A quasi-daily podcast from Slate chronicling Donald Trump's rise to the presidency and his current administration. Journalists Virginia Heffernan and León Krauze talk to reporters, historians, psychiatrists, and other experts to help explain who this man is and why this is happening, right now, in the United States of America.

News Commentary
The Meaner Bill
Jacob Weisberg talks to the surgeon and writer Atul Gawande about the AHCA and why its passing would be a catastrophe for the very people that voted for him.
32 min
Melania's Tower
Virginia Heffernan talks to Kate Imbach about the photos Melania Trump has taken over the years and what we can takeaway from them to learn more about our First Lady.
23 min
Trumpcast Live From The Tribeca Film Festival
Jacob Weisberg, Virginia Heffernan, and Jamelle Bouie discuss whether or not the Trump threat has receded.
65 min
The End of Values Voters
Virginia Heffernan talks to Reza Aslan about Christianity and religion as a whole in the age of Trump.
30 min
Caesar Non Supra Grammaticos
Virginia Heffernan talks to Peter Sokolowski, Editor at Large at Merriam Webster, about the way language has evolved, splintered, and changed in the Trump era.
25 min
The French Election Connection
Jacob Weisberg talks to European historian David Bell about the French elections and whether or not Americans should be buoyed by this weekend's results.
24 min
Opaque, Conflicted, and a Lawsuit
Jacob Weisberg talks to the former chief ethics lawyer under President George W. Bush, Richard Painter, about the Trump administration's lack of transparency and continuing conflicts of interest.
22 min
Identity Politics in the Trump Era
Virginia Heffernan is joined by Upworthy's Parker Molloy to talk about the dreaded phrase, "identity politics," and why the Trump definition of working class leaves out a very particular group of workers.
21 min
Lessons from Georgia's 6th
Jamelle Bouie talks to the Minority Leader in the Georgia House of Representatives, Stacey Abrams, about the big takeaways from the special election on Tuesday night in Georgia's 6th congressional district.
20 min
North Korea's Missile Testing Season
Jacob Weisberg talks to Victor Cha, the former Director for Asian Affairs at the White House National Security Council under George W. Bush, about why there are no good options when it comes to North Korea.
19 min
Many Men, Many Many Many Men
Virginia Heffernan talks to Frank Bruni of the New York Times about his column, "Manhood in the Age of Trump."
25 min
Articles of Impeachment
Jacob Weisberg and Harvard Law Professor, Noah Feldman, discuss the three most pressing categories from which the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump may be drawn – corruption, abuse of power, and the violation of democratic norms.
45 min
Defining the Mission in Syria
Jacob Weisberg talks to Max Boot, Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, about the missile attack carried out by the United States in Syria and what this means for President Trump's foreign policy going forward.
17 min
China. China? China!
Jacob Weisberg talks to Gideon Rachman, of the Financial Times about Trump's meeting with Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago.
25 min
Gorka, Bannon, and the View from Hungary
Virginia Heffernan talks to Lili Bayer, a journalist in Central Europe for Politico and The Forward, about the story of Sebastian Gorka (Trump's Chief Counter-Terrorism Adviser) and his far right wing roots.
25 min
The Senate Standoff
Jacob Weisberg talks to Emily Bazelon about the Democrats plan to filibuster Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.
25 min
The Prelude to a Massive Intraparty Battle
Jamelle Bouie talks to FiveThirtyEight's Clare Malone about infighting in the Republican party.
24 min
666 5th Ave.
Virginia Heffernan talks to Bloomberg News reporter Caleb Melby about the Kushner family history and the building on 666 5th Ave. hemorrhaging money from the Kushner's.
31 min
The Healthcare Vote That Wasn't
Jamelle Bouie talks to Abby Phillip of the Washington Post about today's no-vote on the AHCA and where things go from here.
17 min
The State of the State Department
Virginia Heffernan talks to Steve Coll, the dean of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and a writer at the New Yorker, about where things stand at the State Department.
