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A Word: Bot Battling in the Age of Elon
Has Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover boosted disinformation, or just fear?
22 min
What Next TBD: Big Tech’s Boogeymen In Washington
Is the most aggressive antitrust team in decades capable of reining in Silicon Valley?
34 min
Slate Money: The Tale of Two Bobs
Slate Money talks about Disney’s CEO swap, shrinkflation and SBF’s media tour
49 min
The Waves: Fleishman - and Middle Aged Marriage...
Hulu’s new series, Fleishman Is In Trouble, uncovers how mid-life crisis and divorce are different for women.
28 min
Amicus: The Blockbuster Case You Probably Haven...
Why isn’t the left talking about 303 Creative - a case that could set civil rights back by decades?
54 min
Political Gabfest: Is Antisemitism Back?
Trump elevates proud antisemites Ye and Fuentes; protestors challenge China’s authoritarian regime, and Congress protects marriage equality.
49 min
What Next TBD: Twitter's Vulnerabilities, Exposed
Elon's Twitter had its first test against bad actors from a foreign country. It didn't go well.
26 min
What Next: China’s Revolt Against “Zero COVID”
Three years of intense lockdowns is proving to be too much—for the people and the party.
24 min
What Next: It Isn't Time to Negotiate in Ukrain...
As Russia and Ukraine settle into a winter stalemate, they still aren’t ready to try diplomacy.
21 min
What Next: Is This the End of College Rankings?
Law schools are leading the exodus from U.S. News & World Report’s “beauty contest.”
27 min
What Next: Hakeem Jeffries’ House
Progressives hoping for a big shift from the Pelosi era shouldn’t hold their breath.
22 min
What Next TBD: The Trap of Buy Now, Pay Later
They're billed as a safe alternative to credit cards. But only if you use it responsibly.
30 min
Slate Money: Fleishman is in Trouble
Slate Money talks with Fleishman is in Trouble author Taffy Brodesser-Akner about wealth and class.
35 min
Political Gabfest: What If Twitter Dies?
The future of Twitter, a ghoulish World Cup, and Justice Alito is accused of a pre-Dobbs leak.
57 min
Amicus: The Alleged Hobby Lobby Leak at SCOTUS
The problem isn’t the leaks, it’s the stench
28 min
What Next: Ticketmaster's Swift Meltdown
The trouble with Ticketmaster began long before the Eras Tour, with a grunge band’s defiance and a controversial decision from the U.S. Department of Justice.
29 min
What Next: Why Outlawing Slavery Won't Outlaw S...
State ballot initiatives took aim at an exemption written right into the 13th Amendment.
22 min
What Next: The Real Danger of Fentanyl
The problem has little to do with illegal immigration.
25 min
What Next TBD: The End of the Tech Boom
After decades of growth, tech companies are now focusing on profits.
27 min
A Word: Black Soccer GOALS!
Building Black love for soccer at the World Cup.
21 min
Slate Money: Enron 2
Slate Money talks about FTX and how to gauge the scope of a scandal
54 min
The Waves: Ejaculate Responsibly
Author Gabrielle Blair has a new way of thinking about abortion, and it starts and ends with men taking responsibility for their sperm.
30 min
Political Gabfest: SBF FTX WTF?
Candidate Trump, election denying candidates lose, and a crypto firm’s implosion shakes the Effective Altruism movement.
46 min
What Next TBD: The Case Against Climate Reparat...
There’s a great moral argument. Practically, it falls apart.
29 min
What Next: The Shiny New Target for Political S...
Whether it's allowed or not, partisan politics—and all the money that entails—have come to judicial races.
18 min
What Next: Will SCOTUS Take Native Children Awa...
Brackeen v. Haaland could impact everything from child adoption to tribal land rights to native sovereignty.
25 min
What Next: How New York Democrats Blew It
The road to potentially losing the House of Representatives started with an overreaching redistricting map of the Empire State.
26 min
What Next: The Far Right’s Alarming Rise in Israel
Palestinians in Israel brace as Benjamin Netanyahu returns to lead a hard-right coalition government.
24 min
A Word: Black Panther’s Pride
While Wakanda Forever honors Chadwick Bosman, writers are inventing Wakanda’s future.
26 min
What Next TBD: Is This The Cryptocalypse?
How will the demise of the second-largest crypto exchange affect the industry?
28 min
Slate Money: WTF SBF
Slate Money talks about the colossal downfall of FTX
51 min
The Waves: Oprah Has The Best Voice (and Other ...
The actresses’s new audio book Inside Voice will make you rethink how you sound.
25 min
Political Gabfest: Extremely Surprising Midterms
Midterm surprises; what the midterm results might mean for governance in the U.S.; and the challenge to the Indian Child Welfare Act at the Supreme Court
48 min
What Next TBD: Senator Chris Murphy on Elon's A...
