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Slate Money: Chip War
Chris Miller joins Slate Money to talk about microchips.
43 min
The Waves: How a Man Writes Women Protagonists
Should authors steer clear of man characters with genders different from their own?
36 min
Amicus: The Dobbs Leak Investigation
Jodi Kantor on the tipping scales of secrecy and privacy at the High Court.
34 min
A Word: The Fire This Time?
Does Tyre Nichols’ death prove “the reckoning” failed?
29 min
What Next TBD: Will Google Get Broken Up?
The tech giant's online ad business has printed money for more than a decade. The Justice Department is coming for it.
24 min
Political Gabfest: DeSantis University
The rise of Marjorie Taylor Greene; Ron DeSantis’ anti-anti-racist academics; & the bipartisan bashing of monopolist Ticketmaster.
50 min
What Next: Election Deniers Shot at Her
A New Mexico state senator woke up to bullet holes in her daughter’s room.
18 min
What Next: The "Other NRA" Fighting Restaurant ...
Why the food-service industry is in turmoil—and how it can survive.
28 min
What Next: Will the Debt Ceiling Cave in This T...
A divided Congress dusts off an old fight—and for what?
22 min
What Next: Cities’ Wetter, Wilder Future
America already experiences an “urban flooding event” every 2 or 3 days—and more rain is coming.
22 min
What Next TBD: Does Meta Even Care When Its Use...
The surest way to get your Instagram account back is to know somebody who works there.
26 min
A Word: Haiti: Fear of a Black Republic
Historically, has American “help” pushed Haiti to the brink of failure?
26 min
Slate Money: It’s Not TV
Felix Gillette joins to talk about his new book on HBO.
51 min
Political Gabfest Reads: Two Horrifying Days in...
Shahan Mufti discusses his new book, American Caliph: The True Story of a Muslim Mystic, a Hollywood Epic, and the 1977 Siege of Washington, D.C.
32 min
The Waves: Exercise Shouldn’t (Always) Feel Pun...
It’s okay to slow down. Plus, why your yoga class costs so much.
29 min
What Next TBD: An Antivax Dog Whistle Goes Viral
A data scientist and epidemiologist is just answering questions.
26 min
Political Gabfest: Does Alito Hate Sotomayor?
Biden’s document debacle; SCOTUS justices’ open animosity; and Davos during “polycrisis”
48 min
What Next: Latin America’s Lost Decade
In the 2000s, citizens grew accustomed to rising prosperity; they’re still looking for leaders who can deliver it.
25 min
What Next: The Spike at the End of “Zero COVID”
The people and the economy seemed ready to be done with restrictions—but was the country ready to fully open?
24 min
What Next: Hospice for Profit
End-of-life care is full of people looking for a big return on little effort.
26 min
What Next TBD: Tesla’s No Good, Very Bad Year
Elon Musk promised an “epic end of year” to Tesla investors in 2022. But the stock crashed instead. What happened?
28 min
A Word: Shut Up and Teach?
Florida’s anti-”woke” law is already scaring educators into silence.
20 min
Slate Money: Is Inflation Ova?
Slate Money talks about soaring egg prices, gas stoves and Columbia Business School’s new campus.
41 min
The Waves: Who’s Getting Rich Off Menopause?
Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, Naomi Watts and more are taking menopause mainstream. And companies are looking to cash in.
32 min
Amicus: The Labor Case Before SCOTUS Has Big I...
Another precedent-busting case at SCOTUS, this time targeting unions and the right to strike
68 min
What Next TBD: Why the Feds Want to Kill Noncom...
How the proliferation of noncompete clauses hurts workers and costs the economy billions.
19 min
Political Gabfest: Weaponization of Government
The House GOP launches investigations; Marcos Nobre on the insurrection in Brazil; and the British monarchy.
56 min
What Next: How They Got El Chapo’s Son
At least 29 people died in a raid to capture “the baby” of the Sinaloa cartel.
23 min
What Next: A Sex Crimes Lawyer's New Mission
A new law in New York might not get survivors "justice." But it could get them money.
27 min
How To!: End Political Violence (from an Ex-Gan...
Curtis Toler on using the future to reduce violence in the present.
34 min
What Next: Mr. Santos Goes to Washington
He’s made it to Congress—but what exactly did he get away with?
21 min
What Next: McCarthy’s Road to Speaker
After 15 votes, he got the gavel. Now the real work begins.
23 min
A Word: Dying for Football?
Damar Hamlin’s collapse reminded fans of football’s dangers. Can anything make it safer?
23 min
What Next TBD: How War in Taiwan Could Short-Ci...
Why the Biden administration views microchip manufacturing as an issue of national security.
22 min
Political Gabfest: Kevin McCarthy In Hell
The GOP’s speakership debacle; fabulist Rep. George Santos; and improving access to medication abortion.
