UnCOMMon Grounds

In a world that's shifting under our feet faster than any other era in a lifetime, information and media access are critical. So Quinnipiac University's School of Communications put together this podcast to introduce some of our students so they can talk about what they're learning, and how it's even more relevant now. Listen to the school's dean, Chris Roush, interview different students about why those chose the school, how they got interested in their major, and their plans for the future.

The show is produced by David DesRoches, director of community programming, student Michael Bachmann and, for the third season, student Evan Koch.

Evan Koch on Sports Television
Dean Chris Roush interviews Evan Koch, a Sports Journalism master’s student at Quinnipiac University.
19 min
Fiona Doull on her Public Relations Work
Dean Chris Roush interviews Fiona Doull, a Public Relations major at Quinnipiac University
14 min
Nicole Mormando on Applying her Education to Pr...
Dean Chris Roush interviews Nicole Mormando, an Advertising and Integrated Communications major at Quinnipiac University
16 min
Mason Glod on his Involvement in Student Media
Dean Chris Roush interviews Mason Glod, a Media studies major at Quinnipiac University
20 min
Tomas Rodina Discusses his Love For Film
Dean Chris Roush interviews Tomas Rodina, a Film, TV and Media Arts major at Quinnipiac University
17 min
Ross Meglin on Sports Broadcasting at Quinnipiac
Dean Chris Roush interviews Ross Meglin, a Journalism major at Quinnipiac University
16 min
Samantha Hart on Participating in the Performin...
Dean Chris Roush interviews Samantha Hart, an a film, television and media arts major at Quinnipiac University.
11 min
Caitlin Dawley Discusses her Multiple Internships
Dean Chris Roush interviews Caitlin Dawley, an advertising and graphic design double major at Quinnipiac University
13 min
Ike Silberman on His Interest in Public Relations
Dean Chris Roush interviews Ike Silberman, a public relations major at Quinnipiac University.
15 min
Ariana Laneri Shares on the Importance of User ...
Dean Chris Roush interviews Ariana Laneri, a graphic and interactive design major at Quinnipiac University.
14 min
Shannon Flaherty Discusses Her Enthusiasm for F...
Dean Chris Roush interviews Shannon Flaherty, a senior media studies major at Quinnipiac University.
16 min
Kanayo, Kaitlyn and Ramiro Share on Winning Bac...
Dean Chris Roush interviews Kanayo Umelo, Kaitlyn Fisher and Ramiro Vargas, who are all Film majors at Quinnipiac University
17 min
Jacob Resnick Discusses Covering the Mets Minor...
15 min
Lexie Glinbizzi on Blending Her Passion for Pub...
Dean Chris Roush interviews Lexie Glinbizzi, a Public Relations Masters student at Quinnipiac University
18 min
Eric Kerr Shares on his Active Student Media In...
Dean Chris Roush interviews Eric Kerr, a Sports Journalism Master's student at Quinnipiac University.
24 min
Darius Zahedi Discusses Working on His Capstone...
Dean Chris Roush interviews Darius Zahedi, a Senior majoring in Film, TV and Media at Quinnipiac
15 min
David Maher Discusses His Passion for Sports Br...
Dean Chris Roush interviews David Maher, a Film, Television, Media Arts major and Sports Studies minor at Quinnipiac University
19 min
Sofia Lomax Shares on Her Internship at Morey's...
Dean Chris Roush interviews Sofia Lomax, a Film, Television and Media Arts major at Quinnipiac University.
14 min
Joe LoGrippo Discusses What it's Like Running a...
Dean Chris Roush interviews Joe LoGrippo, a Senior majoring in Journalism at Quinnipiac University
17 min
Jack Main Talks Managing a Radio Station and hi...
Dean Chris Roush interviews Jack Main, a Senior majoring in Journalism at Quinnipiac University
18 min
Heather Popovics Discusses her Expertise in Dig...
Dean Chris Roush interviews Heather Popovics, a fourth-year student pursuing her master’s degree in the business administration program
16 min
John Marquardt Discusses his Involvement in Stu...
Dean Chris Roush interviews John Marquardt, a Senior majoring in Media studies at Quinnipiac
20 min
Camila Maturana Talks About her Passion for Com...
