We Stan Together

What do you stan? Hosted by real Pop-Culture Professors, Caitlin Bitzegaio and Lauren Brickman, We Stan Together podcast is smart people about dumb topics. The history of pop culture is a rich, wild, and ever expanding playground. Not to mention, a full time job. Who has time to read every Insta post, think piece, and Twitter thread? Don’t worry, we did, so you don’t have to. We’ll be your CliffsNotes to pop culture. Listen in each week and you’ll be a hit at whatever happy hour, office function, or bridal shower you are forced to attend. Caitlin has written for The Rundown with Robin Thede, Impractical Jokers and Project Runway. Lauren has written for The Cherry Picks, Glamour Magazine and performed with Lisa Lampanelli’s Losin’ It. She is a Company Member of the Story Pirates. They're both UCB performers & directors! Together, they are the Pop Culture Professors, because yes, they both have advanced degrees and have taught college. Weirdly.

Society & Culture
TV & Film
Dawson’s Creek with Emily Longeretta
You don’t want to wait! And you don’t have to!
61 min
The WB Non-Live Call-In Show
The WB Non-Live Call-In Show
86 min
Sabrina The Teenage Witch with Aaron Porschia
What Clarissa left unexplained
69 min
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Can Stand Up, Will Stand Up
64 min
Total Rock N Roll Freaks
A Live Show That Answers the Question “Is Rock Cool?”
55 min
Felicity with Chrissy Shackelford
Noel or Ben or Time Travel?
70 min
One Tree Hill with Bobby Hankinson
There’s only One Tree Hill, stan stans
76 min
WWE with Julie Harrison-Harney, Jon Rineman and...
We’ll tell you more than one thing, brother!
70 min
SNL with Alexis Pereira
Not Live From New York!
61 min
Hollywood Goes To Ireland with John Purcell
Happy St. Patrick’s Day from We Stan!
65 min
A Very Matt Berry Experience with Anne Victoria...
We deep dive into Stanning actor Matt Berry a man who doesn’t want to be stanned
58 min
A Sister Wives Primer with Lauren Ashley Smith
We share our big love for Sister Wives
72 min
A Love Letter to Gilmore Girls with Visiting Pr...
An episode full of so many hot takes, we had to split it in two!
52 min
A Love Letter to Gilmore Girls with Visiting Pr...
An episode full of so many hot takes, we had to split it in two!
77 min
An Attempt To Get Hired at The Drew Barrymore S...
Live from New York City’s Caveat, Lauren and Caitlin make the case why they should be hired at The Drew Barrymore Show including explaining their love for Scream and Beanie Babies, finding love for Drew with Kenice Mobley, having Pat Regan cast them on Grey’s Anatomy and allowing J.W. Crump to subject to a game where their own knowledge is tested. Additional material by Juan Leon, Latisha DiVenuto, Eric Cunningham and Jason Gore.
73 min
We Stan Best Of Games!
The dumbest, smartest games of the first 100 eps!
132 min
2nd Annual Christmas Variety Show
A Very Stan Christmas!
30 min
Celebrity Grifts with Gabrielle Bluestone
Fame is the ultimate long con!
61 min
HoliDating in Cinema with Kenice Mobley
Happy Holidays! We Love You!
68 min
Celebrity Mother-Daughter Duos with Rachel Pegram
Everything’s coming up Stan!
61 min
FanFic Fest 2021
58 min
Celebrity Birthdays with Chris De La Cruz
Happy Birthday!
56 min
Swiftie Takeover with Victoria Edel & Ariel Git...
Taylor Stans School The Hosts!
73 min
Falling In Love with Lana Schwartz
Romance in Autumn!
61 min
Halloween Horror with Juan Leon
The ep is coming from inside the house!
61 min
Coming of Age in the 90s with Latisha Di Venuto
AOL Keyword: Fun!
71 min
How To Save A Life with Lynette Rice
Finally, a Grey’s ep!
73 min
Not Like Other Girls with Ian Lockwood
Not Like Other Eps!