24 min
What the Hell is Going on at Fox News?
Jacob Weisberg talks to Gabriel Sherman about the space Fox News is occupying in the media as the go-to network for President Trump.
23 min
A Master Class in Bad Legislation
Jacob Weisberg and Jamelle Bouie are joined by Vox's Ezra Klein to talk about how Donald Trump screwed himself on healthcare and why he isn't the "deal maker" he makes himself out to be.
26 min
Much Ado About Nothing or Something?
Virginia Heffernan talks to Lily Batchelder, NYU professor and former Chief Tax Counsel for the Senate Finance Committee, about what we can take away from Donald Trump's revealed 2005 tax returns.
16 min
The Plot Against America
Jacob Weisberg is joined by Katie Roiphe and Philip Gourevitch to discuss Philip Roth's novel The Plot Against America and what the book can tell us about the current state of affairs in America.
50 min
A History of Racist Ideas
Jamelle Bouie talks to Professor Ibram Kendi about the racial components of Trump's policies and the history of these racist ideas.
20 min
A Safe House for Refugees
Virginia Heffernan talks to the journalist Jake Halpern about his latest piece in this week's New Yorker, "The Underground Railroad for Refugees."
36 min
Undone By Scandal
Jacob Weisberg talks to John Dean, a key figure in the Watergate scandal, about the Trump/Nixon parallels and differences. Plus, will anybody in the Trump administration step up to play the role of "John Dean?"
28 min
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of Administration Sca...
Jamelle Bouie is joined by Matthew Miller to talk about what we know and what we can infer about Jeff Sessions’ meetings with the Russian ambassador.
22 min
Tone vs. Substance
Jacob Weisberg talks with Virginia Heffernan and Will Oremus about Donald Trump's address to Congress.
29 min
Trump's War With the Press
Jacob Weisberg talks to Joel Simon, the executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalists, about how the media should respond to the President's remark that the press is the "enemy of the people."
23 min
What About Pence?
Virginia Heffernan talks to Nicole Hemmer about the balance of power shifting towards Vice President Pence and how he's doing all the real work of the Presidency. Also, what should we think of Trump voters today?
21 min
To Absorb or Not To Absorb?
Jacob Weisberg talks to The Atlantic's Editor-in-Chief, Jeffrey Goldberg, about The Atlantic's coverage of President Trump and what stories to keep an eye on about the president's administration.
24 min
Overt Madness, Covert Purpose
Virginia Heffernan talks to The New Yorker's John Cassidy about Donald Trump's press conference and the GOP response to the reports linking members of the Trump administration to the Kremlin.
25 min
A Cry For Help
Jacob Weisberg talks to the former United States Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, about the latest New York Times story reporting that Trump campaign aides had repeated contacts with Russian intelligence.
24 min
The Unresolved Conflict of Interest
Jacob Weisberg talks to Eric Lipton, a reporter at the New York Times, about Don Jr. & Eric Trump and the unresolved conflict of interest problem.
17 min
The Return of the Dossier and The End for Flynn?
Jacob Weisberg talks to Lawfare's Managing Editor Susan Hennessey about the Trump administration's decision to not immediately appeal the travel ban halt.
27 min
No! They're Best Friends, Really!
Jacob Weisberg talks to New York Magazine's Olivia Nuzzi about the Steve Bannon/Reince Priebus relationship and how she's approaching her first week covering the White House.
21 min
Trumpcast Live From Washington DC
Jacob Weisberg is joined by Virginia Heffernan, Jamelle Bouie, and Dahlia Lithwick to talk about Steve Bannon, Trump's foreign policy, and how things will shake out with the courts and the Trump administration.
73 min
A Time for Bromides
Jacob Weisberg talks to Yascha Mounk about the first two weeks of the Trump administration.
