Undertow: A Dark Tome Story

When an investigative journalist returns to his hometown of Simpson Falls, Maine, a mysterious conspiracy unearths secrets from his past he can’t escape.  

Reporter Tony Baxter returns to his childhood home of Simpson Falls with an axe to grind, determined to root out corruption. But his sleuthing of the Malleus Corporation’s investment in the town leads him down a dangerous path, where his own unresolved trauma lies in wait. Joined by friend and fellow lost soul Sonia Proud, Tony must confront the tragedy that shaped him deep in the New England woods— but if they aren’t careful, the malevolent forces in Simpson Falls won’t let them escape. 

Undertow: A Dark Tome Story is created and written by Fred Greenhalgh, Produced by Dagaz Media, and presented by Realm. Listen Away.

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10. Next
A chapter ends, and a new chapter opens - insofar as there are beginnings, and ends, and middles.
17 min
9. The River Forks
Tony has the opportunity to revisit the moment in his childhood when everything changed, and faces an impossible choice.
28 min
8. The Siege
Knocked off balance between there and now and the over there, Sonia latches on to an unreliable narrator to help her track down Tony. The crossing will be more dangerous than she could ever imagine.
31 min
7. Tony's Little Adventure
Sonia's nightmares may become reality as Tony makes a momentous decision to confront his past.
28 min
6. Intensive Care
Tony and Sonia find themselves within the mirrored walls of the Malleus Corporation building, fighting to hang on to health and sanity, as memory and reality grow increasingly unreliable.
19 min
5. Off the Wagon
With their stay in Simpson Falls unexpectedly extended, Tony and Ricky visit an old childhood haunt while Sonia unearths secrets tucked along the river.
31 min
4. Lunch at Mona's
Tony takes Sonia to the iconic Mona's Diner, and while grappling with the age-old question, "Whoopie pie or blueberry pie?" an unexpected visitor changes their trajectory.
21 min
3. The Tour
Sonia joins Digby and Madge for a Dark Tome conspiracy theory tour and discovers she's getting far more than she bargained for.
29 min
2. Press Conference
Tony and Sonia pull together to get to their assignment - the Press Conference about the new hospital - and start to get a feel for what's really going down in Simpson Falls.
33 min
1. Welcome to Simpson Falls
Reporter Tony Baxter is called back to his home town of Simpson Falls, Maine to investigate a new multi-million dollar boutique hospital project by the mysterious Malleus Corporation.
37 min
Introducing Undertow: A Dark Tome Story
Undertow: A Dark Tome Story premieres February 2022.
2 min