The Charlie Shrem Show

Bitcoin Foundation and BitInstant Founder Charlie Shrem dives deep into the lives and personal histories of some of crypto’s most influential leaders. A focus on personal stories weaves together a nuanced, untold narrative of how the bitcoin, crypto and web3 movements truly came to be.

We’re Still Here: Crypto’s Sticky Capital with ...
We’re Still Here: Crypto’s Sticky Capital with Alex Kriete of Motus Capital Management
40 min
Red light, Green light; AI and Security with Wi...
The ‘Clipy’ of Crypto, Blockchain security, comics for blockchain, bridges and more.
38 min
We are all .eth domains! with Nick Johnson, Fou...
Founder of ENS, discusses ENS, Digital Identities, Ethereum, Web3, and much more.
28 min
Bitcoin and Crypto,, Defining Success, ...
Bitcoin and Crypto,, Defining Success, Perseverance, and much more.
37 min
The Front Lines of Ethical Hacking and Infosec...
Bitcoin and SHA-256, Cybersecurity, Standardization of cybersecurity in Crypto, best security practices, and much more.
50 min
Preserving the History of Bitcoin with George M...
Physical Bitcoins, the history of Casascius coins, Bitcoin Art, and much more with George Moses the Curator of the Bitcoin Museum.
43 min
Bitcoin Lessons & Signs of a Bottom in 2023 wit...
Scott Melker, the Wolf of All Streets, discusses Bitcoin, Crypto Markets, the Macro Environment, Recapping 2022, and look forward to 2023
40 min
Programmable Bitcoin and a Turing Complete Econ...
Justin Banon, Co-Founder of Boson Protocol, discusses Boson, Web3, the future of commerce, property rights, and much more.
34 min
An Internet with Attesters and No Identities wi...
Ingo Rübe, Founder of KILT, discusses KILT, Digital Identities, Polkadot, Privacy, and much more
35 min
Bitcoin, Privacy, Randomness, Security & Conse...
Matthew Niemerg, Co-Founder of Aleph Zero, discusses Aleph Zero, Bitcoin, Privacy, Security, Consensus Mechanisms, and much more.
48 min
An Honest Look at Bitcoin & The Crypto Landscap...
Haseeb Awan, the founder and CEO of Efani, discusses Efani, Privacy vs Security, Crypto and Bitcoin, and much more.
47 min
The Bitcoin Philosophy ‘Ich bin ein Bitcoiner’ ...
Mark Jeffery, an award-winning serial entrepreneur, discusses Bitcoin, the Venture Landscape, Crypto’s Killer App, The Bitcoiner Ethos, and much more.
42 min
Building a Value Graph: Creating vs Extracting ...
Sakina Arsiwala, Co-Founder of Taki, discusses Taki, Web3’s promise, the future of Social Networks, the Creator Economy, and much more.
32 min
Finding Sustainable Yield in Life and Crypto wi...
Julian Koh, the Co-Founder & CEO of Ribbon Finance, discusses Ribbon Finance, CeFi’s Blowups, DeFi’s Future, Yield, and much more
36 min
Being A Bitcoiner in a Crypto World with Alex S...
Alex Strześniewski, the Founder of AngelBlock, discusses AngelBlock, Bitcoin, Crypto Investing, the Path of Decentralization, and much more
42 min
The Last Untold Story & Cultural Ownership with...
UntoldStories is dead, long live UntoldStories!
47 min
Hybrid Finance from the Ashes of CeFi with Mari...
Mario Stumpo, Founder and Director of the Yanda Protocol, discusses Yanda, Hybrid Finance, Interoperability, Regulation and much more.
31 min
A Chain Agnostic Layer-0 Future with Sergey Gor...
Sergey Gorbunov, co-founder of Axelar, discusses Axelar, Interoperability, Blockchain Design, DeFi, and much more
41 min
Eliminating Shadow Banking with Adrian Brink, C...