Why he asked the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. to review Saudi Arabia's considerable stake in Twitter.
17 min
What Next: Did Trump Crash the Red Wave?
Republicans made gains in the midterms but fell well short of expectations. Why?
24 min
What Next: What Texas' Attacks on Trans Healthc...
When Governor Abbott directed the state to investigate gender-affirming care as child abuse, trans kids and their families had to decide if Texas could still be home. Many left.
25 min
What Next: The Frightening Rise in Political Vi...
What’s put Congress and their families in the crosshairs, and what can be done?
24 min
What Next: How the Dems Win Back the Rust Belt
In a state Trump won handily, Democrat Tim Ryan may have found a base.
23 min
A Word: Gang Bangers with Badges
The podcast, A Tradition of Violence, probes charges of deputy gangs in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.
25 min
ICYMI: How Are the Midterms Affecting Social Me...
Some politicians really understand how to be online, but most don’t.
33 min
Political Gabfest: Live From Atlanta!
Georgia & the midterms, the potential for more political violence, and affirmative action at the Supreme Court.
77 min
The Waves: Why Sarah Palin Won’t Go Away
The MAGA celebrity is back in politics and we all have questions.
29 min
What Next: The Stakes of Nevada’s Latino Vote
Brutal inflation, a transient population, and Vegas' powerful hospitality union may tilt the balance of power in Washington.
24 min
What Next: Can an Anti-Trump Republican Still Win?
Colorado may now be a deep blue state.
18 min
What Next: SCOTUS Reviews Affirmative Action…Again
With three Trump appointees on the court, the end might be near for race-conscious admissions.
25 min
What Next: Should You Panic Over America's Test...
What lower test scores are telling us—and what they can’t.
27 min
Political Gabfest Bonus Episode: The PA Midterm...
A special episode of the Political Gabfest on the midterm races in Pennsylvania.
20 min
What Next TBD: Big Brother, Big Tech and China
COVID may be an inflection point in the relationship between the surveillance state and the surveilled.
38 min
A Word: Jim Crow’s Killers
By Hands Now Known: Resurrecting stories of segregation’s brutality.
22 min
Political Gabfest: Are British Politics More Or...
The final midterm sprint; Adrian Wooldridge on the UK’s latest Prime Minister; and Trump’s legal troubles.
50 min
The Waves: Hocus Pocus Has No Focus
The Sanderson Sisters are back, but our reaction to witches has evolved.
30 min
What Next TBD: Twitter Is Dead; Long Live Twitter
No matter what Elon Musk does, Twitter will never be the same
36 min
What Next: When Child Protective Services Gets ...
How a lack of due process makes an already-stressful situation worse.
25 min
What Next: The True Origins of the U.K.’s Polit...
Rishi Sunak is inheriting a party and country that can only manage the decline.
21 min
What Next: Is Fetterman's Disability Anyone’s B...
The problems with “push up contest” politics.
27 min
What Next: How DeSantis Redrew Florida’s Map
The governor’s new map obliterated a majority Black district and triggered a wave of lawsuits, but it’s still in place for the midterms.
22 min
What Next TBD: Can We Make an Alzheimer’s Drug ...
Advances towards an effective drug therapy have been uneven and unclear, but there are promising developments.
30 min
A Word: We Won’t Black Down
GOP-backed laws aim to discourage Black voters. Can activists fight back?
30 min
Political Gabfest: The Polls Do Not Look Amazin...
Some dire polls for Dems; women demand human rights in Iran; and Arkansas’ law targeting trans kids goes on trial.
45 min
The Waves: Why You Hate Women’s Voices
Elissa Bassist, the author of Hysterical, explains how society became conditioned to find women’s voices annoying.
27 min
What Next TBD: When An Algorithm Raises Your Rent
If it draws on data from landlords and tells them what others are charging, when does it become price-fixing?
29 min
What Next: What Happened to Kanye West?
The superstar rapper, now known as Ye, has found a comfortable spot in high-powered conservative circles.
22 min
What Next: GOP to Cities: Drop Dead
Republicans dismiss America’s cities as “cesspools”—and their legislation is starting to match the rhetoric.
23 min
What Next: Five Years of #MeToo
What has changed and what hasn’t, in Hollywood and beyond.
23 min
What Next: An American Surgeon in Wartime Ukraine
Why one volunteer doctor keeps going back into countries wrecked by Russian bombs.
18 min
How Tech Can Help—or Harm—Racial Justice
Talking about the intersection of technology and the social sciences with Ruha Benjamin.
27 min
What Next TBD: Are You Ready to Be Composted Wh...
How a bunch of environmentalists want to disrupt the American death industry.
28 min
Political Gabfest Bonus Edition: Michigan and A...
A special episode of the Political Gabfest on the midterm races in Michigan and Arizona.
