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We Stan Together
What do you stan? Hosted by real Pop-Culture Professors, Caitlin Bitzegaio and Lauren Brickman, We Stan Together podcast is smart people about dumb topics. The history of pop culture is a rich, wild, and ever expanding playground. Not to mention, a full time job. Who has time to read every Insta post, think piece, and Twitter thread? Don’t worry, we did, so you don’t have to. We’ll be your CliffsNotes to pop culture. Listen in each week and you’ll be a hit at whatever happy hour, office function, or bridal shower you are forced to attend. Caitlin has written for The Rundown with Robin Thede, Impractical Jokers and Project Runway. Lauren has written for The Cherry Picks, Glamour Magazine and performed with Lisa Lampanelli’s Losin’ It. She is a Company Member of the Story Pirates. They're both UCB performers & directors! Together, they are the Pop Culture Professors, because yes, they both have advanced degrees and have taught college. Weirdly.
Society & Culture
TV & Film
FUNemployment with Anna Roisman
This week We Stan “unemployment in pop culture” with the host of Unemployed With Anna Roisman.
60 min
Netflix and NO chill with Chris Burns (@FatCarr...
This week We Stan Netflix’s contributions to film with our favorite Instagram verified drag queen, @FatCarrieBradshaw aka: Chris Burns (Betches.com)
58 min
Love to LOVE Love with Caity Brodnick
This week we Stan icon Jennifer Love Hewitt with author, comedian, & podcast host Caitlin Brodnick
55 min
Royally Obsessed with Corin Wells
This week we STAN all things Royalty with comedian Corin Wells.
65 min
Stage Door Johnnies with Jeff Hiller
This week we STAN the wonderful and weird world of BROADWAY with Broadway’s own Jeff Hiller.
68 min
Old School 'Ships'
Lauren Ashley Smith (A Black Lady Sketch Show) joins Caitlin and Lauren to discuss the old school 'ships that formed their ongoing romantic neuroses including Boy Meets World, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vernica Mars and Gillian Anderson IRL.
74 min
We Stan Together Podcast Trailer!
1 min