47 min
The Waves: The Myths About Fat People
Maintenance Phase’s Aubrey Gordon discusses her new book, “You Just Need to Lose Weight” And 19 Other Myths About Fat People.
36 min
What Next TBD: Will Southwest Be Held Accountable?
Why consumers can’t vote with their feet when it comes to flying.
25 min
What Next: Trapped on the Streets of El Paso
Thousands on the border are watching the uncertain future of a COVID-era immigration order.
22 min
What Next: The "Grooming" Panic's Real Origins
The Respect for Marriage Act was signed against a backdrop of violent threats being leveled at the LGBTQ community—what’s behind the backlash?
22 min
How To!: Prevent Another Jan. 6
Dr. Rachel Kleinfeld on how all of us can help protect democracy, Part 1.
32 min
What Next: Nancy Pelosi’s Legacy
What the strongest Speaker of the House of the modern era got right…and wrong.
27 min
The Waves 2022 Rewind: How Gone Girl Changed Pu...
Ten years after its publication, the impact of Gillian Flynn’s thriller looms large.
26 min
Political Gabfest: Conundrum 2022 with Alison B...
Emily, John, and David close out 2022 puzzling over life’s perplexing questions—with special guest Alison Bechdel!
53 min
One Year 1942: When Internment Came to Alaska
The U.S. military claimed it was protecting Indigenous Alaskans during World War II. The real story is much darker.
38 min
One Year 1942: The Info Wars of World War II
How the Nazis used radio propaganda as a weapon against the United States.
44 min
Political Gabfest Reads: Everything You Need to...
Gautam Mukunda explains how to predict presidential success – and how to make the right choice for the job - in his new book, Picking Presidents.
39 min
One Year 1942: The Year Everyone Got Married
In 1942, matrimony was a national obsession. How would those weddings change America?
40 min
Slate Money: In Defense of Nepotism
Slate Money talks about 401(k)s, nepo babies, and the golden age of cocaine.
47 min
Political Gabfest: Inciting Insurrection
The January 6th Committee’s findings; Josh Partlow on the brewing water crisis in the West; and looking back on 2022.
52 min
The Waves: Are Women of Color Disappearing From...
Comedian Aida Rodriguez shares her tough road in comedy. And why she’s always trying to lift up “the kids”.
31 min
A Word: Season’s Streamings
What to watch as you unwind over the holidays.
16 min
What Next TBD: One Year - 1942: The Most Hated ...
In 1942, it was up to Leon Henderson to stop inflation. He became a nationwide villain.
43 min
What Next: 2022 Retrospective | Dua Lipa’s Copy...
Did the "Levitating" singer rip off other artists? Or should courts stop rewarding musicians for being so litigious?
23 min
What Next: 2022 Retrospective | How Soccer's Be...
The US Women’s National Soccer team fought for six years to secure equal pay for equal work.
26 min
What Next: 2022 Retrospective | Amazon Gets Its...
A scrappy group of Davids has bested Goliath.
24 min
What Next: 2022 Retrospective | What the Sackle...
The people behind Purdue Pharma and the reckless marketing of OxyContin are about to pay out billions in return for civil immunity.
25 min
A Word: HBCU Football Blues
Deion Sanders said God called him to coach Jackson State University football. Not anymore.
19 min
What Next TBD: Are You Ready For Lab-Grown Meat?
Many of the issues with lab-grown meat directly contradict what makes enthusiasts excited in the first place.
28 min
Slate Money: Should You Care About the Dot Plot?
Slate Money talks about the Fed’s dot plot, Microsoft’s attempted acquisition of Activision, and SBF’s arrest.
47 min
Political Gabfest: Is Kyrsten Sinema Toast?
Sinema ditches the Dems; Republicans’ good turnout, poor performance midterms; and the Pelosi documentary.
42 min
Amicus: “Is This How We Do Law Now?”
What happens when the Supreme Court decides to ignore precedent and trial records––and the need for actual cases, controversies, or even standing.
53 min
The Waves: Tis the Hallmark Season
Come for the rugged, inn-owning men. Stay for the vibes and attempts at increased diversity.
34 min
How To!: House Everyone in Your City
Theo Henderson and Larry Morrissey on human-centered solutions.
36 min
What Next TBD: SBF's Worst Week Yet
Legal action against the former head of FTX and hearings on Capitol Hill expose just how bad things are at the once-dominant crypto exchange.
33 min
What Next: Germany Cribs From the QAnon Playbook
How the conspiracy that says Donald Trump will take out a cabal of pedophiles fits into the plot to topple the German government.
19 min
What Next: Inside the Right-Wing Judicial Machine
A candid call with a conservative judge.
27 min
What Next: The Magic of Messi
As he laces up for his last World Cup semifinal, a lookback on how Messi reached the top of the soccer world.