Dean Chris Roush interviews Camila Maturana, a graduate student majoring in the Public Relations at Quinnipiac University
17 min
Jessica Brij-Raj Talks Past Internships and Wha...
Dean Chris Roush interviews Jessica Brij-Raj, a junior double majoring in media studies and public relations with a minor in journalism at Quinnipiac University
14 min
Lauren and Nicole Clemons Share What it’s Like ...
Dean Chris Roush interviews twins Lauren and Nicole Clemons, both seniors majoring in Media studies at Quinnipiac University
16 min
Graphic Design Major with Three Intern Stints a...
13 min
Sophomore Class President Talks Graphic Design ...
Dean Chris Roush interviews Jennifer McCue, a second year Graphic & Interactive Design Major in the 3+1 program
19 min
Media Studies Major Talks Sports and Sports Cul...
Dean Chris Roush interviews Dylan Sommer, a second-year media studies major and sports studies minor.
17 min
Molly Kostka Talks Internships, Public Relation...
Host Chris Roush interviews Molly Kostka, a first-year graduate student in Quinnipiac's public relations program.
12 min
This Junior Film Major Empowering Women in the ...
Host Chris Roush interviews Zoey Metzner, a junior film, television & media arts major.
17 min
Advertising Major Grace Sablich on the Rise of ...
Host Chris Roush interviews Grace Sablich, a 3+1 advertising & integrated communications major.
17 min
Larryssa Jean-Jules on MAIP Virtual Engagement ...
Host Chris Roush interviews Larryssa Jean-Jules, a graduate student studying public relations in the 4+1 program.
20 min
Cat Almeida Fighting Battles Both On and Off th...
Host Chris Roush interviews Cat Almeida, a sophomore journalism major and student athlete.
17 min
Jonathan Sweeney on Living With a Genetic Disor...
Host Chris Roush interviews Jonathan Sweeney, a senior film, television and media arts major.
17 min
How This Junior Journalism Major Has Adapted to...
Host Chris Roush interviews Jon Surratt, a junior journalism major.
18 min
This First-Year 3+1 Student Drawing A Future in...
Host Chris Roush interviews Deveney Paine, a first-year 3+1 advertising and graphic design student.
17 min
Mahlet Sugebo on Being an International Student...
Host Chris Roush interviews Mahlet Sugebo, a third-year journalism student in the 3+1 program.
21 min
The Bobcat Q-mmunity Campaign Impacting Quarant...
Host Chris Roush interviews Brynn Martin, a senior public relations major and president of QuinniPR, a chapter of the PRSSA.
20 min
WQAQ's General Manager Bringing the Energy Behi...
Host Chris Roush interviews Andrew White, a senior Journalism major and General Manager of WQAQ.
17 min
The Essentials of Good Web Design With This Sop...
Host Chris Roush interviews Victoria Lorenz, a Graphic and Interactive Design major in the Honor's program.
18 min
This 3+1 Designer Receiving the Highest Honor i...
Host Chris Roush interviews Ephemia Nicolakis, a first-year Graphic and Interactive Design major in the 3+1 program.
14 min
Ali Bottari on Creating Her Senior Film, Love f...
Host Chris Roush interviews Ali Bottari, a senior Film, Television & Media Arts major currently creating her thesis.
19 min
Morgan Tencza Capturing Game Winning Moments on...
Host Chris Roush interviews Morgan Tencza, photography editor for the Quinnipiac Chronicle.
19 min
Student Journalists Selected to the Carnegie-Kn...
Host Chris Roush interviews Emily DiSalvo and Jessica Simms, two student journalists that have been selected to the Carnegie-Knight News21 Initiative.
21 min
Producer Mike Bachmann Seeks Life in the Fast Lane
Host Chris Roush interviews Mike Bachmann, master's student and producer of UnCOMMon Grounds.
17 min
Senior Photographer Focused on Making Pictures ...
Host Chris Roush interviews CJ Yopp, a senior Advertising & Integrated Communications major.
17 min
This Public Relations & Economics Double Major ...
Host Chris Roush interviews Raj Doering, a Public Relations and Economics double major.
