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The Vergecast is the flagship podcast from The Verge about small gadgets, Big Tech, and everything in between. Every Friday, hosts Nilay Patel, David Pierce, and Alex Cranz hang out and make sense of the week’s most important technology news. And every Wednesday, David leads a selection of The Verge’s expert staffers in an exploration of how gadgets and software affect our lives – and which ones you should bring into yours. 

Tech News
How 5G and edge computing fit into the future o...
Dr. Venkata (Murthy) Renduchintala, the chief engineering officer and group president of the Technology, Systems Architecture and Client Group at Intel joined Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel and news editor Chaim Gartenberg to discuss the present and future of Intel.
43 min
iPad turns 10, Apple's first quarter earnings, ...
Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller discuss the iPad's place ten years in, Apple's first quarter results for fiscal year 2020, and the changes with Google's Search design
87 min
Neil Young says the Macbook Pro has “Fisher-Pri...
Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel chats with musician Neil Young and tech executive Phil Baker about their new book To Feel the Music: A Songwriter's Mission To Save High Quality Audio 
42 min
Apple's encryption controversy, Bezos's hacked ...
Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Paul Miller, and Russell Brandom discuss Apple's encryption controversy, Bezos's hacked phone, and Sonos stopping old product updates
81 min
Rep. David Cicilline on regulating big tech mon...
Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) speaks to The Verge's Nilay Patel and Adi Robertson about leading an investigation into how big tech platforms like Google, Amazon, and Apple are affecting competition for other tech companies.
27 min
August's Yves Behar and Jason Johnson unlock th...
Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel interviews Yves Behar and Jason Jason, co-founders of the smartlock company August
31 min
AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su talks new Ryzen 4000 chips ...
Editor-in-chief of The Verge Nilay Patel interviews AMD CEO Lisa Su at CES 2020
36 min
Microsoft’s Edge Chromium launches, NBC reveals...
The Verge's Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller discuss their takeaways from CES 2020, Microsoft entering the browser wars, and NBC enters the streaming wars.
71 min
Anna Wiener's Uncanny Valley
Anna Wiener talks to The Verge's Nilay Patel about her memoir Uncanny Valley
47 min
OnePlus' CEO Pete Lau doesn't think folding pho...
24 min
CES 2020 roundtable: Concept cars, Quibi, folda...
Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Ashley Carman, and Sean O'Kane highlight the most important, weird, and surprising things The Verge saw at CES 2020.
71 min
CES 2020 Day 1: Sero rotating TV, Galaxy Chrome...
The Verge's Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Ashley Carman discuss what has already been announced at the start of CES 2020 as well as what to expect throughout the week.
52 min
The lives of YouTube moderators, a new smart ho...
This week: Casey Newton on the lives of YouTube moderators, Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn on plans to combine smart home standards, and Paul Miller Microsoft announces the Xbox Series X
77 min
The toxic work environment at Away
Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel talks Verge news reporter Zoe Schiffer about the concerning working conditions at luggage startup Away and the details from the Verge investigation.
47 min
Apple's expensive Mac Pro, gadgets of the decad...
Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller discuss the gadgets of the decade, Apple's new Mac Pro, and Twitter thinking about decentralization.
77 min
FaZe Clan CEO talks growing pains, global expan...
Nilay Patel and Julia Alexander sit down with Lee Trink, CEO/Co-Owner of FaZe Clan.
66 min
Tesla Cybertruck first ride, Elon Musk's bad tw...
Dieter Bohn, Casey Newton, Andrew Hawkins, Liz Lopatto, and Paul Miller discuss the Tesla Cybertruck, Ford's electric Mustang, Elon Musk's defamation trial, and Google's co-founders relinquishing control of Alphabet.
79 min
How to fight lies, tricks, and chaos online
Verge reporter Adi Robertson talks to Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel about how to spot lies, false information, and trolling online and how to handle it as a user on the internet
34 min
Pirate Radio » The PIRATE Act
Episode 3 of The Verge's Pirate Radio mini-series
19 min
Pirate Radio » Dial up!
Episode 2 of The Verge's Pirate Radio mini-series
20 min
Pirate Radio » Outside the wire
Episode 1 of The Verge's Pirate Radio mini-series
37 min
Apple releases 16-inch Macbook Pro, Motorola an...
