The Wolf Of All Streets

Host Scott Melker talks to your favorite characters from the world of Bitcoin, trading, finance, music, art, and anyone else with an interesting story to tell. Sit down, strap in, and get ready – we’re going deep.

50% Of His Students Own Bitcoin | This Finance ...
Professor David Yermack has inspired students around the world to adopt a Bitcoin standard.
30 min
From Pro Poker Player To Crypto Guru | Success ...
Haseeb Qureshi offers a masterclass from the perspective of a young man who has nearly done and seen it all in the crypto investment world.
58 min
Veteran Algo Trading Architect Shares Advice Fo...
Dave Weisberger is a Wall Street legend turned professional crypto builder who went in-depth on how algorithmic trading works in the complex crypto market
52 min
Ex Coinbase Lawyer Explains Crypto Regulation |...
Hailey Lennon discussed the state of regulation and offered ideas for a clear path forward.
48 min
Institutional Adoption Of Crypto Is Here | Aya ...
Aya Kantorovich from FalconX is an expert when it comes to institutional involvement in crypto, and she came on the show to help us unpack this complicated concept.
45 min
Everything You Need To Know About The Bitcoin E...
Dave Nadig is an ETF industry pioneer, working to bridge the traditional and crypto worlds.
50 min
All Money Is Coming To Crypto | Charles Cascari...
Charles Cascarilla, the CEO of Paxos, comes on the show to share a birds-eye view of the crypto space as an innovator continuing to push the needle of mass adoption.
50 min
DeFi Is The Future Of Finance | Campbell Harvey...
World-renowned economist, researcher, and author, Professor Campbell Harvey is exploring the future of crypto and sharing his insights with the world.
54 min
Why Bitcoin Is Breaking All Time Highs | Mark Y...
Fan favorite Mark Yusko returned to give an update on the state of crypto and where it fits in the context of global markets.
59 min
$1 Million Bitcoin Will Happen | Alex Krüger
Crypto economist Alex Krüger came on the show to share hot takes, investor insights, and his future predictions on everything crypto.
49 min
The Flood Of Venture Capital Into Crypto | Bret...
Brett Gibson from Initialized Capital came on the show to tell the epic Coinbase investment story and explain how billions of dollars in venture capital are flowing into the crypto space.
45 min
Q4 Will Be Strong For Bitcoin | Grayscale’s Hea...
Without strong research, any investment plan can quickly fail, which is why I spoke with one of the space’s greatest researchers, David Grider.
50 min
Buy Bitcoin When The Market Crashes | Harry Den...
Financial commentator Harry Dent Jr. believes the markets are no more than months away from a massive crash that will provide the discount of a lifetime across all assets.
42 min
In this episode, Eswar Prasad lays out the case for a digital future in which money is more accessible, transferable, stable, and private.
43 min
Why The Bitcoin ETF Is So Important For Crypto ...
The Bitcoin ETF is finally here, so Gabor Gurbacs from VanEck came on the show to break down the importance of this historical moment.
42 min
Senator Cynthia Lummis is tirelessly to ensure the crypto space is protected and treated fairly in the eyes of the U.S. government.
32 min
Shaan Puri took a weeklong deep dive into crypto and came on the show to reveal his honest take on a number of important and relevant topics.
56 min
Chris and Charlie Brooks have established themselves as experts in the industry when it comes to lost coins - they also know the best practices to avoid having to hire them!
42 min
Global Macro Director at Fidelity Shares His In...
Jurrien Timmer is the Director of Global Macro at Fidelity, a major institution leading the way in crypto adoption.
52 min
The Future Of Defi Is Being Built On Bitcoin | ...
Muneeb Ali and other Bitcoin developers are making sure that Bitcoin development doesn’t fall behind the pace of innovation in the crypto space.
50 min
Crypto Will More Than 30x | Dan Tapiero, 10T Ho...
Dan Tapiero created 10T holdings a few years ago because he believed that within 10 years, the crypto market would 30x - a prediction he now thinks is too low.
49 min
Stablecoins For Dummies | Paolo Ardoino, Tether...
Paolo Ardoino is both the CTO of Bitfinex and Tether and believes that stablecoins are the best way to attract the next 100 billion crypto users.
55 min
We Will See Several Trillion Dollar Networks Be...
