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Wed 26 Jan: An Evening With Patrick Byrne (part...
In part 2 of Tore's talk with Patrick Byrne, they hit on Ukraine crimes, coke versus pot, get well diets, today's legal filings, block chain tech, the alpha agencies, what's happening to crypto's, the leveraging of pensions, failed party politics, why the monkeys got involved, and the massive wake up call facing America. The subject list is long and the pace is quick so try and keep up in this latest of Patrick and Tore's informative and fascinating discussions.
100 min
Wed 26 Jan: An Evening With Patrick Byrne (part...
This is part 1 of a tonight's 2 part discussion with Patrick Byrne. All aspects of the current news are covered including SCOTUS moves, the Wisconsin recall bill, RICO cases nationally, trusting Marines, targeting Karl Rove, no look tail numbers, wake up calls, the Juicy lynching, events surrounding Lin Wood, and the big push to retaliate against truth tellers and patriots. There's more in part 2 of tonight's discussion with Tore's guest Patrick Byrne.
110 min
Tue 25 Jan: Cover Wars - Meddling History - Bac...
Insane in the Ukraine. Weaklings, playing global power politics, should stay in their own lane. Back end history and NATO games. All that aid to help their elections. Was Maidan a warm up for our fake insurrection? Ukrainian people have suffered true tyranny. History, war, empire politics and the Crimea prize that has tempted many. Russia's backyard and our corrupt alliances. Obot's lackeys were to provide oversight? Election fraud R us. Hunter's deals always cut in Pops. The Cyprus example defines a real annexing. Is Russia now as aggressive as Turkey was then? Hiding crimes is what foolish wars are for. Patriots and history will soon have the truth standing tall.
114 min
Mon 24 Jan: Betrayal Tales - War Rumors - Truth...
In war, betrayal is as lethal as guns. And there is plenty throughout history. Praising riots and occupation. CNN gets truthy? An early trigger to a fake war. Cartel money and auto audits. Who's good at finding booby traps? J6 committee suddenly revamped and re-tasked. Threatening children is where they go first. Violation of trust reveals dark secrets. Hot mics and great assets. Tech they don't understand gave it away. Physical deformities, earthly heaven, the Oneida Community, evil schemes, a presidential assassination and the definition of insanity. Failed ops mean they double down. This won't stop until we win using our most important weapons - our pen, our voice and our prayers.
140 min
Sat 22 Jan: Retro Evil - Tesla Trouble - Race C...
First, let's tell some high tech car stories. Customer service and sudden hacks. Then, the perpetrators of evil can never outlive their crimes. Election fraud was the goal, torture was the method. Playing the race card again and again. How could the military possibly be involved? Mid level people from the old school. Helping America see clearly. Past stories hurt those who lived it all. Why must we fight for standing? Panic, Pelosi and Pense. Booby traps, fraud and election desertification. The torture queen and difficult memories. Software testing for all the marbles. Wrong place, wrong time. Masks and VAX to help you bend the knee. Remember in the end you must focus on trusting your gut, because the truth will all be coming out.
135 min
Thu 20 Jan: A Discussion With Millie Weaver (Pa...
The second half of tonight's show begins with the conclusion of Trumps remarks on the Hannity show. Then, Tore and Millie take on targeted lawfare, whose protecting Brandon, amazing herd mentality, frame ups, election integrity, how to fight local corruption, the QUX roll out experience, Dominion suits and much, much more.
123 min
Thu 20 Jan: A Discussion With Millie Weaver (Pa...
This is the first of tonight's two part discussion with investigative journalist Millie Weaver. A small sample of subjects covered include the hell presser, medical tyranny, national guard in schools, the attempt to federalize elections, Hunter's deal closer, old email clues, whether Wray is good or bad, and who's propping up Brandon. Then, the first part of President Trump's interview on Hannity. Don't miss part 2 of tonight's show with the conclusion of Trumps remarks, then continued analysis and discussion with Millie Weaver.
