Visa Path To Access

In Visa Path To Access, a podcast series brought you to by Visa, industry leaders and financial experts explore how unlocking access to the digital economy can bring significant benefits to individuals, businesses and entire economies. This is especially pertinent in 2023, with millions of people across the world still living without access to affordable digital services, and almost one third of the world remaining offline.

Join our host, Scott Armstrong, as he and his guests discuss the key obstacles that need to be overcome to enable access for everyone, everywhere. Throughout the series, our experts identify and share insight on what remains to be done across CEMEA to realise the goal of a more equitable future – one where entire economies, businesses, and individuals are uplifted as we progress along the path to global prosperity.

A robust initiative that seeks to communicate why access to the digital economy matters, the Path to Access campaign is central to Visa’s commitment to expand access to the digital economy to drive inclusive economic growth and prosperity for everyone, everywhere. The Path to Access podcast series tells the story of how Visa, in collaboration with its vast network of partners, is enabling access across CEMEA – with recommendations on the best route forward to turn the vision into reality.

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