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The Waves: Why Being the Chef on a Yacht Could ...
Below Deck’s Chef Rachel Hargrove joins The Waves to dish on the last season, the yachting industry, and the pressures of being a chef.
32 min
What Next TBD: Honey, I Sold the House to Zillow
Why are tech companies flipping houses?
16 min
What Next: How Immunity for Cops Ends
Not with a bang but with a whimper.
27 min
What Next: Is Trump Still On Virginia’s Ballot?
Both candidates for governor can’t escape his shadow.
27 min
What Next: How Should We Remember Colin Powell?
Untangling the former general’s complicated legacy.
28 min
What Next: No One's Got Mail
Is the post office’s demise a foregone conclusion?
23 min
A Word: Black to the Land
Will the reversal of the racist land grab at Bruce’s Beach spark a trend?
26 min
The Waves: Finding Hope for Women in the Climat...
The world is on fire. Is it disproportionately impacting women?
34 min
What Next TBD: The Return of Hacktivism
Massive data dumps from inside Twitch and Epik may signal a new era in the world of moralistic hacking.
19 min
What Next: The Strike That Could Paralyze Holly...
Workers are fed up with the long hours and low pay.
19 min
What Next: Is Someone Brain-Zapping American Op...
19 min
What Next: When Airbnb Takes Over Your Neighbor...
Short-term rentals are hollowing out places like Galveston, Texas.
21 min
A Word: Supreme Injustice
The conservative Supreme Court majority could super-charge gun rights and wreck Roe v. Wade.
19 min
The Waves: Can You Really Have a Feminist Wedding?
Two women—one recently married and one recently engaged—contemplate whether it’s possible to redeem the old institution filled with white dresses and garter tosses.
37 min
What Next TBD: Will the Facebook Whistleblower ...
Frances Haugen thinks we’re talking about Facebook all wrong.
21 min
What Next: Congress Plays Chicken
Democrats and Republicans agree on the debt ceiling. Why won’t they do anything?
25 min
What Next: Are We Ready for the Next Pandemic?
With bold social welfare programs, our chances are better.
24 min
What Next: Democrats’ Gerrymandering Dilemma
Do you forfeit the game just when you’re taking the lead?
21 min
What Next: The Supreme Court Confronts Its Critics
As the justices watch their public polling numbers drop, they insist that they’re not political hacks. Do you believe them?
28 min
A Word: Las Vidas Negras Importan
From the streets to the big screen, Afro-Latinos are fighting for visibility and respect.
23 min
The Waves: Does the New Clinton Impeachment Sho...
The new Ryan Murphy show American Crime Story: Impeachment attempts to give Monica Lewinsky a voice.
37 min
What Next TBD: What Instagram Does to Teens
A leaked internal report concludes, “we make body issues worse for one in three teen girls.”
19 min
What Next: The Vaccine Holdouts in the NBA
Players are getting penalized for being unvaccinated. That’s not stopping some high profile holdouts.
21 min
What Next: Why a Hollywood #MeToo Organization ...
Time’s Up was founded to end workplace sexual harassment. It was brought down by mundane workplace gripes and a sycophantic approach to power.
22 min
What Next: A Doctor’s Hardest Call
Who do you treat when you’re running out of resources?
23 min
What Next: Death and Desperation at Rikers Island
Things at the country’s most notorious jail have worsened.
26 min
The Waves: Is Overthrowing Capitalism the Best ...
Author Amia Srinivasan discusses her new book, The Right to Sex.
32 min
What Next TBD: Are We Getting COVID Testing All...
It may be time to reimagine how we use tests in the U.S.
25 min
A Word: Texas Political Power Twins
Democratic stars Julian and Joaquin Castro are fighting to turn their red state blue.
19 min
TRAILER: This Is Critical
A new podcast from Virginia Heffernan
10 min
What Next: How Biden’s Agenda Could Fall Apart
The paranoid, high-stakes fight playing out among Congressional Democrats as they try to deliver everything at once.
24 min
What Next: The Haitian Refugees Blocked at the ...
With disaster behind them and deportation ahead, what are fleeing Haitians supposed to do?
23 min
What Next: Did Gen. Milley Go Too Far?
