Viral Jesus

Viral Jesus is a podcast from Christianity Today about digital communication and the power of social connections. Join author and communication scholar Heather Thompson Day as she dives deep with ministry leaders, content creators, and social media influencers to find out how they're starting important conversations, building community, and sharing their faith in digital spaces.

Anh Lin: Letting Go to Grow
The prolific digital creator opens up about resisting perfectionism, embracing social media’s philanthropic power, and retelling God’s “love story.”
40 min
Lord of ‘Little by Little’
Why we should thank God for what we cannot see. Plus: Talking politics at the Thanksgiving table.
36 min
Tori Hope Petersen: Fostering Hope
How Mrs. Universe 2022 uses her story of survival and healing to help foster families thrive.
42 min
Jordan Lee Dooley: Embracing Your Almosts
What contentment looks like when life disrupts, delays, or disappoints.
53 min
Amanda Pittman: Stand in Confidence
Understanding our identity in Christ empowers us to rise above our insecurities.
45 min
On Gaining Self-Confidence
How can we drink from the well of living water when it feels like we’re in a desert?
40 min
Do the Next Right Thing
Faith is not in your feelings. It’s in your feet.
40 min
Seth Day: I’ll See You Tomorrow
What if it is hard to see where life is good, when our relationships are bad? Before you quit, listen to this.
53 min
Sheila Wise Rowe: Understanding Our Own Trauma
What is the true meaning of trauma, and how does it impact our lives?
48 min
Sharon Hodde Miller: The Cost of Control
Is our need to control our lives preventing us from living them?
54 min
Nona Jones: Killing Comparison
Social comparison feeds our insecurities, but God’s Word offers candid wisdom for rejecting toxic thinking.
50 min
Chanel Dokun: Life Starts Now
Hard-earned lessons on letting go of the life you thought you’d have and embracing God’s gift of now.
50 min
Katelyn Beaty: Resisting Christian Idols
Unhealthy obsessions with personalities and platforms are hurting the church. Author Katelyn Beaty wants to help us heal from the sickness of celebrity Christianity.
63 min
Everyone’s Exhausted
36 min
Christina Edmondson: How to Stop Feeling ‘Othered’
Effective intercultural ministry means coming to terms with your own cultural identity.
46 min
Maryanne J. George: Still Talking to Jesus
The Maverick City Music singer on her family’s legacy of faith, living with anxiety, and how the pandemic helped make “Old Church Basement” go viral.
36 min
Joe Jensen: Discipleship by Screen
43 min
York Moore: From Angry Atheist to TikTok Evange...
40 min
DeVon Franklin: It Takes a Village
34 min
Karen Swallow Prior: The Work is the Platform -...
How a platform is different from a calling.
42 min
Khristi Lauren Adams: Platforms, Publishing, an...
How the author of "Unbossed" and "Parable of the Brown Girl" is inspiring a new generation of Black Christian women.
43 min
Brandon J. O'Brien: Scripture as a cross-cultur...
How to bring a deeper, cultural context to our scripture reading.
49 min
Katie Schnack: Standing in the Gap Decade
Faithfully navigating adulthood’s necessary detours and delays.
36 min
Ashley Hales: Trading Hurry for Delight
The wisdom and beauty of living within God’s limits.
39 min
The Faith of Black Women with Truth’s Table
Ekemini Uwan and Michelle Higgins on navigating life, love, and truth.
50 min
Danté Stewart: Making Space for Growth
Change is a part of the journey.
42 min
Tara Beth Leach: Learning to Be Undone
Why humility and surrender are essential to restoring the credibility of the American church’s witness.
35 min
Rich Villodas: We Were Made to Belong
The author of “The Deeply Formed Life” on giving up his parking space, the failure of Christian celebrity-ism, and how to make online community real.
46 min
Tish Harrison Warren: Slow Answers to Hard Prayers
The bestselling author of “Prayer in the Night” on practicing silence amid the noise of social media and why God sometimes travels at three miles per hour.
50 min
Felicia Wu Song: The Perils of Digital Disciple...
