Viral Jesus

Viral Jesus is a podcast from Christianity Today about digital communication and the power of social connections. Join author and communication scholar Heather Thompson Day as she dives deep with ministry leaders, content creators, and social media influencers to find out how they're starting important conversations, building community, and sharing their faith in digital spaces.

Your Brain Is Not Broken
University chaplain José Bourget’s adult ADHD diagnosis helped him see himself—and his God—in a different light.
45 min
Disrupting the Sanitized Savior
Rapper Kevin “KB” Burgess on why we should spend more time getting to know “Dangerous Jesus.”
55 min
How Did the Bible Become a Political Prop?
Kaitlyn Schiess traces the misuse of Scripture in American politics and encourages us to bring deeper discipleship to our political engagement.
51 min
When Did White People Become White People?
TikTok professor Garrison Hayes opens our “Disrupting American gods” series with a brief history of race, racism, and identity politics.
46 min
Disrupting Hollywood with ‘Sound of Freedom’
Angel Studios cofounder Jeffrey Harmon on the making and marketing of “The Chosen” and of the summer’s biggest film not named Barbie or Oppenheimer.
56 min
TikTok Therapy: Red Flag or Green Flag?
Heather and author/trauma specialist Kobe Campbell discuss mental health, social media, and the benefits of burnout.
46 min
Mandy Majors: Raising Kids in a Digital World
Practical wisdom for parenting a generation that’s chronically online.
45 min
3 Tips for Becoming a Better Public Speaker
God calls both eager and reluctant people to speak for him. Mary R. Snyder helps them find and refine their voices.
43 min
Mark Batterson: 3 Words That Could Change Your ...
“Please,” “Sorry,” and “Thanks” have the power to strengthen love, disrupt hate, and lift us higher.
51 min
I Think I Need a Therapist, Part 2
In her own season of crisis, therapist Sarah Bontrager realized that Jesus is exactly who he said he is.
48 min
I Think I Need a Therapist
In our pursuit of mental wellness, author Aundi Kolber helps us appreciate God’s “slow miracles.”
49 min
Wintering Lessons
Our souls long for spring, but winter shapes us, too. Plus: How Chaz Smith grew a community of 3 million followers by creating content for everyone.
35 min
Shannan Martin: Start with Hello
Becoming the good neighbor God is calling us to be.
47 min
Hearing the Voices of Lament
Honesty about our praise and our pain from writers QuaWanna Bannarbie and Bethany Rivera Molinar.
42 min
Karen González: Seeing Our Immigrant Neighbor
The Bible overflows with stories of migration and exile. But are we taking the right lessons?
47 min
Retelling the Creator’s Story
How Terry Wildman and a faithful team of Native American leaders helped bring new meaning to the New Testament for First Nations communities.
51 min
Who Is My Neighbor?
Reacquainting ourselves with a shocking parable. Plus: Esau McCaulley on Christians, social media, and the Nashville school shooting.
39 min
These Brothers Are ‘Just Different’
As co-hosts of a successful podcast on faith and culture, siblings Jordan and Darin Starks learned that God isn’t looking for perfection, just availability.
48 min
Gen Z Needs Your Patience, Not Your Judgment
Christian college students share their perspectives on mentoring, spiritual formation, and what their generation needs most from today’s leaders.
42 min
Beth Moore: God Is Always Talking to Us
How to hear and know the Lord’s voice throughout the seasons of your life.
55 min
Jo Saxton: You Need Space to Practice Your Gifts
Practical advice on finding a mentor—and what to do when you can’t.
45 min
Christine Caine: Don’t Confuse Platform with Mi...
Undaunted wisdom and advice from the tireless activist, evangelist, and (virtual) mentor.
56 min
José Rojas: Giving It All Away
This son of Mexican immigrants became a leader in the church and the White House. Now he’s using his influence to mentor a new generation of leaders.
57 min
What We May Be Getting Wrong About the Image of...
In a culture that’s quick to block, mute and ghost others, our pursuit of relationships is integral to how we reflect a relational God.
44 min
What You May Be Getting Wrong About the Charact...
Bible teachers Ty Gibson and David Asscherick are passionate about introducing people to a loving and beautiful God who’s in pursuit of humanity.
66 min