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The Wide Right Podcast brings a weekly look into the New York Giants, hosted by Ryan Honey, via Elite Sports Radio.

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111: NFL Draft, Miscellaneous Giants/Jets Talk
Wide Right Podcast 111 talks the 2022 NFL Draft
35 min
110: First-Round Mock Draft (w/ Friend Of The P...
Wide Right Podcast 110 brings on friend of the program Rob Lehtonen to do a full 1st-round mock draft.
105 min
109: Deshaun Watson To Cleveland, Matt Ryan To ...
Wide Right Podcast 109 discusses the continued insanity of the NFL offseason with friend of the program Rob Lehtonen.
72 min
108: The NFL Offseason Is Already Insane (With ...
Wide Right Podcast 108 discusses the craziness of the NFL offseason with friend of the program Rob Lehtonen.
96 min
107: Brian Daboll And Joe Schoen Are Here!
Wide Right Podcast 107 discusses the Giants' recent hirings of Brian Daboll and Joe Schoen.
21 min
106: Joe Judge And Dave Gettleman Are Gone!
Wide Right Podcast 106 reacts to the "retirement" of Dave Gettleman and firing of Joe Judge.
27 min
105: NFL Best Bets Week 17
Wide Right Podcast 105 brings you your best bets for NFL Week 17.
23 min
104: Giants Week 14 Debacle, NFL Best Bets Week 15
Wide Right Podcast 104 recaps the Giants' Week 14 loss and discusses best bets for NFL Week 15
30 min
103: NFL Best Bets Week 14
Wide Right Podcast 103 brings you your best bets for NFL Week 14.
24 min
102: Giants-Dolphins Week 13 Reaction
Wide Right Podcast 102 reacts to the Giants' Week 13 loss to the Dolphins.
20 min
101: NFL Best Bets Week 13
Wide Right Podcast 101 brings you your best bets for NFL Week 13.
27 min
100: Giants-Eagles Week 12 reaction
Wide Right Podcast 100 reacts to the Giants' Week 12 win over the Eagles.
17 min
99: NFL Best Bets Week 10
Wide Right Podcast 99 brings you your best bets for NFL Week 10.
25 min
98: NFL Best Bets Week 9
Wide Right Podcast 98 brings you your best bets for NFL Week 9.
21 min
97: Giants-Chiefs Week 8 Reaction, Lack of Acti...
Wide Right Podcast 97 reacts to the Giants' loss to the Chiefs and speaks on Big Blue's lack of trade deadline activity.
17 min
96: NFL Best Bets Week 8
Wide Right Podcast 96 brings you your best bets for NFL Week 8.
25 min
95: Giants-Panthers Week 7 Reaction
Wide Right Podcast 95 reacts to the Giants' Week 7 win over the Panthers.
14 min
94: Giants-Panthers Week 7 Preview
Wide Right Podcast 94 previews the Giants' Week 7 matchup with the Panthers.
13 min
93: NFL Best Bets Week 7
Wide Right Podcast 93 brings you your best bets for NFL Week 7.
28 min
92: Giants-Rams Week 6 Reaction
Wide Right Podcast 92 reacts to the Giants' Week 6 loss to the Rams.
16 min
91: Giants-Rams Week 6 Preview
Wide Right Podcast 91 previews the Giants-Rams Week 6 matchup.
16 min
90: NFL Best Bets Week 6
Wide Right Podcast 90 discusses some best bets for NFL Week 6.
30 min
89: Giants-Cowboys Week 5 Reaction
Wide Right Podcast 89 reacts to the Giants' Week 5 loss to the Cowboys.
16 min
88: NFL Best Bets Week 5
Wide Right Podcast 88 provides you with your best bets for NFL Week 5.
22 min
87: Giants-Saints Week 4 Reaction
Wide Right Podcast 87 reacts to the Giants' Week 4 win over the Saints,
18 min
86: Giants-Saints Week 4 Preview
Wide Right Podcast 86 previews the Giants' Week 4 matchup with the Saints.
14 min
85: NFL Best Bets Week 4
Wide Right Podcast 85 brings you your best bets for NFL Week 4.
22 min
84: Giants-Falcons Week 3 Reaction
Wide Right Podcast 84 reacts to the Giants' Week 3 loss to the Falcons.
