Slow Burn

In the early 1970s, the future of abortion in America was far from settled. Roe v. Wade would change everything, though few knew it at the time. For the seventh season of Slate’s Slow Burn, host Susan Matthews explores the path to Roe—a time when more Republicans than Democrats supported abortion rights. You’ll hear the forgotten story of the first woman ever to be convicted of manslaughter for having an abortion, the unlikely Catholic power couple who helped ignite the pro-life movement, and a rookie Supreme Court justice who got assigned the opinion of a lifetime.

One Year - 1986: The Man From Fifth Avenue
The stranger-than-fiction story of a mysterious American who starred in a Soviet propaganda film.
53 min
One Year - 1986: The Miracle of Cokeville
How the worst school attack in U.S. history was miraculously averted.
62 min
One Year - 1986: Herschel vs. the Blubber Busters
How a cute story about a hungry sea lion became a fight over targeted animal killing.
46 min
One Year - 1986: A Boycott in Mississippi
The civil rights battle that divided a small Southern town, and captivated the nation.
54 min
One Year - 1986: The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults
How a live television special became a legendary American fiasco.
58 min
One Year - 1986: The Ultimate Field Trip
They competed for a spot on the Space Shuttle Challenger. Then they watched it explode.
55 min
Slow Burn presents: One Year - 1986: No Crime Day
Would Isiah Thomas’ vision of a crime-free world set Detroit on a new path, or was it a recipe for failure?
50 min
Decoder Ring: The “Sex” Scandal That Made Mae West
Before she hit the big-screen, the sultry actress starred in a 1927 tabloid trial.
41 min
Decoder Ring: The First Alien Abductees
The alien abduction narrative started right here on Earth.
36 min
Decoder Ring: The Most Famous Poet No One Remem...
Searching for Rod McKuen.
43 min
Slow Burn presents: Decoder Ring - The Mall is ...
For a supposedly dying place, the mall keeps hanging around.
44 min
S7 Ep. 4: Roe Against Wade
How Justice Harry Blackmun became an accidental abortion rights hero.
58 min
S7 Ep. 3: Women vs. Connecticut
What it took to strike down one of the oldest abortion laws in the country.
47 min
S7 Ep. 2: Life or Death
How a doctor and nurse from Cincinnati irrevocably changed the debate over abortion in America.
50 min
S7 Ep. 1: Get Married or Go Home
In 1971, Shirley Wheeler became the public face of the fight for abortion rights.
51 min
Season 7 Trailer - Roe v. Wade
The women who fought for legal abortion, the activists who pushed back, and the justices who thought they could solve the issue for good.
2 min
S6 Ep. 8: Damages
How Rodney King and the city of Los Angeles tried to reckon with everything they’d suffered.
47 min
S6 Ep. 7: Into Ashes
April 30 felt like the calm after the storm. Then the fires started burning again.
37 min
S6 Ep. 6: No Peace
After the verdicts, Los Angeles erupted into fire and chaos.
39 min
S6 Ep. 5: The System
The officers who beat Rodney King had been caught in the act. Why wasn’t that enough to secure a conviction?
39 min
SB6 Extra: Leading Up to the Riots
A few excerpts from Season 6's Slate Plus interviews.
16 min
S6 Ep. 4: Glen
Rodney King woke up in a prison hospital to find himself at the center of the biggest story in the world.
32 min
S6 Ep. 3: The Chief
In the aftermath of the Rodney King beating, the city wanted Daryl Gates out. Gates had other plans.
43 min
S6 Ep. 2: No Justice
With the beating of Rodney King still on America’s TV screens, the killing of a teenager in South Central further inflamed the tension in Los Angeles’ Black neighborhoods.
44 min
S6 Ep. 1: The Tape
In 1991, a 68-second video set off a chain of events that would change Los Angeles forever.
38 min
Season 6 Trailer
Coming November 3rd
2 min
One Year: Jesus on a Tortilla
How a burn mark in the shape of Christ changed a family.
50 min
One Year: Roots: The Saga of Alex Haley
The author who changed America—and ignited a controversy about fact and fiction.
51 min
One Year: Mr. Marijuana and the Drug Czar
Keith Stroup and Peter Bourne were on the verge of changing America’s pot laws—and then a blowout Christmas party in 1977 changed everything.
48 min
One Year: Elvis, the Pledge, and Extraterrestrials
Three stories from a single day in August 1977.
54 min
One Year: The Miracle Cure
Medical experts said the cancer drug Laetrile was dangerous quackery. It became a national sensation anyway.
57 min
One Year: Mary Shane's Rookie Season
The little-known story of the first woman hired as a legitimate major-league baseball announcer.
49 min
Decoder Ring: The Sign Painter
From the new season of Slate's documentary culture podcast, Decoder Ring.
62 min
One Year: Anita Bryant's War on Gay Rights
Introducing One Year, a new podcast from Slate.
65 min
S5 Ep. 8: Shock and Awe
Who’s most responsible for the failures of post-war Iraq?
40 min
S5 Ep. 7: Judy
Judith Miller made the WMDs case in the New York Times. Does she still stand by her reporting?
45 min
S5 Ep.6: Big, if True
Why the U.S. relied on faulty intelligence from a man code-named Curveball.
39 min
S5 Ep.5: Four Dicks (and Vice President Cheney)
The men named Richard who helped determine whether the U.S. would go to war in Iraq.
