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Mon 23 Oct: Tore Says Documentary - Chronicles ...
This is the audio from Tore's new documentary, plus her comments, exposing the shocking depths to which our Government has fallen. It's an evil mix of the Ukraine coup, Hunter's laptop, alpha agency meddling, bribery, greed and murder. Our Democratic institutions are in danger from this potent but rotten stew. Elected officials have exploited positions of power and built a network of pervasive fraud and graft. Exposing it all is the first step. Run time is one hour and 18 minutes.
78 min
Thu 19 Oct: EV-I-LUTION Parts I And II - Audio ...
This file contains audio from parts one and two of Tore's three part docu series EV-I-LUTION. Part three was published as part of the Wed 18 Oct show file. All audio has been corrected for duplicate segments and voice speed. The chilling truth about human cloning is laid bare for all to see. Run time is 2 hours and 25 minutes.
145 min
Wed 18 Oct: Target Media - Stand Down - Real En...
More thrilling words have rarely been heard. Now we're going after the media. The purge begins, and the people will finally start to see. The biggest terrorists have had their chances. And it's more than just the bricks and mortar too. In the past 48 hours they've shown their true teeth. This coming Saturday will be big. The worst times take us to the bare essence for a true test. In all human interactions, try to see the virtuous first. This shows character and wisdom. More than just optimism, it's paving the way for harmonious existence. At least one investigative journalist can see things. War, pretense and moral decay swirl all around. For days we've been carpet bombed with rhetoric. Do you lie for self preservation or humanity. Asking how we were so wrong is part of life. Break bread with Judas, and find God's true love. When talking heads tell us things, don't listen. Satan enters the conversation using pure insanity. The frightening reality of cloning in part three of EVI-I-LUTION. Chronicles Of Corruption docu incoming soon. Always understand that we're in a real war and the news surrounding it is all fake. Also know that prayer works, and we need it now more than ever.
77 min
Tue 17 Oct: Tore Joins Twitter Space Host Nick ...
The original six hour podcast has been edited to highlight Tore's comments. Matt Gaetz and Seb Gorka make an appearance as all the twists and turns of the Speaker votes are discussed. Millie Weaver, Dustin, our Chaos Coordinator and others keep the sometimes contentious rap moving. What can the House do without a Speaker? That's a hot topic. Many procedural mechanisms still exist. Funding streams dating from 2016 means it's Obama's agenda. What is the House covering up? Will this pinch money from Ukraine? Maybe that's the plan. The future is getting complicated. Run time is 65 minutes.
65 min
Mon 16 Oct: Tore Audio Bits And Pieces - TikTok...
This file contains several important TikTok posts made by Tore over the last few days discussing government censorship, the rapidly escalating war, and the evil plans to trap us in this conflict. Then, it's the complete audio from the four part mini series Fall Of Babylon, which includes Tore's comments. Total run time is 2 hours and 50 minutes.
170 min
Fri 13 Oct: Tore Joins Dustin Stockton Again Fo...
It's another fast moving multi party confab on the latest House intrigue, the rapidly changing coallitions, and a general disgust for RINO's. How our constitutional rights are being outsourced. Why is there no Congressional bills involving crooked machines. They could expedite voting integrity if they wanted. Joe Oltmann discussed machine fraud details. Election theft occurs on all levels. Laser focused non-negotiable principles. We have to take their chess pieces off the table. With no accountability, the Left laughs at us. Even the Dem base supports real elections. Is Gaetz uncomfortable on the subject of J6? Jim Jordan is lukewarm on the issue. Open House conversations are shunned. The people have more faith than we know. Focusing energy on one thing when opportunity arises. Lets look at where pressure works. Mike Lindell makes an appearance. How to really reach those in office. They deny existing problems. Are we under a national emergency? When RINO's show their face, things happen. Pushing Congress to rescind the HAVA Act. Gov. Kemp, in 2016, admitted then DHC was involved in the vote. Then the issue died. A statement could be made using big bags of mail. When we stand together, our power will become something to behold.
182 min
Fri 13 Oct: Silent Expectations - Anticipation ...
