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The world isn't simple anymore, and on the Walden Pond podcast, your host anti-fraud expert Vince Walden is talking to experts about the technology and compliance trends you need to know about to keep your compliance and fraud detection programs relevant. If you're looking for insights that are practical, timely and innovative... Welcome to the Pond.

Business News
Insights into the 2022 ACFE Report to the Natio...
Andi McNeal and Vincent Walden discuss the ACFE’s 2022 Report to the Nations and its insights on occupational fraud.
10 min
Fraud Triangle Analytics Monitoring Using Keyst...
Marta Cadavid is co-founder and CEO at NoFraud, an organization dedicated to fighting fraud by using technology to anticipate criminal behavior. NoFraud specializes in forensic audit, cybersecurity, and investigations of economic crimes.
14 min
The Center for Audit Quality – How They Team wi...
Margot Cella, research and public policy analyst, and Vice President of Research and Anti-Fraud Initiatives at the Center for Audit Quality (CAQ), shares how the CAQ is intersecting the accounting and legal compliance professions to improve corporate culture and financial reporting.
16 min
Responsible Innovation in Crypto and Compliance
Malcolm Wright is the founder of InnoFi Advisory. As a former Chief Compliance Officer at a large cryptocurrency exchange, Malcolm now advises companies on ensuring responsible innovation in digital finance.
16 min
Data-Driven Assurance with Johnson & Johnson's ...
Chian Boen, Senior Manager with Johnson & Johnson’s Global Audit & Assurance Group, joins Vince Walden to discuss Johnson & Johnson’s strategy for data-driven assurance.
11 min
Is a Master’s Degree In Compliance On Your Rada...
Bob Mascola is a global legal and compliance executive and educator. He joins Vince Walden to discuss compliance from an academic perspective.
19 min
How Artificial Intelligence Libraries are Accel...
Jay Leib is Executive Vice President of Innovation and Strategy at Reveal, an eDiscovery review company. He joins Vince Walden to talk about the work Reveal has been doing, and investigation and eDiscover programs.
20 min
The Three Horizons of Compliance Innovation wit...
Alan Gibson, Director of Legal and Compliance Innovation at Microsoft, joins Vince Walden to define the three horizons of compliance innovation, and what they entail.
25 min
Making the Business Case for Data-Driven Compli...
Bryan Judice, Senior Director of the Office of Ethics and Compliance at Panasonic Avionics Corporation, joins Vince Walden to talk about data-driven compliance, and why it’s more effective.
18 min
Data Driven Compliance with AB InBev’s Dheeraj ...
Dheeraj Thimmaiah, Global Director of Ethics and Compliance, joins Vince Walden to share insights about his role and work at AB InBev.
13 min
Focus on Brazil: An Interview with Sergio Moro,...
Vince Walden goes one-on-one with Sergio Moro, former Minister of Justice of Brazil and Managing Director of Disputes & Investigations at Alvarez & Marsal.
17 min
Digital Dumpster Diving: Four Key Innovations t...
Ernest Brod, Managing Director with Disputes and Investigations services and head of the Global Investigations and Intelligence practice at Alvarez & Marsal, joins Vince Walden to discuss new technologies that are redefining how due diligence is done.
17 min
Bridging the Unbanked Population with Enhanced ...
Shub Nandi, co-founder and CEO of PiChain Innovations Pvt Limited, joins Vince Walden to discuss PiChain’s use of AI and blockchain to help with the automation of customer onboarding.
17 min
Global Compliance Trends with Sam Eastwood of M...
Litigation partner at Mayer Brown’s Litigation Practice in London, Sam Eastwood, joins Vince Walden on this week’s episode to discuss the risks and trends related to global compliance and data analytics.
23 min
Kicking off 2021 Compliance & Analytics Trends ...
Andrew Levine, partner at Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, joins Vince Walden to discuss the compliance journey, what initiatives compliance professionals should take in 2021, and the recently updated DOJ compliance journey.
20 min
Your Employees Will Expect to be Paid Daily in ...
In this episode, Vincent Walden welcomes back Jason Lee, CEO of DailyPay to the Pond to discuss the earned-wage access business model and how major employers like Kroger, Target, Dollar Tree and many others are rethinking how employees get paid in an efficient, compliant manner.
17 min
Compliance Predictions for 2021 with Aaron Nico...
Aaron Nicodemus, staff writer and reporter at Compliance Week, joins Vince Walden to discuss the recent report authored by COSO and to share new recommendations for managers and executives to manage compliance risks.
12 min
Happy Thanksgiving
Vincent Walden talks about the importance of gratitude in this solo episode of The Walden Pond
4 min
Anti-Corruption Analytics Best Practices and Tr...
