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That One Time On Tour
<p>Hello, my name is Christopher Swinney. I have played and toured with many bands in my career such as The Ataris, Brazil, Underminded, The Widow Jenkins, and many others. I hung up my touring boots a while back, and became a family man. As much as I love my life wth my beautiful wife, Felicia, and my two children, Silas and Indi...I missed the road! This podcast was the answer! With "That One Time On Tour" I get to reminisce and/or commiserate about what it is like to be a road warrior and live your dream, and sometimes your worst nightmare. Please join me on this epic journey!</p>
Music Interviews
Music Commentary
Joey Cape (Lagwagon)
Chris chats with, Joey Cape, from the amazing band, Lagwagon!
91 min
Lars Frederiksen (Rancid/The Old Firm Casuals)
Chris chats with, Lars Frederiksen, from Rancid and The Old Firm Casuals!
73 min
Jen Razavi (The Bombpops)
Chris chats with, Jen Razavi, from The Bombpops!
52 min
Rody Walker (Protest The Hero)
Chris chats with his friend, Rody Walker, from the amazing band, Protest The Hero!
91 min
Trevor Reilly (A Wilhelm Scream)
Chris chats with his buddy, Trevor Reilly, from the amazing band, A Wilhelm Scream!
85 min
Brandon Shore (Patreon Exclusive-Teaser)
Check out my conversation with my friend, Brandon Shore, in this Patreon Exclusive episode!
30 min
Bradley Bell (Chiodos)
Chris chats with, Bradley Bell, from the awesome band, Chiodos!
74 min
Grant Emerson (Delta Rae)
Chris chats with Delta Rae bassist, Grant Emerson!
75 min
Scott Radinsky (Pulley)
Chris chats with MLB pitcher and Pulley frontman, Scott Radinsky!
74 min
Tom Petta (Bigwig)
Chris chats with his good friend, Tom Petta, from the amazing band, Bigwig!
85 min
Ray Carlisle (Teenage Bottlerocket)
Chris chats with, Ray Carlisle, from the awesome band, Teenage Bottlerocket!
69 min
Ray Castro (Bracket)
Chris chats with, Ray Castro, from the awesome band, Bracket!
76 min
Sebastian Thomson (Baroness)
Chris chats with, Sebastian Thomson, from the amazing band, Baroness!
77 min
Steve Brooks (Torche)
Chris chats with, Steve Brooks, from the awesome band, Torche!
51 min
Chris Hannah (Propagandhi)
Chris chats with, Chris Hannah, from the amazing band, Propagandhi!
84 min
Eric Johnson and Jonathon Newby (Brazil)
Chris chats with his good friends, Eric Johnson and Jonathon Newby, from the band, Brazil!
104 min
Daryl Wilson (The Bollweevils)
Chris chats with his buddy, Daryl Wilson, from The Bollweevils!
89 min
Travis Stever (Coheed And Cambria)
Chris chats with his buddy and old tour mate, Travis Stever, from Coheed And Cambria!
105 min
Mark O'Connell (Taking Back Sunday)
Chris chats with his buddy, Mark O'Connell, from Taking Back Sunday!
77 min
Tom Wisniewski (MxPx)
Chris chats with, Tom Wisniewski, from MxPx!
75 min
Vinnie Fiorello (Less Than Jake)
Chris chats with his buddy, Vinnie Fiorello, from Less Than Jake!
84 min
Denis Buckley (88 Fingers Louie)
Chris chats with his buddy, Denis Buckley, from 88 Fingers Louie!
98 min
Jacob Harrison (Permanence Tattoo Gallery)
Chris chats with his friend and tattoo artist, Jacob Harrison, owner of Permanence Tattoo Gallery!
77 min
Kevin Martin (Candlebox)
Chris chats with Kevin Martin, of Candlebox!
82 min
Lindsay McDougall (Frenzal Rhomb)
Chris chats with Lindsay McDougall, of Frenzal Rhomb!
101 min
One Year Anniversary "Ask Chris"
One Year Anniversary Episode!!! Chris and his wife, Felicia, answer your questions!