29 min
The SCOTUS Dilemma
Jamelle Bouie talks to Slate's Dahlia Lithwick about Donald Trump's nomination for the Supreme Court and the bind it leaves the Democrats in.
15 min
The Magnitsky Act and The Looming Russian Danger
Jacob Weisberg talks to Bill Browder, the investor and author of Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man's Fight for Justice.
37 min
The President's Executive Disorder
Virginia Heffernan talks to David Miliband, the President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), about the effects of President Trump's executive order on refugees worldwide.
21 min
Not the New Normal: How the Media Should Cover ...
Live from the Skirball Center at New York University – A handful of New York's top editors talk about how journalists and the media at large can play a bigger role in making sure that fact prevails over fiction.
76 min
The Worst Case Scenario for Voting Rights
Jamelle Bouie talks to The Atlantic's Vann Newkirk about the dangers being proposed to voting rights by the Trump administration.
22 min
A Strategy for Dealing with the BS Parade
Jacob Weisberg talks to the press critic, Jay Rosen, about developing a strategy for journalists to cover the Trump administration.
28 min
Signals vs. Noise
Jacob Weisberg talks to CNN's Fareed Zakaria about Donald Trump's isolationist policies and whether Americans should be worried about the future of our democracy.
32 min
The Show About the 45th President of the United...
Virginia Heffernan talks to Julia Turner, Slate's Editor-in-Chief, about today's inauguration, Donald Trump's speech, and how to move forward in covering our new President.
19 min
The Anatomy of a March
Virginia Heffernan talks to Jo Miller, the showrunner/head writer of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, about this weekend's Women's March on Washington.
26 min
A Message from Moscow
Virginia Heffernan talks to Alexey Kovalev, a Russia based journalist, about covering Vladamir Putin's pressers and what the American media should keep their eyes open for when covering Trump.
28 min
Confirmation Conversions
Jacob Weisberg talks to David Cole, the National Legal Director of the American Civil Liberties Union, about his testimony at the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing and what the future may hold under Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
29 min
A Question of Intelligence
Jacob Weisberg talks to David Corn of Mother Jones about today's press conference and the dossier published by BuzzFeed which talks about Donald Trump possibly being compromised by the Russians.
31 min
Hacks, Twitter, and Building a Resistance
Virginia Heffernan talks to Congressman Adam Schiff (Representing California's 28th Congressional District) about why he has been so vocal about the Russian hacks.
24 min
Corporatists, Conservatives, Cronies, and Cranks
Slate's Chief Political Correspondent, Jamelle Bouie, talks to Jesse Eisinger, a Senior Reporter at ProPublica, about Donald Trump's economic team and specifically Steven Mnuchin.
18 min
NPD - A Revisit
Jacob Weisberg and Virginia Heffernan co-host today's show and talk to Dr. Lynne Meyer, a clinical psychologist, about narcissistic personality disorder and how it has and will continue manifest itself once President Trump is in office.
29 min
The End of American Leadership
Virginia Heffernan talks to Ian Bremmer, President of the Eurasia Group and a columnist at TIME magazine, about his latest piece "The Era of American Global Leadership Is Over. Here's What Comes Next."
22 min
Putin's Meddling
Jacob Weisberg talks to Garry Kasparov, the former World Chess Champion and Russian pro-democracy leader, about Vladamir Putin's meddling in our election and America's response.
24 min
Enemies of the Planet
Jacob Weisberg talks to Bill McKibben about Donald Trump's potential selection for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.
22 min
The Good Fight
Virginia Heffernan talks to Yascha Mounk about the warning signs that signal the end of liberal democracies and how we can protect it.
28 min
The Brilliance of the Carrier Deal
Jacob Weisberg talks to Josh Barro, Senior Editor at Business Insider, about Donald Trump's Carrier deal.
30 min
Manipulating the President-Elect
Virginia Heffernan talks to Will Saletan about his latest Slate piece, "How To Manipulate Donald Trump."
