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What Next: Will Kentucky Fail Breonna Taylor Ag...
An ambitious attorney general failed to hold the cops accountable. Will he obstruct future investigations?
22 min
What Next: What the DOJ Should Do About Trump
One former federal prosecutor thinks the agency is missing an opportunity to explain its approach to the former president.
25 min
What Next: Who Influences the Influencers?
Political money and messaging is flowing, unregulated, onto social media.
26 min
What Next TBD: Big Pharma’s Bet on Psychedelics
Psychedelic drug research is increasingly being funded by pharmaceutical companies.
22 min
A Word: Designing Wakanda
The Black Panther franchise is lifting up a new generation of Black creatives in film.
23 min
Political Gabfest: What’s in Trump’s Safe?
The Mar-a-Lago search; the Inflation Reduction Act; and seeking accountability for family separation at the border.
52 min
The Waves: Live. Laugh. Lexapro.
Mental health drugs shouldn’t come with stigma. But they shouldn’t be the only solution, either.
30 min
What Next TBD: Crypto Could Leave Texas in the ...
How crypto mining is taxing the Texas power grid.
22 min
What Next: The Crisis of Trust That Dobbs Created
A ruptured ectopic pregnancy left a Texas woman wondering if her treatment was delayed because of her state’s abortion ban.
23 min
What Next: Is This Climate Bill Worth the Wait?
And how long until we know it’s working?
20 min
What Next: The Taliban vs. the Press
How one journalist’s reporting trip turned into a nightmare.
26 min
What Next: The New Era of Child Labor
A teen girl vanished in Alabama. The search for her revealed kids as young as 12 working in an Alabama factory.
19 min
A Word: Full-Court Fighter
NBA great Bill Russell never apologized for fighting racism. It cost him.
33 min
What Next TBD: The Monkeypox Vaccine Monopoly
How intellectual property laws make health crises worse.
24 min
The Waves: Liz Cheney’s Mom Energy
She’s disappointed in Trump. But she still voted with him 93 percent of the time.
29 min
Political Gabfest: Nothing’s The Matter With Ka...
The primaries & Kansans’ defense of abortion; Alex Jones on trial; and surviving pregnancy in the United States.
45 min
What Next TBD: The Homes We Forgot to Build a D...
Is there a way to fix the never-ending housing crisis in the US?
24 min
What Next: The Democrats’ MAGA Gambit
Elevate far-right extremists in the primary for an easier win in the general—what could go wrong?
22 min
What Next: Is It Time to Free the “Merchant of ...
Does Russia want Viktor Bout back badly enough to send Brittney Griner home?
19 min
What Next: Kansas's Sketchy Abortion Vote
From confusing language to the election’s odd timing, conservative lawmakers are using every trick in the book to try and restrict access to reproductive healthcare.
20 min
What Next: The Jan. 6 Rioter Whose Son Turned H...
Facing a 15 year sentence for domestic terrorism, will they make an example of Guy Reffitt?
24 min
What Next TBD: The Dark Web of Online Spider Sales
How the pandemic and social media turbocharged the online spider trade.
18 min
A Word: The Third COVID Summer
People are done with the virus; unfortunately, the virus isn’t done with us.
18 min
The Waves: Cafeteria Catholics Can Support Abor...
The Catholic Church claims abortion activists are threatening them. Is that true?
27 min
Political Gabfest: Did You Apologize to Manchin...
The surprise deal for climate legislation, new January 6th revelations, and the deadliest road in America.
50 min
What Next: Why Adoption Isn’t Enough
The “pre-Roe” world of adoption is not something to aspire to. Neither is the current system.
22 min
What Next: The Fight to Defend Gay Marriage
It’s a winning issue, so why aren’t Senate Democrats hurrying it to a vote?
28 min
What Next: The Worst Drought in 1,200 Years
The Southwest is struggling today, and it's not prepared for what may follow tomorrow.
23 min
What Next: The Price Liz Cheney Will Pay
Oppose Trump vocally? Pay for it locally.
23 min
A Word: Hip Hop McCarthyism?
Prosecutors are using rap lyrics in court, with very high stakes.
16 min
The Waves: The 10 Year Old Who Needed An Abortion
Why did so many news outlets question a doctor’s word about a rape?
33 min
Political Gabfest: Hot, Hotter, Hottest
Europe’s deadly heat wave, Joe Manchin kills climate legislation, and the inevitable post-Roe healthcare chaos has begun.
