What the HELL Were You Thinking?

What the HELL Were You Thinking takes you on a tour of cultural curiosities and historical oddities over the past fifty years of politics, pop culture and consumer society. From the deep cultural impact of Colonel Sanders on Japanese Christmas, to the time Garth Brooks lost his mind and decided to be Chris Gaines, to McGruff the Crime Dog. Host Dave Bledsoe and his possibly imaginary Producer Gavin St James take you on a walk through the history that made modern society so damn infuriating. It’s not Generation X navel gazing (ok there might be a LITTLE of that) but also real history about real things that really happened, and how that history impacts us today. (Hint: Everything is Ronald Reagan’s fault!) So check us out every Monday when we answer the simple question of what the hell people in the past were thinking.

TV & Film
Episode 388: As Seen On TV
On the show this week we take a look back at the origins of every late night bad decision in your life that did not involve a fellow bar patron with one eye and prison tattoo on their forehead, the infomercial.
32 min
Episode 387: Dumb Dave was SO DUMB! (How Dumb W...
On the show this week we talk about the raunchiest drinking party that ever pretended to be a game show in history, the Match Game.
31 min
Bonus Episode: A Yam for Katta (Redux)
For Thanksgiving we replay the most wholesome content we have ever created on this podcast.
18 min
Dowers Boys Episode 4: Alabama Sir!
Jerrod and Dave kick back on the barstool at Dowers Tavern to talk about a band that dominated Country Music for three decades! ALABAMA!
25 min
Episode 386: Family in the Front, Bomb in the Back
On the show this week, we tell you the True Story of The Little Carefree Car, which turned out to need a LOT of care indeed, the Ford Pinto! (Big Badda Boom)
28 min
Episode 385: They Were Dueling Dalton at the Do...
On the show this week we talk about one of the greatest movies of the 1980’s, it has everything, fighting, boobies, booze, boobies, monster trucks, boobies and a dude’s throat being ripped out: Road House!
29 min
Episode 384: The Devil and Caleb Black
On the show this week tell you the story of a bad man and his deal with the Devil. (Not Dave, and the devil isn’t real)
28 min
Episode 383: I Didn't Go to Satanic Medical Sch...
Part 4 of Spooktacular 2022: On the show this week we introduce you to the man who made Satanism modern and cool, Howard Stanton Levey! (He preferred Dr. Anton Szandor LeVay)
34 min
Spooktacular 2022 Bonus: The Depot
Last year's Patron exclusive is yours for free, but give us a dollar!
20 min
Episode 382: So, You SAY You Love Satan
On the show this week Spooktacular 2022 continues with Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker and how he said he loved Satan. (Satan never thought much of Richie)
30 min
Spooktacular 2022 Bonus: Haunted Dolls
Someone should just burn these monstrosities....enjoy!
19 min
Episode 381: SHOUT! SHOUT! Shout with the Devil...
On the show this week we head back to the Glory Days of Heavy Metal when Satan reigned supreme and everyone was worried the kids were practicing the Dark Arts. (This was before Satan got into producing Boy Bands)
42 min
Spooktacular 2022 Bonus: The Candy Man Can
This asshole is the reason your parents got the first shot of all the good candy before you could even touch it!
17 min
Episode 380: The Devil Goes Hollywood
On the show this week we kick off the Spooktacular with the true tale of the scariest movie of all time and how it might have started the Satanic Panic! (No, not Mazes and Monsters! The Exorcist!)
35 min
Spooktacular 2022 Teaser Trailer The Devil Inside!
This month we've got The Devil Inside Us!
1 min
Episode 307: HIS NAME IS BUM FARTO Redux
On the show this week we go to Island Time as we head back to the era of the Cocaine Cowboys and learn the true tale of an American Hero: Bum Farto. (That IS his real name!)
29 min
Episode 379: I Talk Funny Sometimes
On the show this week we try to play off that this is mostly a rerun show by tossing a few clips of unheard content that wasn’t good enough to make the show when it was created.
41 min
The Dowers Boys Episode 3: That Achy Break Song
Jerrod and Dave talk about why they hate this song and why they can’t NOT sing along when it comes on the radio. Most importantly, why is this song a karaoke song for the ages!