17 min
Neha Seenarine on Writing Fresh Perspectives, L...
Host Chris Roush interviews Neha Seenarine, a sophomore journalism major.
14 min
Journalism Major Olivia Schueller Recently Feat...
Host Chris Roush interviews Olivia Schueller, a senior journalism major.
21 min
President of QU's Student Programming Board on ...
Host Chris Roush interviews Tyler McNeill, a senior Public Relations major and President of the Student Programming Board.
16 min
Izzy Lugo Dancing Her Way Through Her Final Und...
Host Chris Roush interviews Isabella Lugo, a 3+1 Public Relations major with a minor in Film.
17 min
Marianna Rappa on Studying Journalism, SNL Sket...
Host Chris Roush interviews Marianna Rappa, a senior Journalism major.
17 min
Recent Graphic & Interactive Design Graduate Se...
Host Chris Roush interviews Lisa Ferrara, a recent graduate of the Graphic and Interactive Design program.
16 min
Quinnipiac Tonight's Executive Producer Pursuin...
Host Chris Roush interviews Danielle DiMauro, executive producer of Quinnipiac's late-night comedy show, Quinnipiac Tonight.
16 min
The Chronicle's Opinion Editor Combines Passion...
Host Chris Roush interviews Toyloy Brown III, a junior Journalism major and Opinion Editor for the Quinnipiac Chronicle.
22 min
This 3+1 Graphic Designer is Making Her Mark on...
Host Chris Roush interviews Shikha Shah, a 3+1 Graphic and Interactive Design student.
14 min
Annika Gustafsson on Working in PR, Being a Gra...
Host Chris Roush interviews Annika Gustafsson, a public relations graduate student.
18 min
From a Small Town in Idaho to Hamden, this Publ...
Host Chris Roush interviews Sydney Bruner, a third-year Public Relations student and student athlete.
19 min
Zara Zeigerman on Finding a Hybrid Between Crea...
Host Chris Roush interviews Zara Ziegerman, a senior studying Advertising & Integrated Communications.
18 min
Hamden Native Stayed True to Self and Found Hom...
Host Chris Roush interviews Danielle Filardi, a third-year Film, Television & Media Arts major.
20 min
Chris Roush: A Vision for the Future
Host Chris Roush sits down with recent graduate, Dan Bahl, only this time, Dan takes over and interviews Chris.
21 min
Sabrina Colonese-DiBello: Designing Her Way to ...
Host Chris Roush interviews Sabrina Colonese-DiBello, a recent graduate who was named the outstanding achievement award winner in the graphic and interactive design department.
17 min
Getting Social with this Rising Senior Journali...
Host Chris Roush interviews Katie O'Keefe, a rising senior journalism major and the former host of "Quinnipiac Live!"
19 min
Media Studies Major Excelling Behind the Scenes...
Host Chris Roush interviews Sydney Reynolds, a third-year media studies major who has an apprenticeship with the Connecticut Critics Circle.
18 min
This 3+1 Graduate has Caught the Travel Bug
Host Chris Roush interviews Leah Lavin, a recent graduate in Quinnipiac's first 3+1 communications cohort.
17 min
The Nation's Capital has the Heart of One Publi...
Host Chris Roush interviews Kassidy Berger, a senior public relations major who serves as marketing director for the Quinnipiac Chronicle.
18 min
Living the Lifestyle of a Recent Dual Degree Gr...
Host Chris Roush interviews Sarah Singer, a recent graduate with a dual degree in Public Relations and Media Studies.
16 min
Journalism Major Committed to Telling Stories o...
Host Chris Roush interviews Chatwan Mongkol, associate news editor of the Quinnipiac Chronicle.
15 min
Reaching for the Stars: Sam Sheehy Talks Countr...
Host Chris Roush interviews Sam Sheehy, a graduate student in the school of communications 3+1 program and host of the Southern Stars podcast.
16 min
Scholarship Recipient Combines Passion for Comm...
15 min
Managing Editor for the QU Chronicle Focused on...
Host Chris Roush interviews Jared Penna, a third-year journalism major who serves as managing editor of the Quinnipiac Chronicle.
17 min
From the Courtroom to Campus, A Senior Advocate...
