re going deep.

“Taking the Red Pill” with Hotep Jesus, Popula...
Scott Melker and Hotep Jesus further discussed taking the red pill, demanding free coffee from Starbucks, left v. right politics, conspiracy theories, the birth of Hotep Jesus, the state and its central bank, capitalism mixed with anarchism, a world currency, traditional investors vs Bitcoin investors, a “Bitcoin board of attorneys,” deep fakes, ICO’s and more.
73 min
Why Michael Saylor Invested 700M Dollars In Bit...
Scott Melker and Michael Saylor further discuss Michael Saylor Bull, Bull, Bull, joining Crypto Twitter, falling in love with Bitcoin, channeling monetary energy, the “MicroStrategy Effect”, running a company with 1,000s of employees, the problem with inflation, COVID’s impact, the new normal, a “K shape recovery,” the FED injecting money, cash flow and monetary expansion, shorting the dollar and more.
81 min
Monopolizing the World’s Money with Richard Cra...
Scott Melker and Richard Craib further discussed the definition of a quant, machine learning, million-dollar data sets, managing all the money in the world, crowdsourcing signals, beating the S&P, the Numerai Master Plan, a brand new hedge fund system, Ken Griffin and Citadel, poker players and trading, the ethical good in trading, hedge fund exclusion, accredited investor laws, the data + talent secret, and more.
62 min
Bringing Bitcoin and Ethereum Together with Chr...
Scott Melker and Chris Spadafora further discussed working above the OG Bitcoin Center, professional bodybuilding, the life of a salesman, breaking a regimented routine, discovering true happiness on vacation, the 4-hour work week, building on Ethereum, designing a DAO, PayPal in the crypto space, food coins, charity poker, wrapped Bitcoin, a new financial system and more.
58 min
Magic Truffles and Magic Money with Todd Shapir...
Scott Melker and Todd Shapiro further discuss becoming a radio sensation, going on the show Blind Date, what is a “Magic Mushroom”, Magic Truffles vs. Magic Mushrooms, falling in love with capital markets, pink elephants and bending phones, stigmas and conspiracy theories, big pharma, appreciating the things that mean the most, a VR microdose headset, the Red Light District, psychedelics, psilocybin and more.
82 min
Protecting Your Assets with Jameson Lopp, CTO o...
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65 min
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness with...
Scott Melker and Brock Pierce further discuss painting the White House, the life of a child movie star, why he's running for president, the polarization of our nation, stepping into the political ring of fire, breaking free of left and right politics, a developing political evolution, being bullish on crypto, going face to face with the media giants, financing a presidential campaign, universal earned income, criminal justice reform, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and more.
65 min
Beating the Banks with Alex Mashinsky, CEO of C...
Scott Melker and Alex Mashinsky further discuss moving to the U.S. in the ’80s, phone company monopolies, the urge to disrupt, creating Celsius Network, giving 80% of the profits to the community, bank bailouts, daytime robbery, beating the banks, crypto community fees, hedge funds in crypto, the name “Sushi” as a leading indicator, the corrosion of standards and voting with your wallet.
65 min
Exploring the Internet of Assets with John Wu, ...
Scott Melker and John Wu further discuss discovering Bitcoin in 2013, the untapped world of alternative assets, taxi medallions, the internet of assets, the DeFi Petri dish, NFT’s, political polarization, the danger of big companies, the schoolyard vs. the comment section, trillions of dollars locked in an inefficient system, the ‘08 crash and DeFi, Mad Men investors and more.
58 min
A Trader’s Edge with Mati Greenspan, Founder of...
Scott Melker and Mati Greenspan further discuss the good QE, Elon heading to Mars, COVID’s lasting impact, a self-made billionaire grandfather, Mati as the face of eToro, managing other people’s money, receiving $30 in Bitcoin as a gift, Link Frogs attacking, leverage, most traders failing, meditation and prayer and more.
66 min
In the Trading Pit with Mike McGlone, Senior Co...
Scott Melker and Mike McGlone further discuss the screams and shouts of the trading pit, determining the volume of the market by the odor of the other traders, the Bloomberg Terminal, the election’s impact on the market, CBDCs' unstoppable trend, tempting the market gods, quantitative easing, the classic signs of a bear and bull market, the growing advantages of hard assets, where the market is heading, Bitcoin’s true value and more.
61 min
Music, Art, and NFTs with DJ Justin Blau aka 3LAU
Scott Melker and Justin Blau further discuss their similar backgrounds in music, performing and crypto, mixing finance and blockchain into the world of art, learning about Bitcoin from the Winkelvoss twins, NFTs, Kanye West tweets, what blue checkmarks, Yeezys, and Jordans all have in common, who is Blockparty, predatory record labels, mining for gold on asteroids, a shaky dollar, having strong opinions loosely held, the impact of COVID on performers, building schools in Guatemala and more.