It's all about the expectations we have for ourselves and each other. What we want versus what is real. There's that ugly trait again. Can you see it now? We're all in the same boat. There's no sense arguing. Our differences actually make us stronger. Understanding other opinions is a learned skill. The real challenges are discord and separation. So many areas exist for infighting. Of course, our enemies know that. The importance of clear communications is paramount. Seeing how humanity defines us all is real wisdom. Our combined understanding and sharing of love can actually be possible. We must never lose sight of our goals. Also Include is episode one audio from the Fall Of Babylon miniseries.
31 min
Fri 13 Oct: Tore Joins Dustin Stockton For Day ...
Seven hours of Thursday audio has been edited to highlight Tore's comments. For any new speaker, focusing on election integrity is key. And they better pay attention. The people's voice is paramount. It's what we say that matters. Gaetz's name comes up. General Flynn joins the discussion. What are the leading indicator's of voter sentiment? People want real change. When we stand up it's game over. The latest attempt to normalize brutality. Not every Palestinian is Hamas. They want to empty Gaza? We are being duped just like in the past. Trump clearly called out Bibi. It was DJT that took out ISIS. Hamas and Hezbollah were built by Israel and America. The manipulation is obvious to all. From Pandora's Box to Chaos. Pay attention to everything with your head on a swivel. Introspection pays when listening to your President. He will tell you exactly what you need to know. Stay dillegent and armed. Avoid big venues. Good Guy sucks. God takes care of enemies. All of our problems change when we allow him in. War is ugly and it's coming. Remember that evil hates good and all the demons are out. It will be very rocky for the next 7 days. Please, when you pick a side, make sure it's the side of humanity.
203 min
Thu 12 Oct: Tore Is A Guest On The Conservative...
It's an evening of free wheeling discussions combined with an important Trump speech. The battle of good versus evil rages while we PRAY for peace and watch it boil. How will we not fall for the same war tricks again? Trump calls out Bibi. The dead baby debate and why it got mentioned at all. What major contributing events are influencing the narrative? War fever is a curse we've dealt with before. How a small country has such big influence on world events. Cutting food, electricity and water to Gaza. The enemy is still the deep state. Did terrorists really defeat massive security? Sociopathic qualities within the alpha agencies. Very smart people who are devoid of morals. DJT didn't use them. Unit 8200 is standing down because we're taking down the media. No face punching. Calling out the pandering of Conservative Inc. The people must decide to throw out the machines. We must have a real plan. Changing ballot images was key. The questions surrounding Boebert. Modelling agencies have supplied conservative influencers. Why is everyone captured? Don't just listen, use discernment and think. It was an important night filled with free speech, our President, and heart felt prayers.
220 min
Wed 11 Oct: Tore Joins Host Dustin Stockton In ...
This file has been edited to highlight Tore's comments, and was joined in progress. The Speaker race heats up with secret votes and plenty of intrigue. Committee positions, peer pressure, subtle threats, bribery and the settling of old scores. The Trump endorsement and what Scalise has on people. Is Jordon egotistical? Is a health scare part of the plan? How would a delay effect things?It seems that shady business is afoot. Both Ukraine and Israel funding is now in play. Some say both will cash in regardless. The mouse fighting the lion needs money. Blinded by war funding. Fake conservatives always seem to come together. Slim working majorities mean new opportunities to extract commitments and concessions. Coming to the floor as a unified front. It's not a formal vote, and back door secret deals suck. Fair elections mean open elections. Now people are doing their homework. The ongoing proxy war could bring in Iran, or Turkey. Jordon speaks a good game, but doesn't deliver. The Republicans always remove anyone who's effective. Whatever is happening, it's no longer the old order. Terror groups and immigration are hot. It's a fast moving discussion with participants and passion aplenty.
104 min
Fri 29 Sep: Precision Grooming - BHO Extrapolat...
