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A Word: Planes, Trains and Pandemic Travel Plans
A travel expert explains how to avoid COVID --and racist microaggressions-- while traveling abroad.
22 min
The Waves: Can Kamala Harris Turn Things Around...
The Veep’s approval ratings are abysmal. How much of that is her fault?
41 min
What Next TBD: Did @jack Ruin Twitter?
In the post-Dorsey era, Twitter will try to grow as large as its competitors. Is that a good thing?
14 min
What Next: Why No One Told Chris Cuomo No
A trove of documents revealed just how involved he was in his brother’s damage control.
29 min
What Next: Everything We (Don’t) Know About Omi...
A new variant is here. How worried should we be?
22 min
What Next: Are the Democrats Making Child Care ...
Biden’s infrastructure bill promises more funding for a broken industry. But money isn’t all that’s needed.
25 min
What Next: RIP to the SAT
Will one university’s decision to scrap the test send shockwaves across higher education?
24 min
A Word: Cooking for the Culture
Chef Vallery Lomas baked her way out of an unhappy law career, and into reality show stardom.
21 min
The Waves: Why Women Are in Charge of Leftovers
To celebrate a very Waves Thanksgiving, we dig into how texture explains why women end up managing the leftovers.
36 min
What Next: Whose Second Amendment Is It?
An unlikely alliance on guns.
24 min
What Next: Inflategate
Are Americans doing inflation to themselves?
23 min
A Word: Colorism, Cluelessness, and Carefree Bl...
Writer Zeba Blay on how Black women writers are flipping the script in pop culture criticism.
24 min
The Waves: Taylor Swift and Adele Take Differen...
As Taylor Swift and Adele release new music, we reflect on the place they’ve taken in our hearts and ears, and what’s next for each of them.
33 min
What Next TBD: Space Junk! (And Space Wars?)
Is space a battlefront, a garbage dump, or both?
19 min
What Next: Can Beto O’Rourke Fail Up?
In his bid for Texas governor, the candidate is hoping the third time’s the charm.
23 min
What Next: The Battle Over San Francisco’s Schools
A petition. A recall vote. And it’s just getting started.
24 min
What Next: Is the FBI’s Surveillance of Muslims...
The Supreme Court considers whether to shield the FBI from accountability for its surveillance of Muslims.
24 min
What Next: “I Quit My Job Today”
Stories from those who quit...and who were quit on..
33 min
A Word: Lights, Camera, Revolution
The Black Film Archive turns a spotlight on decades of cinematic innovation from African American artists.
23 min
The Waves: What the Debate Over ‘Pregnant Peopl...
We unpack the recent discussion over whether it’s time to move forward from “pregnant women” and talk through what the trans community really wants.
37 min
What Next TBD: The Kid-Vaccine Holdouts
Many vaccinated parents aren’t ready to take their younger children in for a COVID shot. What’s holding them back?
21 min
What Next: The Astroworld Tragedy
At least eight people died and hundreds were injured during Travis Scott’s set.
26 min
What Next: A Controversial New Plan to Fight Ho...
Is LA’s new policy a political gimmick?
20 min
What Next: Has Minneapolis Given Up on Police R...
A ballot measure to restructure the police department failed by more than ten points.
29 min
What Next: Do Vaccine Mandates Work?
What happened when New York City gave its workers nine days to get the shot?
20 min
A Word: Legacy of Fire: The L.A. Riots
Decades after fury exploded across L.A., how much has changed?
26 min
The Waves: Daddy Love Me! Breaking Down the Men...
From toxic masculinity to glass cliffs, Succession manages to be one of the bro-iest shows on TV.
41 min
What Next TBD: How Schools Surveil Your Kids
A startup named GoGuardian is changing the way teachers monitor their students online.
18 min
What Next: Is It Time for Democrats to Panic?
Cutting through the hype around Virginia’s governor’s race.
21 min
What Next: White Supremacy on Trial in Charlott...
Previous trials have gone after individuals; this one’s going after a movement.
27 min
What Next: A Rust-Belt City Might Elect a Socia...
India Walton would be the first socialist mayor around the country in over half a century.
25 min
What Next: How Long Can Mark Zuckerberg Be King?
Facebook can’t dominate the internet of the future if it’s widely considered to be indifferent to human suffering.
28 min
A Word: From Schoolyards to Prisonyards
Too many school policies criminalize Black students for just being kids.
