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Live at America's Town Hall
<p>Live constitutional conversations and debates featuring leading historians, journalists, scholars, and public officials hosted at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia and across America.</p>
Joshua Matz on When to Impeach, and Why
Impeachment scholar Joshua Matz explains why he thinks impeachment can be both a powerful tool to check the presidency and a damaging force in our democracy in this 2018 sit-down with NCC President Jeffrey Rosen.
61 min
Airstrikes, “Imminent Threats,” and the Constit...
War powers experts John Yoo, Deborah Pearlstein, and Ben Wittes joined Jeffrey Rosen for this 2017 conversation that lends context to the current controversies over the U.S. airstrike that killed Iranian military leader Gen. Qassem Soleimani.
61 min
The Fourth Amendment: Past and Present
Leading Fourth Amendment scholars trace the evolution of privacy rights from the Founding to today in conversation with host Jeffrey Rosen.
44 min
RBG on Life, Love, Liberty, and Law
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg sits down with Jeffrey Rosen to share invaluable life lessons, reflect on her career, and discuss Jeff’s new book Conversation with RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Life, Love, Liberty and Law.
69 min
The Girl in the Picture: Remembering the Vietna...
Kim Phúc, the subject of a photograph that shaped the Vietnam war, shares her firsthand experiences of the conflict in this moving conversation that also features Vietnam War historian Mark Bowden, composer Hannibal Lokumbe, and moderator Jeffrey Rosen.
66 min
Should President Trump Be Impeached? Part Two
Current and former members of Congress share their unique insights into the impeachment process and whether they would vote to impeach the president
48 min
Should President Trump Be Impeached? Part One
Leading constitutional scholars break down the facts at the center of the current impeachment inquiry of President Trump and detail the constitutional conception of impeachment.
36 min
The Promise and the Thwarting of Reconstruction
Leading historians explore how we define Reconstruction and how that period has been remembered, and misremembered.
62 min
Eric Foner on The Second Founding
Telling the story of how the Reconstruction amendments transformed the Constitution and the country – acclaimed historian Eric Foner sits down with Jeffrey Rosen.
60 min
Jeffrey Rosen on Conversations with RBG
National Constitution Center President Jeffrey Rosen unveils his new book Conversations with RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Life, Love, Liberty, and Law in a live interview with Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick.
67 min
For Debate: Should the Constitution Be More Dem...
Is the Constitution democratic enough, or should it be reformed and made more democratic? Constitutional scholars Randy Barnett and Vikram Amar debate these crucial questions. Jeffrey Rosen moderates.
58 min
Richard Stengel on Disinformation
Journalist Richard Stengel discusses how the United States tried — and failed — to combat the global rise of disinformation that eventually spilled into the 2016 election, as told in his new book.
60 min
Should Roe v. Wade be Overturned?
Reproductive rights experts debate abortion and the Constitution live at the National Constitution Center.
51 min
Hillary and Chelsea Clinton on Gutsy Women
Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton and her daughter Chelsea unveil their new book "The Book of Gutsy Women" at the National Constitution Center.
52 min
Supreme Court 2019 Term Preview
In this live recording of our companion podcast We the People, SCOTUSblog’s Amy Howe and John Elwood join host Jeffrey Rosen to preview the Supreme Court’s 2019 term.
63 min
Impeachment and “The Battle for the Constitution”
Reps. Lance Gooden (R-TX) and Adam Schiff (D-CA) and legal scholars discuss the breaking news of the House’s impeachment inquiry into President Trump in panels hosted by The National Constitution Center and The Atlantic at The Atlantic Festival in DC.
95 min
Justice Neil Gorsuch
Justice Gorsuch discusses civics and civility, the importance of separation of powers, what originalism means to him, and why he is optimistic about the future of America with NCC President Jeffrey Rosen.
59 min
Hamilton and the Constitutional Clashes that Sh...
Alexander Hamilton’s clashes with rivals like Aaron Burr, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams shaped the early republic. Historians join host Jeffrey Rosen to explore those clashes.
64 min
What is Habeas Corpus?
What does habeas corpus mean, where does it come from, and how has it been important throughout history? Professor Amanda Tyler of Berkeley Law discuss her book on the history of habeas.
61 min
Dissent: An American Tradition
America "didn't create dissent — dissent created us," according to historian Ralph Young. He sits down with NCC Scholar-in-Residence Michael Gerhardt to discuss the ways dissent has shaped American history.
