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What Next: What the WNBA Salary Debate Misses
Caitlin Clark’s $76,000 pay is shocking—but the story is bigger than her.
24 min
What Next TBD: The Internet Archive Endangered
A non-profit site just digitized Aruba’s history. They could be sued out of existence.
19 min
Well, Now: We Don’t Need to Cure Autism
“If your kid didn’t have autism anymore, they would be a different person. A person that doesn’t exist.”
37 min
A Word: Freaknik: Party in the Black
Remembering the freedom, fun and –sometimes– foolishness of 1990s Black spring break.
22 min
Political Gabfest: Could You Be A Trump Juror?
Donald Trump faces his first criminal trial; the Supreme Court considers a charge related to another Trump case; and The Atlantic’s Mark Leibovich finds Gavin Newsom can’t help himself.
59 min
Slate Money: Tesla’s Toxic Relationship With Musk
The Money team discusses Musk’s $56 billion pay package, the troubles at NPR, and what inflation means for interest rates.
49 min
Amicus: Twelve Jurors and One Angry Ex-President
What the first week of Trump’s hush money trial tells us about how the former President is handling his first criminal trial
35 min
What Next TBD: What’s Driving Tesla’s Layoffs?
The EV maker may be demonstrating why other car makers don’t do it this way.
19 min
What Next: Is It Too Late to Escape “Forever Ch...
The EPA has known PFAS are dangerous for a long time—why are they finally ratcheting up regulations now?
25 min
What Next: Will Abortion in Florida and Arizona...
The ghost of Roe v. Wade haunts our voting booths.
24 min
Outward: A History of the Gay Right with Neil J...
Bryan and Neil dive into the history of his new book Coming Out Republican: A History of the Gay Right
31 min
What Next: What Israel Does Now
How to interpret Iran’s checked-swing retaliation.
22 min
Hear Me Out: Legalize Weed, But Not Like This
Smoke and mirrors.
34 min
Hang Up: The Meaning of O.J. Simpson
53 min
What Next: Trump In (Criminal) Court
What to expect when a former president facing jail time appears before a jury of his peers.
22 min
A Word: Candace Owens: Back to Black?
What’s next for the conservative provocateur’s redemption tour on Black media.
39 min
What Next TBD: Is America Ready for Legal Psych...
How the push for legal ‘shrooms can avoid the problems plaguing legal cannabis.
23 min
Well, Now: Most Skincare Products are BS. Here ...
It comes down to three things: a cleanser, a moisturizer, and sunscreen. The rest is extra.
35 min
Slate Money: Why America’s Internet Sucks
The Money team discusses America’s glitchy internet industry, YouTube’s colossal media empire, and why AI still can’t brush your teeth.
50 min
Amicus: The Jurisprudence of Bleeding Out
SCOTUS is about to decide whether being on the brink of death is the only way pregnant patients can qualify for emergency abortion care.
65 min
Political Gabfest: Arizona Territory’s 1864 Abo...
Arizona’s 1864 abortion ban is back and Donald Trump is not for it; No Labels is done; and we question if presidential debates are over.
55 min
What Next TBD: Does Google Suck Now?
Wither our once-best search engine?
23 min
What Next: The Judge Protecting Trump
Why the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case is going nowhere.
22 min
What Next; How the Government Botched Financial...
Congress, the Department of Education, and two presidential administrations, all trying to find who did this.
24 min
What Next: No Labels Is Out. But RFK Jr. Remains.
The spectre of a third-party spoiler still haunts the Democrats.
21 min