Uncle Francis's Wine Cellar

Mike Manzi and Brian Rodriguez explore the films of Francis Ford Coppola, one glass of wine at at time, in this cut-by-cut deep dive into the career of the man who brought us The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, and so much more.

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The Godfather : Episode 2 - The Turk
"I don't like violence, Tom. I'm a businessman; blood is a big expense."
105 min
The Godfather : Episode 1 - Wedding Favors
"I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse."
86 min
The Offer : Bonus Wrap-Up
The Greatest Movie Almost Never Made.
81 min
The Offer : Episode 10 - Brains and Balls
"First rule of Hollywood-- never leave anything on your plate."
62 min
The Offer : Episode 9: - It's Who We Are
"If you could rewrite your history, would you?"
68 min
The Offer: Episode 8 - Crossing that Line
"You ever play the stock market?"
51 min
The Offer: Episode 7 - Mr. Producer
"Horses are supposed to represent courage and freedom. And to cut off its head... that's America right there."
58 min
The Offer: Episode 6 - A Stand Up Guy
"Honey! I'm the head of the goddamned studio."
55 min
The Offer: Episode 5 - Kiss The Ring
"Listen to me. You're still a putz, but I got Pacino. He's in the picture."
42 min
The Offer: Episode 4 - The Right Shade of Yellow
"When you fail alone, there's no one else to blame."
54 min
The Offer: Episode 3 - Fade In
" F*** it. At least we've got a script."
45 min
The Offer: Episode 2 - Warning Shots
"The goddamned mafia put a f****' rat in my f*****' bed."
63 min
The Offer: Episode 1 - A Seat at the Table
You can't make a classic without pulling some strings.
67 min
Uncle Francis's Wine Cellar - Open for Tastings
Buona sera! Have a glass and welcome to Uncle Francis's Wine Cellar.
24 min
Introducing Uncle Francis's Wine Cellar
Introducing Uncle Francis's Wine Cellar
0 min