20 min
A Clear and Present Danger to Voting Rights
Jacob Weisberg talks to Bruce Ackerman, a professor of constitutional law at Yale, about the impending destruction of The Second Reconstruction.
23 min
This Could Get Unconstitutional
Guest host Virginia Heffernan talks to Asli Bâli, a professor of law and international human rights at UCLA, about what we learned from the past effects of NSEERS (National Security Entry-Exit Registration System) on Muslim communities
24 min
His Rise to Power
Jacob Weisberg talks to historian Timothy Snyder about his most recent Slate piece, "Him," and whether Hitler's rise to power can tell us anything about today.
32 min
The Shape of Racial Discourse in Trump's Admini...
Virginia Heffernan guest hosts today's Trumpcast to talk to Jonathan Chait, a columnist at New York Magazine, about Donald Trump's latest additions to his administration – Steve Bannon, Ret. Gen. Michael Flynn, and Senator Jeff Sessions.
20 min
One Big Giant Conflict of Interest
Jacob Weisberg talks to Paul Waldman of The Washington Post about how Donald Trump will use his presidency enrich himself and his family.
20 min
Six Rules for Surviving an Autocracy
Jacob Weisberg talks to the Russian-American journalist, Masha Gessen, about her rules for surviving an autocracy.
19 min
A History Teacher and a Historic Event
Jacob Weisberg talks to Kate Gaskill, a 10th grade teacher in Washington D.C., about how her students reacted to the election of Donald Trump and how she handled the conversation in her classroom.
21 min
The Morning After
Jacob Weisberg hosts a Trumpcast triple header.
51 min
Suppressing The Vote
Jacob Weisberg talks to Slate's Dahlia Lithwick about the Trump campaign's efforts to suppress and intimidate non-white voters.
28 min
A Repudiation of the Liberal Democratic Order
Jacob Weisberg talks to the Financial Times Chief Economics Commentator, Martin Wolf, about the economic future of America under a Trump presidency and its global consequences.
22 min
Project Alamo Or: How Trump Duped the Republica...
Jacob Weisberg talks to Joshua Green, a national correspondent at Bloomberg Businessweek, about the Trump campaign's data operation in San Antonio, Texas.
29 min
The Alt-Right and a Deluge of Hate
Jacob Weisberg talks to David French, a writer at The National Review, about the alt-right trolls on Twitter and how a few hateful tweets turned into a deluge of racist comments and harassment against him and his family.
26 min
Cycles of Panic Redux
Jacob Weisberg talks to Harry Enten, FiveThirtyEight's senior political writer and analyst, about whether or not we have anything to worry about 12 days out from the election.
19 min
OK, You Win...
Jacob Weisberg checks in with Jan Jennings, a Trump supporter we spoke with on the show back in May, about where he stands on Trump today.
16 min
Dispatches From The Angry Patriot
Jacob Weisberg talks to Craig Silverman, the Editor of BuzzFeed Canada, about how Facebook timelines are creating an alternative reality and impacting our election.
22 min
The “I Will Keep You in Suspense' Edition
Jacob Weisberg joins Slate's Political Gabfest'ers David Plotz and Emily Bazelon to to discuss the third Presidential debate.
64 min
Trump Backers on Trial
Jacob Weisberg talks to Mike Murphy, GOP strategist and the host of Radio Free GOP, about the effects of Trump on the Republican party, whether or not people will split their ticket, and bringing Trump backers to account after the election.
24 min
Inside Trump's Head
Jacob Weisberg talks to the singer-songwriter, Aimee Mann, about her new song "Can't You Tell" where she enters the mind of Donald Trump.
21 min
Two Rallies, Two Stories
Jacob Weisberg talks to Studio 360's Kurt Andersen about Donald Trump's fascistic rally in Palm Beach, FL and Michelle Obama's heartfelt speech in New Hampshire yesterday.