Jennifer Saperstein, Vice Chair of the Anti-Corruption Practice Group at Covington and Burling LLP, joins Vince Walden to discuss why companies need to be smart about resourcing, compliance technology trends, and the compliance industry post-COVID.
13 min
Improving Internal Investigations with Steve Sp...
Steve Spiegelhalter, North American Investigations Practice Leader and Managing Director at Alvarez & Marsal, joins Vince Walden to discuss the future of conducting internal investigations.
16 min
Reinventing Compliance & Anti-Corruption Traini...
Peter Grossman, co-founder and Chief Strategist of Labyrinth Training, joins Vince Walden to discuss the impact storytelling has as a teaching method, and the importance of abandoning the right-wrong answer narrative.
20 min
Automating Compliance Monitoring and Payment An...
Anil Kona, CEO of Spectrum Analytics, joins Vince Walden to discuss global fraud and what Spectrum is doing to eradicate it.
17 min
Third Party Due Diligence – How Much Is Needed,...
Taylor Twining, Director of Sales at ethiXbase, joins Vince Walden to discuss how companies are taking a risk-based approach to third-party due diligence.
16 min
From Email to Slack: Organizing & Managing the ...
Keith Laska, CEO of Hanzo, co-founder and partner of EUX, and an advisor at Lilt, joins Vince Walden to discuss Hanzo’s approach to cloud computing enterprise communications.
13 min
Trusted Conversations: Rethinking How Whistlebl...
Sylvain Mansotte, co-founder and CEO of Boston-based Whispli, joins Vince Walden to discuss what makes Whispli different from traditional whistleblower hotlines, the importance of trust and anonymity, and how their programs work.
20 min
Relativity’s Expansion from eDiscovery and Inve...
Jordan Domash, General Manager of Relativity’s Trace product, joins Vince Walden to discuss how Trace works.
20 min
Battling Global Corruption and Promoting Integr...
Lisa Ventura, the Practice Lead in the Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) with the World Economic Forum, joins Vince Walden to discuss how the Forum deals with global corruption and promotes integrity
20 min
From Investigative Data Blending to Data Insigh...
Matthew Madden, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing at Alteryx, discusses his insights about data blending and analytics with Vince Walden.
22 min
Reinventing Identity and Access Management Base...
Jonathan Nystrom, CEO of Intensity Analytics, joins Vince Walden to talk about his company’s program, TickStream, which uses astronomical principles to protect virtual identity.
19 min
Leadership and Communication in a Crisis with J...
Jerry Dent, Practice Leader and Managing Director at Alvarez and Marsal, joins Vince Walden to talk about leadership and team communication during times of crisis.
19 min
A Viable Anti-Corruption Solution with Leslie B...
Leslie Benton, Vice President of Ethisphere Institute, chats with Vince Walden about how her company helps businesses with anti-corruption, assessments, and benchmarking.
19 min
Insights Without Exposure with Ishaan Nerurkar
Ishaan Nerurkar, Founder and CEO of LeapYear Technologies, chats with Vince Walden about his company and the technology that they have developed to protect data for heavily regulated industries.
16 min
Rethinking eDiscovery – Where Today’s Actual Co...
This week’s discussion revolves around the new communication and collaboration tools such as Slack, which are now widely adopted by organizations, and the unique issues and challenges they pose for information governance and compliance.
23 min
Cyber Tales From The Crypt with Sergio Kopelev
Sergio Kopelev is Vice-President of Engagement Management at Stroz Friedberg (an Aon Company). He joins Vince Walden on this week’s show to share stories of the types of cyber threats companies face today.
13 min
Pioneering Fraud Prevention Research with John ...
18 min
Legal Trends in Artificial Intelligence with Le...
20 min
Innovative Fraud Detection with Amir Weinberg
Amir Weinberg is the CEO of Valire Software, an innovative software company that specializes in anti-fraud technology. He talks to host Vince Walden about his company’s origin, and their cognitive fraud detection software.
7 min
Staying Ahead With Technology with Henry Dicker
In this episode of The Walden Pond, host Vince Walden visits with Henry Dicker, President of data privacy and forensic service consultancy firm, Franklin Data.
29 min
Automating e-Discovery with Anil Kona
In this episode, Vince Walden speaks with CEO Anil Kona about how Optimum can help law firms and corporations reduce cost and increase productivity.
18 min
Control When You Get Paid with Jason Lee
In this episode, Vince Walden speaks with CEO Jason Lee about Daily Pay - a technology solution that lets employees control when they get paid.
24 min
Welcome to the Pond
In this episode, Vince Walden introduces his new podcast.
3 min