The Vergecast goes through the products announced and launched this week including Apple's 16-inch Macbook Pro, Motorola's new Razr foldable phone, and Disney's streaming service.
71 min
How America gave up on free markets with Thomas...
Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel talks to finance professor and an economist at the NYU stern school of business Thomas Philippon about his new book The Great Reversal: How America Gave Up on Free Markets
71 min
Microsoft Surface roundup: Surface Pro X, Surfa...
In a bonus episode of The Vergecast this week, Dieter Bohn hosts a Microsoft Surface roundup with deputy editor Dan Seifert and senior editor Tom Warren
62 min
Adobe Max 2019 announcements, AirPods Pro, and ...
This week on The Vergecast, everything that happened at Adobe Max 2019, reviews for the Microsoft Surface Pro X and AirPods Pro, and missed text messages from Valentines Day.
75 min
What happened in the comments section of the FC...
This week on The Vergecast, Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel talks with Jeremy Singer-Vine, the data editor for the BuzzFeed News investigative unit, about his story that was published recently regarding the fake comments on the Federal Communications Commission’s online net neutrality debate.
34 min
The future of photos with Google Pixel camera's...
Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Ashley Carman are joined by Google Pixel camera product manager Isaac Reynolds and Instagram head of product Robby Stein to talk about how the photos we share influence the photos we take — and vice versa.
68 min
Amber Baldet on what blockchain technology can ...
Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel interviews cryptocurrency expert Amber Baldet, who is the co-founder of Clovyr and on the board of the Zcash foundation.
54 min
Reviewing the Pixel 4, the calm before the stre...
This week on The Vergecast, Dieter reviews the Pixel 4, Julia forsees the streaming wars, and Nilay explains Foxconn's next move in Wisconsin.
87 min
Will the Sprint and T-Mobile merger create comp...
Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel talks to Gigi Sohn, a distinguished fellow at Georgetown Law’s Institute for Technology Law and Policy about net neutrality and the Sprint/T-Mobile merger.
63 min
Pixel 4 hands-on and Mark Zuckerberg's speech o...
This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Dieter, and Paul go through all the products Google announced at their event. Also, Casey Newton and Adi Robertson join the show to talk about Mark Zuckerberg's big speech on Facebook and free speech.
81 min
Google's Rick Osterloh shows off new Pixel and ...
Interview: SVP of Devices & Services at Google Rick Osterloh on Google's new hardware products announced this week
38 min
Twitter's Kayvon Beykpour on product features T...
Twitter’s head of product Kayvon Beykpour on how Twitter juggles its policy with trust and safety, the state of verification, the future of video in your feed, and how tweets can become more ephemeral.
54 min
A deep dive into macOS Catalina, iPadOS, and th...
This week on The Vergecast, Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller go deep on Apple's updated operating systems: macOS Catalina and iPadOS.
75 min
Logitech's CEO Bracken Darrell on going beyond ...
This week on The Vergecast interview series, Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel speaks to current CEO of Logitech Bracken Darrell.
70 min
Facebook's leaked audio, Microsoft's Surface ev...
On this episode, we've got some leaked audio from Facebook's internal meetings, a rundown of all the devices Microsoft announced this week, and what people may have missed regarding net neutrality this week.
80 min
Microsoft’s Panos Panay unfolds the Surface Duo
The Vergecast chats with Chief Product Officer of Microsoft Panos Panay about newly announced Surface products — including new foldable devices.
28 min
Inside Bill Gates' brain with Davis Guggenheim
Nilay Patel interviews filmmaker Davis Guggenheim about his new documentary "Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates"
31 min
Amazon's 80 new products, Oculus Connect, and X...
Nilay, Dieter, Adi, Ashley, and Paul discuss Amazon's 80 new products, Facebook's Oculus Connect event, a “surround screen” phone, and more.
90 min
John Gruber and Nilay Patel compare their iPhon...
John Gruber of Daring Fireball joins the Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel for the annual iPhone review week to compare notes on Apple's new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.
115 min
Reviews for the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple Watch Seri...
85 min
Dani Deahl on how streaming and sampling is cha...
