Viral Jesus

Viral Jesus is a podcast from Christianity Today about digital communication and the power of social connections. Join author and communication scholar Heather Thompson Day as she dives deep with ministry leaders, content creators, and social media influencers to find out how they're starting important conversations, building community, and sharing their faith in digital spaces.

These Brothers Are ‘Just Different’
As co-hosts of a successful podcast on faith and culture, siblings Jordan and Darin Starks learned that God isn’t looking for perfection, just availability.
48 min
Gen Z Needs Your Patience, Not Your Judgment
Christian college students share their perspectives on mentoring, spiritual formation, and what their generation needs most from today’s leaders.
42 min
Beth Moore: God Is Always Talking to Us
How to hear and know the Lord’s voice throughout the seasons of your life.
55 min
Jo Saxton: You Need Space to Practice Your Gifts
Practical advice on finding a mentor—and what to do when you can’t.
45 min
Christine Caine: Don’t Confuse Platform with Mi...
Undaunted wisdom and advice from the tireless activist, evangelist, and (virtual) mentor.
56 min
José Rojas: Giving It All Away
This son of Mexican immigrants became a leader in the church and the White House. Now he’s using his influence to mentor a new generation of leaders.
57 min
What We May Be Getting Wrong About the Image of...
In a culture that’s quick to block, mute and ghost others, our pursuit of relationships is integral to how we reflect a relational God.
44 min
What You May Be Getting Wrong About the Charact...
Bible teachers Ty Gibson and David Asscherick are passionate about introducing people to a loving and beautiful God who’s in pursuit of humanity.
66 min
What You May Be Getting Wrong About God’s Visio...
Theologian Joel Muddamalle on recovering the church’s lingua franca and rejecting the sacred-and-secular divide.
44 min
What You May Be Getting Wrong About Biblical Wo...
Beth Allison Barr’s bestselling book has stirred fierce debates on social media about women in the church. She hopes it also will motivate us to give our Bibles a closer read.
56 min
What You May Be Getting Wrong About God
The new year begins a new “Viral Jesus” series that asks us to lay all our plans before God and renew our communication with him.
38 min
Jonathan Evans: When Misery Becomes Ministry
The author and Dallas Cowboys chaplain on leaving your comfort zone to reach your calling.
43 min
Kara Powell: The Spiritual Promise of Generation Z
Helping teens, young adults, and the church address life’s biggest questions about faith and belonging.
43 min
Anh Lin: Letting Go to Grow
The prolific digital creator opens up about resisting perfectionism, embracing social media’s philanthropic power, and retelling God’s “love story.”
40 min
Lord of ‘Little by Little’
Why we should thank God for what we cannot see. Plus: Talking politics at the Thanksgiving table.
36 min
Tori Hope Petersen: Fostering Hope
How Mrs. Universe 2022 uses her story of survival and healing to help foster families thrive.
42 min
Jordan Lee Dooley: Embracing Your Almosts
What contentment looks like when life disrupts, delays, or disappoints.
53 min
Amanda Pittman: Stand in Confidence
Understanding our identity in Christ empowers us to rise above our insecurities.
45 min
On Gaining Self-Confidence
How can we drink from the well of living water when it feels like we’re in a desert?
40 min
Do the Next Right Thing
Faith is not in your feelings. It’s in your feet.
40 min
Seth Day: I’ll See You Tomorrow
What if it is hard to see where life is good, when our relationships are bad? Before you quit, listen to this.
53 min
Sheila Wise Rowe: Understanding Our Own Trauma
What is the true meaning of trauma, and how does it impact our lives?
48 min
Sharon Hodde Miller: The Cost of Control
Is our need to control our lives preventing us from living them?
54 min
Nona Jones: Killing Comparison
Social comparison feeds our insecurities, but God’s Word offers candid wisdom for rejecting toxic thinking.
50 min
Chanel Dokun: Life Starts Now
Hard-earned lessons on letting go of the life you thought you’d have and embracing God’s gift of now.
50 min