Untold Stories

Host Charlie Shrem dives deep into the lives and personal histories of some of crypto’s most influential leaders. A focus on personal stories weaves together a nuanced, untold narrative of how the bitcoin, crypto and web3 movements truly came to be.

The Fight for Financial Inclusion with Mary Bet...
Mary Beth Buchanan, an experienced legal, compliance, business executive and trusted strategic advisor to the CEO and Board of Directors, discusses the importance for regulatory clarity, how crypto empowers financial inclusion, dispelling misconceptions about crypto, understanding the mindset of prosecutors and much more
40 min
Bitcoin’s Social Contract with Robert Breedlove
Robert Breedlove, a Bitcoin-focused entrepreneur, writer, and philosopher, discusses Bitcoin, the importance of private property, the connection between Bitcoin and Christianity, the mass psychosis throughout society, and much Bitcoin, the importance of private property, the connection between Bitcoin and Christianity, the mass psychosis plaguing society, and much more
39 min
Crypto Narrative Drivers for 2022 with Scott Me...
Scott Melker, the Wolf of All Streets, discusses the larger market conditions, the future of NFTs, growing an audience, and best practices for aspiring crypto traders and investors.
48 min
Innovating on Bitcoin Layers with Andreas Kohl
Andreas Kohl, Chief Business Development Officer of Mintlayer, discusses Mintlayer, Reimagining DeFi on Bitcoin, Layer-2s and Sidechains, Bitcoin’s impact on society, and much more.
41 min
Bitcoin and the Fourth Turning with Brandon Qui...
Brandon Quittem, Head of User Acquisitions at Swan Bitcoin, discusses Swan Bitcoin, the Fourth Turning, Bitcoin as an Institution, how Bitcoin is Hope, and much more
57 min
Bitcoin and the Global Trust Deficit with Jamil...
Jamil Hasan, the program director of the “Crypto Corner,” a weekend podcast series hosted by Irish Tech News, and I discuss I got into Bitcoin and Crypto, Bitcoin’s role on the macro-landscape, how to level up your life, disruptive technologies and much more.
39 min
The Scarcity of Time with Brian Norton
Brian Norton, the Chief Operations Officer of MEW, discusses the growth and evolution of Ethereum and the ETH community, Proof of Stake and Layer 2 scaling solutions, Ethereum as the Cultural Asset Layer, the future is multichain, and much more.
40 min
Paradigm Shifts and Crypto Predictions with Gra...
Graham Jenkin, CEO of CoinList, discusses CoinList, regulatory and compliance, Bitcoin, the upcoming “Orange Wave” in the midterm elections, market and societal conditions, and much more.
50 min
Civil Liberties with Web3 with Jonathan Victor
Jonathan Victor, Protocol Labs’s NFT and Web3 Lead, discusses the future of NFTs, the growth of the crypto and web3 community, IPFS and Filecoin’s applications in Web3.0, the disruptive force of zero knowledge proofs, and much more.
40 min
The Paradox of Search with Colin Pape
45 min
The Power of the Meme Community with Brian Laug...
41 min
The Own Anything Revolution with Brian Hunt
Brian Hunt, CEO of InvestorPlace, discusses wealth creation, investing, success, tokenization, and much more.
45 min
Into... the MetaVerse with Andrew Kiguel
Andrew Kiguel, CEO and co-founder of Tokens.com, discusses MetaVerse, Web3, Tokens.com, Proof-of-Stake, and the mindset of traditional investors.
51 min
Decentralizing the Vig with Paul Rogash
Paul Rogash, Founder and CEO of BetU, discusses BetU, the growth of the Metaverse, nomadic lifestyle, and much more
36 min
The First Blockchain Wars with Starkerz
Starkerz, DAO member of 3Speak, a censorship-resistant video platform built on top of the Hive Network, discusses Hive, consensus models, the path to decentralization, web3 and community, and much more
54 min
Financializing Culture and Collectibles with Ma...