Nilay Patel sits down with music reporter and host of the The Verge video series Future of Music Dani Deahl.
25 min
Apple announces the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, W...
This week on The Vergecast, Dieter Bohn, Nilay Patel, and Paul Miller discuss what was announced at Apple’s hardware event from Tuesday.
85 min
Can you build a company like Uber without being...
Nilay Patel interviews New York Times reporter Mike Isaac about his new book Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber
35 min
Android 10 official release, IFA 2019 dispatch,...
This week on The Vergecast, there's a new "portable" Sonos speaker, Android 10 is now available on all Pixel phones, our reporters at IFA 2019 run through the announcements from the field, and Facebook brings their dating feature to the United States.
67 min
Sonos CEO Patrick Spence: "There's no category ...
How CEO Patrick Spence brought Bluetooth to Sonos
47 min
iPhone event Sept 10th, Microsoft Surface event...
This week on The Vergecast, Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller discuss the upcoming iPhone event, what's going on with Siri, the upcoming Microsoft Surface event, the newest smartwatches, and...motion smoothing.
76 min
Former chief security officer of Facebook Alex ...
Nilay Patel interviews Alex Stamos, director of Stanford's Internet Observatory and former chief security officer for Facebook. Nilay and Alex talk about how Cambridge Analytica changed Facebook, the tradeoffs big tech companies make with working with law enforcement and keeping users secure, and how prepared Facebook is for the next presidential election.
73 min
Galaxy Note 10 Plus review, Apple fall lineup r...
This week on The Vergecast...Dieter's got a review for the Galaxy Note 10, Samsung has some blue bubble bashing GIFs, and there are a whole bunch of Apple device rumors.
78 min
Sen. Michael Bennet talks tech in the next elec...
Makena Kelly and Nilay Patel sit down with senator and presidential candidate Michael Bennet about his new book "Dividing America"
48 min
Huawei announces HarmonyOS, Apple's bad battery...
This week on The Vergecast, smart ovens are turning themselves on, Apple has some battery problems, Spotify has some new features, and Huawei announces a new operating system.
69 min
Exclusive: Matt Mullenweg and Automattic bought...
CEO of Automattic Matt Mullenweg joins the Vergecast to share what his plans are after buying the blogging platform Tumblr.
35 min
TechFreedom's Berin Szóka on bad tech policy
Berin and Nilay have differed on a few issues regarding tech policy, but what they do agree on is the state of the tech policy conversation — its bad.
59 min
Samsung shows off Galaxy Note 10, Disney announ...
Samsung showed off their Galaxy Note 10 this week at their unpacked event so the Vergecast gives their first impression. Also, reporter Julia Alexander stops by to update us on the streaming wars. The show ends with breaking down Apple's controversy over Siri voice recordings.
86 min
Being hopeful about the web with Paul Ford
Nilay Patel interviews Paul Ford about his hopefulness in tech, his recent piece in Wired, and the state of building stuff for the web.
45 min
Apple diversifying business, face unlock for Pi...
This week: Apple's earnings and the future of the iPhone business, face unlock for the Pixel 4, the next Josh Hawley bill that would ban endless scolling, 5G with T-Mobile, and a preview of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10
78 min
Mark Cuban on why AI is the future and Facebook...
Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban on why he thinks Facebook’s Libra is dangerous.
61 min
Apple's Intel acquisition, the Galaxy Fold star...
Companies have a lot of money
94 min
Why everyone hates Big Tech with Matt Yglesias ...
Understanding what Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act really means
56 min
Big tech at Capitol Hill, Elon Musk's brain mac...
90 min
Everything is too hard to use, with Asurion CEO...
The problems with closed eco-systems and why an insurance company like Asurion got involved with tech support.
39 min
Nintendo announces Switch Lite, Apple updates M...
81 min
Net neutrality was repealed a year ago. Gigi So...
Net neutrality was repealed a year ago. Gigi Sohn explains what’s happened since
40 min
Mourning a robot with Ashley Carman and Kaitlyn...
35 min
Why big companies will never get content manage...
37 min
Jony Ive leaving Apple, iPadOS public beta, and...
75 min
Kara Swisher on Silicon Valley’s lack of compet...
Breaking up big tech companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon.