Adrian Brink, Co-Founder of the Anoma project, discusses Anoma, Blockchain Evolution, Interoperability, Decentralization, Blockchain Design, and much more.
43 min
The Exorians and Ethernity Universe with Founde...
Nick Rose, Founder and CEO at Ethernity Chain, discusses Ethernity, Exorians, NFTs, Web3, Innovation and much more.
44 min
The Next Crypto Cycle with Jamie Burke, CEO Out...
Jamie Burke, Founder and CEO of Outlier Ventures, discusses the early days of Crypto, Crypto’s evolution, the state of venture in Web3, advice for founders, and so much more.
48 min
Regenerative Finance with Phil Fogel
Phil Fogel, the co-founder and Chief Blockchain Officer at FlowCarbon, discusses FlowCarbon, Carbon Credits, ReFi, Climate Change, and much more.
46 min
Empowering Web3 Brands with Tara Fung
47 min
Building Through Bear Markets with Viktor Fischer
39 min
Navigating the Crypto Sea with Mark Lurie
49 min
Neither Friction nor Gas in Web3 with Ahmed Al-...
Ahmed Al-Balaghi, co-founder of Biconomy, discusses Biconomy, Crypto Infrastructure, Web3 adoption, the early days of Crypto, and much more.
45 min
Crypto's Global Adoption with Rene Reinsberg
Rene Reinsberg, the President of the Celo Foundation, discusses various topics, including Celo, crypto adoption, the beauty of Web3, advice for founders, and much more.
34 min
Digitizing Real World Assets with Kieren James-...
Kieren James-Lubin, the Founder, President & CEO of BlockApps, discusses BlockApps, Blockchain Technology, The Early Days of Ethereum, Digitizing Real-World Assets, Regulatory Compliance, and much more.
44 min
Cardano’s Growing Ecosystem with Frederik Gregaard
39 min
Why Yield is Crypto’s Killer App with Derek Bar...
39 min
The Power of Storytelling with Tom Malloy, Davi...
Tom Malloy, David Josh Lawrence, and Courtney Warner discuss Ask Me To Dance, the importance of movies, how to break into entertainment, mastering your craft, and much more.
41 min
The DAO Truth and The Invasion of Ukraine with ...
44 min
The Future of Security Tokens with Alan Silbert...
37 min
Homes onChain with Geoffrey Thompson and Sanjay...
Geoffrey Thompson, Roofstock’s Chief Blockchain Officer, and Sanjay Raghavan, Head of Web3 Initiatives at Roofstock, discuss various topics, including Roofstock, Real Estate Investing, tokenizing Real Estate, navigating regulation, the future of Real Estate, and much more.
46 min
Protecting Privacy with Dr. Sebastian Burgel
Dr. Sebastian Burgel, Founder of HOPR, discusses HOPR, Privacy, Incentivization, Permissionless Innovation, and much more.
40 min
The Future of Capital Formation with Ian Lee
48 min
Crypto’s App Store with Andrey Nayman
33 min
Community and Web 3 Marketing Strategies with A...
39 min
Let's Talk Bitcoin with Adam B. Levine
Adam B. Levine, the founder, and CEO of Tokenly and 330 AI, discusses 330 AI, Bitcoin, Crypto’s culture, individual liberties, and much more.
57 min
How to get a Crypto Job with Lacey Kaelani
42 min
The Death of Maximalism with George Harrap
George Harrap, the co-founder of Step Finance, discusses Solana, Crypto Adoption, the future of DeFi, the industry's early days, and much more.
51 min
Building an Army of Fans with Sarah Figueroa
Sarah Figueroa, CEO, and co-founder of Geojam, discusses Geojam, the future of the creator economy, Web3 and NFTs, tokenomics, and much more.
30 min
Bringing DeFi to Bitcoin with Chad Barraford an...
Chad Barraford and Erik Voorhees discuss Thorchain, ShapeShift, open source systems, the permissionless revolution, and much more
54 min
A Celebration of Bitcoin and Sarasota with Bob ...