Host Chris Roush interviews Jailynn Caraballo, a senior double majoring in Journalism and Political Science.
14 min
Journalism Major Luca Triant Looks to Follow in...
Host Chris Roush interviews Luca Triant, a rising junior studying journalism.
19 min
Sorority Woman of the Year Hails from School of...
Host Chris Roush interviews recent cum laude graduate Christina Vittas, who majored in advertising and integrated communications
15 min
From Long Island to Sleeping Giant, A Rising Ju...
Host Chris Roush interviews rising junior Corey Windham, he’s majoring in graphic and interactive design and minoring in psychology at Quinnipiac University.
13 min
From Book Worm to PR Pro, This 3+1 Grad Is Read...
Host Chris Roush interviews Sophia Alfieri, who recently graduated from the school’s 3+1 program, getting a bachelor's and a master’s degree in four years
18 min
Freshman Photographer Captured Moments of Ignor...
Host Chris Roush interviews Dan Passapera, a rising sophomore majoring in journalism.
15 min
Recent Journalism Grad Stayed Busy At Quinnipia...
Host Chris Roush interviews Emma Carman, who recently graduated with a degree in journalism with a minor in sports studies
19 min
Turkish Student Wrestles Between Career Pursuit...
Host Chris Roush interviews Efecan Karaefe, who recently graduated with a double major in Theater and in Film, Television and Media Arts.
16 min
Sports And PR: That's the Dream for One Recent ...
Host Chris Roush interviews Nick Cataldi, who recently graduated from Quinnipiac University with a degree in media studies.
15 min
Behind the Mind of 'Behind the Mind': Mental He...
Host Chris Roush interviews Kevin Meiselman, who recently graduated with a journalism degree
18 min
Media Studies Grad Finds Photography Passion an...
16 min
State Native Seeking Master's in PR While Worki...
Host Chris Roush interviews Kyle Byrnes, who’s getting his master’s degree in public relations while working for PepsiCo
18 min
The Next News Director for Q30 TV Has a Passion...
Chris Roush interviews Kaye Paddyfote, a rising senior majoring in journalism, and she’s gonna be the news director of Q30 TV this coming semester.
16 min
Former News Director of Quinnipiac's Student TV...
Chris Roush interviews Brooke Reilly, who has since graduated with a degree in journalism, and is off to Bangor, Maine, where she’ll be a TV reporter.
20 min
McKenna Haz: From British Columbia to Quinnipia...
16 min
After Interning With L.A. Sparks, Taylor Herd S...
Host Chris Roush interviews Taylor Herd, a senior journalism major who spent four years on the Quinnipiac women’s basketball team.
17 min
Sophia Toppo Looks To Combine Passions For Fitn...
Chris Roush interviews senior Sophia Toppo, a media studies major who hopes to get into social media management for a fitness company
15 min
Event Planning on the Horizon For This Public R...
In this episode of UnCOMMon Grounds, host Chris Roush interviews senior Caitlin Wardlow, a public relations major who wants to get into event planning.
17 min
'The Agency' Is a Basically an Ad Company Run B...
15 min
From the Marine Corps to the Quinnipiac Quad, K...
18 min
First-Year Student From New Zealand Came to Qui...
Chris Roush interviews Lachlan Harvey, a first-year media studies major from New Zealand.
18 min
Senior Film Students Talk About Their Big Capst...
18 min
Jonathan Banks on Working at ESPN, Covering the...
In this episode of UnCOMMon Grounds, host Chris Roush interviews Jonathan Banks, a journalism student who’s interned for NBC Sports and also worked full-time for ESPN
20 min
Journalism Major Lee Colon Eager to Cover Stori...
In this episode of UnCOMMon Grounds, host Chris Roush interviews Lee Colon, a Quinnipiac University journalism student from the Bronx.
18 min
WQAQ Staffers Talk Radio Life After the Pandemi...
Quinnipiac's dean of the School of Communications, Chris Roush, interviews Dan Bahl, Matt MacAuliffe and Steven McAvoy.
23 min
Ian Berkey, a Senior Majoring in Graphic and In...
Ian Berkey, a Senior Majoring in Graphic and Interactive Design at Quinnipiac University.
21 min