123 min
Wed 19 Jan: Confusion Tactics - Suffocated - Re...
If there is one thing the enemy is good at, it's sewing confusion. More than just sloppy, turmoil is created as a weapon. Here's what you should do, run for office. Attacking vipers of lawfare come equipped with ample malice. ChyNa voting machines and counter suits. Absent parents must develop good bonds and affection with their kids. Two hour hell presser. Is that him? Weird voice. DALEK brains and glitching clones. Nancy's custom pinstripes. Sure, blow my mind and then book out. Connected cranium computers are a thing. The bird bath brain comments are a firmware bug, obvious evidence and terrifying. Get ready for a wild ride because it's creepy as hell and 100% true.
106 min
Mon 17 Jan: Comeback - MLK Echos - Fix All - Co...
Long time observers are seeing old events come back around. There's the DEVOS meeting and their anti freedom agenda. Then, Astana is in the news again. It's Russian troops, Ukraine and NATO, the Euro Council, and a clean slate. MLK, the C_A, and the sacrifices made. Riding the VAX wave until it's flat. Google is the company. How about those 8,192 IP's? There is a lot of money currently changing hands. Just 30 seconds of world coms is massive. Where is all that stored again? Transparency should be a true goal. Some people don't want things fixed. The Dominion suit has it all. RICO means trafficking, fraud and real conspiracy. Fake support means pants fall down faster. It had to be this way, or when it's all over we would just be in the same position.
134 min
Fri 14 Jan: Back 'N Forth - On Fire - Known Pla...
In the life and death information war, the time pendulum swings. Let's go back and see today's fight. The misinformation is necessary, some say on both sides. Three ops to save the country. Everyone wanted to be a hero. There are numerous states that want to decertify now. Enron is back, again. Our homework is done and here's a docu-teaser. Plane wrecks and suspects. If you're reading this then you know the KRAKEN. Why are the Dems so worried about Assange? NPR is the worst. The J6 desperate legal plays to protect insiders. For big pharma, the cured are lost customers. The rats are throwing crap at each other. Remember, no one can take away your freedom, it can only be surrendered. We are winners now, so stand up and show it.
125 min
Thu 13 Jan: Scripts Flipped - Mind Sets - Slave...
There are so many scripts, and then there are all the flipped scripts. It's a gut trust thing. Ingrained in our culture are control traits. Stifling freedom's nature goes with the eating of crow. What makes a good slave? Freedom means more than owning guns. Our collective goal is to inform more. Making the NOVAXT into new minions. A raging debate restarts around the filibuster rule. The Senate was always the target. Wide spread reports of women's changing menstrual cycles. The best political slogan ever might be "gut the place." Are the VAXT more angry? The J6 Babbitt murder, and continued questions. Don't count on winning while doing nothing. Join the fight. Stand up for freedom and your country.
125 min
Wed 12 Jan: Not Right - Our Backs - DARPA Desig...
More and more people are noticing that something seems way off. So many know the real truth. A short account of head movement forward and back done quickly. Look who's holding up the top of the pyramid. Some people think they are actually voting. Powerless is one thing we are not. The stable virus on which the rest were built. What exactly did they want these bio weapons for? Epi-genetic cross talk and how we went modern. Societies of control are suddenly a hot topic. Is it really possible to have an internet bill of rights? Steering behavior, controlling profiles, machine responses and how AI is changing us all. The amazing Millie interviews from deep in Karen country. As we watch it all happen this week, never forget to keep your faith fresh and strong.
136 min
Fri 07 Jan: Calendar Trials - Cirsten Requiem -...
First some words regarding the death of Cirsten Weldon, freedom fighter and patriot. R.I.P. It is a true sign of the times that even the calendar and seasons cannot be trusted. How did time tracking get political? Those Romans are everywhere in our history. Astral mapping and covering the gaps. The immense tasks taken on by POTUS. It wasn't just the USA, it was the world. Statutory authority comes from where? They should know what their job is. It's the year of the tiger, and that means changes. Parins patria and the SCOTUS arguments taking place today. Our efforts and our words are being heard. Making the courts work for the people again. Believe it or not, things could get a lot weirder.
