A Brief History of Triangle Sports

The Triangle region of North Carolina is one of the most unique sports markets in the country thanks to a confluence of multiple universities with rabid fanbases: Duke, NC State and UNC, a lone pro sports franchise with the Carolina Hurricanes, and transplants who still care about their hometown teams. As more people move to the area or as young fans enter adulthood, they might lack the context as to why certain things still matter or the impact of certain events to their favorite teams. "A Brief History of Triangle Sports" will interview sports influencers who changed the game we know today in North Carolina. Tom Suiter, Tony Rigsbee, David Glenn, Bomani Jones, Chuck Kaiton, Mick Mixon, Mark Packer, Jeff Gravely, and the late Caulton Tudor (and more) will be featured.

This podcast is produced by 99.9 The Fan FM in Raleigh, NC, hosted by Joe Ovies and part of the Capitol Broadcasting Podcast Network.

Sports News
Part 2 | How message boards paved the way for m...
InsideCarolina was a trailblazer for legitimizing non-traditional outlets such as Tar Heel Blog to cover UNC football and basketball
55 min
Part 1 | How message boards paved the way for m...
NC State athletics has a robust internet culture that was born in the late 90s and has grown into independent websites and podcasts
65 min
How the Raleigh IceCaps won over sports fans an...
Former Raleigh IceCaps players discuss their experience introducing hockey to the Triangle and how they fell in love with the area.
72 min
The Greater North Carolina Pro-Am had a brief s...
Erroll Reese and Webb Wellman highlight how the Greater North Carolina Pro-Am was about connections within the world of basketball
59 min
Rusty Helser has spent decades behind the scene...
Longtime Capitol Broadcast Company production director has spent decades behind the scenes, quietly making sure fans get their games
58 min
Superchunk's Mac McCaughan on Chapel Hill's mus...
The cofounder of Superchunk and Merge Records discusses his college basketball fandom as Chapel Hill's music scene blossomed in the 1990s..
44 min
The Raleigh Bullfrogs lasted one season and Chr...
Raleigh was the brief home of a professional basketball team, the Bullfrogs, which featured for ACC standout Chris Corchiani
47 min
John Wall, Harrison Barnes, and how Bomani Jone...
John Wall and Harrison Barnes bookended 2009 with fascinating recruiting sagas, and Bomani Jones was in the middle of it all.
66 min
Jeff Gravley got to see the big events, but a s...
Former WRAL sports anchor Jeff Gravley covered big events, befriended Stuart Scott, and witnessed Michael Jordan's baseball stint.
71 min
How John Forslund kept it objective for over 20...
Former Carolina Hurricanes TV play-by-play John Forslund kept it objective and gained the respect of the fans through highs and lows of the franchise
64 min
Mick Mixon elevated play-by-play to storytellin...
Mick Mixon took in two North Carolina NCAA championships and the height of Carolina Panthers football during his broadcast career
66 min
How David Glenn helped recruiting coverage go m...
David Glenn helped take recruiting coverage mainstream and got behind the scenes of North Carolina basketball's most tumultuous era
72 min
How Chuck Kaiton educated new Carolina Hurrican...
Former radio play by play announcer Chuck Kaiton helped educate a new generation of hockey fans in North Carolina.
64 min
How the “Big Four Tournament” and recruitment o...
There was relative peace between UNC, NC State, Duke and Wake Forest, but that all changed thanks to heated basketball dynamics in the 1970s.
48 min
How Tom Suiter brought out the best in North Ca...
Suiter's legacy was his contribution to high school sports and highlighting the best from the communities these games were being played in.
52 min
The evolution of sports talk in the Triangle wi...
Tony Riggsbee has spent 50 years in Triangle radio and might be the last connection to what was broadcast media to what currently exists in the area.
61 min
Introducing A Brief History of Triangle Sports ...
Why do North Carolina sports fans care as much as they do?
1 min