70 min
Agendas with Sophie Santos
A Stan-genda
52 min
The Zach Cherry Cinematic Universe with Zach Ch...
This time we go straight to the source
59 min
Celebrity Kooks LIVE with Sammy Kang & Kim Mari...
Recorded Live at The Squirrel August 16
37 min
Movies Based on Merchandise with Mary Dorn
From the toy chest to the big screen!
52 min
SoCal Shows with Jake Cornell
Fun in the sun on TV
59 min
TikTok with Nathan Pearson
TikTok We Don't Stop
55 min
Lesbian Break-Ups and Make-Ups with Morgan Miller
We stan women who love women but then stop
57 min
Cries For Help LIVE at The Squirrel with Johnat...
37 min
Period Pieces with Sean Persaud and Sinead Persaud
It’s about time!
46 min
Figure Skating with Ann Marie Yoo
Our Olympics ep! Maybe We Got Confused!
48 min
Buddy Comedies with Andrew Barlow & Steve Jeanty
It takes two...guests to discuss buddy comedies!
56 min
Movies That Rock with Matt Rubano
When the soundtrack is the star
57 min
People Named Patty with Rodney Brazil
LaBelle. LuPone. Smith. Smyth. Mayonnaise.
67 min
Grey’s Anatomy Wellness Check with Pat Regan
Season 17 Revisited
67 min
Audulting with Rasheda Crockett
Grow up?
52 min
Rock Musicals with Zach Raffio
Seasons of Love!
67 min
Psychics on TV with Mike Kelton
We see you loving this episode!
66 min
Emotional Wrecks with Laura Canty-Samuel
Get out the tissues!
66 min
The One With The Friends Panel with Lauren Adams
We’ll be there for you!
76 min
Songs of The Summer
Stanning Summah Jamz
75 min
Home On The Road with Emma Ramos
home is where the stan is!
61 min
Hair In Pop Culture! with Amanda Hunt
Hair, Grow it, show it, Long as I can grow it, My hair!
82 min
The Movies of John Hughes! with Grant O’Brien
Our normie teenage dreams come true!
85 min
Dionne Warwick with Jarrett Hill and Tre’vell A...
We really find out what friends for
71 min
Instagram Influencers
Follow Us Into the Influencer World
67 min
Criminals We Root For Achilles Stamatelaky
Characters So Bad They’re Good
74 min
Improv and Sketch Comedy with Andrew Phung
Yes And So Much More
59 min
Dating on Reality TV with Lauren Adams
Do you accept this rose?
71 min
Self-care with Pooya Mehseni
Take care of yourself by listening to this ep
65 min
Partying with Mike Poole
Getting the party ep started!
69 min
Defining Cool with Casey Jost & Lisa Kleinman
Get hip with these cool cats!
62 min
RHOSLC Panel with Jordan Myrick, Lida Darmian &...
Bravo’s newest and best Housewives installment: a discussion
69 min
40+ & Fabulous Women with Christina Grace
Dedicated to the women who have aged like fine wine (gross, sorry)
58 min
Celeb Exes with Dan Chamberlain & Casey McCormick
Happy Valentine’s Day to all the celebs who used to date!
81 min
Drinking on TV with Neil D’Astolfo
Cheers to television’s fraught relationship with alcohol!
73 min
MTV Reality Shows with Pat Regan
We want our MTV (reality shows)
81 min
Dance & Choreo w/Monique Moses
We Stan Too: Electric Boogaloo!
68 min
Women’s Bodies on TV w/Leila Cohan
We’re women, we all have bodies, and we love TV. Enough said.
52 min
Celebrity Resolutions with Alex Song-Xia & Patr...
We decide where celebrities should put their energy in 2021
78 min
Recipe for Seduction Watch-A-Long!
KFC & Mario Lopez made a Lifetime movie and we watched!
29 min
45. Christmas Variety Show with Alex Brightman,...
A few of our favorites stans come together for the holidays!
60 min
Very Special Christmas Episode with Rachel Chapman
You will be visited by three ghost, er, funny ladies to discuss Christmas eps!