66 min
Banking the Unbanked with Richard Ells, CEO of ...
Scott Melker and Richard Ells further discuss the massive unbanked and underbanked population, trying to pay a Ugandan villager, skipping a layer of technology with crypto, the ICO boom, Amazon, how most cryptocurrencies lack a real-world use case,, longing Gold, Silver and Bitcoin, proof of responsibility, ETN in Brazil, Uganda, India and more.
80 min
Making Sense of Social Data with Joe Vezzani, C...
Scott Melker and Joe Vezzani further discuss growing up as a finance kid, looking for a job in the ‘08 crash, the rise and fall of Lehman Brothers, a lack of fundamentals in the crypto world, developing a platform that understands “Dogecoin is mooning,” millennial farm animals, the Wall Street Suits, the nightmare of taxing Bitcoin, Galaxy scores, Alt Ranks and more.
62 min
The Greatest Wealth Transfer in History with Je...
Scott Melker and Jeff Booth further discuss working at the forefront of tech, hidden taxes, a Ponzi scheme of debt, the government propping up the market, Bitcoin as our life raft, the rich moving into missile silos, a non-existent middle class, time as our most valuable resource, creating generational wealth, going irresponsibly long on Bitcoin, overpriced real estate, inflation vs. deflation, tech monopolies, Bitcoin to $0 or $1,000,000 and more.
67 min
Institutional Money and Bitcoin with Richard By...
74 min
The Monetary Model Of The Future with Ido Sadeh...
Scott Melker and Ido Sadeh Man further discuss their shared music background, the difficulties of becoming a successful musician, transitioning from entrepreneurship to the blockchain, the possible death of the dollar, the change from SAGA to Sögur, living on a Kibbutz, selling your Bitcoin when your taxi driver is talking about it, money and materialism, COVID exposing our financial fragility and more.
71 min
Crypto Hedge Funds 101 with Matt Stover, CEO o...
Scott Melker and Matt Stover further discuss, the major pitfalls of crypto hedge funds, how nobody is keeping up with the pace of crypto, the natural progression of a successful trader, every trader's dream to open a hedge fund, poker players backed by hedge funds, trading your money vs. your client’s money, offshore vehicle investments, giving the government their piece of the pie, the similarities of crypto and marijuana, the disappearance of the physical dollar, a digital world and more.
58 min
The Internet Of Tomorrow With Jonas Simanaviciu...
Scott Melker and Jonas Simanavicius further discuss, the private vs. the public internet, a new 2.0 layer of the internet, NOIA token economics, Ethereum 2.0 gas fees, smart contracts and the world computer, the DeFi craze vs. the ICO craze, virtual reality vs. quantum computing, the dot-com boom, Bitcoin as the only true decentralized model, DeFi disruption and more.
63 min
In the Matrix with Humayun Sheikh, CEO of Fetch.Ai
Scott Melker and Humayun Sheikh further discuss artificial intelligence for dummies, combining commodity trading with blockchain development, the dangers of AI, and how far we are from the Matrix.
65 min
Preventing an Orwellian Future: Samson Mow on B...
Scott Melker and Samson Mow further discuss Bitcoin preventing an Orwellian future, managing two companies at once, Fidelity leading the adoption charge, Zeus Capital and INX controversy, & getting Grandma to buy Bitcoin.
58 min
Baseball and Bitcoin – Micah Johnson on his tra...
Micah Johnson and Scott Melker further discuss having one dream your entire life, learning how to play as the last man on the roster, batting for the first time in the pros, discovering a talent you never knew you had, painting black children as astronauts, balancing a newborn with a new career, painting the blockchain, battling depression during the season, learning how to compete as an artist, the stages of discovering Bitcoin, and more.
67 min
Demystifying the World of Finance With Sahil Bloom
Sahil Bloom and Scott Melker further discuss how baseball failures taught him valuable lessons, his aspirations of a Major League career, how the grind of work prepares you for life, and simplifying the world of finance.
64 min
Going All-In On Bitcoin: Didi Taihuttu On His "...
Scott Melker and Didi Taihuttu further discuss what sparked Didi’s radical transformation, telling his wife that they were going all-in on Bitcoin, selling everything he owned, watching the price of Bitcoin when it is all you have, living with 4 women in a van, buying everything with Bitcoin, beingstuck on a tropical island during Covid, giving to charity, zooming out on Bitcoin and in on life, and so much more.
71 min
Breaking Down The Payment Wall With Bitcoin: Ra...
Scott Melker sits down with Ray Youssef, CEO of Paxful
60 min