23 min
The Waves: Does Your Favorite Scary Movie Have ...
Or is there feminism to find in the “final girl” trope?
35 min
What Next TBD: Why Are Bots Buying Sneakers?
When algorithms start buying up products, there’s something wrong with the system.
22 min
What Next: Why I Quit Advising Kyrsten Sinema
The Arizona senator is notorious for ignoring her constituents. Five members of her Veterans Advisory Council have had enough.
26 min
What Next: Is Bill Gates to Blame for Lagging V...
The billionaire’s love of intellectual property could be limiting vaccine supply.
22 min
What Next: The Afghans Who Got Out
They had to be lucky to flee their country. Once in the U.S., they face a wall of bureaucracy and new customs.
21 min
What Next: A Brazen Kidnapping in Haiti
Abductions aren’t new to Haiti, where armed gangs now have more power than national police.
27 min
A Word: Uneven Playing Field
Why does Black activism look so different in the NBA and the NFL?
25 min
The Waves: Why Being the Chef on a Yacht Could ...
Below Deck’s Chef Rachel Hargrove joins The Waves to dish on the last season, the yachting industry, and the pressures of being a chef.
32 min
What Next TBD: Honey, I Sold the House to Zillow
Why are tech companies flipping houses?
16 min
What Next: How Immunity for Cops Ends
Not with a bang but with a whimper.
27 min
What Next: Is Trump Still On Virginia’s Ballot?
Both candidates for governor can’t escape his shadow.
27 min
What Next: How Should We Remember Colin Powell?
Untangling the former general’s complicated legacy.
28 min
What Next: No One's Got Mail
Is the post office’s demise a foregone conclusion?
23 min
A Word: Black to the Land
Will the reversal of the racist land grab at Bruce’s Beach spark a trend?
26 min
The Waves: Finding Hope for Women in the Climat...
The world is on fire. Is it disproportionately impacting women?
34 min
What Next TBD: The Return of Hacktivism
Massive data dumps from inside Twitch and Epik may signal a new era in the world of moralistic hacking.
19 min
What Next: The Strike That Could Paralyze Holly...
Workers are fed up with the long hours and low pay.
19 min
What Next: Is Someone Brain-Zapping American Op...
19 min
What Next: When Airbnb Takes Over Your Neighbor...
Short-term rentals are hollowing out places like Galveston, Texas.
21 min
A Word: Supreme Injustice
The conservative Supreme Court majority could super-charge gun rights and wreck Roe v. Wade.
19 min
The Waves: Can You Really Have a Feminist Wedding?
Two women—one recently married and one recently engaged—contemplate whether it’s possible to redeem the old institution filled with white dresses and garter tosses.
37 min
What Next TBD: Will the Facebook Whistleblower ...
Frances Haugen thinks we’re talking about Facebook all wrong.
21 min
What Next: Congress Plays Chicken
Democrats and Republicans agree on the debt ceiling. Why won’t they do anything?
25 min
What Next: Are We Ready for the Next Pandemic?
With bold social welfare programs, our chances are better.
24 min
What Next: Democrats’ Gerrymandering Dilemma
Do you forfeit the game just when you’re taking the lead?
21 min
What Next: The Supreme Court Confronts Its Critics
As the justices watch their public polling numbers drop, they insist that they’re not political hacks. Do you believe them?
28 min
A Word: Las Vidas Negras Importan
From the streets to the big screen, Afro-Latinos are fighting for visibility and respect.
23 min
The Waves: Does the New Clinton Impeachment Sho...
The new Ryan Murphy show American Crime Story: Impeachment attempts to give Monica Lewinsky a voice.
37 min
What Next TBD: What Instagram Does to Teens
A leaked internal report concludes, “we make body issues worse for one in three teen girls.”
19 min
What Next: The Vaccine Holdouts in the NBA
Players are getting penalized for being unvaccinated. That’s not stopping some high profile holdouts.
21 min
What Next: Why a Hollywood #MeToo Organization ...
Time’s Up was founded to end workplace sexual harassment. It was brought down by mundane workplace gripes and a sycophantic approach to power.
22 min
What Next: A Doctor’s Hardest Call
Who do you treat when you’re running out of resources?
23 min
What Next: Death and Desperation at Rikers Island
Things at the country’s most notorious jail have worsened.
26 min
The Waves: Is Overthrowing Capitalism the Best ...