28 min
Episode 378: Watch It Jiggle, See It Wiggle
On the show this week we turn back to the magical time in television history when we were not afraid to admit we were there for the boobs! (And it was glorious!)
31 min
Episode 377: New Coke! Catch the Pepsi!
On the show this week we tell you what REALLY happened when Coca Cola changed its formula back in the 80’s (Spoiler Alert: It didn’t go well)
36 min
Episode 376: M-M-Max Headroom
On the show this week we are talking about the faux CGI charmer that wowed the world for about eleven minutes, Max Headroom.
31 min
Episode 375: A Tandy Company
On the show this week we tell the tale of the early tech giant you probably bought your first cell phone from in the early 2000’s. (It is Nokia ringtone time!)
30 min
Episode 374: When You Comin Back Red Rocker?
On the show this week we tell you how Sammy replaced Dave, then Dave replaced Sammy and some guy named Gary replaced Dave and then Sammy came back but left again. (Van Halen was a FUN band to work in!)
31 min
Episode 373: David and Eddie Had Had It Alread...
On the show this week we tell you the tale of one great band and two massive egos: David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen. (You all know how THAT ended.)
37 min
Episode 372: Video Home System Killed the Betam...
On the show this week we tell the tale of the most brutal conflict of the 1980’s, the war between VHS and Beta (So…Much…Blood)
29 min
Episode 371: The Dog's Name Was Harvey (Pt 2 of...
On the show this week we wrap up the Summer of Sam with part two, the arrest, confession and trial of David Berkowitz. Then we get to the good stuff about the Devil! (Satan insists he would NEVER hang out with a loser like Berkowitz.)
38 min
Episode 370: The Wicked King Wicker Pt 1 of the...
On the show this week, we continue our series about NYC in the 1970’s with part one of The Summer of Sam!
36 min
Episode 369: We Really Had A Blackout
On the show this week we head back forty five years to 1977 and that time ConEd decided to turn all the fucking lights out in New York City. (Again.)
30 min
Episode 368: Welcome to Fear City
On the show this week we kick off a month of shows about the Greatest Goddamn City in the World during The Worst Decade Ever, NYC in the 1970’s!
31 min
Episode 367: Who Could've Seen This Coming?
On the show this week we keep it really simple, we talk about the people who worked so hard to take your right away in the history of anti-abortion. (You think we are gonna talk about Canadian Tuxedos after THIS week?)
31 min
Episode 366: Full Metal Lunchbox
On the show this week we tell you about the Ultimate Status Symbol of the 1970’s School House: the lunch box!
24 min
Episode 365: The Last Barman Poet
On the show this week take a look at a Tom Cruise movie that had American flipping bottles and breaking glasses all over their basement bars: 1988’s Cocktail. (Why? There is no why.)
27 min
Episode 364: Too Damn Cool to Buy the 8-Track Tape
On the show this week we take a look at the long lost and justifiably detested technology that somehow made Foghat even worse, the 8 Track Tape. (Yeah, who knew that was even possible?)
27 min
Dowers Boys Episode 2: The Watermelon Crawl
We also cover Tracy Byrd’s 1994 hit “Watermelon Crawl” about a small town watermelon festival, a watermelon that catches on fire because it is 99% Everclear. (Though that was cut from the music video)
22 min
Special Edition: It's Later Than You Think
In the aftermath of the shootings, we will not be running our usual show. This Special Edition talks frankly about what happened, where we are and where it looks like we are going.
17 min
Episode 363: Highway to the Reagan Zone
On the show this week we tell the tale of the original Top Gun and how it was pure propaganda for Reagan’s America and not just hot, sweaty, homoerotic volleyball. (HOT!)
28 min
Episode 362: I Did Not Sea Monkey That Coming
On the show this week we tell you the truly messed up tale of the guy who invented Sea-Monkeys. (No spoilers, but he was a Jewish Nazi!)
26 min
Episode 361: The Night They Drove Old Disco Down
On the show this week we head back to The Night Disco Died when a bunch of drunk white dudes got real, real mad about some music they didn’t like. (But liked the people who made the music even less)
35 min
Episode 360: Here's Some Money, Go Buy Yourself...
On the show this week we talk about the time Ronald Reagan got really excited about a movie and cost the taxpayers 30 billion dollars for his own personal Death Star!