43 min
S5 Extra: More on the Road to Iraq
A few excerpts from Season 5's Slate Plus interviews.
13 min
S5 Ep.4: Fighting Words
Intellectuals on the right and left found themselves on the same side in the debate over Iraq.
43 min
S5 Ep. 3: Mushroom Clouds
How weapons of mass destruction became the Bush administration’s rallying cry for war.
41 min
S5 Ep. 2: Terror
How the anthrax attacks of 2001 fueled a coming war with Iraq.
43 min
S5 Ep. 1: The Exile
Ahmad Chalabi spent decades trying to return to Baghdad. Thanks to the Americans’ war, he finally got his wish.
47 min
Season 5 Trailer
Coming April 21st
2 min
Introducing: I Spy
28 min
S4 Extra: What We Can Learn From 1991
A few excerpts from Season 4's bonus interviews, and a special Slow Burn announcement.
30 min
S4 Ep. 6: A Concerned Citizen
David Duke nearly became the governor of Louisiana. What did it take to stop him?
55 min
S4 Ep. 5: The Road to Hell
The 1991 Louisiana governor’s race turned into a battle over what the state was, and what it should be.
46 min
S4 Ep. 4: A Silent Army
What message did David Duke’s voters send to everyone else in Louisiana?
46 min
Cold Call
What I learned from a child journalist’s interview with David Duke--and why I’m not interviewing him myself.
21 min
S4 Ep. 3: The Nazi and the Republicans
The woman who tried to stop David Duke, and the GOP officials who accommodated him.
49 min
S4 Ep. 2: Robe and Ritual
How David Duke used the Ku Klux Klan to sell his message, and himself.
46 min
S4 Ep. 1: White Knight
The year that David Duke, America’s most famous white supremacist, went mainstream.
45 min
Season 4 Trailer
Coming June 10th
2 min
S3 Live: Party & Bullshit
50 min
Announcement: Slow Burn's Watergate Season on TV
Slow Burn's first season is now a TV docu-series, premiering Feb. 16 on Epix.
0 min
Introducing: Broken Record
51 min
S3 Epilogue: Got a Story to Tell
Listen to the some of the extended interviews and stories we couldn't fit into this season.
45 min
S3 Ep. 8: Dead Wrong
35 min
S3 Ep. 7: To Live and Die in LA
27 min
S3 Ep. 6: Til Somebody Kills You
25 min
S3 Ep. 5 Plus: "East vs. West"
On the Vibe cover story that further stoked conflict between Death Row and Bad Boy.
66 min
S3 Ep. 5: Wrath of a Menace
27 min
S3 Ep. 4: Against Those Thugs
A 66-year-old woman on a moral crusade upends the music industry.
26 min
S3 Ep. 3: What's Beef?
An escalating personal rivalry turns into a bicoastal war.
33 min
S3 Ep. 2: Cops on My Tail
How police claimed rap lyrics were turning black listeners into cop killers.
29 min
S3 Ep. 1: Against the World
29 min
Season 3 Trailer
Coming Oct. 30
2 min
Introducing The Queen
22 min
Slow Burn Live: The Kingdom and the Power
Hillary, Bill and Monica
50 min
Slow Burn Live: Keyholes
What caused the impeachment of Bill Clinton?
51 min
S2 Ep. 8: Move On
In 1998, Congress weighed whether Juanita Broaddrick’s rape accusation against Bill Clinton was grounds for impeachment.
54 min
Secret Tracks
Ken Starr, Linda Tripp, and others who had a ringside seat at the Clinton circus.
28 min
S2 Ep. 7: Bedfellows
Clinton’s enemies said his affair made him unfit to govern. What did his friends think?
44 min
S2 Ep. 6: God Mode
The Clinton-Lewinsky scandal sent the religious right into paroxysms of outrage. The rest of the country wasn’t convinced.
46 min
S2 Ep. 5: Tell-All
Linda Tripp exposed Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. What was she thinking?
45 min
S2 Ep. 4: Alone, Together
What really happened between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky?
38 min
S2 Ep. 3: Cred
Many accusations were launched against Bill Clinton. Only some of them stuck.
39 min
S2 Ep. 2: There There
The Clinton administration was mired in scandal from its very first days.
40 min
S2 Ep. 1: Deal or No Deal
Season 2 of Slow Burn begins with the Clinton presidency hanging by a thread.
34 min
Season 2 Trailer
3 min
Live in New York
Trump, Watergate and Nixon's legacy
50 min
S1 Ep. 8: Going South
How it all ended.
41 min
Extra, Extra
Some excerpts from our bonus episodes
21 min
S1 Ep. 7: Saturday Night
The weekend it all fell apart.
36 min
S1 Ep. 6: Rabbit Holes
Watergate turned America into a nation of conspiracy theorists.
31 min
S1 Ep. 5: True Believers
Why did so many people stand with Richard Nixon for so long?
34 min
S1 Ep. 4: Lie Detectors
How Watergate became the greatest show on earth.
31 min
S1 Ep. 3: A Very Successful Cover-Up
Why did it take so long for people to care about Watergate?
29 min
S1 Ep. 2: The Defeat of Wright Patman
The first Watergate hearings didn't go so well.
27 min
S1 Ep. 1: Martha
Our eight-episode miniseries launches with the story of a woman who knew too much.
24 min
Coming Nov. 28
A podcast about Watergate.
2 min