25 min
Political Gabfest: Clarence Thomas Is A Prince Fan
LA’s racism & redistricting scandal, the Andy Warhol copyright case at the Supreme Court, and Anne Applebaum on Ukraine.
55 min
The Waves: Why the Law Cares About Your Sex
In Paisley Currah’s new book Sex Is As Sex Does, he asks: why do we classify people based on their sexual identity?
31 min
What Next TBD: The Next Amazon Union Fight
Why labor’s success in Staten Island has been so difficult to replicate.
27 min
What Next: How Bad Is the Economy Going to Get?
Fed chairman Jerome Powell’s going after inflation aggressively—what’s it going to cost us?
26 min
What Next: How Is Herschel Walker Still in This?
Are voters desensitized to all this dirty laundry?
23 min
What Next: Roger Stone’s January 6th
Hearings will likely reopen with evidence from a Danish documentary on—and personal text messages from—the longtime GOP operator.
19 min
What Next: Amicus: Justice Ketanji Brown Jackso...
Inside the voting rights arguments at the High Court
42 min
A Word: Bleeding Heart on the Bayou
Interview With the Vampire actor Jacob Anderson sinks his teeth into an iconic role.
21 min
What Next TBD: When Your Church Surveils Your P...
A look at the rise of accountability apps in churches.
20 min
The Waves: Why Are We Obsessed With Queens?
From real queens to fictional ones, we just can’t seem to get enough.
24 min
What Next TBD: Could the Supreme Court Kill the...
Section 230 has made it to the Supreme Court.
25 min
Political Gabfest: What Is Herschel Walker Lyin...
The Supreme Court tees up another radical term; Herschel Walker’s abortion lies; and the legal mess Dobbs created for doctors providing abortion via telemedicine.
49 min
What Next: Putin Is in a Dangerous Spot
Why the latest phase of Russia’s war in Ukraine could make him act rashly.
21 min
What Next: Congress Can't Quit the Stock Market
Why House Democrats whiffed on a popular bill to restrict members of Congress from owning and trading stock.
22 min
What Next: The Baby Formula Crisis Is Still Hap...
Regulators were told of concerns at a major manufacturing hub months before they took action.
23 min
What Next: What Venezuelan Migrants Are Fleeing
A fifth of Venezuela’s population has fled the country in the last decade. Many are seeking asylum in the U.S.
24 min
The Case for Critical Race Theory
Critical race theory isn’t taught in public schools. Should it be?
23 min
What Next TBD: The Philosopher With Silicon Val...
A deep dive into longtermism.
54 min
The Waves: Do Co-Ed Sports Hurt Girls?
Maybe it’s time to rethink the great separation in sports.
30 min
Political Gabfest: Is the Polling Wrong?
Potential polling pitfalls; Brett Favre and the greater scandal of states misusing federal welfare funds; and Ruth Ben-Ghiat on Italy’s neo-fascist Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.
52 min
Amicus: A Hair-Raising SCOTUS Curtain-Raiser
As Justice Jackson takes her seat, a court gone wild gets back to work
58 min
What Next TBD: When Climate Change Makes You Se...
How a mandatory buyout program in Harris County is upending a decades-old community.
23 min
What Next: Does the NBA Have a Bully Problem?
Owners who act badly can expect sympathetic treatment and a departure that’s more or less on their terms.
24 min
What Next: What Iranian Protesters Need Now
In years past, Iran’s ruling elite have shrugged off protests as a result of economic hardships imposed by the west. Will this time be different, as demonstrators set their hijab on fire, striking at a core pillar of Iran’s repressive regime?
22 min
What Next: Election Fraud Evangelists Coming to...
Warnings for the midterms from a chaotic primary in Otero County, New Mexico.
25 min
What Next TBD: Can Nuclear Power Be Green?
The war in Ukraine and climate change are forcing countries to rethink their stance on nuclear power.
22 min
A Word: The Kids are Alright
The documentary Defining US spotlights hard work and hope in diverse schools.
29 min
The Waves: Free Britney. From Her Fans.
Britney Spears has been released from her conservatorship, but not the public spotlight.
34 min
Political Gabfest: Ron DeSantis’ Sadistic Plan
New York alleges massive fraud by the Trumps; Ron DeSantis trafficks asylum seekers; and Dahlia Lithwick’s Lady Justice.
48 min
What Next TBD: The Fight Over Online Speech Hea...
How laws in Texas and Florida take aim at social media companies and how they moderate content.
28 min
What Next: Puerto Rico Without Power, Again
Five years ago, Hurricane Maria devastated the island's fragile infrastructure. In the aftermath of Fiona, little seems to have changed.
22 min
What Next: A Student Ran For School Board … and...
How inaction on climate, curriculum, and right-wing extremism drove one 18-year-old to unseat an incumbent.
21 min