On closer examination of the chosen one, it all looks like a huge deception. The complete exposure of illigitimate 44. Wayne Madsen's revealing earlier investigations. A huge consortium of shadowy people. Who was Soeharko? Now is a good time to stay away from large crowds. Barak Obama, test tube baby. His largely unknown inheritance was huge. A far off hospital on an island. Saul Alinsky was a mentor to be proud of. Mark Seidenberg provides accurate research. How Hawaii details were related. Was all this to develop a banker's boy? Hidden records and hot zone training. South Chicago didn't trust him. Momma was an exotic. The Man's Country private club. Pre-AIDS testing gets started. Ten fetish rooms available. Larry Sinclair goes public. A fully equipped dentist chair in the basement of the White House. A drowned chef can't talk. Falsified corporate histories setup by the CIA. A fully complicit and totally controlled media. Pulling off the hits with the Bush's. Human trafficking included. Real reporters risk death. Michael Hastings, his work and his murder. The Feinstein legacy. Evil is the absense of God. Our nation is going through a day of death, so we must look hard to find our faith.
138 min
Thu 28 Sep: Impeachment Hearings II - Tore's Co...
Today's show contains a full hour of Tore's comments during today's extended impeachment hearings. The entire four hour proceedings can be accessed here: This is showing the people what the swamp is truly like. The worst of the slimy creatures are hidden. Smoke, mirrors, graft cover up and the unbreakable party line. Burisma, Hunter, the bribes and all the documentation are easily ignored by the Dems. Is this about Trump? He will always live rent free in all their minds. Finally, the MSM is acknowledging his power. Red, blue or in between. Raskin pulls many fast ones, and Comer counters. The people must do the work of the very lame media. The important role of Baxter Pharmaceuticals and it's well connected board members. Why were Obama's people working with Hunter? Was the CIA involved too? Now would be a good time to examine all related blind trusts. How the average Senator works to hide money and make investments. Revealing coms surround the purchase and sale of target securities. Attacking a business to destroy it's owner. No amount of congressional posturing can change the facts. Righteous people with good, honest common sense will always be able to see the truth. It's our special power.
60 min
Mon 25 Sep: Tore as the Chaos Coordinator - A T...
Tore leads a large group discussion on recent revelations involving election fraud. What tops your list? From voting machines to biased media to corporate bribery and financial malfeasance, it's all becoming clear. Then the discussion broadens. Between 850 and 1000 listeners participated with many speakers describing their personal observations and experiences. It's all about networking and bypassing biased media. False and inaccurate information abound and identifying truth is key. How did we get here as a nation? Smart players, their game plans and history tell us everything. Those who adapt will avoid drowning in the deep end. Sounding a little crazy helps keep us keep under the radar. Our methods in this madness actually make sense. It's a quick moving discussion with lots of details on the recent history we helped shape. Run time is 2 hours and 50 minutes.
169 min
Thu 21 Sep: Legacy Of Justice - Consumer Laws -...
The left's endless election scams are actually violating consumer protection laws. A fresh look at a proven strategy. The Texas AG Paxton case and what it shows. Our fabric of laws is being torn. Clipping Bush power. The knight's must bring attention to the pawns. The queen always goes for the sacrifice. Gather all the evidence and file a complaint. Parens Patreae in play. The DOJ headed up the Paxton persecution. It's intricate but self explanatory. Karl Rove was the 2004 election cleanup man. It was the Bush's that stole the election. Rove was the on point attack dog. The silent tugs of political power will guide the enemy. Bringing bad things into the light. Steering and guiding them into a box. Millions of tax $$$ spent. The latest push back on mask and VAXXX is strong. Underestimating a target creates vulnerability. Vulnerable voting machine makers are liable. Controlling focus and the chessboard of power. Human cunning and God's righteous good. Please send us all your coms. They manufacture evidence to match their election night fraud. Water leaks and system access. Methods were tested in the 2014 Ukraine election. A willingness to fight is key. In the end it's not about vanquishing enemies, but upholding the values of truth and justice.
139 min
Wed 20 Sep: Proxy Wars - Factional Goals - The ...