A new book is raising questions about General Mark Milley’s efforts to constrain an unpredictable president.
28 min
What Next: God Doesn’t Want Me Vaccinated
Examining the religious claims of the COVID vaccine’s conscientious objectors.
25 min
A Word: Cancelling the “Black Friend” Excuse
Joe Biden is wrong. Interracial relationships don’t prove racial progress.
23 min
The Waves: Where Have All The Teen Magazines Go...
CosmoGirl? Gone. Teen Vogue? Online only. What does that mean for the next generation of women?
34 min
What Next TBD: China vs. Video Games
Why is Beijing restricting young people’s gaming to three hours a week?
14 min
What Next: The Plight of the Delivery Worker
New York City depended on them to get through the pandemic; why are they struggling to survive?
26 min
What Next: Steve Bannon’s “War Room” is Mobilizing
How the far-right is taking control of the GOP’s election machinery.
27 min
What Next: Why College Professors Have Had It
Educators were feeling burnt out before the pandemic. COVID just made things worse.
18 min
What Next: Empty Shelves Everywhere
Global supply chains have been flipped upside down.
21 min
A Word: Is Larry Elder the Best of Black Republ...
How did the Black GOP standard bearer go from Colin Powell to conservative provocateur Larry Elder?
23 min
The Waves: Did Elizabeth Holmes Kill the Concep...
The idea of the #girlboss has been on trial recently, and so is Holmes.
30 min
What Next TBD: Can This River Be Saved?
The 40 million people who rely on water from the Colorado River are running out of time.
17 min
What Next: What 9/11 Did to My Life
The attacks were a nightmare. For many Muslim families, what followed was worse.
34 min
What Next: Dying of COVID to Own The Libs
Conservative talk radio hosts still have a vaccine-hesitancy problem. It’s killing them.
21 min
What Next: The Texans Fighting for Abortion Access
How do you prepare for an onslaught of lawsuits?
18 min
A Word: Haiti’s DIY Recovery
An earthquake. An assassination. An uncertain future. What’s next for Haiti?
24 min
The Waves: What’s Next for TV’s White Guys?
They’ve always been TV’s default protagonists. Where do they go when someone else gets to be the hero?
32 min
What Next TBD: The Rush for Ivermectin
Who’s profiting from the latest unproven COVID treatment craze?
19 min
What Next: The Last-Ditch Effort to Get Afghans...
The U.S. military has left, but volunteers are still pursuing a rescue mission.
20 min
What Next: Why Paid Family Leave Might Finally ...
The pandemic laid bare just how little support caretakers have. Is Congress ready to change that?
25 min
What Next: Afghanistan’s Power Vacuum
Two suicide bombings at the Kabul airport beg the question of whether even the Taliban have control in Afghanistan.
19 min
A Word: The Color of Climate Change
Environmentalism isn’t just a white issue. Black grassroots activists have been leading from the start.
20 min
The Waves: What We Learned From the Andrew Cuom...
There are reasons to be optimistic about where #MeToo goes from here.
42 min
What Next TBD: Elizabeth Holmes on Trial
The founder of Theranos faces criminal charges in court next week. Here’s what to expect.
21 min
What Next: The OnlyFans Debacle
Why a website, famous for sexual content, decided to ban sexual content.
27 min
What Next: What Does Haiti Actually Need?
Not more international interference.
25 min
What Next: Will R. Kelly Survivors Finally Get ...
After decades of allegedly abusing women, the singer is back on trial.
25 min
What Next: California's Recall Nightmare
Gavin Newsom needs to campaign just to keep his job.
23 min
A Word: Black to School, At Home
Between COVID and racism, will Black homeschooling rates keep rising?
18 min
The Waves: Can We Love True Crime When We’re th...
Sifting through the trash to find the good in true crime
39 min
What Next TBD: Will Booster Shots Make a Differ...
Globally, what’s the best use of the next available dose?
18 min
What Next: The Afghans Who Couldn’t Get Out
They worked for the U.S. government in Afghanistan. Now, they're stuck.
24 min
What Next: A Texas Standoff
The Democrats fled. The Republicans can have them arrested when they return. What happens now?