Beniamin Mincu and the entire Elrond team are working nonstop to build the next digital economy for a billion users.
52 min
Do You Want To Make Money Or Be Right? | Daniel...
Daniel Matuszewski from CMS Holdings believes that in crypto you either want to make money or you want to be right.
41 min
Bitcoin Will Replace Countries | Edan Yago, Sovryn
According to Edan Yago, the core contributor of Sovryn, Bitcoin is digital property rights, a revolution of human rights that is 2,000 years in the making.
53 min
Bitcoin Fixes This | Alex Gladstein, Human Righ...
According to Alex Gladstein from the Human Rights Foundation, Bitcoin is more than just an investment - it is a tool for freedom for people everywhere.
62 min
The Crypto Revolution | Ryan Selkis, Founder Of...
Ryan Selkis, the founder and CEO of Messari, believes that crypto is a revolution with endless untapped and unrecognized potential.
55 min
Raoul Paul: Bitcoin & Crypto Will 100x to $200 ...
Raoul Pal believes that we are going through the fastest period of change in all of human history and cryptocurrencies will be a massive beneficiary of this change
53 min
Replacing the Global Financial System | Emin Gu...
Emin Gün Sirer, CEO of Ava Labs, is actively turning an outdated and fragmented financial system into a working modern day decentralized system accessible to the world.
61 min
Bitcoin’s Supercycle | Dan Held, Kraken
Dan Held, growth lead at Kraken, is well known for his Bitcoin supercycle thesis, the belief that price will continue to rise exponentially with increasingly smaller corrections.
54 min
$1,000,000 Bitcoin | Bobby Lee
Having found a passion for Bitcoin back in 2011, Bobby Lee is now arming and inspiring a new generation of Bitcoin believers around the world.
61 min
Living The American Dream | Charles Payne, Host...
After grinding his way to Wall Street, Charles is now the host of Making Money on CNBC where millions of listeners tune in from around the world.
36 min
Bitcoin To $100 Trillion Market Cap | Rich Rose...
As former Global Head Of Oil Trading at Goldman Sachs, Rich Rosenblum has brought his skills to crypto to lead one of the most established and successful firms in the space.
56 min
Ethereum Has Already Flipped Bitcoin | Ran Neun...
Popular crypto tv host Ran Neuner explains how cryptocurrency is currently at its most important tipping point to date.
57 min
Travala (AVA) Founder on Discovering Bitcoin at...
Scott interviews Matt Luczynski, founder of Travala, to discuss NFTs and the future of blockchain tech.
54 min
How Crypto Yields Work | Alex Mashinsky, Celsius
With the advent of the crypto market and platforms like Celsius, investors can earn high yields in the last fair and free financial market.
58 min
Smart Money Is Buying Bitcoin | Willy Woo
Behind every piece of price action in the crypto space is a trail of data, a story that Willy Woo knows how to make sense of and turn into actionable investment strategies.
65 min
Landon Cassill, the famous pro-crypto Nascar driver, is navigating his races and crypto investments at top speed.
58 min
Bitcoin To $400,000 and 1 Billion Users | Antho...
According to Anthony Scaramucci from Skybridge capital, Bitcoin is on a path to $400,000 and 1 billion total users
51 min
How This 29-Year-Old Crypto Billionaire Is Push...
According to Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX, institutional and mainstream adoption of crypto have just begun, and a flood of money will enter the space in the future.
55 min
How Everyone Can Mine Bitcoin | Whit Gibbs CEO ...
Whit Gibbs from Compass Mining believes that Bitcoiners are realizing the "China FUD" is the start of a golden age of mining.
61 min
Bitcoin Will Be As Big As The Internet, Stephen...
Stephen Stonberg, CEO of Bittrex Global, believes that blockchain technology is an unstoppable force that will positively disrupt our modern-day monetary system.
61 min
Buy More Bitcoin | Michael Saylor, CEO Of Micro...
Michael Saylor's belief and dedication to Bitcoin is unfaltering - he is effectively all in and ready to die on this hill regardless of price action, FUD, regulation, or the criticisms of naysayers.
101 min
Bitcoin Is The Last Free Market | Jeff Booth, A...