For America's self governing experiment to continue, we must stop our own wars of proxy. America is a battlefield too. Our Constitution and it's enemies. Our duty as stewards will never stop. The F-35 was incinerated. Plausible scenerios. A Chinese 747 was there? J6 was an orchestrated foreign intelligence operation. Jim Jordon knows but is not saying. Antifa was never involved. Demanding accountability from Storch in Ukraine. Origins of the Russia hoax. Graft, corruption and massive dollars. He wasn't even actually nominated. A voice vote off the record. His CYA mission helped by his wife. Massive conflicts of interest. Why the devil wanted Moses' body. Hate, love and a fine line divide. Rules of the game in the info age. The free and the brave recognize duty and patriotism. Consent of the governed is never outdated. Passenger manifests are key. Five eyes had Flynn in a box. Legacy media is our biggest enemy. They love to brag. Media goes trashy not classy. The Garland squirm hearings.The big dinner meeting and Garland's lies. The State Lt. Gov's take the bait on FBI proxy coms. SES funds, dark money and payments made. Today's edited live hearings. It's the new Gods versus the old Gods. Faith, truth and justice will light our future path.
170 min
Mon 18 Sep: Stories And Lies - Change Precipice...
As historic changes loom, the effort to punk and distract us intensifies. Dude, where's my F-35? Reported missing, please contact us if found. The clown show wake up call combined with a culling of the population. Revealing truth weakens their hold on power. Our weapons are courage, conviction and a little humor. Foreign involvement in our elections has cost us money. Identical to the historical claims involving the Alabama. Britain was neutral in our civil war. Today, can we hold the meddlers accountable. Let's sue them. Untold history affecting us today. Is Black Stone Bank really defunct? Nipah is the latest virus scare being planned. India hates their untouchables. Holding up military promotions. The prince of demise. Corruption just changes it's face but never goes away. Africa is on fire. AI, Ethiopia and Tedros. A plethora of spooks and the pulling of the plug. An excellent Trump talk on Rosanne. The Hi-Rez interview. Not in politics, but understanding politics. His art and a transition to things that matter. Explaining organic growth. Pushed over the edge by mandates and lock downs. His relationship with Dr. Malone, and a love for God. The medical industrial complex and the ugliness of self preservation. Common sense isn't common when you're a communist.
142 min
Sun 17 Sep: Constitution Day - Guest Dr. Jan Ha...
Tore is back, and her first half guest today is Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes. The recent public interviews, and the big events foreshadowing the future. Taking the 40k foot view. How Satan sometimes gets in. 1871 was a very busy year. The Treaty of Washington, settling international disputes, and today. DC is not a part of the USA. Trump's queen optics. CNN performs planned psychological operations. Even today, the constitution is attacked. Speaking truth makes for growing empowerment. A Malta tan. Liberals live in either tomorrowland or fantasyland. It's hard to learn how they think. EO 13848 and the constant renewals. Obot formed the CISA gang. Our military monitored 2020. It looks like others are pulling strings. A review discussion of predictive analytics. Poor Jill had to change her shoe color. All impeachments get approved by who? Watch them try for candidate age exclusion. Thank the courageous Trump supporters. Impeachment, corruption and swamp creature thinking. Our 32.9 trillion debt. The Bushes have been trimmed. In the forest, all we can see are trees. Tore tapped by FBI and sued by Biden. War factions and foreign intel operating on US soil. Start a conversation to plant seeds. We are actually winning, but we must keep listening to our president and always trust ourselves.
188 min
Thu 14 Sep: Tore Audio Bits And Pieces - A Comp...
With the most recent first, this is five tidbits of Tore audio recorded over the last week mostly from her Telegram channel. First, Tore's comments yesterday on the J6 case and the inherent delay of justice. Next is Tore's brief appearance on the Rudi Guiliani podcast. Then a recording she made, with her whispered comments, at a conference on drone surveilance. Lastly she comments on her current projects and the efforts underway to find the truth. Run time is 28 minutes
27 min
Tue 12 Sep: A Tore Says Documentary And Broken ...
This is a new look (audio only) at a historical and world changing crime. A dark shroud of secrecy and long list of unanswered questions about that day persist, and haunt our nation. Untold stories, concealed truths and sinister motives are still coming to light. Only now is the reality of that fateful morning truly dawning. America's future depends on understanding the past. This anniversary documentary lays bare the facts of that tragic day and finally opens our future to the bright light of truth. Run time is one hour and 47 minutes.