71 min
10,000 Takes on Madonna: with LaGina Hill, Shan...
From Material Girl to Madame X (and everything in between): it’s Madonna week, bitches!
83 min
Let’s Talk Daytime with Eric Cunningham
You Stan! We Stan! We ALL Stan for DAYTIME TALK SHOWS!
82 min
Fanfiction Festival: a Celebration of Standoms!
It’s the holiday season and we’re going totally off the rails! Join us and 11 of our fabulou friends as we get in the weeds of standom with… a totally original fanfic anthology!
61 min
Parisian Adventures with Tai Leclaire
It’s not Emily in Paris, but it’s Tai Leclaire on the pod!
59 min
Grey's Watch A Long!
Caitlin and Lauren go guestless this week as they take a break from real life and just watch the musical ep of Grey’s Anatomy, in anticipation of the premiere of season 17!
63 min
WitchFest2020 with Hannah Solow, Alise Morales,...
Hannah Solow, Alise Morales and Lauren Clark help us induct the first witch into the Cauldron Canon.
73 min
The Meaning of Mariah Carey with Matt Rogers
All We Want For Christmas is Matt Rogers to talk Mimi with us!
73 min
Good For Her! With THNK 1994 with Matt Harkins ...
We did a podcast with pop culture giants Matt Harkins and Viviana Olen! Good For Her!
74 min
Small Towns, Big Culture with Will Hines
We talk about the big fun that came out of small towns on the big and small screen!
71 min
Defying Genres with Bartees Strange
We’re a little bit country, we’re a little bit rock ‘n roll.
76 min
Chefs on Reality TV with Rekha Shankar
Get hungry and get real, time to talk chefs on reality tv!
63 min
The Movies of 1999 with Jonathan Braylock & Tes...
Floating plastic bags, the red pill, Muppet in Space
81 min
One Direction with Ariel Gitlin & Victoria Edel
We didn’t know we were beautiful and that’s what made us beautiful.
91 min
Dinosaurs with James III
Life finds a way and so does our pod! We talk dinosaurs with James III!
61 min
Tyra Banks with JW Crump
Wannabe on top? Join us on an exploration of the one and only Tyra Banks
65 min
British Invasion with Rachel Smith
The British are coming! And best of all, they’re singing!
71 min
We Stan Ghosts with Marcy Jarreau
Boo! Ghosts haunt our pop culture!
69 min
Boybands with Angel Yau
This week is we’re totally boy(band) crazy!
67 min
DILFs with Kevin Fallon (The Daily Beast)
A full episode about DILFs!
55 min
Make It Fashion with Johnathan Fernandez
Talking fashion with a gossip guy who’s always in style!
70 min
Brother & Sister Bonding with The Powells
We’re exploring the one of a kind relationship of Brothers & Sisters!
67 min
Tooned in with Lauren Lapkus
We’re talking cartoons and that’s all, folks!
58 min
Religion on TV with Susie Meister
Susie Meister (The Brain Candy Podcast, The Challenge) who is a REAL PhD joins the classroom to discuss religion on TV. Caitlin praises Janelle from Sister Wives as TV’s #1 pious woman and Lauren goes hard for religious diversity on TV.
68 min
The Bop Pod Crossover with Ilana Michelle Rubin
Don’t touch that dial, you’re getting a Bop Pod/We Stan Together Crossover event!
60 min
Continuity Errors with Mariah Smith
Please don’t count the mistakes in this episode about continuity errors!
57 min
We Stan Together is not releasing a traditional episode this week. Caitlin and Laure reiterate their support for Black Lives Matter and offer to be a resource for anyone with questions.
3 min
Superman with Michael Hartney
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a topic Caitlin and Lauren know nothing about.
70 min
Backdoor Pilots with Jeena Bloom
The sit-coms that try to sneak in unnoticed
69 min
Graduation (Friends Forever) with Zeke Smith
Although we’ve come to the end of the road, still we can’t let go.
63 min
Women of Country with Brady O’Callahan
We might’ve been born just plain white trash, but Fancy we will play.
51 min