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Time For An Intervention?
Jacob Weisberg chats with Studio 360's Kurt Andersen about Donald Trump's meltdown.
24 min
"Russia, If You're Listening..."
Jacob Weisberg talks to Michael McFaul, the former United States Ambassador to Russia, about Trump's latest call to have the Kremlin uncover Hillary Clinton's emails.
19 min
Barney Frank Confronts Sanders Loyalists (Live ...
Jacob Weisberg talks to former Congressman, Barney Frank, about the Bernie or Nothing's and why you need to stand with Hillary for LGBT rights.
17 min
Bernie or Burn It Down (Live from Philadelphia)
Jacob Weisberg talks to YahNe Ndgo, a Bernie Sanders supporter now stumping for Jill Stein, about playing the role of a spoiler in this year's election.
15 min
The Postmodern Manchurian Candidate
Jacob Weisberg talks to Anne Applebaum about this weekend's DNC hack.
20 min
A Civic Obligation
Jacob Weisberg talks to Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter for Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal, about why he felt compelled to speak up about Trump now and the reaction he has received since.
20 min
Not Brokered, But Broken (Live From Cleveland)
Live from the floor at the RNC, Jacob Weisberg talks to Bryan Curtis, the Editor at Large of The Ringer, about the last three days of Donald Trump's circus of a convention.
14 min
The Mooch (Live From Cleveland)
From Slate's Facebook live session on Wednesday afternoon – Jacob Weisberg talks to Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci, a Trump donor, about why he thinks everything will be just fine once Trump becomes President.
19 min
A Delegate From Carl Paladino’s Naughty List (L...
From Slate's Facebook live session on Tuesday afternoon – Seth Stevenson talks to Stefani Williams, a Utah delegate, about the threats she has received as a non-Trump supporting delegate at the Republican National Convention.
16 min
The "TP" Ticket
Jacob Weisberg talks to Ezra Klein about Donald Trump's VP pick, Governor Mike Pence.
18 min
Playing Footsie with Racists
Jacob Weisberg talks to Nick Confessore about the white nationalists supporting Donald Trump.
18 min
Should Republicans Thank Trump?
Jacob Weisberg talks to Sam Tanenhaus about why Trump is exactly the reckoning the GOP needed.
22 min
Why Hillbillies Love Trump
Leon Neyfakh talks to J.D. Vance, the author of Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis, about why the folks from back home are supporting Donald Trump.
20 min
The Moscow Mule
Leon Neyfakh talks to Frank Foer about his Slate cover story "Putin's Puppet."
16 min
A Case of the Trumps
Leon Neyfakh talks to Mark O'Connell, LCSW, about how Trump is making his way into his patients psyches.
13 min
Trading Places
Leon Neyfakh talks to Lawrence Mishel of the Economic Policy Institute about Donald Trump's trade speech.
16 min
The Talented Mr. Miller
Leon Neyfakh is joined by Julia Ioffe to talk about the young, articulate, and strange individual who warms up the crowd at Trump's rallies.
20 min
A Scottish Getaway
Leon Neyfakh talks to Scottish comedian Janey Godley about Donald Trump's trip to Scotland.
11 min
Now Seeking Donations
Leon Neyfakh talks to Wall Street Journal reporter Rebecca Ballhaus about the Trump campaign's money troubles.
16 min
The Campaign That Wasn’t
Leon Neyfakh talks to Sasha Issenberg about Trump's campaign, or rather, lack thereof.
16 min
Don’t Call Him a Fascist
Jacob Weisberg talks to Professor Stanley Payne about why we should reconsider calling Trump a fascist.
20 min
Is Trump Helping to Invite Terrorists Attacks?
Jacob Weisberg talks to Daniel Benjamin about Trump's rhetoric in the wake of yesterday's tragedy in Orlando and whether or not it's helping to invite terrorists attacks.
16 min
Trumpcast University
Jacob Weisberg talks to Helaine Olen about Trump’s wealth seminar, otherwise known as Trump University, and how several of those he scammed are still supporting him.
17 min
An Assault on the Rule of Law
Jacob Weisberg talks to Adam Liptak about whether or not Donald Trump has a 6th grader's understanding of civics.
13 min
The Gaudy Construction Project On His Head
Jacob Weisberg talks to Ashley Feinberg about yet another expensive, ugly construction project from Donald Trump – his hair. Plus, a conversation with Trump biographer, Michael D'Antonio.
24 min