33 min
Dowers Boys Episode 1: It's A Great Day to Be A...
Jerrod and Dave come to the stage with Travis Tritt's 2000 hit song and tell y'all why they are talking about it!
27 min
Episode 359: Sleeping In the Wet Spot On Your W...
On the show this week we break out our leak kits and patch up the story of America’s moment of sleeping on vinyl bags filled with water. (The story has a lot of holes! Get it?)
27 min
Episode 358: I Simply Cannot Drive, Fifty Five
On the show this week we take you back to 1974 when America had to step on the brakes, at least if there was a cop around, because the National Speed Limit was now Fifty Five Miles Per Hour.
27 min
Episode 357: Oh Yes, They Call Him the Streak
On the show this week we head back to the hirsute days of the early 1970’s when a generation of Boomers took up jogging in their birthday suits for some reason no one really understands. (Except maybe for this on Professor we quote extensively in the show.)
28 min
Episode 356: Take A Look At My Big Johnson
On the show this week we are heading back to the mid 1990’s when men weren’t afraid to let the world know their emotional age by looking at the t-shirts they wore. (Right around 13 years old or so.)
29 min
Episode 355: We'll Always Have Lennie Briscoe P...
On the show this week we wrap up our series about the influence of cop shows on the public with the 90’s and 2000’s. (Do we mention how much New York loves Jerry Orbach? You bet we do!)
31 min
Episode 354: Let's Be Careful Out There Pt 2 of...
On the show this week we are back for part two of Copaganda where we examine how the 70’s and 80’s changed how Hollywood portrayed cops.
29 min
Episode 353: Can't Tell the Cops from the Crimi...
On the show this week we start a series about how Hollywood helped law enforcement spruce up it’s image a bit! (With the help of J. Edgar Hoover in a STUNNING Pink Taffeta!)
28 min
Episode 352: The Malls Are All Empty Now
On the show this week, we put on our parachute pants, zip up our Members Only Jacket and head down to the Food Court at our local mall! (We will be sitting with the cool kids!)
32 min
Introducing Bottle of White, Bottle of Red a Bi...
It's episode 1 of a brand new Seltzer Kings Podcast!
70 min
Episode 351: Jimmy Carter: Heart Lust and Rabbits
On the show this week, we finish our mini-series about the 1970’s with the Peanut Farmer from Plains, Jimmy Carter! (We also mention The Rabbit)
34 min
Episode 350: Looking For Love In ALL the Wrong ...
On the show this week we look at what dating was like before the Internet only to discover it was just like now, except the unsolicited dick photos were Polaroids. (Blurry AND small!)
25 min
Episode 349: Gas, Gas, Or Gas, No One Rides for...
On the show this week we head back to the 1970’s to talk about that time American ran out of gas!
36 min
Episode 348: When Inflation Comes Along, You Mu...
On the show this week, we take you back to a time when the worst possible idea to fight inflation was also the only idea they had! (It is a recurring theme in American History)
29 min
Episode 347: Hold My Hand, Across America
On the show this week we link up all the ways people in the 1980’s tried to help people in need because the government didn’t want to anymore. (Same as it ever was.)
32 min
Episode 346: I Pity the Fool that Don't Eat My ...
On the show this week we are looking at all the brands of breakfast cereal that were just basically cash grabs in the 1980’s (There were more than you remember)
30 min
Episode 345: Magically Delicious
On the show this week we open up the kitchen cabinet and pull down a box of Nostalgio's, the breakfast cereal for old people! (Don’t worry, they taste so bad you won’t WANT to eat them!)
29 min
Special Edition: Me and You in Twenty Twenty Two
In this Special Edition Host Dave Bledsoe does the BARE minimum phoning in a half assed new release whose only real purpose is to get the show back its production and release schedule after the holiday. (So you know, pretty much the usual.)
8 min
Episode 344: It's Not THAT Hard to Say Goodbye ...
On the show this week we look back at the year that was Two Thousand and Twenty One and realized, it was fucking terrible. (No great surprise there)
36 min
Episode 292: Finger Licking Good Time Redux
We've let the minions go home and forced Gavin to clean the studio men's room and Dave...is off on his Christmas Bender. So enjoy this "best of" show.
