Messari's Unqualified Opinions

Unqualified Opinions is a daily podcast hosted by Messari’s CEO Ryan Selkis featuring candid, fast-paced interviews with crypto’s top builders and investors.

India's Burgeoning Crypto Scene with WazirX CEO...
Ryan and Nischal discuss the development of crypto in India
40 min
Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier on the Business of B...
Ryan and Pascal discuss self custody, and the user experience of being your own bank.
50 min
Charles Hoskinson on Cardano & Network Effects
Ryan & Charles discuss the state of Cardano and the smart contracting competitive landscape
68 min
Skale Labs CEO Jack O'Holleran on Launch & Dece...
Ryan and Jack discuss Skale Network's upcoming launch
52 min
Insuring DeFi with Nexus Mutual Founder Hugh Karp
Ryan and Hugh discuss the ins-and-outs of insuring DeFi
44 min
Tokensoft CEO Mason Borda on Security Token Hur...
Mason lays out the hurdles for security token adoption and pathways for growth
51 min
Halving 2020: The Bitcoin Reformation with Tuur...
Tuur's history with Bitcoin and his thoughts on the future
50 min
Halving 2020: Bitcoin Then & Now with Charlie S...
Ryan and Charlie discuss the evolution of bitcoin and Charlie's path down the rabbit hole
50 min
Layer 1 CEO Alex Liegl on the Institutionalizat...
Ryan and Alex discuss the institutionalization of mining and how it can be done in America
54 min
Halving 2020: Bobby Lee on Bitcoin in China & $...
Bobby Lee discusses bitcoin's first bubbles, mining and dealing with the CCP
57 min
Fireblocks CEO Michael Shaulov on Institutional...
Ryan and Michael discuss the growth of Fireblocks, institutional adoption and stablecoin disruption
54 min
Bison Trails CEO Joe Lallouz on Crypto Infrastr...
Ryan and Joe discuss blockchain infrastructure and Bison's Trails involvement with Libra
56 min
Halving 2020: The History of Bitcoin OTC Market...
Dan and Ryan discuss the evolution of crypto trading from the first halving through the third
46 min
Ontology Co-founder Li Jun on Asia’s crypto eco...
Ryan and Li Jun discuss Asia's crypto scene and the smart contracting landscape
47 min
Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino on Tether’s Dominanc...
Ryan and Paolo discuss Tether's dominance and Bitfinex's business
63 min
ErisX CEO Thomas Chippas on Creating Regulated ...
Ryan and Thomas discuss the progression of regulated crypto markets
48 min
Midcap Doubleheader with Zcoin’s Reuben Yap and...
Ryan discusses the trajectories of two different midcap projects
69 min
Celo Founder Rene Reinsberg on Stablecoins, Eme...
Ryan and Rene discuss the stablecoin landscape and Celo's coming mainnet launch
49 min
Chad Cascarilla on the Early Days of Crypto, Re...
Ryan and Chad discuss the early days of crypto and Paxos' grand ambitions
59 min
Paxful CEO Ray Youssef on Bitcoin Usage in Afri...
Ryan and Ray discuss Paxful's path to becoming one of the largest P2P exchanges
52 min
Anchorage’s Nathan McCauley on Custody, Libra, ...
Ryan and Nathan discuss the crypto custody landscape and more
44 min
Ben Hunt on the future of money, crypto, and po...
Ryan and Ben discuss current events, crypto and political power
54 min
The Bitcoin Custodian with BitGo CEO Mike Belshe
Ryan and Mike discuss BitGo and Mike's outlook on Bitcoin amidst current market conditions
58 min
A Blockchain Future with Overstock CEO Jonathan...
Ryan and Jonathan discuss Overstock's blockchain investment thesis
38 min
Exchange the US with Binance US CEO Catherine C...
Ryan and Coley discuss the relationship between Binance and Binance US
52 min
Digitizing the Dollar with Christopher Giancarlo
Christopher shares his thoughts on how the US will go about digitizing the dollar
47 min
Power Laws with Meltem Demirors
Ryan and Meltem discuss her history in the industry and how she forms her investment theses
61 min
Global Public Health with Alex Gladstein
Ryan and Alex discuss Alex's work with the HRF and the state of global public health
51 min
Covering Crypto with Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal
58 min
Coinbase Law with Coinbase CLO Brian Brooks
55 min
Building Cardano with IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson
Charles and Ryan discuss Cardano and the philosophy behind it
72 min
Bitcoin Past, Present & Future with Casa CTO Ja...
Ryan and Jameson Lopp discuss Bitcoin's past, present and future
60 min
Crypto-plumbing with Arwen CEO Sharon Goldberg
Sharon and Ryan discuss the inner workings of crypto exchange
52 min
The Dudas Abides with The Block CEO Mike Dudas
Ryan and Mike discuss the crypto media landscape
49 min
Virtual Private Networks with Orchid CEO Seven ...
