Vividly Speaking with Dr. Vivid

Dr. Ashley Elliott, affectionately known as Dr. Vivid brings all things mental health and wellness with an unfiltered perspective. Listen in as we discuss mental health connections in music, pop culture, our cultures, and daily living. Listeners also get to send in questions to be answered by Dr. Vivid each week.

Society & Culture
Stop Being Weird
57 min
Kim (Burrell) There's People That Are Dying !!!
57 min
I'm About to Go Lay DOOOOWWWWNN
52 min
52 min
The Dolls Said DANCE!!!
52 min
Covisha Chronicles
55 min
We Need A Fkn Breather
55 min
Now This Is A Story All About How....
55 min
Connect or Disconnect
59 min
City Life & Sober Thoughts w/ Sheryl Elliott
60 min
On this episode of Vividly Speaking, Dr. Vivid welcomes you to Season 2 of the podcast, has an Elon Musk callback, & helps you kickoff Mental Health Awareness Month.
55 min
Look Back At It
On this season's finale episode Dr. Vivid reflects on her first season as a podcaster, reminds us to tell the truth, and gives her two cents on Jason Lee killing The Queen, Kanye's internet chaos, and Russia being out of pocket.
59 min
Looooveee or Whateva Keyshia Said
Dr. Vivid reveals the project she has been teasing for weeks & discusses the importance of showing yourself love on Valentine's Day & every other day.
54 min
Be Who You Are For Your PPRIIIIDDEEE
Dr. Vivid discusses her grieving process, challenges you to try 12 or 52 new things, & dives into Black queerness.
54 min
On this episode Dr. Vivid discusses her run in with an Apple angel in the middle of her technology meltdown, breaks down imposter syndrome, & gets you to connect with your "little self" to grab some relief.
58 min
Dr. Vivid talks about DC Public Schools asking your momma & them for a 'Rona excuse note, making realistic goals for the new year, & the power of touch.
58 min
Like It's Yo Bday
Dr. Vivid talks about her celebrating her birthday and the importance of intentionally celebrating yourself. Submit your well mail mental health and wellness goals for the next episode!
51 min
F.... The Clock & That Calendar Too
On this episode explains her brief break, discusses why she doesn't want you depending on time, & reminds you to love on yourself at random times.
57 min
Fa La La La Ehhh.. Nah
On this episode, Dr. Vivid discusses how the universe slapped the ish out of her, how to take care of yourself during the holidays, & mood tracking,
51 min
Show Me Yours & I'll Show You Mine
On this episode, Dr. Vivid reminds not to comment on people's weight during your holiday visits & discusses the importance of sharing your mental health status with your significant other. Justice for Julius Jones!!
57 min
Family Secrets
On this episode Dr. Vivid dives into family secrets, people detoxing, & shows the H-Town Hottie some love.
55 min
Thanks, I'm Anxious
On this episode Dr. Vivid makes an announcement, discusses the shapeshifter that is her own anxiety, and urges you to have informed conversations when it comes to medication management.
56 min
Fantasia Said, Truth Is.....
In this episode Dr. Vivid discusses Boosie being out of pocket (AGAIN), the importance of truth telling when it comes to mental health & wellness, & how to break up with your therapist.
53 min
Vampires, Ghosts, & Ish
On this episode Dr. Vivid discusses what happens when desensitization & the bystander effect collide, banishing spooky acting folk out of your life, & being ready for Adele to spill more adulthood flavored tea.
58 min
On this episode, Dr. Vivid discusses the impact of trauma, fighting stigma related to HIV/AIDS, how to deal with folk who respond poorly to your decision to evolve/change, & the importance of being present.
68 min
The Misdiagnosis of Those Who Feel
On this episode Dr. Vivid reminds you to celebrate the little humans in your life this school year, reacts to the social media panic that was the FB, IG, & WhatsApp debacle, & talks about the impact of misdiagnosis. Personifying our symptoms, JoJo singing the house down boots, and a new partnership/collab are also discussed.
76 min
The Death of it All
On this week's episode Dr. Vivid discusses the complexities of grief, creating trigger & counter lists, the gift of rejection, & Kelly Price's family scaring the hell out of us.
56 min
Drug Ballad
On this episode Dr. Vivid gives flowers to those who love on their single parent friends, talks about the power of reflection, and when to ask for help. The use of psychedelic and psychoactive drugs for healing and symptom relief are discussed.
63 min
Bawdy Issues
On this episode, Dr.Vivid discusses how societal & cultural messages about body image can weigh us down mentally. The CDC's new High Risk list, personal purpose, aromatherapy, & Yebba's new album are also discussed.
54 min
Certified Lover of Self
In this episode Dr. Vivid gives a shoutout to Ben & Jerry's Clash of The Cones Winner, Rabia Kamara (owner of Ruby Scoops; Richmond, Virginia) for showcasing her Black Girl Magic & bringing home a tasty win. Taking moments for a pause as a parent, being kind to yourself, & Drake unlocking her ratchet are also discussed.
54 min
Pay Attention to Stress & Robots
Welcome to the first episode! Dr.Vivid introduces us to the show flow & her inspiration for segments. & Dive into Elon Musk disturbing her spirit, physical manifestations of stress, & tips for relaxation, energy/focus boosts, & tension reduction.
32 min
Guess What? Vividly Speaking is Coming!
I'm so excited to announce that my podcast Vividly Speaking with Dr. Vivid is coming!!!! Get ready for all things mental health & wellness to hit your ears.
2 min