Where Ya From? Podcast

Where Ya From? Podcast creates an atmosphere where all people—regardless of our differences—can openly discuss ideas, issues, culture, experiences, faith, and more so we can learn from each other and the Word of God. New episodes released weekly on Tuesdays.

Where Ya From? Podcast is presented by the Voices Collection, a part of Our Daily Bread Ministries.

70. "From Roots to Research" with Nii Addy
Did you know our hope in Jesus actually changes the way our brains work? Sit down with acclaimed neuroscientist Dr. Nii Addy as he shares how his familiarity with the unexpected continues to influence his work of bridging conversations surrounding neuroscience and faith.
50 min
69. "Am I That Hard to Love?" with Jerome Gay
Ever questioned your worth or value? Hear how Pastor Jerome Gay has come to understand his mission of pointing others to the God who truly and freely provides these things.
52 min
68. "From Prison Cell to City Hall" with Jermai...
God created you on purpose for a purpose—despite your mistakes. Hear Jermaine Wilson’s remarkable story of redemption and forgiveness that has led to a life and impact he as a former prisoner never thought possible.
57 min
67. "Finding Strength in Community" with Moriah...
We are told that pain and stress are things that must be endured. But what if the pain is because we’re in the wrong time and place with the wrong people? Hear Moriah Smallbone’s journey of inviting the Holy Spirit to help lead her to the places, people, and decisions where God’s love and grace are on full display.
49 min
66. "Faith, Mental Health, and Wholeness" with ...
We are created to be more than our worries, anxieties, and fears—and to not suffer through them in silence. Hear Maliek Blade’s mission to show others how unfailing trust in God’s sovereignty can co-exist with the mental and emotional vocabulary, and tools, available to us.
56 min
65. "Beauty and Chaos" with Lina AbuJamra
In the middle of our suffering, it seems like nothing good will ever come out of it. But that’s not the end of our stories. Hear Lina AbuJamra’s journey of seeking God’s faithfulness and her gratitude for the healing that always comes after pain.
64 min
64. "Martial Arts, Faith, and the Black Church"...
How can we become whole people in a broken world? Join us as we hear Pastor James White share his experiences and vision for changing the systems so all people can thrive.
46 min
63. "Finding Healing in Brokenness" with Toni C...
Can my mess really be turned into one of God’s masterpieces? Join us as we hear Toni Collier’s authentic journey of redemption and how God deeply desires to use the very things we never thought could be made beautiful for His glory.
66 min
62. "Moral Leadership and Personal Convictions"...
How do we know when something is the right thing to do? Join us as we explore how Dr. Russell Moore’s strong seed of faith and biblical knowledge has provided him with the firm foundation needed to navigate complex ethical and leadership issues throughout his ministry.
54 min
61. "Facing Trials and Finding My Voice" with C...
Even though we know God always has a plan for us, it’s not always the easiest thing to trust. Hear Chriscynethia Floyd’s story of trusting the different journeys, triumphs, and trials God led her through.
54 min
60. "Your Desires, God's Plans" with Katara Was...
What does it mean to “navigate the blues” with Christ as the center? Join us as we hear Katara Washington Patton’s journey of realization that her faith in the Lord can still co-exist with the feelings of grief, struggles, and seeking out mental health resources.
60 min
59. "A View From the Other Side" with Vince Bantu
Vince Bantu knew God called him into ministry, but he first needed to learn a thing or two. This desire for knowledge led him on a journey of reconciling his background and culture with what he thought the Christian life was, and a passion for understanding how context, culture, and racial justice influence the way we go about sharing Christianity with others. It wasn't until he discovered early church traditions and teachings outside of Europe that he found the missing puzzle piece in the conversation.
61 min
58. "Becoming Color Courageous" with Michelle S...
Michelle Sanchez always expected perfection. Growing up, that expectation guided her to great success. Yet, God had a much greater plan for her in mind; a plan that required a journey of untangling her toxic pursuit of perfection from the racial dynamics of her past. Today, that journey has led her to become a voice for change and fueled her passion for using discipleship to help heal racial inequalities and build a beautifully diverse and beloved community with one another.
66 min
57. ‘Faith, Culture, and Identity’ with Heather...