127 min
Wed 05 Jan: Hard Truths - Squirming - IC Assets...
The truths are becoming self evident to all. Value and knowledge are what comes from legitimate approved authority. The golden foot is followed. Where is that moon? Immune fatigue and the medical manipulation of America. VAX injuries and death are getting hard to ignore. The tough decisions around WarpSpeed. ChyNa vapors and bio-weapons. The presser was stopped as the IC assets gathered. To save America we must first save New York. Borders for countries, cities and free trade zones are part of the evil plan. Economic manipulation for greed and profit. How about a union for the people, with standing. Fix 2020, and the two previous decades of election thefts. A run for Ohio Governor? It is time to take the reigns and save our country because only we the people that can do it.
139 min
Fri 31 Dec: Recompense - Piper Pay - In Pain - ...
It was a year of vast historical changes, and there are still so many yet to come. Now is when so many players are going to pay. Parents who trusted will suffer. Our nation will have birthing pains all over again. Lay lines, early machine coms, ether, the Wilkes Expedition, Earth geometrics, lighthouses and messages traded thru time. Pay attention to the 3,6,9 plane. What's an alloy footprint? Making it rain for mud not war. The trillion watt seed blaster. Water watching is good. They will maximize our casualties during their bitter defeat. It was a perfect year for seeing the light. Betty White stuck? Huh? Time is not linear. The past, present and future co-exist. Use the three sifters of goodness, truth and necessity. There will be lots of wins coming. Tomorrow begins a difficult year of regaining order, and finding the answers that justice demands.
141 min
Thu 30 Dec: Our Faith - Obsessions - RINO Racke...
Separating the target population from faith is essential for tyranny. They must always wear the common man disguise. It's usually someone else's fault with them. Do the R's actually run the D's? An anonymous story and a common target. The fruit of our work. When lights shine, people take ownership. Joining groups to protect ourselves. Are we really just a market share? The true meaning of secularism, and it's related conceptual confusion. Are we talking about AI software here? It's not a top down brain. They want us to lose our beliefs, because that elevates the now. It's spiritual warfare and nothing less. As the survivors we will rise above the masses of the faithless and their dedication to blind obedience.
149 min
Wed 29 Dec: Low Deals - Corner Working - Sad Ka...
There are corners being worked and dark deals being made. Fake VAX cards and the go around tyranny industry. New Yorkers are fed up. We got groups. The meetup strategy unfolds. There is disaster in the air. Non compliance means a steep fine. Flipping and flopping on the boosters, variants and testing. Brandon takes some press heat. There are others being tried in relation to the Maxwell case. Malicious intent directed at our patriots. Massive ops meant to divide are occuring. Screw the drama, bring the facts. It's a simple test, are they pro-America or not? The evils of secularism are a working weapon of the deep state. The power of faith is rising strong as can now be seen in the East. This faith is why evil will never be able to cancel the truth.
136 min
Thu 23 Dec: Repeat Reset - Seeing It - Loose Fi...
This is not the first time we've experienced a pandemic with lock downs, orphans and death. The great reset and what that really means. Russia, NATO, aggressive moves and Putin's piano. Those who understand feel like they just woke up during surgery. Making humans bigger, better and stronger. Are we the children of the fallen angels? The 1918 flu story, and how one scientist started it all again. Rewriting DNA cannot be a good thing. Always, throughout history, there have been waves of orphan children. Why? The technology somehow meshes with the timing. For the record, Covid originated from the US State Department. And there's proof. Don't be discouraged. Face every challenge like you will eat their lunch. Each and every patriot is a fire starter.
145 min
Wed 22 Dec: True Motives - Dead System - All In...
