Viral Jesus

Viral Jesus is a podcast from Christianity Today about digital communication and the power of social connections. Join author and communication scholar Heather Thompson Day as she dives deep with ministry leaders, content creators, and social media influencers to find out how they're starting important conversations, building community, and sharing their faith in digital spaces.

Lana Silk: An Iranian Daughter’s Mission
Faithful discipleship means allowing God to use you in uncomfortable places that will cost you something. (And other lessons from Iran.)
40 min
Paul Kix: ‘You Have to Be Prepared to Die’
In 1963, Birmingham was the epicenter of racial injustice—until a movement of pastors, churches, and children disrupted the hate. For author Paul Kix, it’s more than history; it’s personal.
40 min
Kevin Olusola: ‘I Thought God Was Crazy’
Before joining the acclaimed vocal group Pentatonix, this multi-hyphenate Yale grad planned to bring healing through medicine, not music.
39 min
Why Ally Henny Won’t Shut Up
Unmuting women’s voices in Scripture, the church, and society.
37 min
K.A. Ellis: Theology for Real People
From musical theater to seminary classroom, a woman who calls herself “an unlikely theologian” is making space for people who aren’t always visible to the church.
41 min
Lingering in the Tension of Scripture
Theologian Kat Armas says there’s much to learn from the Bible’s moments of grief, discomfort, and unanswerable questions.
47 min
Holly Oxhandler: The Soul of the Helper
Caregivers are prime candidates for burnout, but social worker Holly Oxhandler says we find healing when we honor God’s image in ourselves and those we serve.
40 min
Madison Prewett Troutt: The Love Everybody Wants
Learning to keep God front and center prepared this ‘Bachelor’ alum for her true love story.
45 min
‘Come and See’
Sometimes following Jesus means walking into the unknown, without a map, because you were called by God.
8 min
Why We Choose Hope
Unanswered prayer doesn’t mean God isn’t listening. But it could mean that he’s asking us to wait.
9 min
Mike Planeta: Faith, Sex, and ‘The Bachelorette’
A former reality-TV contestant on the challenge of being a Christlike influencer on an often shaky national stage.
40 min
The Power of Showing Up
Why we need more street sweepers and fewer hired hands.
10 min
Aaron Armstrong: I’m a Christian. Now What?
A handbook for new believers and those who are called to disciple them.
44 min
Barefooted Faith
A word of hope for the Christian who feels naked and afraid that their prayers are not getting through.
9 min
My Shepherd, My Lord
A Psalm for those who don’t know what happens next.
10 min
From Petition to Praise
What happens to our worship when we start with gratitude?
9 min
Dorcas Cheng-Tozun: Social Justice for the Sens...
Christian activism isn’t just for the brash and outspoken. There’s room for quiet and introverted personalities, too.
46 min
In the Meantime
Lessons from the waiting period between David’s anointing and his appointing.
10 min
Brady Shearer: Shepherding Churches Through Dig...
On his way to becoming a pastor, Brady Shearer discovered his true call: help church leaders navigate the rapidly changing worlds of technology and social media.
50 min
Making the Invisible Visible
God shows up in the gestures and actions of his church.
8 min
Taylor Lorenz: Extremely Online
Tech journalist Taylor Lorenz on digital creators, influencer culture, and how women disrupted the internet.
41 min
Let Us Pray Anyway
Although sometimes delayed or denied, our prayers always matter.
7 min
Scot McKnight: Rereading Revelation
The New Testament scholar wants to help us see the Book of Revelation for what it really is—a call to radical discipleship.
45 min
The Wisdom of Backward Design
In God’s purpose for your life, sometimes reverse is the best way forward.
7 min
Karen Swallow Prior: Christian Culture in Crisis
Are weak and impaired imaginations at the heart of evangelicalism’s identity problems?
47 min