17 min
83: Giants-Falcons Week 3 Preview
Wide Right Podcast 83 previews the upcoming Giants-Falcons Week 3 matchup.
16 min
82: NFL Best Bets Week 3
Wide Right Podcast 82 brings you your best bets for NFL Week 3.
29 min
81: Giants-Washington Week 2 Reaction
Wide Right Podcast 81 reacts to the Giants' Week 2 loss to Washington.
18 min
80: Giants-Washington Preview
Wide Right Podcast 80 will preview the upcoming Giants-Washington Week 2 matchup.
21 min
79: NFL Best Bets Week 2
Wide Right Podcast 79 brings you your best bets for the NFL's Week 2 slate
25 min
78: Giants-Broncos Reaction
Wide Right Podcast 78 reacts to the Giants' Week 1 loss to the Broncos.
23 min
77: Giants-Broncos Preview, No More Dak Prescot...
Wide Right Podcast 77 previews the upcoming Giants-Broncos Week 1 matchup.
24 min
76: Best Bets NFL Week 1
Wide Right Podcast 76 discusses some intriguing bets for the NFL's Week 1 action.
39 min
75: Giants-Jets Preseason Week 1 Recap
Wide Right Podcast 75 recaps the Giants-Jets preseason Week 1 matchup
26 min
74: Former Giant & Jet Steve Weatherford Joins ...
Former Giant & Jet Steve Weatherford joins the Wide Right Podcast for episode 74 to talk about his seminar, "Become The CEO Of Your Life."
19 min
73: Ryan And Friends Talk Baseball, Spider Tack...
Wide Right Podcast 73 includes Ryan and friends discussing New York baseball and pitchers using foreign substances.
45 min
72: Giants' Schedule Release, Discussing A Year...
Wide Right Podcast 72 discusses the Giants' 2021 schedule and reminisces on the last year-plus of the COVID-19 pandemic.
24 min
71: Full Giants 2021 NFL Draft Reaction
21 min
70: Giants 1st-Round Draft Pick Reaction
Wide Right Podcast 70 reacts to the Giants' 1st-round draft pick of WR Kadarius Toney
14 min
69: Giants NFL Draft Preview
Wide Right Podcast 69 previews the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft
27 min
68: Giants 2021 Free Agency Recap
Wide Right Podcast 68 recaps the Giants' free agency moves
22 min
67: Cap Casualty Season, Leonard Williams/Dalvi...
Wide Right Podcast 67 discusses the Giants' latest cap casualties and the Leonard Williams/Dalvin Tomlinson situations.
23 min
66: Super Bowl, Deshaun Watson Talk With ESNY's...
Wide Right Podcast 66 will discuss the Super Bowl and Deshaun Watson with ESNY's Danny Small
54 min
65: Early Giants Free Agency & Draft Talk
Wide Right Podcast 65 provides an early discussion about the Giants' free agency and draft needs.
13 min
64: Giants-Cowboys Immediate Reaction, Eagles L...
Wide Right Podcast 64 reacts to the Giants' Week 17 win over the Cowboys and the subsequent Eagles loss to Washington.
17 min
63: Kyler Fackrell's Potential Return, Giants-C...
Wide Right Podcast 63 discusses Kyler Fackrell's potential return and previews the Giants-Cowboys Week 17 matchup.
13 min
62: New York Giants-Baltimore Ravens Immediate ...
Wide Right Podcast 62 reacts to the Giants' Week 16 loss to the Ravens.
14 min
61: Pro Bowl Rosters, Logan Ryan Extension, Gia...
Wide Right Podcast 61 discusses the Giants' Pro Bowl selections, the Logan Ryan extension, and previews Giants-Ravens.
18 min
60: New York Giants-Cleveland Browns Immediate ...
Wide Right Podcast 60 reacts to the New York Giants' loss to the Browns.
14 min
59: Daniel Jones Update, Giants COVID-19 News, ...
Wide Right Podcast 59 discusses the latest on Daniel Jones, some Giants COVID-19 news, and previews the Giants-Browns matchup.
22 min
58: New York Giants-Arizona Cardinals Immediate...
Wide Right Podcast 58 reacts to the New York Giants' Week 14 loss to the Cardinals.
13 min
57: Daniel Jones News, Giants-Cardinals Preview...