When light suddenly appears in the darkness, true intentions are shown. What's that smell? There are too many evil people. Losers often trudge on the tear trail. The winning candidate usually has the most money. Multiple levels of deception will be astound to all. CNN is melting down rapidly. Maxwell trial stirs up many doubts. Saving face is goal one. What are the deals being made? All the big names need to come out. Blood type specific bio weapons are now in play. One more time, Trumps VAX strategy was a difficult, calculated war move. A SCOTUS update. Stirred up normies signal a political collapse. Our amazing President does another intriguing interview. Have the patients of the saints, and the faith of the ages, because a storm approaches.
166 min
Tue 21 Dec: Excelsior - An Interview With Patri...
Patrick Byrne joins Tore for a hour long discussion of today's hot topics. Then, peace and justice is not just doomed idealism. as the enemy portrays it. The word that cannot be spelled. Ever upward is more than a slogan. Cities versus the country is an objective of war. Just like the slaves in ChyNa. The people are slowly rising, and resisting the right way. Faith is a double edged sword. Birth, death and manipulation. Predictive analytics just mimic previous thought. Was climate change a software bug? Ask yourself what they have done for you. We are all one, although our training says not. When we soon reach the precipice, the people will see. It is only us who will make that happen.
168 min
Mon 20 Dec: Holding On - Your Job - Inner Circl...
This is the war's most painful stage. Tired, foggy, numb but determined. So many events are going unseen. It's the big bang coming, just like we've heard before. The meme makers and red stringers aren't really getting things done. 23 Dems have quit and counting. C_A, Google, and the algos. What is a real digital soldier? So many lurkers were trusted by our masses. Redemption and lofty expectations can co-exist. The huge wrench President Trump has thrown in. J6, FBI and the pre-planning. The cabal defenders define extremism. Pepe may launch a green terror wave. Where are the vegans? B's are P's and P's are B's, it's a tip. In a just society no person is inherently above another, and our drive for truth will ensure that.
118 min
Fri 17 Dec: Choosing Integrity - Hard Insanity ...
It's confusion and chaos as a war objective. Abnormal behavior should never be ignored. We must all focus on the signs. Much of what is happening is out of sight. The vanishing trait of integrity. It's an honest, simple question that could not be answered. Self reflection is the beginning. Our inner world drives outer behavior. Gov. Kristi Noem speaks out. Food for VAX is evil. Want to understand Russia? Look at a map. Three fronts require action. Remember Operation Snow Globe. The gut wrenching inside collapse of Turkey using weaponized inflation. President Trump made the tough decisions he had to make. To understand where we are today, know the true history of his ways and not just his words.
123 min
Thu 16 Dec: News Raid - A Discussion With Milli...
Investigative journalist and patriot Millennial Millie Weaver joins Tore for a full current events breakdown and a look to the future. They touch on the GAO complaint strategy, commies in our midst, Proud bad Boys, Fed money, the CNN implosion, Baldwin phone handling, ChyNa's terra forming, VAX policy, hero's at Veritas, sicko's in the media, and what to expect next in this wacko world. It's the ultimate in current events awareness from two modern journo heroines. Run time is 2 hours and 13 minutes.
133 min
Wed 15 Dec: Flex Strategy - Mind Games - War Ar...
A victorious citizen army must be fast and malleable. Mind games with big consequences are at risk. Shape shifting strategies and humans. The study of war goes way back. Today, it's two sides against the people. Look at all the attempts to confuse and discourage. J6 and the linchpin of coordination. This is how you get things done. Delusion drunkard says "he's just perfect." It is past time for accountability. Use the law. Waste, fraud and abuse can be reported. Seen any? The two target strategy. Our power has been neutered, but that's over. Nobody has a bigger voice than us. Resist the tyranny with action, because your destiny will be born from free will.
125 min
Tue 14 Dec: Insane Times - Way Deep - Created D...