In this special episode of Untold Stories, Bob Williams, host of Sarasota Stories, and I discuss the early days of Bitcoin, my love for Sarasota, how to navigate the crypto winter, my passion for film production, and much more.
53 min
Building the Web3 AWS with Jesse Berger
Jesse Berger, serial Entrepreneur/technologist, discusses PKT, Decentralized Networks, Internet Infrastructure, the Film/Entertainment Industry, and much more.
44 min
The Gravity of Decentralization with Jesse Pollak
Jesse Pollak, Senior Director of Engineering at Coinbase, discusses Ethereum, the Merge, Smart Scaling, the gravity of Decentralization, Public Key Infrastructure, building in Bear Market, and much more.
46 min
For the Love of Bitcoin with Courtney Warner Shrem
In this special episode of Untold Stories, celebrating our 300th episode, I am joined by the iconic Courtney Warner Shrem to how we met, the early days of Bitcoin, advice for people pursuing a career in the arts, our love for Bitcoin and crypto, persevering through tough times, the origin of Untold Stories, and much more.
43 min
High Stakes Protocol Development with Wil Barnes
Wil Barnes, CEO, and Co-founder of Jet Protocol, discusses Jet, Solana, Ethereum, Maker DAO, the dynamics of debt markets, and much more.
47 min
Celsius and Monetary Cycles with Simon Dixon
62 min
The Death of Info Slaves with Shiv Malik
Shiv Malik, CEO, and Co-Founder of the Pool Foundation discusses Pool, Data, Data-opolies, Data Unions, Data Emancipation, and much more.
44 min
Decentralization Maximalism with Pod of Jake
We discuss various topics, including Bitcoin, the early days of Bitcoin, the evolution of the Bitcoin/Crypto space, and much more.
50 min
Finding Meaning in Crypto with Kyle Kemper
Kyle Kemper, a serial entrepreneur, discusses Bitcoin, the Crypto Community, Crypto’s Cultural Impact, Disrupting Corporate Governance, and much more.
45 min
Lessons from the Bull Market with Michael O’Rourke
Michael O’Rourke, Founder of the Pocket Network, discusses Pocket Network, scaling Web3, incentivizing nodes, benefits of the bear market, and much more.
37 min
Maximizing Time and Ikigai with Ben Tse
Ben Tse, the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of GenoPets, discusses GenoPets, Value Discovery, Move-to-Earn, Ikigai, and much more.
42 min
The Early Days of Bitcoin with Jered Kenna, Jon...
A group of Bitcoin OGs which includes me, Jered Kenna, Jonathan Mohan, and Adam B. Levine, discuss a variety of topics, including our journey down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, the Early Bitcoin community, wild stories from the early days, how the space has evolved over time and much more.
38 min
Building in a Bear Market with Bobby Zagotta
41 min
Into the Deep Waters of Crypto Trading with 0xD...
0xDorsal, Co-founder and core contributor of Integral, discusses Integral, the evolution of DEXs, building a crypto project, and much more.
48 min
Enabling Endogenous Trust with Eric Tung
Eric Tung, Founder and CEO of Themelio Labs, discusses the internet protocol stack, rethinking blockchain, the importance of endogenous trust, paradigm shifts, and much more.
46 min
Accelerating Crypto Adoption with Michael Shaulov
Michael Shaoluv, CEO and co-founder of Fireblocks, discusses the importance of infrastructure, ensuring crypto’s mission, TradFi’s role in crypto, Premissioned DeFi, and much more.
41 min
Live from Monaco! From Bitcoin OG’s to NFT’s! w...
This special episode includes a Fireside Chat with myself and Michael Terpin and a panel discussing how crypto and NFTs will disrupt the film industry.
58 min
The Secret Sauce of NFTs with Rob Richardson
Rob Richardson, the CEO, and co-founder of Disrupt Art discusses the rise of the creator and how everyone who is building and using their imagination is a creator.