Wide Right Podcast 57 discusses the latest on Daniel Jones, previews the Giants-Cardinals matchup, and brings ESNY's Danny Small onto the show.
52 min
56: New York Giants-Seattle Seahawks Immediate ...
Wide Right Podcast 56 reacts to the New York Giants' Week 13 win over the Seattle Seahawks
13 min
55: Daniel Jones Update, Kyler Fackrell To IR, ...
Wide Right Podcast 55 discusses Daniel Jones' injury, Kyler Fackrell's IR placement, and previews the upcoming Giants-Seahawks matchup.
21 min
54: New York Giants-Cincinnati Bengals Immediat...
Wide Right Podcast 54 reacts to the Giants' 19-17 win over the Bengals.
16 min
53: New York Giants-Cincinnati Bengals Preview
Wide Right Podcast 53 previews the upcoming Giants-Bengals Week 12 matchup.
15 min
52: DeAndre Baker News, Marc Colombo Firing, Gr...
Wide Right Podcast 52 discusses the latest on DeAndre Baker and the firing of Giants O-Line coach Marc Colombo.
22 min
51: New York Giants-Philadelphia Eagles Immedia...
Wide Right Podcast 51 reacts to the Giants' Week 10 win over the Eagles.
15 min
50: Corey Ballentine Release, Tae Crowder News,...
Wide Right Podcast 50 discusses the Corey Ballentine release, the latest on Tae Crowder, and previews the Giants-Eagles Week 10 matchup.
15 min
49: New York Giants-Washington Immediate Reaction
Wide Right Podcast 49 reacts to the New York Giants' Week 9 win over Washington.
14 min
48: Golden Tate Drama, Logan Ryan Story, New Yo...
Wide Right Podcast 48 discusses the Golden Tate drama, the miraculous Logan Ryan story, and previews the Giants-Washington Week 9 matchup.
18 min
47: New York Giants-Tampa Bay Buccaneers Immedi...
Wide Right Podcast 47 reacts to the Giants' Week 8 loss to the Buccaneers
14 min
46: Markus Golden Trade, Maskless Videos, Giant...
Wide Right Podcast 46 discusses the Markus Golden trade, the maskless videos of Daniel Jones/Saquon Barkley, and previews the Giants-Buccaneers matchup.
23 min
45: New York Giants-Eagles Immediate Reaction
Wide Right Podcast 45 discusses the New York Giants' brutal loss to the Eagles.
17 min
44: Tae Crowder Injury News, New York Giants-Ea...
Wide Right Podcast 44 discusses Tae Crowder's injury and previews the upcoming Giants-Eagles matchup.
18 min
43: New York Giants-Washington Immediate Reaction
Wide Right Podcast 43 reacts to the New York Giants' win over Washington.
16 min
42: Injury News, New York Giants-Washington Pre...
Wide Right Podcast 42 discusses some Giants injury news and previews the upcoming matchup with Washington.
22 min
41: New York Giants-Cowboys Immediate Reaction
Wide Right Podcast 41 reacts to the Giants' Week 5 loss to the Cowboys.
22 min
40: New York Giants-Cowboys Preview
Wide Right Podcast 40 previews the upcoming Giants-Cowboys Week 5 matchup.
22 min
39: New York Giants-Rams Immediate Reaction
Wide Right Podcast 39 reacts to the Giants' Week 4 loss to the Rams.
21 min
37: New York Giants-San Francisco 49ers Immedia...
Wide Right Podcast 37 will react to the Giants' Week 3 loss to the 49ers.
23 min
36: Injury News, Devonta Freeman Signing, Giant...
Wide Right Podcast 36 will discuss the Giants' injury news, the Devonta Freeman signing, and preview Big Blue's Week 3 game against the 49ers.
21 min
35: New York Giants-Chicago Bears Immediate Rea...
Episode 35 of the Wide Right Podcast will react to the Giants' 17-13 loss to the Bears.
25 min
34: Tiki Barber's Saquon Barkley Comments, Just...
Episode 34 of the Wide Right Podcast will discuss Tiki Barber's comments on Saquon Barkley, Justin Tuck's Hall of Fame nomination, and preview Giants vs. Bears.
29 min
33: New York Giants-Pittsburgh Steelers Immedia...
Episode 33 of the Wide Right Podcast will recap the New York Giants' loss to the Steelers.