106 min
Sun 27 Aug: Tore Says Presentation- The Stone ...
The complicated figure of Roger Stone is combined with the political motives of a Danish film crew in this (audio only) version of their finished documentary. The anti Trump narrative is obvious, their links are to intel agencies, but the insights on Roger Stone are plentiful and worth it. He shows himself as a supreme player in the balancing act between lawfare and loyalty, and a master at navigating US political intrigue. He also knows the Danish docu is a hit job and openly mocks them. It's a good reminder of the pressures and narratives swirling during those hectic months. Run time is one hour and forty one minutes.
100 min
Tue 22 Aug: Don't Forget The CCP Was Created By...
From yesterday, this is a combination of Tore's short comments regarding China and the war planned for 2025.
3 min
Mon 21 Aug: Showing Receipts - Asset Slamming -...
It's hot frustration and anger that results from seeing psychological operations in progress everywhere. They prey on those who can't stand up. The Lindell event and what went on. The WiFi sniffer money pit. Snakes and operators abound. The forced humiliation ritual was ugly. Unacceptable behavior. Mike said let her speak. Hard sell on the WiFi sniffing potato. Ohio is a test state, political and otherwise. Population culling gets covered up. Paying attention is a directed activity. Be certain, this is not a game. Hijacking grassroots movements is SOP. Telegram groups were poached. Capturing people with the I know best strategy. Frank Larose and the WEF partnership. Conservative Inc. pushed Ohio One. Is stripping immunity for elected officials bad? Officials panicked. Non certified machines and invalid elections. 2017 and 2018 were stolen. Roger Stone is a genius that messed up and sent in the clown. Ray Epps and his pocket journalists. Have you realized yet that we're at war? Operation Gridlock and the echo chamber. An IQ they can't measure. More proof J6 was a setup. Remember that assets always show their ass. Those trying to harm us will hide it. Remember that hope plus faith means real potential. Patriots are Americans united in one voice. Once again, we must learn to stand together.
185 min
Sun 20 Aug: Tore On AmericaMission.eth With Hos...
If this discussion was supposed to be about a hurricane, they misspelled TORE. It's a three hour slug fest packed with tense awkward moments, brutal exchanges, constant interruptions and ad hominum personal attacks. It's either impossible to listen to, or the best take down and dismantling you have ever heard about Q, the origins, psyop deflection and a lying grifter actively spreading disinformation. It's Tore versus the tag team of Michael Raye Koury with Austin Steinbart whispering in his ear. The convo start is almost normal, even civil, because Khoury is briefly absent. On his return however, sparks quickly start to fly. With heated and passionate exchanges, controlling moderator Dustin's mute button restrains the combatants like a Q-Tip mops up a tsunami. It's Tore's passion and knowledge versus their weak bullshit. Profanity laced, rapid fire, with cryptic references to alpha agencies included, the beat down goes on for two hours plus. Our pummeled moderator Dustin is repeatedly drug from the ring bloody, dazed and bruised. The abrupt, F-bomb ending serves as a shining example of a podcast totally exploding. They never had a chance. They underestimated Tore.
162 min
Sat 19 Aug: Tore As The Chaos Coordinator - A T...
First, Tore's muffled three minute TikTok message from last night. Then, she leads the Twitter Spaces group on a hot discussion about those who would infiltrate and attack the patriot movement from within. It's time to start naming names and identifying tactics. When the focus is on titles, there's a lack of substance. How does Ohio One work into all of this? Building fake allusions for people to trust. Limit debate by refusing targeted questions. The conservative influencers owe us an apology. Why the closed door discussions? We must now demand accountability and change what they've done. It's a strong conversation led by Tore, and there is plenty of agreement and motivation among those who see.
107 min
Thu 17 Aug: Meet The Change Makers And Hey All ...
Tore works the crowd and chats with participants of the Election Summit. She shares some observations about what went on there, and teases Monday's show when she will lay it all out in detail. As always, there's plenty of info bombs, even in this short post. Run time is just 8 minutes.
8 min