When the evil just can't get any worse, it somehow moves up another notch. The times are scattered and foggy. History shows us earlier examples of created dirt. We're watching the old guard versus the new. Gonzalez and Kane took early hits. The scum bag tactics go way back. All the familiar names were involved then too. Mike's tipped uterus is in the news. It seems the Democrats are all commies, and they have a Senator. Sometimes it feels like we should just torch the whole thing. It's not real, it's a movie, but we still live here. Using our legal institutions is paramount in saving them. Scheming against us has major flaws. They cannot predict our responses, and no one can cancel our ideas.
137 min
Mon 13 Dec: Final Facades - Titans Battle - Sto...
It's never been more true, that nothing is as it seems. The Ali rash that won't go away. Seems obvious now, they tell you who they are. It's all orchestrated and pushed down our throats. In what universal can this be considered normal? Sheep wear masks. Massive info has been dropped. Everything makes us paranoid when confusion is a weapon. By agreeing, we do not surrendered authority. We're seeing all props on this reality stage. What the hell is operation Poison Needles? Look at everyone whose dumbing down and bowing out. Methods include self deleting evidence and fake .jpg files. Evil shows no restraint as patient ventilators were hacked. Get active and do something to save your country, or become part of the problem.
168 min
Fri 10 Dec: New Heros - Uncertified Fraud - Pea...
The collective unconscious on display in America is astounding. It has always been a small motivated group that makes changes. It's all about how we see the world around us. Facts, claims and a constitutional crisis. Patriots can never refuse a challenge. When voting machines are not certified, elections are invalid. The Louisiana AG talks smack on stolen elections. Consistency and stability out rank truth. The people must do it themselves. Power cannot be based on positions illegally won. What AG retreat? Donors? Sponsors? Don't let them ring your bell. There are lots of game plans and alternative strategies. Justice and election integrity is the goal.
147 min
Thu 09 Dec: A Discussion With Millennial Millie...
In this discussion from March of last year, Tore and Millie get into many subjects which are directly affecting us today. Lots of hints are flying regarding the virus, plandemic planning, quantum brains, covert data collection, AI, election fraud, strange hats, global initiatives and so much more. Amazing prescience is on display in this quick paced dialog from almost two years ago. Run time is just under one hour.
56 min
Tue 07 Dec: Self Sabotage - So Soon - Rabbit Ho...
The real challenge is to keep from destroying ourselves. They seek to divide us, and they're good at it. Desperate times and measures ae showing. The rabbit holes are many and deep. The sickening evidence emerging about Garbage Pail Kids. Danial J. Jones and the deep treachery that follows him. The ghoulish tests on kids is hard to imagine. There will be trials. We The People is both intricate and simple. Why dates are important, and why now doctors? The Covid narrative has been in the making forever. Our President was surrounded by snakes. You are the boss now, so act like it. Booster songs from pedos. Some thoughts on our prison world. Compassion is difficult to summon in these times, but it must be our goal and our answer.
138 min
Mon 06 Dec: Intentions - An Interview With Patr...
Tore spends the first half of her show tonight talking to Patrick Byrne. They cover all the hot topics including provable election fraud, open source lawfare, the Jan 6 hoax, traitors within, secret meetings and many other subjects. Then, it's a Juicy trial and a good laugh. Lemon connection? Strike the question but the truth will still come out. The real nature of CNN's involvement. There's another trial too, with even better testimony. The American Revolution and the proclamation line. Clear legal boundaries then and now. Having faith in the people means everything. The gun, the vase, and all the layers in the onion. Red flags include revenge, hate, loathing and greed. With so much deceit and fraud, sometimes you just have to wait and see. God sees every nook and cranny of your heart, so make all intentions good ones.
171 min
Thu 02 Dec: Into Focus - More Heads - Docu Seri...