What if, instead of being just one person, you were created to be a part of something more? Even with her past hurts, Dr. Heather Thompson Day continues to see God’s goodness through her story. In fact, it has fueled her mission of standing in the gaps so others can learn from her mistakes and build healthy relationships with one another. Discover how we are invited to be in an intentional community with one another and how that influences our understanding of our identity and faith in Christ.
50 min
56. "A Blueprint for Discipleship in an Urban C...
From the very beginning, Dhati Lewis had a plan; he was going to be in the NFL and that was it. Yet, when he was so close to achieving it, God gave him a different dream. Instead, he suddenly found his calling into ministry, one that inspired his mission of being the last generation to leave the urban context for sound discipleship and being God’s hands and feet in his own neighborhood.
65 min
55. "Speaking Up and Seeing the Good" with Ally...
How the pain of bigotry and marginalization turned up the volume on Ally Henny’s ministry of faith and activism.
60 min
54. "Faith, Apologetics, and the Future of Chri...
At some point in our lives, we will be asked to give a defense for our faith. While we know the Bible to be inherently true, how do we share that with others? Popular British apologist, author, and podcaster Justin Brierley has dedicated his life’s work to this very cause. Join us as we hear Justin’s personal journey to the faith, his passion for Christian apologetics, why he thanks God for Richard Dawkins, and the hope that he has for the rebirth of a belief in God in future generations.
65 min
53. "The Origins of a Humble Beast" with Propag...
How rapper and spoken-word artist Propaganda blends art and activism as an expression of faith.
67 min
52. "Between Two Worlds" with Vivian Mabuni
What, or rather who, defines your identity? Chinese-American Vivian Mabuni understands what it’s like to always feel on the outside. While painful to deal with, God used Viv’s reality of being different from most people around her to shape her heart for ministry to share God’s precious truth with college students and become a powerful voice for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.
67 min
51. "Would Jesus Eat Frybread?" with Renee Begay
Have you ever questioned where you truly belong? In “Would Jesus Eat Frybread,” Renee Begay visits VOICES’ Where Ya From? podcast and shares her beautiful journey reconciling her Zuni identity with her Christian faith, and how her past has helped shape both her identity and relationship with the Creator. Join us as we discover how our cultural traditions and where we come from can help give us more confidence as we embrace our new lives in Christ.
66 min
50. "What Had Happened Was" with Chaz Smith
Do you ever feel unsure of what your calling is in life? In “What Had Happened Was,” well-known comedian and content creator Chaz Smith visits the VOICES’ Where Ya From? podcast to share his journey of living out his purpose by following God’s direction, not for himself or others. Chad saw how God directed all that has happened in the past 10+ years while preparing him for his current project. Join us as we’re reminded that God will continue to lead and show up, so we can carry out His greater purpose, even when we question where He is leading us. And yes, sometimes all we need is just a good laugh.
60 min
49. "Juneteenth Special" with Ya’Ke Smith
How do you help people explore uncomfortable truths? Ya'Ke Smith, the award-winning director of Juneteenth: Faith and Freedom, explains how his life led him to understand that people need to see stories that reflect real life in order to be free from their bondage. Check out this episode of the Where Ya From? podcast by VOICES.
69 min
48. "Lifting Every Voice" with Joyce Dinkins
How does history affect how we use our voices today? In this episode of VOICES’ Where Ya From? podcast, recently retired VOICES Executive Editor Joyce Dinkins shares how her rich family roots inspire her to uplift marginalized stories of faith.
59 min
47. "Pursuing the Flourishing of Others" with S...
What does it mean to worship through justice? In this episode of VOICES’ Where Ya From? podcast, second-generation Latina author, pastor, and speaker Sandra Van Opstal discusses how Scripture should fuel our desire to seek justice in our communities and around the world.
61 min
46. "Doing Theology in Context" with Dr. Justo ...
Is there only one way to read the Bible? In this episode of VOICES’ Where Ya From? podcast, Cuban-American theologian, author, and minister Dr. Justo González teaches us how our context—and even Jesus’ context—shapes how we read, interpret, and engage with Scripture.
61 min