Uncovering Hidden Risks

Welcome to Uncovering Hidden Risks, a broader set of podcasts focused on identifying the various risks organizations face as they navigate the internal and external requirements they must comply with. We’ll take you through a journey on insider risks to uncover some of the hidden security threats that Microsoft and organizations across the world are facing. We will bring to surface some best-in-class technology and processes to help you protect your organization and employees from risks from trusted insiders. All in an open discussion with topnotch industry experts!

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Practitioners guide to effectively managing ins...
In this podcast we explore steps to take to set up and run an insider risk management program. We talk about specific organizations to collaborate with, and top risks to address first.
23 min
Insider risk programs have come a long way
In this podcast we discover the history of the practice of insider threat management; the role of technology, psychology, people, and cross-organizational collaboration to drive an effective insider risk program today; and things to consider as we look ahead and across an ever-changing risk landscape.
30 min
Insider risks aren’t just a security problem
In this podcast we explore how partnering with Human Resources can create a strong insider risk management program, a better workplace and more secure organization.
31 min
Predicting your next insider risks
We explore the challenges of addressing insider threats and how organizations can improve their security posture by understanding the conditions and triggers that precede a potentially harmful act.
30 min
Artificial intelligence hunts for insider risks
Insider risks aren’t easy to find, however, with its ability to leverage the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence can uncover hidden risks that would otherwise be impossible to find.
30 min