Digital devices impair our ability to be fully present. Sociologist Felicia Wu Song on how to reprioritize our connections with God, people, and ourselves.
45 min
Justin Giboney: Love and Truth in the Public Sq...
If our politics are always “conservative” or “progressive,” then we might be outsourcing our beliefs to someone else.
40 min
Bob Roberts Jr.: Their Religious Freedom Is Our...
As an evangelical trailblazer in peacemaking and cross-cultural bridge-building, Bob Roberts Jr. is challenging Christians to think bigger.
46 min
Kaitlyn Schiess: Political Engagement as Spirit...
Author Kaitlyn Schiess believes how we discuss politics—especially on social media—can be an important part of Christian discipleship.
34 min
Jemar Tisby: Deconstructing Christian Racism
How bestselling author Jemar Tisby uses social media to help the church confront its complicated relationship with race.
41 min
Sadie Robertson Huff: Who Are You Following?
Reality TV star Sadie Robertson Huff on the limits of social media celebrity, the cruelty of cancel culture, and the beauty of following Jesus.
42 min
Sarah Bessey: Keeping the ‘Social’ in Social Media
When Christian writer Sarah Bessey’s Twitter account was unexpectedly erased, she rediscovered the value of her online community.
39 min
Welcome to Season 2 of ‘Viral Jesus’
It’s a new season of inspiration and practical wisdom from some of today’s most compelling Christian communicators.
1 min
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1 min
Bonus Episode: It’s Heather’s Turn!
Guest host Kara Bettis puts Heather on the hot seat to talk about her new book, “It’s Not Your Turn,” as well as lessons she’s learning about faith and transformation through the community she has discovered on social media.
31 min
Esau McCaulley: ‘Jesus Is the Star of Our Show,...
The “Reading While Black” author on the fleeting nature of social media popularity and the importance of keeping Jesus at the center of the work.
20 min
Ed Stetzer: Rising Above the Outrage
As one of America’s most sought-after evangelical commentators, Ed Stetzer is calling Christians to a wiser, more redemptive engagement with politics and culture.
43 min
Erin Moon: Spanx, Bible Binges, and the Beauty ...
Meet Erin Hicks Moon—a Bible scholar, podcaster, and social media whiz who wants to help the church be kinder and more curious.
34 min
Kevin Wilson, Chai Tea, and the Rise of Christi...
How “Cross Culture Christian” Kevin Wilson uses his love for chai and social media as a springboard for evangelism.
33 min
Taylor Schumann: A Shooting Survivor Finds Her ...
Taylor Schumann’s journey from gun-rights supporter to gun-control activist, and the online community she’s formed along the way.
38 min
Raymond Chang: From Invisibility to Advocacy
As president of the Asian American Christian Collaborative, Raymond Chang is helping the whole church see the importance of a faith that engages thoughtfully with race, politics, and justice.
43 min
Ben Higgins: Finding Life Beyond ‘The Bachelor’
How Ben Higgins survived the disconnected world of reality-television fame and is now helping others experience real-life connections.
39 min
Kat Armas: Unmuting Women’s Voices
Author and podcast host Kat Armas is amplifying the stories of women on the margins and helping the church recognize their value.
38 min
When Trolls Attack
As the target of an elaborate cyberbullying campaign, Ian Clary learned that teaching theology via social media requires a thick skin.
36 min
'The Work Is the Platform'
Karen Swallow Prior urges Christian writers to focus on doing good work, not attracting more followers.
38 min
Virtual Friends Forever
Aaron Duvall on building online community and friendships that last.
34 min
The Listening Channel
Justin Khoe turned his passion for YouTube into a way for people outside the church to feel valued and heard.
42 min
Becoming a Better Social Media Neighbor
In an age of internet-formed identities, Douglas Bursch is helping Christians be more of their authentic selves.
39 min
A Billion Views of Hope
Kristina Kuzmic, ‘the mother of all mom bloggers,’ lifts others up by being hilariously transparent about her own imperfections.
33 min
Tweeting While Black
Esau McCaulley on interpreting Scripture and making social media less confrontational, more invitational.
39 min
Introducing: Viral Jesus
2 min