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Unlock your on-camera potential with this show! Boost visibility, engage audiences, fully leverage the lens and drive sales. Join Kerry Barrett, an Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist, for insights on maximizing your VIQ (that's Video IQ). Explore more at And if you want to know how bad you are on camera... really, take the quiz here.

Episode 32: Proxemics
Get ready to explore the world of #Proxemics and how it affects video chats! We'll talk about how different distances between people on screen can impact how we feel and how we lead. Proxemics is all about the space between people when they interact. It's super important for making online conversations feel natural and for making our message stronger. Understanding this can help us reach more people, build trust, and make our brand known online. We'll dive into why it's essential to know about proxemics in online chats and how it can make us better leaders. Join us on Episode 32: Proxemics to learn some cool insights and tips you can use right away! 🎙️
40 min
Episode 31: Looking Nervous vs Feeling Nervous
Join me on The Kerry Barrett Show as we explore the difference between looking nervous and feeling nervous. As a communication expert, I've dedicated years to exploring how style versus substance impacts public speaking. In this episode, we'll unpack the significance of vocal variety and body language in captivating your audience, and I'll share strategies for overcoming nervousness and handling mistakes like a pro.
35 min
Episode 30: Creating Content and Live Streaming...
In this episode of The Kerry Barrett Show, we're diving into Creating Content and Live Streaming Strategies with our guest Chris Hennessy, Founder and Executive Producer of HIP Productions. We'll explore how live streaming can help you grow personally and in your business. We'll chat about the benefits of live streaming and how to keep your audience engaged. From being yourself and building your personal brand to connecting with your audience on a deeper level, our guest shares some great tips and stories. Learn how to use live streaming to create content that resonates with your audience and get practical advice on engaging with them effectively. We'll also talk about using social media, staying consistent, and turning mistakes into opportunities to connect even more with your audience. Join us for a fun and insightful chat on The Kerry Barrett Show and level up your live streaming game!
40 min
Episode 29: Strategies to Minimize Filler Words
How important is it to be aware of filler words when presenting to a live audience, and how can excessive use of filler words affect your credibility In this episode, Kerry Barrett shares insights on reducing filler words and embracing silence for impactful communication. Uncover the science behind reducing filler words and discover ways to become a more confident and effective communicator with Kerry's expert tips. Perfect your presentation game and captivate your audience with ease! Tune in to The Kerry Barrett Show for tips and tricks to level up your public speaking!
22 min
Episode 28: Online Course Success Secrets with ...
In the latest episode of The Kerry Barrett Show, we had the pleasure of hosting Jeff Walker, bestselling author of "Launch," renowned for his expertise in guiding individuals on how to successfully launch and sell online courses, products, and services.
31 min
Episode 27: LinkedIn Profile Optimization and S...
Learn how to effectively communicate your values, skills, and experiences, allowing others to see the person behind your LinkedIn profile. Join us in this insightful episode as we delve into the art of LinkedIn Profile Optimization and Storytelling with our special guest, Donna Serdula. Donna, the founder and president of Vision Board Media, a leading professional branding company, shares her expertise in helping individuals and companies craft compelling narratives on LinkedIn and beyond. Discover the secrets to enhancing your professional presence and effectively telling your unique story to stand out in the digital landscape.
29 min
Episode 26: Aesthetics with a Purpose
Join me, Kerry Barrett, as we explore the profound impact of aesthetics on on-camera presence. Discover the significance of colors like black, white, and navy blue, and how they shape perception. Gain insights into navigating on-camera appearances, leveraging colors, avoiding distracting patterns, and meeting dress code expectations. Whether a seasoned pro or newcomer, I'll share practical tips to enhance your visual presence. Every moment on camera is a performance—your appearance is a potent tool for maintaining interest and credibility. Tune in for valuable insights to create a compelling on-camera presence.
24 min
Episode 25: The Founder Stories
In this insightful episode, Patrice Poltzer, a renowned storytelling strategist, shares her expertise on crafting compelling founder stories that resonate with audiences. Patrice delves into the importance of authenticity, vulnerability, and strategic storytelling for entrepreneurs looking to connect with their audience. She explores the process of identifying key moments in one's life, understanding audience psychographics, and leveraging AI for enhanced emotional connection. Join the conversation and explore the nuances of founder storytelling and its transformative impact on businesses.