17 min
32: DeAndre Baker Release, Logan Ryan Signing, ...
Wide Right Podcast 32 will discuss the DeAndre Baker release, the Logan Ryan signing, and preview the Giants-Steelers Week 1 matchup.
30 min
31: Joe Judge's Intensity, McKinney/Mayo Injuri...
Episode 31 will discuss Joe Judge's intensity, the injuries to Xavier McKinney and David Mayo, and provide a recap of the team's Blue White scrimmage.
37 min
30: The Giants' CB Dilemma, Markus Golden's Ret...
Wide Right Podcast 30 will discuss the Giants' cornerback dilemma, Markus Golden returning, and the Big Ten and Pac-12 postponing their 2020 football seasons
30 min
29: Nate Solder Opt-Out, DeAndre Baker On Commi...
The newest Wide Right Podcast episode will discuss the latest on DeAndre Baker and Aldrick Rosas as well as talk about Nate Solder's decision to opt out.
30 min
28: DeAndre Baker And Aldrick Rosas Case Update...
Episode No. 28 will discuss the latest on DeAndre Baker and Aldrick Rosas as well as talk about Leonard Williams' contract situation.
26 min
27: What If The Giants Drafted Patrick Mahomes,...
Episode No. 27 discusses how things could've been different if the Giants drafted Patrick Mahomes and also talks about the upcoming season's fate amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
26 min
26: DeAndre Baker case update, Eli Manning's nu...
Wide Right Podcast 26 will discuss the latest update on DeAndre Baker along with Eli Manning's recent achievements.
18 min
25: Aldrick Rosas situation, addressing numerou...
Episode No. 25 discusses how Aldrick Rosas' arrest affects Dave Gettleman and also addresses the numerous upcoming position battles among the Giants roster.
32 min
24: DeAndre Baker news, game-by-game prediction...
Episode No. 24 discusses the latest news involving New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker and gives a game-by-game prediction of the team's 2020 season
33 min
23: New York Giants UDFA discussion, 5th-year o...
Episode No. 23 discusses the Giants' undrafted free agents along with the 5th-year options exercised on Jabrill Peppers and Evan Engram. We'll also answer our first mailbag question and give an immediate reaction to the 2020 schedule.
43 min
22: Giants Draft Recap, Markus Golden News
Discussing the Giants' NFL Draft performance along with the Markus Golden news.
33 min
21: The (Virtual) 2020 NFL Draft Is Finally Here
The 2020 NFL Draft is going to be much different from what fans are used to seeing.
32 min
20: New York Giants Free Agent Acquisitions & ...
The focus begins to shift to the upcoming draft, but not before an assessment of the New York Giants' acquisitions in free agency.
34 min
19: Giants Free Agency, Draft & How Coronavirus...
Following the dead period of the offseason, Wide Right returns to take a quick look at free agency and the draft.
36 min
18: Eli Manning's Hall Of Fame Chances & Joe Ju...
Eli Manning's Hall of Fame chances and Joe Judge's full coaching staff is discussed on the Wide Right Podcast, episode 18.
27 min
17: The New York Giants' Strange Hiring Of Head...
The New York Giants' strange hiring of new head coach Joe Judge has everybody stumped.
14 min
16: The New York Giants Firing Of Pat Shurmur W...
Firing Pat Shurmur was a must for the New York Giants.
25 min
15: New York Giants Fans Should Be Giddy Over D...
New York Giants fans should be giddy over Daniel Jones's performance in Washington D.C.
34 min
14: New York Giants-Miami Dolphins Recap, Eli M...
Eli Manning has probably played his final game with the New York Giants.
31 min
13: Eagles Recap, Shurmur-Gettleman Report, Dol...
The New York Giants go down to the wire with the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night, but even Eli Manning couldn't save Big Blue. Pat Shurmur and Dave Gettleman are on the hot seat with a game against the Dolphins looming.
25 min
12: New York Giants Misery Intensifies After Pa...
The New York Giants misery intensifies after another horrid loss, this time to the Green Bay Packers. Plus, Daniel Jones is injured and we preview the Philadelphia Eagles game.
29 min
11: New York Giants-Chicago Bears Recap, Jason ...
The Wide Right Podcast breaks down the New York Giants-Chicago Bears result, the Jason Garrett Rumors and previews the Green Bay Packers.
26 min