Matt Kalish, President of DraftKings North America, discusses NFTs and digital collectibles, the dawn of the digital cultural renaissance, DraftKings and Entrepreneurship, sports, and pop culture. We begin our conversation by discussing the NFTs and community building
41 min
True Price Discovery with Adam Jackson
Adam Jackson, Founder & CEO of Freelance Labs, builders of Braintrust, discusses the evolution of marketplaces on the web, Braintrust, Web2.0 vs Web3.0 Networks, supply-demand dynamics, communities/ownership, and much more.
43 min
Tampa: The Next Bitcoin Mecca with Gabe Higgins
Gabe Higgins the Co-founder and Managing Director of BlockSpaces, discusses the Tampa Bitcoin/crypto community, BlockSpaces, and Enterprise adoption, Web3 and the Metaverse, Bitcoin, and much more
25 min
What's after Layer-1s? with Mitja Goroshevsky
Mitja Goroshevsky CTO of TON Labs, discusses Free TON and Ton Labs, unlocking the power of DeFi, scaling blockchains, decentralization, and much more.
39 min
Smart Cities: DAOs and Data Transparency with D...
Dave Connor, a DAO member at API3, discusses API3 and decentralized oracles, Smart Cities, DAOs, real-world examples of decentralizing data, and much more.
38 min
The scarcest asset is exceptional people with V...
Vinny Lingham, prolific venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur and thought leader, discusses exceptionalism and investing fundamentals, why DAO's will eat the world, the cultural significance of NFTs and the Digital Renaissance, and much more
47 min
Decentralized Data Almanac with Nicholas Fett
Nicholas Fett CTO of Tellor discusses Tellor, decentralized oracles, the importance of data, the rising cost of goods, how the CFTC works, and much more
32 min
Privacy-Preserving Systems with Dan Doney
Dan Doney, the CEO of Securrency, discusses Securrency, regulatory compliance and building financial infrastructure, anonymity vs privacy, tokenizing cash flows, and much more.
41 min
The Last Fiat Domino with Mauricio di Bartolomeo
51 min
Why Bet on Missionary Founders with Han Kao
Han Kao, the CEO of Sanctor Capital, discusses Sanctor Capital, going from 0 to 1 as a startup, EVR Nightclub, sensible regulation, and Bitcoin and inflation
36 min
Blockchain Singularity with Dominic Williams
Dominic Williams the CEO and chief scientist of DFINITY, the company behind the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), DFINITY and ICP, optimizing systems for decentralization, smart contracts and new tools of truth, and much more.
60 min
The Everything Bubble with Lou Kerner
Lou Kerner, a Partner at Flight VC where he manages the Israeli Founders Syndicate on AngelList, discusses the importance of crypto, Crypto Mondays, Kerner's Law and DAOs, GameFi, the Everything Bubble, and much more.
35 min
A Multi-Chain Future with Brandon Millman
Brandon Millman, Co-founder and CEO of Phantom, Solana's premier wallet, discusses Phantom, Phantom's exponential growth, multi-chain world, and much more
34 min
The Looming Censorship War with Jan Capek
Jan Capek, Co-founder and co-CEO of Braiins, discusses Braiins and Slush's history of innovating in the mining industry, scaling a Bitcoin mining company, the impact of ASICs, decentralizing the Bitcoin Network, and much more.
43 min
The Retail Mining Renaissance with John Stefano...
John Stefanopoulos, CEO and Founder FutureBit, discusses the mining industry, the importance of non-industrial mining, decentralizing the hash rate, and much more.
35 min
Solving the Global Trust Deficit with Jahon Jamali
Jahon Jamali, the Chief Marketing Officer at Sarson Funds, discusses the philosophical principles underpinning Bitcoin, solving the global trust deficit, democratization of financial knowledge, and much more.
41 min
The Money Network with Eric Weiss
Eric Weiss the Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Blockchain Investment Group, discusses Bitcoin, the path to decentralization, digital networks, sovereignty, and much more
41 min
The Golden Ratio and Aging Gracefully with Dr. ...