26 min
The Groper
Jacob Weisberg talks to Slate's Michelle Goldberg about the latest sexual assault accusations reported against Donald Trump.
29 min
Trumpcast Extra: The "Grabfest Post Debate Spec...
Jacob Weisberg is joined by Slate's Political Gabfest'ers David Plotz, Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson to debrief and decompress after the second Presidential debate.
25 min
The Boys on the Bus (Trumpcast Special)
Jacob Weisberg talks to Virginia Heffernan about yesterday's leaked Donald Trump recording.
23 min
The Conspiracy Guru Behind Donald Trump
Jacob Weisberg talks to Jon Ronson, author of the new Amazon Kindle single The Elephant in the Room: A Journey into the Trump Campaign and the "Alt-Right," about Alex Jones – the radio host who feeds Donald Trump his conspiracy theories.
26 min
It's Hard to Defend the Indefensible
Jacob Weisberg talks to Slate's Mark Joseph Stern about the Vice Presidential debate and Mike Pence's record.
22 min
The Enabler
Jacob Weisberg talks to Margaret Sullivan of The Washington Post about the man who just can't help but squeeze all of the juice out of Donald Trump's rise to political prominence – Jeff Zucker.
20 min
The Queen Has Rabies
Jacob Weisberg talks to Professor Timothy Garton Ash about what free speech looks like in the electorate and in the media in the age of Trump.
27 min
A Historical Perspective
Jacob Weisberg talks to Professor Nell Irvin Painter, a historian at Princeton University, about how she views the rise of Trump through the prism of American history.
22 min
Trumpcast Extra: The “I'm So Relieved” Edition
Jacob Weisberg and the hosts of the Political Gabfest (David Plotz, Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson) team up for some post-Presidential-debate review.
28 min
A Debate for the Ages
Jacob Weisberg talks to Clare Malone, FiveThirtyEight's senior political writer, about the upcoming debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
22 min
Thinking The Unthinkable
Jacob Weisberg talks to Evan Osnos of The New Yorker about his latest story in this week's magazine about the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency.
21 min
Jacob Weisberg talks to Michael Barbaro about his story in this past weekend's New York Times where he called Donald Trump a liar on page one.
15 min
Passing Off Charity As Your Own
Jacob Weisberg talks to David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post about The Trump Foundation and his investigation into Donald Trump's charitable givings (or rather non-givings).
24 min
Cycles of Panic
Jacob Weisberg talks to McKay Coppins of BuzzFeed News about Mr. Trump's upcoming check up on Dr. Oz, Colin Powell's leaked emails, and why we need to constantly remind ourselves how difficult it will be for Trump to win.
20 min
No Pay For Policy
Jacob Weisberg talks to Josh Rogin of the Washington Post about the collapse of Trump's poor excuse for a Washington DC policy shop.
19 min
Milf Hunting with Roger (A Second City Special)
Enjoy this special bonus sketch from our friends at The Second City.
5 min
Trump's Razor
Jacob Weisberg talks to Josh Marshall, editor and publisher of Talking Points Memo, about his version of Occam's Razor when it comes to Donald Trump.
16 min
The Roger Ailes in the Room
Jacob Weisberg talks to Michelle Goldberg about why nobody is asking Donald Trump about the sadistic pervert advising his campaign – Roger Ailes.
20 min
Both Sides of the Border
Jacob Weisberg talks to Suzanne Gamboa, a Senior Writer at NBC News Latino, about Donald Trump's trip to Mexico and where his immigration speech landed on the political spectrum.
13 min
Opening the Trump Archive
Jacob Weisberg talks to Marc Fisher and Michael Kranish, reporters at the Washington Post, about their new vigorously reported biography – Trump Revealed.
26 min
Lifeboats for Republicans
Jacob Weisberg talks to Slate's Will Saletan about how Hillary's speech in Reno last week was both an attack on the soul of the Trump campaign and an offer to Republicans to get off Trump's sinking ship.
21 min