Ryan and Seven discuss the need for VPNs globally and all things Orchid
53 min
The Bitcoin Institution with River Financial’s ...
River Financial CEO Alex Leishman discusses the strategy behind River's Bitcoin only approach
48 min
Special Edition: COVID-19 with Balaji Srinivasan
Discussion on the current state of COVID-19 and it's eventual longterm impacts
78 min
Dash’s Strategic Vision with Dash Core Group CE...
The two Ryans discuss Dash's history, strategy and recent project updates
67 min
Enterprise Blockchains & CBDCs with R3 CTO Rich...
Enterprises, CBDCs and an overview of permissioned blockchains
58 min
Crypto’s East-West Divide with Tron Founder Jus...
Justin and Ryan discuss Tron's controversial past and what Justin has in store for Tron in the future
56 min
The Lending Machine with Celsius CEO Alex Mashi...
Alex Mashinsky and Ryan Selkis discuss crypto lending, ICOs, the SEC and more.
55 min
XRP - The Remittance Standard? with Bitso CEO D...
Daniel Vogel and Ryan Selkis shed light on why Mexico is a region of the world ripe for crypto adoption.
74 min
Building out the DEX Frontier with Radar CEO Al...
Alan Curtis and Ryan Selkis discuss the current state of the DEX landscape, the high cost of compliance and how Radar has managed to create a compliant DEX by US regulatory standards.
55 min
Stablecoins: The Big Picture with Circle CEO Je...
Jeremy Allaire and Ryan Selkis discuss the next phase for USDC, and how Visa and Mastercard developed interoperable standards ultimately adopted by businesses, consumers and governments alike.
51 min
Cosmos & Beyond with Zaki Manian
Zaki Manian and Ryan Selkis discuss the origins of the Cosmos project, why the Cosmos ATOM token has value right now, and the role it currently plays in the Cosmos ecosystem.
53 min
Building a Crypto Civilization with Balaji Srin...
Balaji Srinivasan and Ryan Selkis discuss the intent behind, Balaji's concerns over the uncomfortable places modern technology and social media is taking society as well as his philosophy for building a future that he’d want to live in.
46 min
Being a Blockchain CEO in 2020 with Algorand CE...
Steve Kokinos and Ryan Selkis discuss
45 min
Bitcoin’s Civil War & Toxic Maximalism with Sam...
Samson Mow and Ryan Selkis discuss Bitcoin's chaotic early years.
72 min
The unintended consequences of platform economi...
Ryan interviews Matt Spoke, CEO of Aion.
40 min
Public Blockchains for Enterprises with Oded We...
Oded Wertheim and Ryan Selkis discuss Orbs’s approach to collaborating with enterprises, the problems that public chains solve for enterprises and how trust will be a standard feature built into the products of the future.
27 min
Building a store-of-value with Decred’s Jake Yo...
Jake Yocom-Paitt and Ryan Yocom-Piatt discuss Decred’s roadmap, including its integration of the lightning network, additional privacy features and more.
39 min
Simon Taylor, Co-Founder of 11:FS
Ryan interviews Simon Taylor, Co-Founder of 11:FS
53 min
Max Pertosovskiy, Head of Growth at Waves
Ryan interviews Max Pertosovskiy, Head of Growth at Waves
22 min
Chris McCann, Founding Partner at Proof of Capital
Qiao Wang, Director of Product at Messari, interviews Chris McCann, Founding Partner at Proof of Capital.
47 min
Dovey Wan, Founding Partner of Primitive Ventures
Qiao Wang, Director of Product at Messari, interviews Dovey Wan, Founding Partner of Primitive Ventures.
43 min
Mo Dong, CEO of Celer
Qiao Wang, Director of Product at Messari, interviews Mo Dong, CEO of Celer.
34 min
Dawn Song, CEO of Oasis Labs
Qiao Wang, Director of Product at Messari, interviews Dawn Song, the CEO of Oasis Labs
40 min
Ryan Sean Adams, Creator of Bankless
Ryan interviews Ryan Sean Adams, the creator of Bankless
42 min
Matt Luongo, the Founder & CEO of Keep & Fold
Ryan interviews Matt Luongo, the Founder & CEO of Keep & Fold
38 min
Itamar Lesuisse, Co-Founder & CEO of Argent
Ryan interviews Itamar Lesuisse, the Co-Founder & CEO of Argent
45 min
Bob Summerwill, Executive Director of ETC Coope...
Ryan interviews Bob Summerwill, the Executive Director of ETC Cooperative
52 min
Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX
Ryan interviews Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO of FTX
54 min
Monica Quaintance, Head of Research and Network...
Ryan interviews Monica Quaintance, the Head of Research and Networks at Kadena.
37 min
Nathaniel Wittemore, Indepedent Content Curator
Ryan interviews Nathaniel Wittemore, an indepedent content curator.