Dr. Adam Scheiner, a world-renowned Laser Eyelid and Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, discussed true beauty, Bitcoin, the importance of the psycho-social relationship, how to stay youthful, and much more.
41 min
Paving the Path to Decentralization with Mike C...
Mike Colyer, CEO of Foundry, mining vs buying spot, mining infrastructure, the evolution of ASICs and the institutionalization of the Bitcoin mining space and much more.
45 min
An Introduction to Web3.0 with Donald Bullers
Donald Bullers, the founder of Tuum Technology, discusses Tuum Technology, Elastos, the future of digital identities, building infrastructure for Web3.0, and much more
39 min
Why people buy Bitcoin with Phil Geiger
Phil Geiger, the managing director of concierge services at Unchained Capital, discusses how Unchained Capital is building tools to empower Bitcoiners, why Bitcoin is the perfect money, the Cantillon Effect, why Central Banking is unAmerican, and much more.
44 min
The Golden Age of Bitcoin Mining with Jason Les
Jason Les, CEO of Riot Blockchains, discusses why we may be in a Golden Age of Bitcoin mining, how Bitcoin mining can help stabilize the energy grid and the future of Bitcoin mining
39 min
The Evolution of DeFi with Scott Stuart
Scott Stuart, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Kava Labs the team behind Kava and the Kava ecosystem, discusses Kava and the Kava ecosystem, the evolution of DeFi, the importance of security, and more.
50 min
The Mythology of Bitcoin with Alex Thorn
Alex Thorn, Head of Firmwide Research at Galaxy Digital discusses the grading and cataloging of blockchains and protocols, the path to decentralization, the importance of Bitcoin, and much more
41 min
Bitcoin Ossified? The Sound Money Debate with J...
Jeff Garzik, Chief Designer and Co-Founder of Vesper Finance, discusses Bitcoin's role within the broader crypto ecosystem, where innovation is headed in the space, regulation, and much more.
43 min
Folding into Financial Freedom with Will Reeves
Will Reeves, Founder and CEO of Fold, discusses Fold, Bitcoin and financial agency, product design, and much more.
51 min
The Game Theory of Crypto with Fernando Martinelli
Fernando Martinelli, Co-Founder and CEO of Balancer Labs, discusses Balancer, DeFi’s exponential growth, Ethereum/EIP-1559 and much more.
41 min
Becoming Anti-Fragile with Aaron Gooding
Aaron Gooding, Founder and CEO of F.I.T. CONCEPTS, discusses the importance of accountability, how to overcome adversity, the impact of COVID on society, and much more.
58 min
Mining & the Global Hashrate Debate with Ryan C...
Ryan Condron, CEO and Co-Founder of Titan, discusses the evolution of the mining space, Titan, Coinwarz and the early days of Bitcoin mining, and much more.
48 min
Bitcoin City with Jackson Tennessee Mayor Scott...
Scott Conger, Mayor of Jackson, discusses the latest infrastructure bill and the possible implications on the crypto industry, the importance of local politics, and Bitcoin.
48 min
Cypherpunks, Smart Contracts and Life Advice wi...
Dean Tribble, Agoric CEO, discusses Agoric, the history of smart contracts, why Javascript is an ideal smart contracting language and who satoshi could be.
46 min
Beyond The Base Layer? A deep drive with Joseph...
Joseph Weinberg, Chairman of Shyft, discusses compliance and regulation and the development of networks/social consensus layers within society.
34 min
Building Generational Wealth with Luke Lango
Luke Lango, Senior Investment Analyst at InvestorPlace, discusses how to approach long term value investing to generate outsized returns and generational wealth
44 min
The Users and Abusers of Blockchains with Steve...
Steve Gregory, CEO of Currency.com, discusses a wide range of topics including the regulatory nuances of digital assets domestically and abroad, DeFi, and the growth of industry.