20 min
What Next: How Afghanistan Ended Like This
The Taliban is back in control. What happened?
23 min
What Next: Mask Wars and the Start of School in...
Mississippi’s hospital system is days away from collapse.
23 min
A Word: Tuskegee’s Ghosts Haunt COVID Fight
The Black Coalition Against COVID is battling the virus, disinformation, and historic distrust in the Black community.
22 min
The Waves: COVID Exhaustion
From neverending planning to constant worrying about safety.
33 min
What Next TBD: What's Taking the FDA So Long?
Full approval of the vaccines could move the needle on U.S. vaccination rates. So what’s the holdup?
23 min
What Next: When Your Town Burns Down
Greenville, California was a microcosm of America: full of heart and bedeviled by bitter arguments over how to face the long-term threat of fire.
23 min
What Next: A DOJ Lawyer’s Attempt to Overthrow ...
And why the next attempt may be closer than you think.
25 min
What Next: The Latest Blow to American Workers
Richard Trumka’s death marks the end of an era in organized labor.
31 min
What Next: A Doctor in the Middle of the Florid...
Healthcare workers are fed up, and Gov. Ron DeSantis doesn’t seem to care.
24 min
A Word: Eviction Restriction Showdown
Ex HUD chief Julian Castro wonders why the White House dropped the ball on evictions before reviving the moratorium this week.
25 min
The Waves: Can Feminists Visit FBoy Island?
The new HBO Max series resurfaces old tensions about watching reality dating shows.
36 min
What Next TBD: Can America Fix Its Trains?
To make a real difference, we first need to learn how to spend the money well.
16 min
What Next: Washington’s Most Broken Institution?
How to play bipartisan hardball.
26 min
What Next: Cuomo vs. Everyone
New York’s governor will not go quietly.
26 min
What Next: Why Republicans Compromised
No one got exactly what they wanted, so why is Congress patting itself on the back?
24 min
What Next: Take This Job, Please!
Where did all the workers go?
23 min
A Word: Black Man With a Gun
Are growing gun sales to Black Americans about freedom, fear, or both?
21 min
The Waves: The Olympics Are Still Sexist. Can W...
Despite boasting a high female participation rate, the Games still have a long way to go to reach equality.
35 min
What Next TBD: I Bought It. Why Can't I Fix It?
Manufacturers don’t let customers repair their own stuff. That may be about to change.
16 min
What Next: Will the Jan. 6 Hearings Accomplish ...
Four officers who protected the Capitol speak out.
20 min
What Next: What Happened to Simone Biles?
Winning at all costs takes its toll.
24 min
What Next: So... What Is COVID Now?
The race between variants and vaccination rates is heating up.
28 min
What Next: On the Front Lines of California’s W...
The state is relying on incarcerated women to face down an existential threat.
31 min
A Word: Running on a Prayer
Pastor, scientist, and political novice Chris Jones says he can rebuild Bill Clinton’s coalition to become Arkansas governor.
20 min
The Waves: What Does Bill Cosby’s Release Mean ...
Cosby’s release from prison was shocking. How much does it matter?
31 min
What Next TBD: How Spyware Mercenaries Hack You...
A new spyware technology has the cybersecurity world scrambling to catch up.
27 min
What Next: The Rise of Kristi Noem
South Dakota’s governor is taking a page out of Trump’s playbook.
23 min
What Next: Punishing the Capitol Rioters
What will accountability look like for the events of January 6th?
23 min
What Next: The Right Wing War on Vaccines
From hesitancy to hostility.
27 min
What Next: The Unhoused Don’t Want to “Go Back ...
How NYC is going backwards on housing.
25 min
A Word: Cuba’s Color Revolution
Many Afro-Cubans are leading calls for change. Who’s listening?
22 min
The Waves: Did Gossip Girl Lose Its Bite?
The reboot focuses too much on representation and not enough on what made the show great.
31 min
What Next TBD: It's Hot. It's Flooding. Is This...
A climate scientist on why it’s not too late to turn things around.
19 min
What Next: When the Culture War Comes for Your Job
It started with a Facebook group and ended with violent threats.
28 min
What Next: Texas Democrats' Last Stand?
This walkout might be more delaying tactic than strategy.
25 min