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The Ugly American Werewolf in London is a weekly podcast about classic rock, hard rock, progressive rock, heavy metal and early MTV. Hosted by The Wolf, an American expat who misses his record collection more than his friends and family and Action Jackson from the East Coast. These two interview rock legends, review classic albums and concerts of their favorite classic rock bands each week. Action & The Wolf have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of rock music and its history - tune in to hear what they're passionate about! Proud part of Pantheon Podcasts.

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UAWIL #181: Dio - The Last In Line
Dio's sophomore effort went platinum before Holy Diver but was it as good an album? We go track x track and analyze the videos to find the answer
61 min
UAWIL #180: Prince - Purple Rain
Prince's 6th album, Purple Rain, featured the funky & sexy Revolution and propelled Prince into the stratosphere. As the soundtrack album turns 40, we reflect on what a huge cultural touchstone Purple Rain was and the importance it played in the career of Prince.
73 min
UAWIL #179: Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA
Bruce Springsteen struck gold (and 17x platinum) with Born in the USA with 7 top 10 singles and was on top of the world. But how cool could he be if your mom likes him? That's a question two 11 year olds at the time of release contemplate as this classic turns 50!
82 min
First Concert Memories #10: Metallica with Nige...
Hear about how a listener of our podcast, Nige Savage, saw Metallica as a teenager in England 7 days before the death of Cliff Burton
67 min
UAWIL #178: Bad Company - Bad Company (The Debu...
The 1974 eponymous debut by Bad Company is chock full of big 70s rock riffs, big hits, classic rock radio deep tracks and one of the greatest voices in rock history from Paul Rodgers. Even if you never owned this one, you'll know most of it by heart.
59 min
UAWIL #177: On First Listen - Roger Waters The ...
Roger Waters first solo album was ambitious with a deep story set in real time, with a full stage production which you might expect from a Pink Floyd show. But is it a good album? Are there good songs? We try to answer those questions on our first listen of the record.
71 min
UAWIL #176: Don Jamieson Interview on No Sleep ...
Rock comedian Don Jamieson joins the guys to talk about his new comedy album No Sleep "Til McSorley's, the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and if wearing condoms is still considered gentlemanly
57 min
UAWIL #175: Colin Hay Live Review
The former Men At Work frontman is a real troubadour with hilarious one man show that showcases his dry sense of humor & extraordinary songwriting, voice & storytelling
54 min
First Concert Memories #9: Rainbow with Amanda ...
The lovely and talented Amanda Lehmann tells us about her quest & trek to see the legendary Ritchie Blackmore in Rainbow who would be a big influence on her career as a musician
58 min
UAWIL #174: Rush - Grace Under Pressure
We examine an overlooked gem in the Rush catalog from 1984 which featured big guitar riffs against new age synthesizers, extraordinary texture from the drums & bass and heavy lyrics about life, death, nuclear war, freedom & fear - maybe it's not a shock it didn't run up the charts but it may be one of their best
82 min
UAWIL #173: Scorpions - Love At First Sting
Scorpions built a reputation and legacy album by album in the late 70s and early 80s until they became megastars in 1984 due to the success of their Love At First Sting album and signature hit Rock You LIke A Hurricane
70 min
UAWIL #172: Simple Minds Mel Gaynor Interview
Mel Gaynor is a renowned session musician & was behind the kit for Simple Minds for 30+ years. Now he's released his first solo album which covers multiple genres and showcases his vocals. We talk about the album Come With Me, his career and he answers some of our Simple Minds fanboy questions.
49 min
UAWIL #171: Steve Hackett Interview & Live Conc...
Steve Hackett talks about his brilliant new album The Circus & The Nightwhale and then your intrepid hosts see him debut songs from the album live in concert on a very special Ugly American Werewolf in London Rock Podcast
74 min
First Concert Memories #8: Blues Traveler post ...
Post 9/11 in New York City was an uneasy time for residents. People weren't sure when it was OK to feel joy again, if only for a couple of hours. Brian Colburn of My Weekly Mixtape tells us about a Blues Traveler concert that helped him heal and move forward
66 min
UAWIL #170: Toto & Journey Live Concert Review
The Wolf promised The Wolf Cub that he'd take her to see Toto open for Journey. But which band had the better sound? Which would they go see again?
49 min
UAWIL #169: David Gilmour - About Face
With Pink Floyd on the rocks in 1984, David Gilmour enlisted some A list talent to help him make his 2nd solo effort - was it too close or too far away from Pink Floyd?
63 min
UAWIL #168: Pink Floyd - The Division Bell
Pink Floyd's 2nd without Roger Waters wasn't hailed as a classic at the time but our hosts share fond memories of seeing this tour live and listening to Division Bell in those heady days of 1994
80 min
UAWIL #167: Eric Clapton - 461 Ocen Blvd
Clapton needed a big comeback after the loss of Duane Allman and his addiction to heroin - this album was just what the doctor ordered
77 min
UAWIL #166: Eric Clapton Guitar Tech Lee Dickso...
Lee Dickson toured with Eric Clapton for three decades and shares memories of great legends like Eric, George Harrison, Jimmy Page & Jeff Beck & monumental events like Live Aid, the ARMS Concert and much, much more
69 min
First Concert Memories #7: Meat Loaf with Steph...
Meat Loaf Superfan Stephanie Myers talks about bargaining with her parents to let her see her fave singer for the first time when she was 13 years old
53 min
UAWIL #165: KISS - KISS (The Debut Album)
As it turns 50 we go track by track on the debut album by KISS and even get a question answered (sort of) by original guitarist Ace Frehley
89 min
UAWIL #164: Simple Minds - Sparkle in the Rain
Simple Minds shift gears from up and comers to arena rockers with the help of Steve Lillywhite on Sparkle in the Rain but the transition still didn't break them in the US
76 min
UAWIL #163: The Pretenders - Learning to Crawl
The Pretenders 3rd album may be their best ever thanks to the singing & songwriting of Chrissie Hynde but due to the tumult in and around the band it's a wonder it was ever recorded
71 min
UAWIL #162: Van Halen - 1984
1984 propelled Van Halen to the stratosphere thanks to Jump, Pamana, Hot for Teacher at MTV but it also broke up the band
82 min
First Concert Memories #6: U2 Live from Red Roc...
The video of U2 Live from Red Rocks helped explode the band in the US and our friend Markus The Darkus Goldman was there as a teenager! Hear his memories of this epic show which was huge to children of the MTV generation
61 min