64 min
Gregory Di Prisco, Head of Business Development...
Ryan interviews Gregory Di Prisco, Head of Business Development at MakerDAO.
60 min
Aaron Wright, Law Professor at Cardozo & Co-Fou...
Ryan Selkis interviews Aaron Wright, Law Professor at Cardozo & Co-Founder of OpenLaw
34 min
Chris Burniske, Partner at Placeholder
Ryan interviews Chris Burniske, a partner at Placeholder.
73 min
Kain Warwick, Founder of Synthetix
Ryan Selkis interviews Kain Warwick, the founder of Synthetix
31 min
Jack O'Holleran, CEO & Founder of Skale Labs
Ryan interviews Jack O'Holleran, the CEO & Founder of Skale Labs.
44 min
Kris Marszalek, CEO & Co-Founder of
Ryan Interviews Kris Marszalek, the CEO and Co-Founder of
32 min
Edan Yago, Founder of CementDAO
Ryan interviews Edan Yago, the founder of CementDAO.
38 min
Dave Weisberger, Co-Founder & CEO of CoinRoutes
Ryan interviews Dave Weisberger, the Co-Founder & CEO of CoinRoutes.
37 min
Amir Haleem, Founder & CEO of Helium
Ryan Selkis interviews Amir Haleem, the Founder & CEO of Helium
34 min
Ryan Zurrer, Director of the Web 3.0 Foundation
Ryan Selkis interviews Ryan Zurrer, the director of the Web 3.0 Foundation.
41 min
Zac Prince, Founder and CEO of BlockFi
Ryan interviews Zac Prince, the founder and CEO of BlockFi.
33 min
Mark Burstiner, CEO and Founder of Baeond
Zack interviews Baeond CEO and Founder Mark Burstiner
34 min
Jason Goldberg, Founder and CEO of OST
Ryan interviews OST (Simple Token) Founder and CEO Jason Goldberg
30 min
Dave Balter, CEO and Founder of Flipside
Ryan interviews Flipside Crypto Founder and CEO Dave Balter
27 min
Uri Klarman, CEO of BloXroute
Ryan interviews BloXroute Co-Founder and CEO Uri Larman
52 min
Muneeb Ali, Co-founder of Blockstack
Ryan interviews Blockstack Co-Founder Muneeb Ali
49 min
Alex Adelman, Co-founder and CEO of Lolli
Ryan interviews Lolli CEO Alex Adelman
37 min
Alexander Skidanov and Illia Polosukhin of Near...
Ryan speaks with Near Protocol Co-Founders Alex Skidanov and Illia Polosukhin
31 min
She256 Co-Founder Alexis Gauba
Ryan speaks with She256 Co-Founder Alexis Gauba
19 min
Ethereum Core Developer Lane Rettig
49 min
Unlock Protocol CEO Julien Genestoux
33 min
Coinlist CEO Andy Bromberg
Ryan speaks with CoinList CEO Andy Bromberg
47 min
Doug Petkanics, Founder at Livepeer
27 min
Anthony Pompliano, Founder at Morgan Creek Digital
63 min
Taylor Monahan, Founder & CEO of MyCrypto
Ryan sits down with Taylor Monahan of MyCrypto
29 min
Henri Pihkala, CEO & Founder of Streamr
Ryan sits down with Henri Pihkala of Streamr
22 min
Lily Liu, Co-Founder & CEO of
Our CEO Ryan speaks with Lily Liu of
37 min
Bill Barhydt, CEO & Founder of Abra
Ryan talks with Bill Barhydt of Abra
26 min
Felix Feng, Founder and CEO of Set Protocol
Our CEO Ryan sits down with Felix Feng of Set Protocol
14 min
AMA with Ryan Selkis
Our CEO Ryan does an AMA about the future of Messari and the crypto markets.
30 min
Nadav Hollander, Founder of Dharma Labs
Our CEO sat down with Nadav Hollander of Dharma Labs.
26 min
Mark Bhargava of Tagomi
Our CEO Ryan sat down with Mark Bhargava to talk about Tagomi, an aggregation platform for trading crypto assets.
31 min
Mainframe Founder and CEO, Mick Hagen
Our CEO Ryan sat down with Mick Hagen at ETHDenver to catch up on Mainframe and some recent developments at the project.
15 min
SpankChain CEO and Moloch Ventures Founder, Ame...
Our CEO Ryan sat down with Ameen Soleimani at ETHDenver to talk about the new Moloch DAO.
23 min
Chainalysis Co-Founder, Jony Levin
Our CEO Ryan sat down with Chainalysis co-founder Jony Levin to talk about analytics in the space including the know-your-transaction model used by the firm.
21 min
COO of Cumberland, Bobby Cho
Our CEO Ryan sat down with Bobby Cho of Cumberland to talk about OTC trading in crypto and much more.
27 min