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A Word: Flint's Decade of Disappointment
The legacy of the Flint water crisis: disability, disinvestment, and despair.
26 min
Well, Now: How a Former Surgeon General Took on...
Even surgeon generals get sticker shock. Here are Jerome Adams’s suggestions for how to fight back.
40 min
What Next TBD: Can California Save Journalism?
The Sunshine State considers making Google and Meta pony up—and making news outlets spend that revenue on their staff.
20 min
Political Gabfest: Should Student Protesters Be...
Campus protests march on; Supreme Court tries “history and tradition”; and killing her dog bites Governor Kristi Noem.
53 min
Slate Money: Will new DEA rules light up the we...
The Money crew discusses the DEA’s softer cannabis rules, Binance founder Changpeng “CZ” Zhao’s prison sentence, and why ravioli costs so damn much.
47 min
What Next TBD: Bird Flu—It’s in Milk?
Scientists are observing, for the first time, the virus spreading cow-to-cow—is human-to-human next?
21 min
What Next: Columbia Cracks Down
Every single thing about this is completely maddening. And none of it had to happen.”
24 min
What Next: Biden’s Climate Report Card
We're doing more than ever, and still not nearly enough.
20 min
Hear Me Out: Student Protests Can Backfire (Badly)
It’s the law of unintended consequences.
41 min
What Next: The Man Who Wrote the Trump Playbook...
Republicans these days are ceding popular elections but holding on to power. That strategy is older than you think.
23 min
What Next: The Jewish Case for Protest
How views of Israel have changed—and how some Jewish Americans are grappling with the dissonance.
28 min
Well, Now: Living and Loving With OCD (feat. Al...
And finding humor with it, too.
36 min
What Next TBD: The Failures of ‘Organic’ Farming
Organic farms try to make their products better for people, but that doesn’t mean better animal welfare.
24 min
A Word: True Life, True Crime
How journalist Tonya Mosley got to know her sister Anita decades after she died.
25 min
Amicus: Democracy Dies at SCOTUS
Justice Alito suggests it’s better for democracy to let Presidents commit crime with impunity. Cool.
54 min
Slate Money: The Rich People Restaurant Crisis
Slate Money (party of three) discusses restaurant reservation resellers, the ban on non-compete clauses, and Biden’s crackdown on airline junk fees.
40 min
What Next TBD: So ... Is TikTok Banned?
Or has the long journey to banning the short-video app just begun?
19 min
What Next: How Trump Found His Lawyer
An ex-prosecutor for the Southern District of New York, Todd Blanche left one of the oldest Wall Street law firms to represent the former president.
24 min
AMICUS PREVIEW: Abortion Gaslighting is Back at...
Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern take you through the arguments in the emergency abortion care case and a look ahead to Trump’s immunity case.
7 min
What Next: Columbia Calls the Cops
How student protests have intensified and spread.
26 min
What Next: Your Right to Protest? Not the Supre...
Looks like the highest court will let the wildly conservative Fifth Circuit judges violate the Constitution a bit, as a treat.
19 min
Hear Me Out: Third Parties Are Saving Democracy
It’s just that their job isn’t winning (yet).
32 min
What Next: What the WNBA Salary Debate Misses
Caitlin Clark’s $76,000 pay is shocking—but the story is bigger than her.
24 min
A Word: Freaknik: Party in the Black
Remembering the freedom, fun and –sometimes– foolishness of 1990s Black spring break.
22 min
Well, Now: We Don’t Need to Cure Autism
“If your kid didn’t have autism anymore, they would be a different person. A person that doesn’t exist.”
37 min