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Where Ya From? Podcast creates an atmosphere where all people—regardless of our differences—can openly discuss ideas, issues, culture, experiences, faith, and more so we can learn from each other and the Word of God. New episodes released weekly on Tuesdays.

Where Ya From? Podcast is presented by the Voices Collection, a part of Our Daily Bread Ministries.

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15. "Building Bridges Between Cultures" with Ra...
Grace and truth must go hand in hand. But how do you do that when these two things are sometimes in opposition? This is the question that today’s guest, Where Ya From? host Rasool Berry, hopes to shed light on. Rasool shares his story of finding a way to understand his experience as a Black man, of living the African American experience, and of learning through a theological standpoint.
61 min
14. "Being Techwise and Culture Making" with An...
We are all called to create, as humans and as Christians. But are we all equipped to do so? With so many distractions and influences in our world, it can be hard to focus on creating for the greater good. Follow along as we discuss with Andy Crouch the importance of being culture makers for God’s message and balancing the good and bad of technology.
62 min
13. "Washing Blood While Singing the Blues" wit...
When faced with something or someone deemed “different,” why are we so quick to judge? Rather than appreciate what makes us different, we are often quick to rush to misconceptions and misunderstandings. Follow along in this episode with jazz musician Ruth Naomi Floyd as she discusses the importance of remembering the radical truths of the gospel and loving your neighbor.
60 min
12. "Learning to Survive" with Dr. Alma Zaragoz...
Surviving is a strategy. Thriving is a path towards unlimited opportunities. Dr. Alma Zaragoza-Petty shares her experiences of unlikely mentors, educational events, and faith that led her to challenge the oppressive systems that hold back so many from fulfilling their purpose.
58 min
11. "White Awake" with Daniel Hill
Blind spots are something we all deal with, but it’s our response to them that matters. We can choose to move on and ignore, which is an option only for the privileged, or we can choose to acknowledge our blind spots and take action. Daniel Hill shares his journey from apathy to action for justice for all.
38 min
10. "Dealing with the Past" with Lecrae
We all, at one point, must reconcile with our past to move forward healthily and effectively. Of course, it isn’t always easy to get from point A to point B, but your life can be transformed in monumental ways when you do. Lecrae shares his story of dealing with his past and restoring his mental, spiritual, and emotional health.
53 min
9. "The Native Story" with Mark Charles
We live in a society full of unsettling truths. So what do we do with that? Do we sit down and ignore the fact, leaving in its wake pain and trauma from ignorance? Or do we decide to do something about it like educating ourselves, informing others, and taking action? Mark Charles shares how to face the unsettling truths and how we can help make our world a more equitable place.
60 min
8. "Prophetic Lament" with Dr. Soong-Chan Rah
Change happens when we acknowledge the truth. And the truth can be painful, and often, we try to ignore that in the church. Dr. Soong-Chan Rah is here to share why it's essential to listen to the voices that we don't always hear from and why lamenting is just a step towards raising awareness of injustices, especially within the church.
50 min
7. "Fighting Battles Together" with Carolyn Cus...
God has created men and women to be in partnership for His mission. Carolyn Custis James is on a mission to help women—regardless of age, location, or circumstance—to realize that we are all made to be God's image-bearers. She states that as His daughters, we are to "be warriors in the battle alongside the men."
40 min
6. "Mental Health, Black Dignity, and The Impor...
We need to take care of all the parts of who we are. That includes not just our physical selves, but our mental wellbeing too. Dr. Christina Edmondson is here to share why it's crucial to treat ourselves—our whole selves—with dignity, love, and empathy.
45 min
5. “Racism and the American Church” with Jemar ...
Historically, has everyone truly been welcomed with no question into the church? Jemar Tisby examines the harsh reality of the American church’s involvement with racism and how that’s left a void for so many. This is not a history lesson. Instead, it’s a moment for the church to contend with its previous actions (or inactions) and learn to move towards a more equitable and hopeful future.
46 min
4. “Developing Real Friends” with KB Newton
Finding a community of tried and true friends can be hard these days. But the key is being intentional in the conversations you have with each other to form lasting and healthy friendships. Kristen “KB” Newton reflects on her own experiences and struggles of making friends throughout her life due to “constant change and movement” and how that all changed when she realized the value of being vulnerable.
43 min
3. “Finding Home” with Rich Pérez
We can learn a lot about ourselves even through other people’s experiences. Rich Pérez shares his “layers” and what makes him, him. He hopes that sharing his story of learning how to embrace who he is and all the intersections of his culture, heritage, experiences, and passions will help others understand theirs too.
68 min
2. “You Were Born for This” with Ambassador Suj...
This episode teaches us to revel in the idea of “being born for this” and to take charge of our opportunities with a great conversation with Ambassador Sujay Johnson Cook.
55 min
1. “Black Apologetics” with Lisa Fields
What do you do when someone challenges your faith? One of the world’s most sought-after Christian apologists, Lisa Fields, combines her passion for biblical literacy with her heart for sharing God’s love to all those she meets.
44 min
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Where Ya From? Podcast creates an atmosphere where all people—regardless of our differences—can openly discuss ideas, issues, culture, experiences, faith, and more so we can learn from each other and the Word of God. New episodes released weekly on Tuesdays.
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