32 min
Mom & Dad: Why You Need Narcan
Slate’s parenting podcast on the “miracle” you should have in your emergency kit.
29 min
What Next: The Last Time NYC Tried to Hospitali...
The best way to help New York’s mentally ill homeless population is just by providing them a place to live.
27 min
What Next TBD: San Francisco’s Self-Driving Mess
Self-driving cars are here. And there. And on the sidewalk. Oh boy.
25 min
A Word: Is Rikers Island a Death Trap?
This year, a record number of prisoners could die at the infamous jail. Why?
19 min
Slate Money: The NYT Strike: End of the Wordle ...
Slate Money talks ChatGPT, Trump tax fraud and The New York Times strike.
45 min
The Waves: The World Record Book of Racist Stories
Comedians Amber Ruffin and Lacey Lamar explain why humor is the only way to get through the pain
34 min
What Next TBD: Let’s Talk, Chatbots
ChatGPT is better than any chatbot that came before it.
28 min
What Next: Can Iran's Protest Movement Survive?
After criticizing the Iranian regime, rapper Toomaj Salehi is in prison, under threat of execution. Will thousands of protesters face his fate?
25 min
What Next: What It Took for a Red State to Paus...
After string of botched lethal injections in Alabama, capital punishment’s days may be numbered.
26 min
What Next: The Last Senate Race
What’s still-to-be decided by Warnock vs. Walker in Georgia.
23 min
What Next: Out of Afghanistan
After escaping the Taliban, refugees must navigate America’s bewildering bureaucracy.
27 min
A Word: Bot Battling in the Age of Elon
Has Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover boosted disinformation, or just fear?
22 min
What Next TBD: Big Tech’s Boogeymen In Washington
Is the most aggressive antitrust team in decades capable of reining in Silicon Valley?
34 min
Amicus: The Blockbuster Case You Probably Haven...
Why isn’t the left talking about 303 Creative - a case that could set civil rights back by decades?
54 min
The Waves: Fleishman - and Middle Aged Marriage...
Hulu’s new series, Fleishman Is In Trouble, uncovers how mid-life crisis and divorce are different for women.
28 min
Slate Money: The Tale of Two Bobs
Slate Money talks about Disney’s CEO swap, shrinkflation and SBF’s media tour
49 min
Political Gabfest: Is Antisemitism Back?
Trump elevates proud antisemites Ye and Fuentes; protestors challenge China’s authoritarian regime, and Congress protects marriage equality.
49 min
What Next TBD: Twitter's Vulnerabilities, Exposed
Elon's Twitter had its first test against bad actors from a foreign country. It didn't go well.
26 min
What Next: China’s Revolt Against “Zero COVID”
Three years of intense lockdowns is proving to be too much—for the people and the party.
24 min
What Next: It Isn't Time to Negotiate in Ukrain...
As Russia and Ukraine settle into a winter stalemate, they still aren’t ready to try diplomacy.
21 min
What Next: Is This the End of College Rankings?
Law schools are leading the exodus from U.S. News & World Report’s “beauty contest.”
27 min
What Next: Hakeem Jeffries’ House
Progressives hoping for a big shift from the Pelosi era shouldn’t hold their breath.
22 min
What Next TBD: The Trap of Buy Now, Pay Later
They're billed as a safe alternative to credit cards. But only if you use it responsibly.
30 min
Slate Money: Fleishman is in Trouble
Slate Money talks with Fleishman is in Trouble author Taffy Brodesser-Akner about wealth and class.
35 min
Political Gabfest: What If Twitter Dies?
The future of Twitter, a ghoulish World Cup, and Justice Alito is accused of a pre-Dobbs leak.
57 min
Amicus: The Alleged Hobby Lobby Leak at SCOTUS
The problem isn’t the leaks, it’s the stench
28 min
What Next: Ticketmaster's Swift Meltdown
The trouble with Ticketmaster began long before the Eras Tour, with a grunge band’s defiance and a controversial decision from the U.S. Department of Justice.
29 min
What Next: Why Outlawing Slavery Won't Outlaw S...
State ballot initiatives took aim at an exemption written right into the 13th Amendment.
22 min
What Next: The Real Danger of Fentanyl
The problem has little to do with illegal immigration.
25 min
What Next TBD: The End of the Tech Boom
After decades of growth, tech companies are now focusing on profits.
27 min
A Word: Black Soccer GOALS!
Building Black love for soccer at the World Cup.
21 min
Slate Money: Enron 2
Slate Money talks about FTX and how to gauge the scope of a scandal
54 min
Political Gabfest: SBF FTX WTF?
Candidate Trump, election denying candidates lose, and a crypto firm’s implosion shakes the Effective Altruism movement.
46 min