The Fed is trapped, forced to endlessly print money to fight the technological force of inflation, and Bitcoin is the solution as a bridge to a more abundant future
68 min
The Long-Term Bitcoin Strategy | Lyn Alden
Lyn Alden is a fan favorite in the crypto community for her insight into the fundamental forces at play that move the market.
61 min
The Bullish Case For Bitcoin | Vijay Boyapati, ...
According to Vijay Boyapati, Bitcoin is fast becoming a store of value in real-time for investors around the world, giving them the opportunity to capitalize on this once in a millennia monetary revolution.
63 min
From Bitcoin To Clean Water | Scott Harrison, F...
Scott Harrison has reinvented a way to donate and provide clean water through his revolutionary Bitcoin Water Trust, aimed to end the world’s lack of clean water.
58 min
Bitcoin For Everyone | Cory Klippsten, Founder ...
Swan Bitcoin founder Cory Klippsten believes there can be a future where Bitcoin is used to purchase goods, succeed as an investment, hedge against inflation, and optimize international exchange.
70 min
Should You Buy NFTs? Duncan & Griffin Cock Fost...
Nifty Gateway co-founders Duncan and Griffin Cock Foster, saw the potential of NFTs years before they caught the public’s attention, allowing them to become two of the most important entrepreneurs with a story to tell this hype cycle.
65 min
Crypto Trading Tips From World-Renowned Perform...
Denise Shull, creator of the Shull Method, is a highly sought-after decision and risk coach with a unique perspective on trader emotions as they experience the crypto market.
57 min
The Danger Of Betting Against Bitcoin | Tom Bil...
After achieving peak entrepreneurial success as Quest Nutrition’s co-founder, Tom Bilyeu realized he wanted to help others around the world achieve their dreams so he endeavored down the path of crypto and Impact Theory.
59 min
Bitcoin Is Going To Be Worth A Lot More | Tim D...
Legendary macro investor Tim Draper explains why Bitcoin will continue to grow as an outstandingly successful investment while making the world a better place in the process.
31 min
From World Famous DJ To Crypto Trader | DJ Henr...
From blowing up on the DJ scene to well-thought-out crypto technical analysis, Henry Fong has attracted a following around the world for his unique ability to successfully hone his newly found skills to navigate the crypto scene.
56 min
How To Survive The Crypto Market | Litecoin Cre...
Litecoin, which started as a fun project, quickly became one of the world's most popular cryptocurrencies, igniting a passion in Charlie Lee to see it succeed.
55 min
Bitcoin Will Pass $200K | Max Keiser, The Keise...
Despite the recent FUD, Max Keiser’s belief that Bitcoin is our last hope to rescue failing countries, hyperinflation, and crooked governments has not waivered.
63 min
Bitcoin’s New Economy | Featuring Don Tapscott,...
Known around the world as one of the most profound and impactful voices on technological revolutions, Don Tapscott is fully onboard that Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies will unlock the future internet of value.
43 min
Bitcoin Will Hit $288,000 | PlanB, Creator Of S...
65 min
Why Millions Of Users Buy Bitcoin On Binance | ...
You may be shocked by what you learn in this episode; demand is unparalleled, yet some mainstream data is completely wrong according to CZ. This is an episode you simply cannot miss.
63 min
NFL Player Converts Salary To Bitcoin | Sean Cu...
Finance and football don’t normally go together, but Sean Culkin's passion for finance matches his love for football. While grinding through college, Sean spent his spare time behind a Bloomberg terminal learning about the failing financial system. Upon discovering Bitcoin, Sean Culkin joined the select ranks of athletes who have opted to receive their salary in bitcoin, strengthening the emerging trend that professionals around the world are beginning to follow.
59 min
Bitcoin Is The Best Money with Erik Voorhees, F...
65 min
How WallStreetBets Blew Up Wall Street | Jaime ...
WallStreetBets became an impromptu financial force with millions of users fighting back against Wall Street, and their founder Jaime Rogozinski came on to share an inside look into the GameStop saga, one of the largest stories of 2021.
63 min
Bitcoin Is Replacing Gold, Featuring Mike McGlo...
According to Mike McGlone, Bitcoin’s next key threshold as a global reserve asset is $100,000, a level that will likely follow an ETF approval.
60 min
Preparing crypto for the masses with Dr. Julian...