33 min
Episode 343: Frosty the Snow Ho
On the show this week, we take a look at some of the bizarre and inexplicable Christmas specials that taught us that sharing special times with family is the true meaning of Christmas. (And to buy whatever junk they were plugging in the special.)
28 min
Episode 342: Come And Buy My Weird Ass Toys
On the show this week we head back to the 1970’s to look at all the toys that were physically or psychologically (sometimes both) harmful to children that people thought were just fine.
32 min
Episode 341: I Hurt Myself Doing the Lindy Hop
On the show this week we talk about that time in the late 1990’s when we all thought we could swing dance! (We were wrong, we were so very wrong!)
35 min
Episode 340: Wall to Wall and Tree Top Tall
On the show this week, we climb into the cabs of our big rigs and take you back to the days when the Asphalt Cowboys captured America’s heart and everyone had a CB radio in their Pontiacs.
31 min
Episode 339: As God As My Witness, I Thought Tu...
On the show this week, we talk turkey day TV tropes and how every Thanksgiving Episode is exactly the same, except for one. (Of course it is WKRP!)
27 min
Episode 338: Got Me A Walkman and they Walked R...
On the show this week, we rolled back the technological clock to a simpler time when nothing could come between you and the music except for five hundred dollars, inflation adjusted. We are talking about the original Sony Walkman!
32 min
Episode 337: Eating Big Brother's Peanuts and D...
On the show this week we examine the legacy of the Good Old Boy Brother of America’s favorite living Ex-President, Billy Carter.
31 min
Episode 234: Dia de Gringos Redux
This week we take time off to celebrate Samhain so we are running a little show from 2019.
25 min
Episode 336: The Rats In the Walls Spooktacular...
On the show this week we wrap Spooktacular 2021 with a performance of HP Lovecraft’s The Rats in the Walls. (Don’t worry, we took all the racism out of it!)
47 min
Spooktacular 2021 Bonus: The Late Arrival
That one time Dave saw something he shouldn't have.
22 min
Episode 335: Them Creepy Ass Kids (Spooktacular...
On the show this week we keep Spooktacular 2021 rolling with talkies of kids who see ghosts and remember their past lives! (As if this one life isn’t bad enough!)
32 min
Episode 334: Undead On A Downtown Train (Spookt...
On the show this week Spooktacular 2021 rolls on down the steel rails with haunted subways and trains! (We mean actual ghosts, not the scary stuff that just happens on the train!)
34 min
Spooktacular 2021 Bonus: Producer Gavin Does D...
Our Spooktacular 2020 Patron Bonus about Dyatlov Pass featuring our own Yeti, Producer Gavin!
22 min
Episode 333: It Looks Like A Big Deadly Tylenol...
This week we kick off Spooktacular 2021 with a little random mass murder in Chicago, with the Tylenol Murders of 1982!
30 min
Spooktactacular 2021 Teaser
Dead Dave invites you all to join him in Hell, or Howard Beach whichever is more convenient.
2 min
Episode 332: Havana Ray Beaming
On the show this week we head on down to Havana Town to investigate what is making American spies and diplomats so sick? (Apparently, not guilt over American Imperialism)
29 min
Episode 331 Right Now Someone Is Planning Anoth...
On the show this week we head back to the halcyon days of yesterday when everything was clear, soap was pure, and a man could get a Crystal Pepsi at his local 7-11!
30 min
Episode 330: The Obligatory 9/11 Edition
Seriously, this is not a “fun” show. It is about what and how we remember what happened 20 years ago and if you want to skip this week, we understand.
26 min
Episode 329: I Got Stoned And I Missed It Pt 3 ...
On the show this week, we wrap up our series about Prohibition with part 3 of Just Say No America in which we tell you what we already said about the matter. (If you haven’t heard it, it’s new to you!)
19 min
Episode 328: No Bourbon, No Scotch and No Beer ...
On the show this week, we talk about how Prohibition was more about keeping immigrants and minorities in their place rather than saving them from demon alcohol. (Are you shocked? You shouldn’t be)
26 min
Episode 327: Operation Carrie Nation Pt 1 of Ju...
On the show this week kick off Part One of Just Say No America with the early days of temperance in America, one hatchet wielding granny at a time. (it’s CHOPPING time!)