43 min
What Next: Three Theories on Joe Manchin
Why the West Virginia senator kept telling the Democrats ‘no’ on climate — and why the Democrats kept on asking.
21 min
What Next: A Different Kind of Pollution
“Sensory pollution” in the environment can be just as harmful as chemical pollution—but it’s also much easier to fix.
23 min
What Next: The Prosecutors Stuck With Abortion ...
In conservative states, some public attorneys are trying to signal that they'll treat Dobbs-triggered cases with skepticism.
26 min
What Next: The Biden Problem
Why do party leaders keep getting caught flat-footed?
18 min
A Word: They Want to Kill Americans
“They brag about having all the guns. They mean it.”
20 min
Amicus: Eric Holder's Supreme Court Protest
President Obama’s Attorney General reveals why he decided to boycott SCOTUS
45 min
Political Gabfest: Lowest Approval Rating
Biden’s 2024 plans, the establishment Republicans who stand by Trump, and Herschel Walker’s baffling Senate campaign.
49 min
The Waves: Brittney Griner and the Problem With...
She’s a star of her game—and this is how she’s treated?
27 min
What Next: The Proud Boys' New Plan for Power
From a loose coalition of “ironic misogynists” to a political force in the GOP.
22 min
What Next: The Real Risks of Monkeypox
The latest outbreak threatens more than any one community.
23 min
What Next: The Russians Invaded. The Opera Play...
Facing bombardment and blockade, music has returned to Odesa’s storied theater.
24 min
What Next: The War on LGBTQ+ Rights
How The Trevor Project sees the impact of the GOP’s newly-introduced, anti-LGBTQ+ laws on American youth.
26 min
The Waves: The Caregiver Crisis
Women have been depending on the labor of other women in order to succeed. What has it cost us?
25 min
A Word: Back to Black Colleges?
Why are growing numbers of elite African American students considering Black campuses?
31 min
What Next: How to Fix the Economy
Tackling inflation won’t be easy – or painless.
20 min
What Next: The Supreme Court Needs an Upgrade
What options do Congress and the president have?
22 min
What Next: A Fight to Put Abortion on Arizona’s...
Activists need to collect hundreds of thousands of signatures in a few days to put abortion rights on the state’s ballot.
24 min
A Word: No Choice: Fighting for Abortion Rights
Apps and virtue signaling won’t save abortion rights, says legal analyst Imani Gandy.
30 min
The Waves: Unpacking NY Mag’s Teen Cancel Cultu...
It shows a lot of sympathy for its male protagonist. But is that a bad thing?
22 min
What Next: The Shocking Jan. 6 Hearing Was Not ...
Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony is a bombshell, but Trump’s still a long way from accountability.
25 min
What Next: What Texas Can’t Forget
One state senator’s fight for Uvalde and for modest gun law changes in the Lone Star State
25 min
What Next: The State That Brought Down Roe
Mississippi voted down fetal personhood in 2011. In 2022, it was the state that flipped Roe v. Wade.
24 min
What Next: Your Body, Their Choice
“All of those rights are now up for grabs.”
27 min
Amicus: Abortion, Guns, and Justices Doing What...
Crushing, predictable decisions from SCOTUS at the dawn of an alarming new era
56 min
The Waves: What The F*** Do We Do Now?
Abortion rights have fallen. Let’s all scream together.
27 min
Slow Burn: Roe v. Wade, Roe Against Wade
How Justice Harry Blackmun became an accidental abortion rights hero.
58 min
A Word: Full Court Stress
How Black NBA players stay sane and on top of their game.
22 min
What Next: The Poll Workers Targeted by Trump
The anger that exploded on Jan. 6 was being stoked for weeks.
28 min
What Next: Why Biden Can’t Ice Out Saudi Arabia
The Kingdom buys its way out of the dog house.
22 min
What Next: An Overlooked Tool to Stop School Sh...
From a student-centered approach, “hardening” a school is obviously counter-productive.
21 min
The Waves: The Truth About “Normal” Sex
Human and animal history is queer as hell
24 min
A Word: Black Gay Pride and Prejudice
“I think they’re really threatened by love.”
32 min
What Next: Bill Barr Calls B.S. on Trump
Why the former attorney general has been particularly useful to the House Select Committee.
20 min
What Next: The Real Lesson of San Francisco's D...
Chesa Boudin became district attorney as part of a wave of progressive prosecutors. As he leaves office, how do his peers survive?