75 min
Connor Lovat-Fraser (Boys Night Out)
Chris chats with Connor Lovat-Fraser, of Boys Night Out and Pale Drone!
109 min
Benjamin Harper (Yellowcard)
Chris chats with Benjamin Harper, founding member of Yellowcard and mastermind behind Takeover Records!
69 min
Jakob Nowell and Logun Spellacy (LAW)
Chris chats with Jakob Nowell (Son of Sublime's Bradley Nowell) and Logun Spellacy of the awesome band, LAW!
77 min
Slaid Cleaves (Singer/Songwriter)
Chris chats with one of his favorite singer/songwriters, Slaid Cleaves!
66 min
Rob Perelman (Tour Manager)
Chris chats with his buddy, Rob Perelman, former tour manager of The Ataris and Yellowcard!
92 min
Mini Episode
Big announcement episode!
7 min
Greg Hetson (Bad Religion/Circle Jerks)
Chris chats with his buddy, Greg Hetson, formerly of Bad Religion and founding member of Circle Jerks!
62 min
Efrem Schulz (Death By Stereo/Voodoo Glow Skulls)
Chris chats with his friend, Efrem Schulz, of Death By Stereo, Voodoo Glow Skulls, and Manic Hispanic!
84 min
Murphy Karges (Sugar Ray)
Chris chats with his friend, Murphy Karges, formerly of Sugar Ray!
79 min
Brian Venable (Lucero)
Chris chats with his friend, Brian Venable, of Lucero!
83 min
Chris #2 (Anti-Flag)
Chris chats with his buddy, Chris #2, of Anti-Flag!
63 min
Shaun Colón (A Fat Wreck Documentary)
Chris chats with, Shaun Colón...director of the awesome documentary "A Fat Wreck"!
101 min
Branden Steineckert (Rancid)
Chris chats with his buddy, Branden Steineckert...of Rancid and formerly of The Used!
78 min
Rikki Rockett (Poison)
Chris chats with his friend, Rikki Rockett...drummer for the band Poison!
71 min
Matt Pinfield (MTV's 120 Minutes)
Chris chats with his buddy, Matt Pinfield...who hosted the highly influential MTV show 120 Minutes!
94 min
Anthony Bozza (Author)
Chris chats with New York Times Best Selling author, Anthony Bozza...who has written books with Eminem, Tommy Lee, Slash, and Mick Fleetwood!
60 min
Scott Mellinger (ZAO)
Chris chats with his buddy, Scott Mellinger...guitarist for Metalcore legends, ZAO!
76 min
Sam King (Get Dead)
Happy New Year! First episode of 2019! Chris chats with his buddy, Sam King...vocalist and frontman of the awesome Fat Wreck Chords band, Get Dead!
58 min
Isaac Landfert (NBC's Last Comic Standing/Ex-To...
Chris chats with one of his oldest and dearest friends, Isaac Landfert...of NBC's Last Comic Standing fame and Chronic Chaos's ex-Tour Manager!
114 min
Mike Kennerty (The All American Rejects)
Chris chats with his buddy, Mike Kennerty...of The All American Rejects!
65 min
Shawn Dailey (Hole/Rock Kills Kid)
Chris chats with his buddy, Shawn Dailey...formerly of Hole and Rock Kills Kid!
60 min
Ryan J. Downey (Superhero Artist Management/Spe...
Chris chats with his buddy and fellow Hoosier, Ryan J. Downey...music journalist, founder of Superhero Artist Management and host of the Speak N' Destroy Podcast!
70 min
Emily Whitehurst (Tsunami Bomb/Survival Guide)
Chris chats with his friend, Emily Whitehurst, from Tsunami Bomb and Survival Guide!
66 min
Pete Parada (The Offspring)
Chris chats with his friend, Pete Parada, from The Offspring! Pete also did tours of duty in Face To Face and Saves The Day!
76 min
Randy Bradbury (Pennywise)
Chris chats with his buddy, Randy Bradbury, from Pennywise!