31 min
The Harmony of Decentralization with Stephen Tse
Stephen Tse, Founder of Harmony, discusses Harmony's role in the crypto-ecosystem, Harmony's Effective Proof-of-Stake, DAOs, Decentralization and much more.
33 min
Stablecoins & The Importance of Sovereign Money...
Oliver Gale, Serial Entrepreneur and CBDC Pioneer, discusses the banking system, the need for sovereign money, building tools of freedom for central banks, and much more.
60 min
On the Meaning of Life and Social Consensus wit...
Luke Stokes, Managing Director for FIO, discusses the building resilient systems, personal discovery and the meaning of life, Puerto Rico, and much more
50 min
Getting Paid to be Honest, with Michael O'Rourke
Michael O'Rourke. Founder of the Pocket Network, discusses how nodes work, how Pocket incentivizes people to run full nodes, the role nodes play in decentralizing a protocol, and much more.
42 min
China’s BSN and the states role in entrepreneur...
Omer Ozden, CEO and Founder of RockTree Capital, gives a masterclass on China, where he discusses China's BSN, their Red Line Policy, tech friendly and first adopter culture in China and much more.
36 min
From Seed to Space with Latif Peracha
Latif Peracha, GP at M13, discusses early stage investing in web3 startups, ideal characteristics for startup founders, advice for entrepreneurs.
36 min
Forty Shades of Blockchains & Nodes with Konsta...
Konstantin Richter, CEO and Founder of Blockdaemon, discusses gives a masterclass on blockchain infrastructure and node operation. Topics include: technical implications of Eth 2.0, the role of nodes and node providers, the process of decentralization, Bitcoin Scaling Wars and much more.
44 min
Reblocking Philanthropy & Charitable Giving wit...
Pat Duffy, Co-Founder of The Giving Block, discusses the tax advantages of giving to charity, why charities' are embracing crypto, the charitable culture innate to crypto, and much more.
39 min
The Great Hashrate Dispersion & Mining Mastercl...
Peter Wall, CEO of Argo, discusses at a high level the current state of the mining industry including the hash rate migration from China, the explosion of mining in Texas, the financialization of the mining industry, the emergence of immersion mining, and much more.
37 min
Becoming a Made Man in Crypto with Jeremy Gardner
Jeremy Gardner, CEO and Founder of MadeMan, discusses his journey as a crypto serial entrepreneur, the importance of personal development, Bitcoin's various narrative battles, and much more.
59 min
Fighting for Independent Thought, with Michael ...
Michael Kimelman discusses the importance of independent thinking, the erosion of American liberties, the Great American Schism, and Bitcoin/the need for sovereign money.
46 min
Breaking into Hollywood and Bitcoin2021 with Co...
Courtney Warner, actor, discusses her upcoming film Ask Me To Dance, what it’s like filming a feature film, how to find the courage to pursue your dreams, and much more.
34 min
How Secure Is Your Data? with Saswata Basu
Saswata Basu, CEO and co-founder of 0Chain, discusses decentralized cloud storage, what makes 0Chain unique, the importance of securing your data, how to monetize your data, and much more.
39 min
Building Friendships over the Internet with Joh...
John Burris, Chief Strategy & Blockchain Officer at Together Labs discusses the Metaverse, the social and economic dynamics present in the metaverse, what it's like building a crypto product for non-crypto native users and much more.
39 min
The Film Industry and Life Advice with Tom Malloy
Tom Malloy, Actor/Writer/Producer, discusses film, film’s influence on society, the business of making a movie, how to succeed in a non traditional industry, the importance of an abundance mindset and much more.
54 min
Bitcoin and the media with Lina Seiche
Lina Seiche, the Managing Director of the BTC Times, discusses being a Bitcoiner, The BTC Times and their mission, the uniqueness of Bitcoin's origin story, the importance of Satohi's anonymity, and much more.
49 min
Derivatives, Defi & Futures oh my! with Mark Lamb
Mark Lamb, CEO and Co-Founder of CoinFLEX, discusses the derivatives and futures markets, why crypto is underlevered, building a DeFi derivatives platform, and much more.