67 min
Episode 24: Blooming Beyond Limits
In this episode, personal branding expert Treva Graves shares her inspiring journey from childhood insecurities to overcoming school bullying and building confidence. The turning point in her life came with a decision to take control, seeking mentorship, and participating in pageants. She introduces, the "Flourish Women's Retreat," offering relaxation and coping strategies at Riverbend Retreat in Florida from February 16-18, 2024. Listeners receive a special discount on the retreat, and Treva directs them to the Rebel Restore Retreats landing page For more insights, her website, Bloom Personal Branding, serves as a comprehensive resource.
20 min
Episode 23: Is It Too Late For You To Start On ...
In this episode of The Kerry Barrett Show, Kerry tackles the question of whether it's too late to get into the video game. She reassures listeners that there is still room for them, even if they're just starting out. While it may seem like everyone is creating video content, Kerry explains that the majority of business owners and professionals are actually just digital lurkers, consuming content without creating their own. She encourages listeners to focus on their target audience and provide valuable content, as there is plenty of room for new ideas and personal brand growth. Kerry emphasizes that now is the time to get started and not give up.
19 min
Episode 22: On-Camera Delivery and Media Training
In this episode, Kerry Barrett discusses the importance of on-camera delivery and media training for both marketing and sales purposes. She emphasizes the significance of camera presence on social media platforms, as well as the use of long-form live videos in webinars, podcasts, and masterclasses. Kerry highlights the alarming statistic that 63% of people leave webinars, even if they've paid for them, due to the host being boring. She stresses the need for effective presentation skills on camera and mentions that logistical aspects such as lighting, audio, and setting up the shot can be easily fixed once you know how.
16 min
Episode 21: The Art of Self Redesign A Conversa...
Kris shares her journey of transitioning from a successful career in Silicon Valley to pursuing her new dreams and how she helps others do the same. Tune in to learn more about finding fulfillment after 40.
33 min
Episode 20: Building Trust Through Podcasting w...
Uncover the strategies, techniques, and authentic approaches to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Sheryl shares her experiences and expert insights, providing a roadmap for creating episodes that resonate and foster lasting relationships. Whether you're a seasoned podcaster or just starting, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to elevate their trust-building game through the power of podcasting.
55 min
Episode 19: Finding Balance in the Hustle
In this episode of The Kery Barrett Show, host Kerry Barrett welcomes guest Rachel Amarante, a wellness coach and keynote speaker. They discuss the importance of taking care of oneself and how it can be challenging in today's all-or-nothing mindset. Rachel shares her expertise in training high performers on self-care and offers insights on sustainable wellness practices. Tune in to this engaging conversation about prioritizing self-care and finding balance in life.
32 min
Episode 18: Digital Marketing Careers and Educa...
In this episode, digital marketing expert Matt Bailey joins host Kerry Barrett to discuss the ins and outs of social media advertising. Matt explains how social networks add posts and ads to users' feeds, even if they don't actually appear on the screen, and how these impressions are counted. He shares his journey from working in agencies to starting his own successful agency and eventually transitioning to training. Matt emphasizes the importance of education in marketing departments and offers valuable insights into the world of digital marketing. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of social media advertising and its impact on businesses. Places to follow up with Matt: Website: Twitter: LinkedIn:
34 min
Episode 17: Digital Strategies in the Auto Worl...
Glenn Lundy is a highly accomplished individual with a diverse range of skills and experiences. He is a devoted husband and a proud father of eight children. He has dedicated the past 25 years of his life to the automotive industry and has built a reputation as a respected professional in the field. As an author, Glenn has written several books sharing his knowledge and expertise and helping people unlock their full potential. He is a sought-after motivational speaker, using his experiences to inspire and encourage others to achieve their goals. In addition to his successful career, Glenn is also the founder of the 800% Elite Automotive Club, a membership-based organization for people in the automotive space. He also hosts a daily morning show called “The 800% Club”, where he shares his insights and knowledge to help people all around the world “Unlock Their Full Potential”. On this episode of the Kerry Barret Show, Glenn Lundy shares his incredible journey from growing a car dealership 800% to becoming a motivational speaker and working with dealership owners and general managers across North America. Lundy explains how using social media to tell a compelling story played a crucial role in attracting talented employees and customers from out of town. He also discusses how he identified the need for leadership training in the automotive industry and became the only person offering this type of program. Lundy's unique approach and expertise have made a significant impact on dealership growth and success.
43 min
Episode 16: Women in Business with Melissa Minc...
In this episode, I'm delighted to be joined by Melissa Minchala, a certified digital strategist. We discuss the distinct challenges that women face in male-focused entrepreneurial spaces. Our conversation dives into topics like imposter syndrome, authenticity, and the journey of first-generation entrepreneurs. Together, we explore the significance of a supportive community in reshaping the business world. Join us for an insightful conversation.