After being exiled from his own multi-million dollar crypto company, Dr. Julian Hosp found another fire inside him to up the ante, building his own DeFi platform that re-envisions modern-day finance.
75 min
Bitcoin proving Wall Street wrong with legendar...
From pro football to legendary investor, Jon Najarian has lived and breathed every aspect of finance to become an icon in the crypto world.
68 min
Bitcoin is better than Gold with Ari Paul, CIO ...
Although we may be in an institutional bull cycle, Ari Paul still remains cautiously optimistic about the future role Bitcoin will play on a global scale, listen to find out why.
67 min
ETH 2.0’s timeline with David Hoffman, co-found...
Ethereum is currently experiencing the equivalent of the internet’s discovery years, slow and costly; but according to Bankless co-founder David Hoffman, in time it will create a revolution of similar global magnitude within the financial sector.
61 min
Unlocking $700 trillion through Crypto with Joh...
On a mission to unlock the world’s trillions that are hidden from most of us, John Wu from Ava Labs is building a digitized future where the individual is both financially free and self-empowered.
63 min
Entering the exponential age with Raoul Pal
Raoul Pal is an expert macro investor that's all-in on crypto. He has literally put his money where his mouth is and is 100% prepared for the digital age that is the future.
61 min
Bitcoin, Boomer rocks, and flying money with Ma...
80 min
How Bitcoin Will Change Your Life with Evan Sha...
After dreaming of a new social reality at a young age, Evan Shapiro is living out his vision and truly allowing people to regain control of their digital lives.
53 min
Bitcoin Mining Explained | Peter Wall, CEO of A...
Myths and misconceptions have surrounded the Bitcoin mining industry, but Argo Blockchain CEO Peter Wall lifts the curtain to unveil the truth.
65 min
The FEDs will help drive Bitcoin to six figures...
Despite Bitcoin’s 500% increase since September, Richard Byworth still thinks its price is a great opportunity due to underlying factors positioned to drive the price beyond 6 figures.
63 min
How to be rich AND happy with Koroush AK
On top of building a wildly successful trading strategy, Koroush AK has built a brand around long-term success and life-balance in the crypto market.
69 min
The Bitcoin Super cycle with Blockworks co-foun...
Blockworks co-founder Jason Yanowitz has keen insight into where the institutions’ eyes and ears are within the crypto industry, telling Melker they are reading and listening to everything.
61 min
The Dawn of Blockchain with Anthony Di Iorio, C...
Anthony Di Iorio co-founded Ethereum with Vitalik Buterin before setting out to empower newcomers in the emerging crypto-financial arena with a suite of accessible tools.
64 min
The Real Story behind Beeple’s NFT Boom with Mi...
Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple and MakersPlace co-founder Ryoma Ito look ahead to where the NFT market could be heading.
61 min
The Biggest Scam: Banks. Fixed By Bitcoin, with...
To further understand money, Robert Breedlove set out on a philosophical adventure, unwrapping how freedom can be maximized in the form of future money - Bitcoin.
62 min
The First Crypto Bank with Caitlin Long
After revising outdated banking laws, Caitlin Long founded the first crypto bank Avanti, marking the first steps towards digital assets cooperating with legacy banking.
49 min
Winning the Bitcoin fight with UFC Champion Ben...
UFC champion Ben “Funky” Askren does not follow the herd, this can be seen in his unique fighting style, early Bitcoin adoption, and return to defeat Jake Paul in the ring.
47 min
The Case for DeFi with Camila Russo
As people are starting to wrap their heads around Bitcoin, its neighbor Ethereum is growing in complexity at an alarming speed; Camila Russo spends her career demystifying Ethereum and DeFi so the masses can understand and participate.
58 min
Achieving "Hyperbitcoinization" with Alex Adelm...
According to Alex Adelman, CEO of Lolli, merchant and consumer adoption is the holy grail of crypto and the path to "hyperbitcoinization."
54 min
Bitcoin’s Explosive Rocket Fuel with Bill Barhy...
Bill Barhydt gave the first TED Talk almost 10 years ago about Bitcoin becoming a global reserve asset, day by day his once crazy idea is stepping close to reality.
65 min
What crypto needs to entice the big boys with C...