59 min
Ethereum's moat and dismissing the energy FUD w...
Graham Friedman, a director at Republic and Partner at TLDR Global, discusses the memetic nature of crypto, the bull-case for cross-chain, crypto's future addressable industries, the best way to onboard normies, and much more.
38 min
A Crypto Investing Masterclass with Scott Walke...
Scott Walker, Serial Entrepreneur and Investor, discusses the bull-case for crypto, the evolution of the crypto industry, the history of altcoins and much more.
66 min
The Exodus from Traditional Finance with Joel E...
Joel Edgerton, COO of bitFlyer, discusses the regulatory clarity that exists in Japan, how the Japanese view the crypto industry, why crypto is alluring for people with a TradFi background, and much more.
44 min
Building Worlds in the MetaVerse with Jamie Tho...
Jamie Thomson, CEO and co-founder of Vulcan Verse, discusses the MetaVerse, Vulcan Verse, online social dynamics, digitally native scare goods, and much more.
43 min
When we all become an NFT with Nick Chan
Nick Chan, Co-Founder of Refinable, discusses NFTs, Refinable's mission to democratize the NFT Industry, the Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem, the future of NFTs, and much more.
37 min
A Masterclass on DEXs and Liquidity with Mounir...
Mounir Benchemled founder and CEO of ParaSwap, discusses DEXs, the importance of liquidity, the benefits of decentralized trustless system, and much more
39 min
Second Citizenship & Self Sovereignty with Jenn...
Jennifer Harding-Marlin, a Partner at JH Marlin Law, discusses the ins and outs of Citizenship by Investment, the rise of the global citizen, the importance of self sovereignty, and much more.
31 min
Nexo: The Leading Digital Asset Institution, wi...
Antoni Tenchev, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Nexo, discuses Nexo celebrating it's third birthday, the growth of the company and industry at large, the regulatory complexities in digital assets and much more.
42 min
Building the financial system of tomorrow with ...
Jason Blick Director and CEO of EQIBank and the Chairman of EQIFI, discusses the systemic risks that persist within the legacy financial system, how DeFi is tackling these problems, what role do banks play in DeFi, why DeFi will continue grow exponentially and much more.
39 min
A Masterclass on Digital Assets and Tokenized S...
A Masterclass on Digital Assets and Tokenized Securities with Douglas Borthwick
40 min
Building a decentralized Stablecoin, with Brian...
Brian Kerr, CEO of Kava Labs, discusses what is holding DeFi back from mass adoption, the complexities of building a decentralized stablecoin, the importance of interoperability, and much more.
44 min
The Digitization of Society with Fred Jin and K...
Fred Jin and Kenzi Wang, the co-founders of the Cere Network, discuss why data is important for any business regardless of the sector, how Data is at the center of the Web3 movement, the digitization of society, and much more.
48 min
Hard Money, Liberty and Crypto Loans with Shawn...
Shawn Owen, CEO of Equa, discusses the evolution of the crypto space, DAOs and the future of corporate structure, new ways of building trust and much more.
56 min
Exploring Comosland with Peng Zhong
Peng Zhong, the CEO of Tendermint, discusses how cosmos is the internet of blockchains, interoperability and it's importance, how crypto is in the scaling faze, and much more.
41 min
We are all Bitcoiners, with Nic Carter
Nic Carter, a partner at Castle Island Ventures, discusses Bitcoin, how venture investing has evolved in the crypto space, why environmental attacks on Bitcoin is overblown and much more.
49 min
Why Information is the ultimate currency with D...
Dovey Wan, the managing partner at Primitive Ventures, discusses the properties of a medium of exchange, the Blocksize Wars, what is information arbitrage, and much more.
50 min
Are NFTs the ICOs of 2020? with David Gokhshtein
David Gokhshtein discusses the NFT space, the hype surrounding digital collectibles, the influence of social media on crypto's culture and much more.
38 min
The Rise of Crypto’s Capital Markets with Annab...