84 min
Eddie Breckenridge (Thrice)
Chris chats with his buddy, Eddie Breckenridge, from Thrice!
87 min
Jack O'Shea (Bayside)
Chris chats with Jack O'Shea of Bayside!
56 min
Nathan Gray (BoySetsFire)
Chris chats with BoySetsFire frontman, Nathan Gray!
71 min
Jason "Wee Man" Acuña (Jackass)
Chris chats with, Jason "Wee Man" Acuña from Jackass!
56 min
Zach Blair (Rise Against)
Chris chats with his buddy, Zach Blair...of Rise against, Hagfish, Gwar, and Only Crime!
80 min
Stephen Egerton (Descendents)
Chris chats with his buddy...Stephen Egerton from Descendents, ALL, and Flag!
86 min
Johnny Bonnel (Swingin' Utters)
Chris chats with Johnny Bonnel, of the awesome band Swingin' Utters (Fat Wreck Chords)!
52 min
Jonathon Newby (Brazil)
Chris chats with his good friend and front man from the band Brazil, Jonathon Newby!
65 min
Rick Thorne (BMX Legend/Good Guys In Black)
Chris chats with his good buddy...BMX Legend and singer of Good Guys In Black, Rick Thorne!
71 min
Charlie Paulson (Goldfinger)
Chris chats with his buddy, Charlie Paulson...of Goldfinger and Black President!
74 min
Kristopher Roe (The Ataris)
Chris chats with his good friend and old band mate, Kristopher Roe...of The Ataris!
73 min
Adam Glass (The Widow Jenkins/Lost Age Games)
Chris chats with his good friend and ex band mate, Adam Glass...of the band, The Widow Jenkins and Lost Age Games!
79 min
Phillip Nguyen (A Thorn For Every Heart)
Chris chats with his good friend and tour mate, Phillip Nguyen...of the band, A Thorn For Every Heart (Interscope Records)!
66 min
Dewey Halpaus (Peer Pleasure Podcast)
Chris chats with friend and fellow podcaster, Dewey Halpaus...of the Peer Pleasure Podcast (Jabberjaw Media)!
68 min
Eric Johnson (Brazil)
Chris chats with his good friend and tour mate, Eric Johnson...of the bands, Brazil (Fearless Records) and Saababanks!
89 min
Rob Felicetti (Patent Pending/ex-The Ataris)
Chris chats with, Rob Felicetti...of the band, Patent Pending!
71 min
Live from Rock And Roll Summer Camp
Chris chats with his students at his annual Rock And Roll Summer Camp!
47 min
Marko DeSantis (Sugarcult)
Chris chats with, Marko DeSantis...of the band, Sugarcult!
84 min
Tucker Rule (Thursday)
Chris chats with, Tucker Rule...drummer of the band, Thursday!
68 min
Franz Stahl (Scream/ex-Foo Fighters)
Chris chats with founding member of Scream and former guitarist of Foo Fighters, Franz Stahl!
59 min
Jake Dwiggins (ex-The Ataris)
Chris chats with former drummer of The Ataris, Jake Dwiggins!
70 min
Kira Roessler (Black Flag)
Chris chats with former Black Flag bassist and Emmy/Oscar winning dialogue editor, Kira Roessler!
57 min
Eddie Reyes (Taking Back Sunday)
Chris chats with his friend, Eddie Reyes, formerly of Taking Back Sunday!
40 min
Dan Wleklinski (88 Fingers Louie/Ex-Rise Against)
Chris chats with Dan "Mr. Precision" Wleklinski of 88 Fingers Louie and Rise Against!
54 min
Ty Fury (ex-Trapt)
Chris chats with ex-Trapt guitarist, Ty Fury!
44 min
Gavin Smith (The Ataris Tour Manager)
Chris chats with Tour Manager for The Ataris, Gavin Smith!
57 min
Joel Green (ex-Emery)
Chris chats with Joel "Chopper" Green...founding member of the band, Emery (Tooth And Nail Records).
57 min