Binance.US CEO Catherine Coley reveals just how much money could be headed towards crypto as she prepares for an unprecedented influx of retail and institutional traders.
65 min
The Investor's Mindset with Jim O'Shaugnessy, a...
Legendary Macro Investor and quant trader Jim O’ Shaughnessy shares a plethora of advice for investors new and old, rich and poor.
80 min
Venture Capital and Funding The Future Of Crypt...
For many crypto startups that are in early-stage development, seeking funds from top VC studios like DraperGorenHolm is a must - the tricky part is being selected by a successful investor like Alon Goren.
65 min
The Great Reset with Raoul Milhado, Founder of ...
Raoul Milhado, CEO of Elitium, is helping build a new financial system to help protect wealth in advance of the "great reset."
58 min
Going Where You Are Treated Best with Andrew He...
Andrew Henderson is a "nomad capitalist" and has made a career advising high-net-worth individuals on how to protect their wealth in countries around the world.
81 min
Paying the World in Bitcoin with Jonathan Chest...
Jonathan Chester built BitWage based on the idea that the world needs to be paid in Bitcoin.
63 min
Building The Tools For A Bitcoin Bull Run with ...
James Putra, head of product strategy at TradeStation, is building the necessary trading infrastructure for mass adoption of crypto.
62 min
The Race for a Bitcoin ETF with Steven McClurg,...
Steven McClurg, co-founder of Valkyrie Investments is leading the charge towards an approved Bitcoin ETF.
60 min
Ryan Selkis, CEO of Messari, is a walking encyc...
55 min
The Future of Crypto and Defi with Justin Sun, ...
Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron is a thought leader in the crypto space with big plans for 2021.
72 min
Building DeFi on Bitcoin with Edan Yago, Creato...
Edan Yago has set out to fix DeFi by building directly on Bitcoin.
60 min
Solving the Crypto Price Problem with Robert Ma...
For institutions to enter the crypto space, they need to rely on a real-time, fair, and accepted market price for cryptocurrency assets - that is exactly the product Robert Materazzi, CEO of Lukka, has built.
49 min
Building The World's Largest Trading Community ...
60 min
Making Sense of Crypto with Mike Dudas, Founder...
Mike Dudas and Scott Melker further discuss, the need for unbiased research, simplifying crypto for the masses, the Bloomberg Terminal, governments as customers, fintech arriving to crypto, competing with PayPal, Facebook’s crypto product, who will be the next Michael Saylor, regulating stablecoins like banks, dumb regulation threatening crypto, burning and depreciating treasuries, the dollar as crypto’s reserve currency and more.
56 min
Bridging Blockchains with Kevin Wang, Nervos Co...
Scott Melker and Kevin Wang further discuss managing a team around the world, the advantages of proof of work, a multi-asset store of value, tokenizing everything, the Nervos vision, the centralization of mining, living in virtual reality, China’s digital Yuan, teaching kids to code, web 3.0, where Bitcoin is headed, Bitcoin’s rising price and network security, Ready Player 1, China’s volatile regulation, blockchain in 5 years and more.
59 min
The Definitive Case For Bitcoin with Dan Held, ...
Scott Melker and Dan Held discuss million-dollar Bitcoin, holding your net worth in Bitcoin, the many advantages of Bitcoin, including, fungibility, scarcity, immutability, and privacy, depreciating cash reserves, the power of HODLers, cascading liquidations, borrowing against Bitcoin, timing the next top, investing with goals in mind and more.
79 min
How The Big Money Moves In Crypto with Sam Bank...
Scott Melker and Sam Bankman-Fried further discuss trading a billion dollars in a day, executing orders in stealth, arbitraging money around the world, looking at 6 monitors at once, billion-dollar capital management, front running orders, injecting liquidity, the golden parameter of trading, preventing a Bitcoin leverage meltdown, scaling the industry for institutional money, dominating liquidity and more.
74 min
Building A Nation And Bitcoin with Memli Krasni...
Scott Melker and Memli Krasniqi further discuss 90’s rappers, discovering Bitcoin in 2013, rapping anti-establishment music, living through apartheid, 100,000s of thousands of displaced people, Kosovo becoming free in 2008, becoming the Vice-President of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, signing the declaration of independence, rebuilding a country from the ground up, shaping government around the ideals of Bitcoin and more.
68 min