26 min
Episode 15: How to Grow Your Real Estate Busine...
In this podcast, Matt Cavanaugh shares his insights on growing a real estate business to seven figures. He highlights the significance of lead generation and finding strategies that fit an agent's personality and market. The podcast touches on the different factors that impact lead generation success, such as market fundamentals and individual strengths. Matt also discusses the use of personality assessments to help agents determine their ideal lead-generation approach.
19 min
Episode 14: Trends in Selling with Bill Caskey
In this podcast, host Kerry Barrett interviews sales coach and trainer Bill Caskey. They discuss the common mistakes and misconceptions about selling, emphasizing the importance of creating an environment where both the customer and the salesperson benefit. They also touch on the need for unlearning outdated sales techniques and retraining individuals to approach sales more effectively.
39 min
Episode 13:Tech Entrepreneurship and Real Estat...
In this podcast episode, Zev Fredius, a business and real estate expert discusses his background in technology and real estate, and how he combined the two to create successful real estate brokerages. He shares his journey of realizing the value of investing in real estate and using technology to grow and scale his business. Zev also talks about how he leveraged technology to stand out in a competitive market.
32 min
Episode 12: The Origins of Fear
In this episode, we explore the origins of fear and how it manifests in various situations, including public speaking. We discuss the deep-rooted fear of being judged, rejected, and experiencing lowered status. We reference a study that revealed public speaking as the number one fear, even surpassing death. The episode concludes by assuring listeners that they are not alone in experiencing this fear and that it affects many individuals. TIMESTAMPS [00:01:24] Fear of public speaking. [00:06:00] The fear of being seen. [00:09:01] Overcoming fear of public speaking. [00:14:14] Reframing nervousness as excitement. [00:21:01] Eye contact connection on video. Resources mentioned Jerry Sienfield Talks About Public Speaking & Death
22 min
Episode 11: The Importance of Eye Contact in Video
The Kerry Barret Show: Importance of Eye Contact in Video In this episode, Kerry emphasizes the power of video and on-camera communication for establishing authority and credibility. She discusses the importance of eye contact in creating a connection with viewers, particularly when presenting on camera. Drawing from her background in news broadcasting, Kerry explains that the camera lens acts as the viewer's eye, and making eye contact with it is crucial for effective communication. She also highlights the relevance of this concept across various platforms, such as virtual keynotes, internal and external communications, landing page videos, social media, and more. TIMESTAMPS [00:01:08] Confusion when it comes to eye contact on video. [00:04:03] Power of eye contact for content creators. [00:05:56] Science bit of eye contact. [00:11:36] Replicate normal patterns of conversation on camera. [00:14:47] Know like factor. [00:15:14] Practise on how to establish eye connection. Resources mentioned Platonic: How the Science Of Attachment Can Help You Make and Keep Friends
18 min
Episode 10: Creating Your Own Digital Show with...
In this episode, host Kerry Barrett is joined by Brian Kelsey, a host, and producer with a background in the news industry. They discuss their shared experiences working with notable figures like Howard Stern and Martha Stewart, highlighting the importance of being authentic and true to oneself in hosting and creating content. They also delve into the benefits of creating your own show as a means of establishing visibility and authority in the online space.
40 min
Episode 9: YouTube Short Form Editing with Deve...
Deven Gillen, the Head of Business Development at Storyy, a dynamic platform designed to empower businesses and individuals to thrive on social media and YouTube, joins Kerry. Deven and Kerry dive into the rapidly evolving world of short-form video content, emphasizing the need for high-quality, authentic videos that engage audiences. The discussion extends to the impact of YouTube Shorts and other short-form video platforms on audience discovery and nurturing leads. Tune in to gain valuable insights into the world of social media, video content, and how they can work together to supercharge your business growth.
41 min
Episode 8: Crafting Your Media Presence: Ronica...
Ronica Cleary launched Cleary Strategies to provide public relations, media placements, & crisis management to leaders and corporations. Ronica will help you deliver your message, preserve your image, and build the skills needed to thrive in today's media climate. Cleary Strategies' clients can be seen in broadcasts, heard on podcasts & radio, and found in print. Past placements include ABC World News Tonight, Fox News, CNBC, Cheddar, Bloomberg, Forbes, Fox Business, Entrepreneur, GLAMOUR, countless local programs, and many, many more. Prior to launching Cleary Strategies, Ronica had a successful career in television journalism where she reported on programming that aired in some of the most competitive media markets in America: New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. Most recently she worked as a White House Correspondent for Fox 5 in Washington, DC, and hosted a Sunday morning political talk show, "Fox 5 On The Hill."
37 min