40 min
The Evolution of Web3 with Halsey Minor
Halsey Minor, CEO of Vivid Labs, discusses the future of NFTs, the evolution of the web, why NFTs are a new form of the website, and much more.
36 min
Bitcoin and The Age of Lies with Jeffery Tucker
Jeffery Tucker, Founder and President of the Brownstone Institute discusses Bitcoin, the socioeconomic fallout of COVID, the mental health crisis in America, the battle for freedom and liberty, and much more.
64 min
Legally Protecting Bitcoin with Jason Brett
43 min
The Cryptopian Craze with Laura Shin
48 min
Cooking Up Crypto Cashflow with Dr. Julian Hosp
Dr. Julian Hosp, CEO, and Co-Founder of Cake DeFi, discusses ake DeFi, Bitcoin, preserving crypto’s culture, financial literacy, DeFi vs CeFi, and much more.
53 min
Mortgage NFTs and the Bacon Protocol with Karl ...
54 min
Crypto Bridges and Payment Rails with Tyler Spa...
Tyler Spalding, a Co-Founder of Flexa, discusses Flexa and AMP, the payment industry, Bitcoin, why we are still early, and much more.
47 min
The Soul of Bitcoin with Aaron Koenig
Aaron Koenig, a Bitcoin pioneer, entrepreneur, consultant, writer and film producer specialising in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, discusses the early days of Bitcoin, the evolving Bitcoin community, the memes of Bitcoin, the art world of Bitcoin, and much more.
53 min
Self Sovereignty and Self Custody with Charles ...
47 min
How to Create an Open Web with Evan Chang
44 min
Exploring Cosmosland with Billy Rennekamp
47 min
Bitcoin & Crypto in a Post-Zero-Interest World ...
39 min
Bitcoin is an Institution with John deVadoss
49 min
Finding Your Tribe with Nea Anna Simone
Nea Simone, Founder & CEO of Melanated Studios, discusses Melanated Studios, the publishing industry, NFT and Web3, the Creator Economy, finding your tribe, and much more
45 min
Relationship mapping enabled by NFTs with Fred ...
42 min
Bitcoin and Democratizing Real Estate with Josi...
Josip Rupena, the Founder and CEO of Milo, discusses how Milo is disrupting the mortgage and loan industry, why Bitcoin is the perfect collateral, how the loan industry works, real estate as a wealth-generating tool, and much more.
44 min
Venture Investing in the Crypto Space with Chri...
49 min
A Passage Into the Metaverse with Arel and Lex ...
52 min
All Roads Lead to Bitcoin with Dr. Muneeb Ali
Dr. Muneeb Ali, co-Founder of Stacks, discusses Bitcoin, the early days of Bitcoin, Stacks and building on Bitcoin, and much more
51 min
Navigating Market Uncertainty with Luke Lango
50 min
Investing in Yourself with Tom Malloy
Tom Malloy, critically acclaimed actor, writer, producer, discusses the importance of personal development, the film industry, web3 and the metaverse, and much more.
41 min
The Future Is Green with Eric Benz
Eric Benz, serial entrepreneur, advisor, and thought leader, discusses DAOs and decentralization, the future of the crypto space, the Near Protocol, Cannadao and the cannabis industry, and much more.
35 min
Metaverse Hopping with Witek Radomski
Witek Radomski, the CTO and co-founder of Enjin, discusses Enjin and Efinity, the evolution of the crypto space, the evolution of multimedia on the internet, the ERC-1115 standard, the importance and future of web3 and metaverse.
45 min
Chasing Yields with Weso
Weso, Head of Strategic Partnership at Beefy Finance, discusses Beefy Finance, Yield Optimization, opportunities in DeFi, Privacy, DAOs, and much more.
43 min
An Alternative to Physical Identities with Matt...
Matthew Gould, Founder and CEO of Unstoppable Domains, discusses Unstoppable Domains, Digital Identity, Democratizing access to Web3, Disrupting Web2, Internet Communities, and much more.