Author Amia Srinivasan discusses her new book, The Right to Sex.
32 min
A Word: Texas Political Power Twins
Democratic stars Julian and Joaquin Castro are fighting to turn their red state blue.
19 min
What Next TBD: Are We Getting COVID Testing All...
It may be time to reimagine how we use tests in the U.S.
25 min
TRAILER: This Is Critical
A new podcast from Virginia Heffernan
10 min
What Next: How Biden’s Agenda Could Fall Apart
The paranoid, high-stakes fight playing out among Congressional Democrats as they try to deliver everything at once.
24 min
What Next: The Haitian Refugees Blocked at the ...
With disaster behind them and deportation ahead, what are fleeing Haitians supposed to do?
23 min
What Next: Did Gen. Milley Go Too Far?
A new book is raising questions about General Mark Milley’s efforts to constrain an unpredictable president.
28 min
What Next: God Doesn’t Want Me Vaccinated
Examining the religious claims of the COVID vaccine’s conscientious objectors.
25 min
A Word: Cancelling the “Black Friend” Excuse
Joe Biden is wrong. Interracial relationships don’t prove racial progress.
23 min
The Waves: Where Have All The Teen Magazines Go...
CosmoGirl? Gone. Teen Vogue? Online only. What does that mean for the next generation of women?
34 min
What Next TBD: China vs. Video Games
Why is Beijing restricting young people’s gaming to three hours a week?
14 min
What Next: The Plight of the Delivery Worker
New York City depended on them to get through the pandemic; why are they struggling to survive?
26 min
What Next: Steve Bannon’s “War Room” is Mobilizing
How the far-right is taking control of the GOP’s election machinery.
27 min
What Next: Why College Professors Have Had It
Educators were feeling burnt out before the pandemic. COVID just made things worse.
18 min
What Next: Empty Shelves Everywhere
Global supply chains have been flipped upside down.
21 min
A Word: Is Larry Elder the Best of Black Republ...
How did the Black GOP standard bearer go from Colin Powell to conservative provocateur Larry Elder?
23 min
The Waves: Did Elizabeth Holmes Kill the Concep...
The idea of the #girlboss has been on trial recently, and so is Holmes.
30 min
What Next TBD: Can This River Be Saved?
The 40 million people who rely on water from the Colorado River are running out of time.
17 min
What Next: What 9/11 Did to My Life
The attacks were a nightmare. For many Muslim families, what followed was worse.
34 min
What Next: Dying of COVID to Own The Libs
Conservative talk radio hosts still have a vaccine-hesitancy problem. It’s killing them.
21 min
What Next: The Texans Fighting for Abortion Access
How do you prepare for an onslaught of lawsuits?
18 min
A Word: Haiti’s DIY Recovery
An earthquake. An assassination. An uncertain future. What’s next for Haiti?
24 min
The Waves: What’s Next for TV’s White Guys?
They’ve always been TV’s default protagonists. Where do they go when someone else gets to be the hero?
32 min
What Next TBD: The Rush for Ivermectin
Who’s profiting from the latest unproven COVID treatment craze?
19 min
What Next: The Last-Ditch Effort to Get Afghans...
The U.S. military has left, but volunteers are still pursuing a rescue mission.
20 min
What Next: Why Paid Family Leave Might Finally ...
The pandemic laid bare just how little support caretakers have. Is Congress ready to change that?
25 min
What Next: Afghanistan’s Power Vacuum
Two suicide bombings at the Kabul airport beg the question of whether even the Taliban have control in Afghanistan.
19 min
A Word: The Color of Climate Change
Environmentalism isn’t just a white issue. Black grassroots activists have been leading from the start.
20 min
The Waves: What We Learned From the Andrew Cuom...
There are reasons to be optimistic about where #MeToo goes from here.
42 min
What Next TBD: Elizabeth Holmes on Trial
The founder of Theranos faces criminal charges in court next week. Here’s what to expect.
21 min
What Next: The OnlyFans Debacle
Why a website, famous for sexual content, decided to ban sexual content.
27 min
What Next: What Does Haiti Actually Need?
Not more international interference.
25 min
What Next: Will R. Kelly Survivors Finally Get ...
After decades of allegedly abusing women, the singer is back on trial.
25 min
What Next: California's Recall Nightmare
Gavin Newsom needs to campaign just to keep his job.
23 min