23 min
Episode 326: Taking A Bite Outta McGruff
On the show this week we take a bite outta crime with McGruff the crime dog, who was never actually a cop because he could pass the psyche profile. (Violent tendencies, pees indoors)
27 min
Episode 325: Operators Are Standing, Bye Mr. Po...
On the show this week, we look back on the life and legacy of America’s Pitchman, Ron Popeil! (We should have called sooner, as our supplies of Ron Popeil have run out.)
30 min
Episode 324: Miss Cleo Hung Up On Me!
On the show this week we follow up last week’s 900 Numbers with the face that scammed millions of Americans: Miss Cleo! (We can say that now, she’s isn’t around to sue us!)
28 min
Episode 323: Two Dollars for the First Minute ....
On the show this week we dial up all the details on 900 Numbers and how they helped America cry when nothing else could. (From the size of the phone bills)
27 min
Episode 322: American Gerbilo
On the show this week we examine that time people said Richard Gere put a gerbil in his butt because they were scared of gay people. (Richard Gere: not gay, much to disappointment of some gay men)
27 min
Episode 321: The Real Legend of Boggy Creek, Ch...
On the show this week we talk about the Fouke Monster and the man who made millions making a movie about it! (No, seriously!)
28 min
Episode 320: Call Me...Chris Gaines
On the show this week we examine the Life of Chris Gaines who blazed like a falling star for about three months and then crashed into the ocean. (Honestly, we thought this podcast would do the same!)
29 min
Episode 319: The True Tale of Dallas Egbert
On the show this week we tell you the true tale behind the boy’s disappearance that launched Tom Hanks’ career. (And made Dave’s parents force him to quit playing Dungeons and Dragons)
29 min
Episode 318: It's A Pirate's Life for Me Part T...
On the show this week we wrap up our series on music piracy with the halcyon days of Napster before the music industry flooded it with porn and viruses! (Yeah, we KNOW it was you, assholes!)
36 min
Episode 317: It's A Pirate's Life For Me Part 1...
On the show this week we take to the high seas of music piracy with all the ways we stole music before Sean Fanning freed the music in the year 2000!
29 min
Episode 316: It's Not A COMMERCIAL! It's A Car...
On the show this week we talk about how in 1982 cartoons became toy commercials with toy commercials in them. (If you think Ronald Reagan had something to do with it, you win a prize!)
34 min
Episode 315: You Can't Avoid THAT Noid!
On the show this week, take a look back at the Cartoon Brand Mascots of the 1980’s in preparation for a whole other show we are planning NEXT week! (It's called FORESHADOWING PEOPLE! And it is a commonly used tactic in podcasting!)
28 min
Episode 314: Check A Coin With Your Witcher
On the show this week we are talking about the curious culture of the Challenge Coin! (COIN CHECK!)
30 min
Episode 313: I Would Smoke 500 Miles, And I Wou...
On the show this week, we open up that one drawer in the kitchen with all the menus and a phone book from 2001 to see how many Marlboro Miles we can find in there!
32 min
Episode 312: Oh, Oh, Here He Come, He’s A John ...
On the show this week we tune in Coast to Coast AM from Art Bell and try to remember our AIM password, because we are talking about Time Traveler John Titor!
29 min
Episode 311: The Truth According to Linda Hood ...
On the show this week we provide you with incontrovertible PROOF that Elvis not only faked his own death, but is alive and well to this day and is keeping the truth of his life hidden from all of us! (We don’t, he didn’t and come on this is just fucking crazy!)
29 min
Episode 310: "Gladys' Special Little Boy" Part ...
On the show this week we bring you a show about the King of Rock and Roll, his life, his strange ways, and his dick! (This one is for the ladies!)
31 min
Episode 309: The Cult of Personality Test
On the show this week we continue with Part Two of Why Do You Believe this Crap with Myers Briggs. (This shouldn’t cost us listeners at ALL!)
29 min
Episode 308: Never Mind I Didn't See Your Sign
On the show this week we kicked off a series called “Why Do You Believe This Crap?” with Astrology. (And just when we started to get a few listeners too!)
35 min
On the show this week we go to Island Time as we head back to the era of the Cocaine Cowboys and learn the true tale of an American Hero: Bum Farto. (That IS his real name!)
28 min