45 min
The Cultural Impact of NFTs with Tony Marchuk
Tony Marchuk, Co-Founder of Bad Bears discusses Bad Bears, their innovative incentive model, the ERC-721 Standard, why NFTs will drive crypto adoption, bootstrapping a community, and much more.
35 min
The Border Between DeFi and CeFi with Nuke Gold...
Nuke Goldstein, Co-Founder and CTO of Celsius Network, discusses Celsius, Bitcoin, the resiliency of peer-to-peer networks, the failure of traditional institutions, the parallel paths of disruptive technologies, the intersection between DeFi and CeFi, why this is the most excited time in history, and much more.
50 min
Disrupting the NFT Space with Anthony Georgiades
40 min
The Future of Streaming with Roneil Rumburg
Roneil Rumburg, Co-Founder and CEO of Audius, discusses Audius, users owned platforms and Web3, the creator economy, the applications of IPFS, Bitcoin’s role in the global monetary system, and much more
51 min
How to be a Satoshi Nakamoto with Matthew Le Merle
Matthew Le Merle, Managing Partner of Blockchain Coinvestors, discusses technological tailwinds, paradigm shifts, who is Satoshi Nakamoto, innovation, accepting change, overcoming personal challenges, and much more.
44 min
The Fight for Financial Inclusion with Mary Bet...
Mary Beth Buchanan, an experienced legal, compliance, business executive and trusted strategic advisor to the CEO and Board of Directors, discusses the importance for regulatory clarity, how crypto empowers financial inclusion, dispelling misconceptions about crypto, understanding the mindset of prosecutors and much more
40 min
Bitcoin’s Social Contract with Robert Breedlove
Robert Breedlove, a Bitcoin-focused entrepreneur, writer, and philosopher, discusses Bitcoin, the importance of private property, the connection between Bitcoin and Christianity, the mass psychosis throughout society, and much Bitcoin, the importance of private property, the connection between Bitcoin and Christianity, the mass psychosis plaguing society, and much more
39 min
Crypto Narrative Drivers for 2022 with Scott Me...
Scott Melker, the Wolf of All Streets, discusses the larger market conditions, the future of NFTs, growing an audience, and best practices for aspiring crypto traders and investors.
48 min
Innovating on Bitcoin Layers with Andreas Kohl
Andreas Kohl, Chief Business Development Officer of Mintlayer, discusses Mintlayer, Reimagining DeFi on Bitcoin, Layer-2s and Sidechains, Bitcoin’s impact on society, and much more.
41 min
Bitcoin and the Fourth Turning with Brandon Qui...
Brandon Quittem, Head of User Acquisitions at Swan Bitcoin, discusses Swan Bitcoin, the Fourth Turning, Bitcoin as an Institution, how Bitcoin is Hope, and much more
57 min
Bitcoin and the Global Trust Deficit with Jamil...
Jamil Hasan, the program director of the “Crypto Corner,” a weekend podcast series hosted by Irish Tech News, and I discuss I got into Bitcoin and Crypto, Bitcoin’s role on the macro-landscape, how to level up your life, disruptive technologies and much more.
39 min
The Scarcity of Time with Brian Norton
Brian Norton, the Chief Operations Officer of MEW, discusses the growth and evolution of Ethereum and the ETH community, Proof of Stake and Layer 2 scaling solutions, Ethereum as the Cultural Asset Layer, the future is multichain, and much more.
40 min
Paradigm Shifts and Crypto Predictions with Gra...
Graham Jenkin, CEO of CoinList, discusses CoinList, regulatory and compliance, Bitcoin, the upcoming “Orange Wave” in the midterm elections, market and societal conditions, and much more.
50 min
Civil Liberties with Web3 with Jonathan Victor
Jonathan Victor, Protocol Labs’s NFT and Web3 Lead, discusses the future of NFTs, the growth of the crypto and web3 community, IPFS and Filecoin’s applications in Web3.0, the disruptive force of zero knowledge proofs, and much more.
40 min