40 min
Facebook announces Libra, Section 230 threatene...
73 min
Death, fear, and anxiety at Facebook’s worst-pe...
Nilay Patel and Casey Newton discuss a workplace in Tampa, FL plagued by fear and anxiety and worse.
27 min
Facebook executives Adam Mosseri and Andrew Bos...
Facebook executives Adam Mosseri and Andrew Bosworth sit down with The Verge’s Casey Newton at Code Conference to discuss antitrust and the prospect of breaking up Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp
36 min
Introducing Nice Try! Utopian
Nice Try! is a new podcast from Curbed and the Vox Media Podcast Network that explores stories of people who have tried to design a better world, and what happens when those designs don't go according to plan.
11 min
Recapping Code Conference, Youtube’s CEO apolog...
Code Conference recap. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki’s apology. Pixel 4 leak, E3 wrap up.
71 min
Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown on sustainable food...
Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown discusses the evolution of plant-based burgers, the science of protein, why his company avoids GMOs, and their mission to help create a more sustainable food system.
40 min
YouTube’s bad week: pedophiles, hate speech, an...
45 min
WWDC 2019, a new Mac Pro, and updates to the iPad
83 min
The ethics of AI with Google's AI lead Jeff Dean
Verge senior reporter James Vincent speaks with Google AI lead Jeff Dean and Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel about AI bias, facial recognition, and government regulation around AI.
37 min
Weird laptops of Computex, new Intel and AMD ch...
80 min
How technology is changing music with Switched ...
Unpacking how technology is changing the distribution, making, and sound of popular music.
40 min
The T-Mobile and Sprint merger, Apple tweaks th...
71 min
Huawei, 5G, and Robocalls with FCC Commissioner...
FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks stops by to discuss Huawei, regulating robocalls, net neutrality, the race for 5G and more
40 min
OnePlus 7 Pro review, the White House's censors...
69 min
The lawyer who won against Apple at the Supreme...
Apple just lost a case at the Supreme Court, and an antitrust lawsuit claiming that the App Store is a monopoly will proceed.
37 min
Google I/O and the future of Android with Googl...
65 min
F8 and Facebook's future in privacy
64 min
Luminary and the podcast wars to come, with Nic...
After Luminary’s troubled launch, The Verge’s Nilay Patel and Ashley Carman sit-down with podcast expert Nick Quah of Hot Pod to discuss if Luminary or anyone could be “the Netflix of podcasts” and where the industry is headed.
44 min
WWDC leaks, Luminary’s launch troubles, and Gal...
61 min
Aurora CEO Chris Urmson on what's next for self...
Aurora CEO Chris Urmson stops by to discuss the future of self-driving cars with The Verge's Nilay Patel and Andrew Hawkins.
41 min
Samsung's Galaxy Fold phones are breaking
And the end of the feud between Apple and Qualcomm
66 min
The electric scooter revolution with Lime co-fo...
Lime co-founder Brad Bao explains how the electric scooter revolution will evolve.
39 min
Foxxconn's empty innovation centers and a black...
85 min
Jaron Lanier's ideas for the future
How the "manipulation economy" has reshaped the world we live in and why we should be controlling and profiting from our own data.
40 min
AirPods 2 review, AirPower gone, and all the th...
64 min
Figuring out Apple's TV plans with Recode’s Pet...
Will Apple's new foray into streaming be able to swim in the same waters as Netflix and Disney, or will it go the way of Verizon's Go90?
47 min
Apple unveils credit card, streaming plans, and...
66 min
The Age of Surveillance Capitalism with Shoshan...
The age of surveillance capitalism author Shoshana Zuboff considers whether "data is the new oil" and explains how data collection has fundamentally changed the economy and how big companies interact with consumers.
40 min
Apple's new iPad mini and Google's Stadia gamin...
87 min
The future of Facebook and democracy with Casey...
Facebook's former chief security officer Alex Stamos joined Casey Newton onstage at SXSW to discuss the difficult issues that plague Facebook and democracy.
27 min
Introducing Switched on Pop
34 min
Galaxy S10E review and Spotify takes on Apple
73 min
Breaking up Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook
How would we break up the world’s most powerful companies?
53 min