61 min
Armed in America
Diving deep into the history of the right to bear arms in America from colonial militias to concealed carry, historian Patrick Charles and legal scholar Brandon Denning join the NCC's Lana Ulrich.
61 min
Slavery and its Opponents at America’s Founding
Was the original Constitution pro-slavery? Historian Sean Wilentz rethinks this question in conversation with Jeffrey Rosen.
69 min
The Man Who Made the Supreme Court
Chief Justice John Marshall is profiled by his biographer Richard Brookhiser, senior editor of National Review.
58 min
The Presidents: America's Best and Worst
Presidential biographers rank America's best and worst presidents, diving into the lives of Presidents James Buchanan, William Howard Taft, Jimmy Carter, and more.
73 min
The Presidents Adams and the Politics of Person...
Detailing the lives and political careers of Presidents John and John Quincy Adams, historians Nancy Isenberg and Andrew Burstein discuss their new book on the father-son duo.
64 min
George F. Will: The Conservative Sensibility
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist George F. Will shares his thoughts about the evolution of American government and discusses his new book in this fascinating conversation with Jeffrey Rosen.
62 min
Women and the Civil War: The Untold Stories
Noted historians tell the untold stories of women abolitionists, suffragists, and even soldiers during and after the Civil War.
58 min
The Supreme Court: 2018-19 Term Recap, and What...
Emily Bazelon of the New York Times Magazine, CNN Legal Analyst Joan Biskupic, Harvard professor Annette Gordon-Reed, and appellate lawyers and former Solicitors General Neal Katyal and Ted Olson all join host Jeffrey Rosen to break down the Supreme Court’s biggest recent decisions.
54 min
#1AUSA Bonus: Simon Tam and The Slants
Simon Tam and his band The Slants tell their story and perform some of their music.
32 min
#1AUSA Part Five: Teresa Sullivan, Suki Kim
A panel of college presidents discuss free speech and intellectual diversity on their campuses, and a group of journalists describe the challenges they face reporting in foreign countries.
70 min
The Human Side of Judging
Moderators Michael Lewis and Jeff Rosen sit down with current and former judges for candid conversations on how they approach their work on the bench.
76 min
#1AUSA Part 4: Nancy Gibbs, Dean Baquet, James ...
Part four of our series #1AUSA features Nancy Gibbs, Dean Baquet, Marty Baron and others exploring the crucial role of the free press in American democracy.
87 min
Revolutionary Constitutions
Prof. Bruce Ackerman explores how constitutional change happens and discusses his new book 'Revolutionary Constitutions'.
60 min
#1AUSA Part Three: Michael Hayden, Tom Ridge, F...
Gen. Michael Hayden, former director of the NSA and the CIA, and former Sec. of Homeland Security and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, and others, explore what happens when press freedom collides with the interests of national security.
74 min
A Dangerous Idea: The History of Eugenics in Am...
This panel discussion explores the dark sociopolitical and constitutional history of the eugenics movement.
57 min
#1AUSA Part Two: John Kasich, Hugh Hewitt, Mary...
Hear stories of ordinary citizens who have had an extraordinary impact on the First Amendment in part two of our special series #1AUSA.
68 min
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on Reconstruction and Re...
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. tells the story of Reconstruction and Redemption in conversation with NCC President Jeffrey Rosen.
41 min
#1AUSA Part One: RBG, Noel Francisco, Juan Will...
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Solicitor General Noel Francisco, journalist Juan Williams, and others explore the First Amendment's past, present, and future.
72 min
Can the President Use Emergency Powers to Build...
Debating whether the president has the constitutional and legal authority to use emergency powers to build a border wall—Rich Lowry and Jonathan Turley join moderator Jeffrey Rosen.
55 min
Joan Biskupic on "The Chief"
CNN legal analyst and renowned Supreme Court biographer Joan Biskupic discusses her new biography of Chief Justice John Roberts.
60 min
Preet Bharara on "Doing Justice"
Preet Bharara shares his views on what it means to uphold the rule of law and do justice.
58 min
When Religious Liberty Collides with LGBTQ Rights
What happens when religious liberty collides with anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBTQ people or other minorities? Scholars and advocates from all sides of the debate join host Jeffrey Rosen for a civil dialogue to address this question head on.
62 min
Can the First Amendment Save Social Media from ...