20 min
Slow Burn: Roe v. Wade, Women vs. Connecticut
What it took to strike down one of the oldest abortion laws in the country.
47 min
What Next: The Killing of Shireen Abu Akleh
How the alleged targeting of a Palestinian American journalist lays bare the escalating tensions between Israeli forces and Palestinians.
23 min
How To!: Run for Office Without Being an A**hole
Utah Gov. Spencer Cox and Vermont State Sen. Becca Balint on staying above the fray.
36 min
What Next: Does Gun Violence Need an Emmett Til...
A trauma surgeon’s desperate plea for change.
19 min
The Waves: The Hidden Cost of Breast Implants
The real dangers and science behind breast implants and other cosmetic enhancements
31 min
Slow Burn: S7 Ep. 2: Life or Death
How a doctor and nurse from Cincinnati irrevocably changed the debate over abortion in America.
50 min
A Word: Black Crypto Boom
African Americans are heavily investing in cryptocurrency. Will it pay off?
30 min
What Next: What The Jan. 6 Hearings Are Really ...
Prime-time hearings, professionally produced for television—but can they make a difference?
19 min
What Next: Can 20 Years of Oversight Reform a P...
After 11 different police chiefs and myriad reforms, Oakland PD is “on the cusp of compliance.” But residents remain leery.
24 min
What Next: The Right’s Poll-Watcher Army
They still don’t accept the last big election. They’re trying to help with the next one.
22 min
What Next: Does Proof Matter at the Supreme Court?
There's evidence a death row inmate is innocent. The justices are condemning him to die.
22 min
A Word: Black to the Future Online
Podcaster Bridget Todd is ensuring that Black and LGBTQ online activists and creators get their flowers now.
22 min
The Waves: Abortion on the Ballot
Working through the best way to fight back against the end of Roe.
30 min
Slow Burn: Roe v. Wade, Episode 1
In 1971, Shirley Wheeler became the public face of the fight for abortion rights.
51 min
What Next: How Gun-Makers Are Arming the Cultur...
Manufacturers follow a set playbook for when their products are used in mass shootings.
27 min
What Next: How Soccer's Best Women Finally Got ...
The US Women’s National Soccer team fought for six years to secure equal pay for equal work.
25 min
What Next: Reporting on Guns from Texas
The view from a state that doesn’t “have that many restrictions left to loosen up”—and just had a mass shooting.
23 min
Amicus: When a Shooter Comes to Your School
A rebroadcast of Dahlia Lithwick speaking with three educators about when gun violence came to their schools—and the return to the classroom after.
29 min
A Word: Debtor Nation Strikes Back
Is canceling college debt a racial justice issue?
23 min
The Waves: Protecting Abortion Is Vital For The...
In ending the right to an abortion, women’s ability to make a living is at stake
25 min
What Next: A Sandy Hook Parent Speaks
An interview that makes us feel something like hope.
26 min
What Next: The End of Ending the Pandemic
How treatments for addiction and HIV prevention can inform this moment—and the next—in the fight against COVID.
18 min
What Next: New York State’s Redistricting Mess
The ongoing battle over New York State’s political map has national implications.
21 min
What Next: Biden’s Student Loan Ambivalence
If only looking at debt made it disappear.
23 min
A Word: Reparations for Racist Violence?
While the nation focuses on the deadly Buffalo shooting, survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre are still fighting for justice.
34 min
What Next TBD: North Korea's Hacking Army
Can North Korea's army of cyber-criminals be stopped?
20 min
The Waves: What Reality TV Says About Us
Are we watching for the right reasons?
26 min
What Next TBD: How Buffalo Could Transform Soci...
Can the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism effectively moderate extremist content?
19 min
What Next: China’s Zero-COVID Policy
How did a virus prevention strategy turn into punishment?
23 min
What Next: No Lone Wolves
Why the mass shooting in Buffalo is part of a bigger movement.
25 min
What Next: How Corporations Are Taking Advantag...
Consumers are paying the price as some companies use inflation as a cover for price hikes.
25 min
What Next: The Evolution of Pro-Choice Messaging
How should supporters of reproductive rights talk about abortion now?
27 min
A Word: Is Big Tech Pro-Choice?
Tech companies fell short on “racial reckoning” promises. Are abortion rights next?
22 min
What Next TBD: Inside Trump’s Twitter Clone
Can Truth Social survive without Trump?
17 min