Annabelle Huang, a partner at Amber Group, discusses the evolving market structure within crypto, why there’s such high yields in DeFi, China’s CBDC, and much more
44 min
Can Crypto Bridge the Political Divide? with Ad...
Adam Goldman, co-founder and President, discusses the development Canadian Tech and Crypto Scene, OTC Desks and Dark Pools, the memetic nature of crypto, and much more.
47 min
How to Hedge Against Inflation with William Noble
William Noble, the Chief Technical Analyst at Token Metrics, discusses the current commodity super cycle, the evolution of the bitcoin market, the rise of inflation, DeFi and much more
48 min
What is an Enterprise Blockchain? with Medha Pa...
Medha Parlikar and Clifford Sarkin discuss Casper's innovative tech, what makes Casper's Layer 1 protocol optimized for Enterprise Adoption, crypto's unique culture and much more
51 min
Why humans value scarcity with Steven Capone an...
Steven Capone and Phil Leibovski join the show to discuss the bitcoin store of value narrative, the hype surrounding NFTs, the current market conditions within crypto and much more.
55 min
Unlocking Bitcoins' 2nd Layer with Diego Gutierrez
Diego Gutierrez, CEO of IOVLabs, discusses building on Bitcoin, giving a technical breakdown of the benefits of building on the Bitcoin network, current real use cases for Bitcoin in Latin America and much more.
35 min
Privacy Preserving Protocols with Luca Cosentin...
Luca Cosentino and Viktor Bunin discuss the Taproot update, the role of nodes and node operators, the purpose of privacy preserving protocols and much more.
39 min
Legacy Capital Markets vs. DeFi, with Bittrex G...
Tom Albright, CEO of Bittrex Global, discusses the growth of the decentralization movement, the inefficiencies in traditional finance, Bittrex and much more.Understanding Regulatory Moats in Crypto with Tom Albright
35 min
Tokenizing Stocks and the Gamestop Fiasco with ...
Steve Ehrlich, CEO and co-Founder Voyager, discusses the future of the Capital Markets, the rise of the retail investor, tokenizing stocks and much more
42 min
NFTs and the Creator Economy, with Rally founde...
Kevin Chou, Founder and CEO of Rally, discusses the creator economy, how social tokens will be the backbone of the creator economy, the intersection of gaming and crypto and much more!
34 min
How Bitcoin Mining Collides with Energy, with C...
Russell Cann and Taras Kulyk discuss the Digital Mining Industry, why BTC mining will lead to a positive impact on the environment, and much more!
38 min
How Angel Investing Bootstrapped Crypto, with M...
Michael Terpin, a renowned crypto angel investor, discusses angel investing, starting BitAngels and some of their iconic investments, and much more.
29 min
Creating Ethereum, with Co-Founder Anthony Di I...
Anthony Di Iorio, crypto legend, discusses being a part of the founding team of Ethereum, disrupting society's current incentive framework, how to build mental models and problem solving skills.
42 min
Turning Miami into a Bitcoin City, with Mayor F...
Mayor Francis Suarez discusses the Tech and Finance flocking to Miami, being on the political vanguard of the Bitcoin/Crypto movement, why the future is bright for Miami and much more.
23 min
Legacy Finance is Hungry for Crypto. Too Late? ...
John Sarson and Jason Penner of Sarson Fund discuss the increased appetite for crypto from traditional finance, the current regulatory climate, and why it's not too late to buy Bitcoin.
29 min
Will Latin America Be a Crypto Powerhouse? With...
Pablo Gonzalez, Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer of Bitso, discusses the inefficiencies of the legacy financial system within Latin America and how crypto is creating a more equitable and transparent alternative.
43 min
The Looming Bitcoin Liquidity Squeeze with Chri...
Chris Spadafora , founder of Badger DAO, talks about the development of DeFi from the 2017 ICO craze, how Badger is bringing Bitcoin to DeFi, the looming Bitcoin Liquidity Squeeze and much more.
41 min