In a live Intelligence Squared debate, two teams of free speech experts debate whether or not social media companies should adhere to the First Amendment.
50 min
Campus Free Speech and Academic Freedom
Professors and administrators share their views on how certain on-campus controversies related to free speech and academic freedom should be handled—and much more.
90 min
How to Save a Constitutional Democracy
Are we in the midst of a global crisis of decline in democracy? Aziz Z. Huq and Tom Ginsburg discuss this question and their book “How to Save a Constitutional Democracy."
61 min
We the Corporations
Are corporations treated like people under the Constitution? Adam Winkler and Kent Greenfield illuminate this question and many others in a wide-ranging discussion of the history of corporations in America.
64 min
Faith and the Founding
Exploring how the bible influenced the American founding and the creation of the Constitution, leading religion scholars join NCC President Jeffrey Rosen.
48 min
Notorious RBG in Song
A musical portrait of the life of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, performed by composer/soprano and daughter-in-law of Justice Ginsburg, Patrice Michaels.
75 min
Michael Tomasky on Polarization and How to Fix It
Tomasky discusses his new book, detailing the divides that ail America today and the solutions that can fix them, in conversation with Jeffrey Rosen.
61 min
Civil Rights Across the Centuries
Detailing the battle over race and equality across American history, three distinguished scholars join Jeffrey Rosen at the National Constitution Center.
60 min
Freedom, Equality, and Emancipation
Reconstruction historians Thavolia Glymph and David Blight recount the ratification of the 14th Amendment and explore the meaning of freedom, equality, and emancipation.
70 min
Gen. Stanley McChrystal — Leaders: Myth and Rea...
Gen. Stanley McChrystal shares his insights into the complex question, “What makes a leader great?” and discusses his new book.
64 min
RBG and On the Basis of Sex
A panel of RBG enthusiasts sit down to discuss On the Basis of Sex, the new biopic on the justice
31 min
Civil Rights and Constitutional Change
In remembrance of the 1963 bombing at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, survivor Sarah Collins Rudolph, historian Steven Levingston and composer Hannibal Lokumbe explore the tragedy's impact on the civil rights movement.
62 min
The Battle for the American Mind
Justin Driver provides a provocative exploration of public education, the Supreme Court, and the "battle for the American mind."
60 min
Judicial Independence and the Federal Courts: A...
Exploring the 20th century history of judicial independence and the federal courts.
41 min
The Suffrage Movement: Revisiting the Final Cam...
Detailing some of the key moments in the journey to women’s suffrage and the ratification of the 19th Amendment, authors Elaine Weiss and Dawn Langan Teele join the NCC’s Lana Ulrich.
59 min
Gerard Magliocca: The Heart of the Constitution
Honoring the anniversary of the Bill of Rights' ratification, Gerard Magliocca sits down with Jeffrey Rosen to discuss the first ten amendments to the Constitution.
54 min
BONUS: What Would Madison Think of Democracy To...
Three scholarly experts on James Madison join Jeffrey Rosen to explore the founding father's vision for republican government.
23 min
Madison, the Media, and the Mob
Exploring what Madison would think of mainstream media and social media today - Jeffrey Rosen moderates a panel of Goldbergs (Jeff, Michelle, and Jonah).
54 min
Bonus: Sen. Chris Coons on the Senate and the C...
Sen. Chris Coons sits down with Jeffrey Rosen to discuss the Constitution and the future of the Senate.
34 min
Jon Meacham on the American Odyssey of Presiden...
Biographer Jon Meacham shares stories from his portrait of the 41st president.
65 min
Hamilton: The Man, the Musical, and the Law
A conversation on the ways that Hamilton, both the man and the musical, teaches us about the Constitution and the law.
53 min
What is Citizenship?
Live from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Jeffrey Rosen sits down with Jaya Ramji-Nogales, John Eastman, and Ruth Wasem to discuss citizenship and nationhood.
60 min
Ken Starr: A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation
Former special prosecutor Ken Starr shares his definitive account of the investigation into President Clinton.
61 min
Michael Beschloss: Presidents of War
Presidential historian Michael Beschloss discusses his new book, Presidents of War, with Jeffrey Rosen.
64 min
Why State Constitutions Matter
Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton sheds light on the importance of state courts and state constitutions.
62 min
Doris Kearns Goodwin: Leadership in Turbulent T...
Pulitzer Prize-winning historian unveils her new book
72 min