Seriously, is there anyone on the planet that doesn't see the fakery? It's comic level obvious. Juicy crumbles trying to find a leg to stand on. The snarling judge defense. Every lie is being revealed, and everywhere. One by one, they are getting closer to J.O.B. Infiltration is their main weapon. What's frightening are some of the people who had access. Understanding the wives can mean seeing handler babies. McNamara admits to not being best or brightest. Asset names, trick spellings, laundering foundations, multi corporations, and that's just the start. Evil has no real support. All the resignations are just a coincidence. Bezos has what color hat? Where is Jerome Corsi? We're closing in on something big. Enjoy the trailer, and then enjoy the show.
126 min
Wed 01 Dec: An Interview With Dr. John McGreeve...
Tonight Tore spends the entire show with, Dr. John McGreevey from Maryland. Just a few of the topics covered include his Senate race, how that office changes people, the massive corruption of that exclusive chamber, and what he would do to change it. Their wide ranging discussion also hits on medical tyranny, HIV/AIDS myths, fear porn VAX drives, cell biology, their related research backgrounds, mask madness, hijacked minds, lawfare, bitcoin manipulation, populist politics, and most other subjects you can think of. Spread the word on this fully informed patriot and outstanding people's candidate. Support Dr. John McGreevey for US Senate from Maryland.
148 min
Tue 30 Nov: December Rising (Part 2 of 2) - DNA...
This is the second half of tonight's important four hour show. Where are all the damn journalists? In the age of info, skepticism is critical to survival. All the HIV lies are coming home again. Those that planted the seeds played with the genes. The problem is keeping condoms on the protean spikes. Nothing good is coming from the vax. Deep capture means medical tyranny plus indoctrination on a massive scale. Demons work in the dark, while truth brings light. Everyone is showing themselves in shocking fashion. Details on the Bergy dustup. Introducing new fears to mix and match. It's the biggest psyop in history. Stressed now? The worst hasn't even begun. As hard as it is these days, we must always look for the good in people. Then, find your still. We are all going to need it.
119 min
Tue 30 Nov: December Rising (Part 1 of 2) - A C...
This is the first half of tonight's important four hour show. The power to educated the masses is critical. They hijack minds because they can. Tools are being used that are real psyop weapons. Victims must always feel a group vibe. Detached from reality defines Juicy. Everyone knows it's a fake attack lie. It's his version of the truth. Even the first backers are seeing no honor. What's a decorated celebrity? Retractions galore are coming to O'Keefe and his truth warriors. Objective large scale journalism is officially dead. It's made obvious with the old story behind the HIV/AIDS connection. Drug testing horrors from big pharma to the world. An AIDS refresher course. Immune system attacks. Fake data, efficacy, results and safety. The war is getting real now. It had to be this way, even though things will be getting much worse. (See part 2.)
112 min
Mon 29 Nov: Closing In - Court Dates - Bad Acto...
Desperate measures are now in play as the war drags on. Everyting is one big psyop. Twitter was a DARPA project. Amplifying or destroying narratives using deception is old hat. The big pair of trials that started today are off limits to the MSM. That French dude, Kamala's lynching bill, the Lemon boyfriend, it's all coming together in a juicy mix. The look of evil is obvious to the trained eye. We haven't even started on Hunter's laptop. The Covid op has been planned for a long time. Ohio election fraud evidence from 2008 went boom in Tennessee. Find the pay masters, and you find the planners too. Maxwell served them up, and her trial could too. RICO, RICO, RICO. Women make the best predators. Will another Comey be attacking witnesses? Remember, telling people was not enough. Because they had to see it all, we are living this reality.
142 min
Fri 26 Nov: Confusion Reign - Post Truth - Non ...
Even for those trained in battle, the situation looks confusing. But that's on purpose. There's so much going on, just watching it all is tough. Discernment is key while you gaze at the unfolding. Stealing allies and the ChyNa $$ game. Aussies are on a mission in the Solomon Islands. Changing maps and the trade route chess board. The front end of the process has been hijacked. Our open source legal lawfare movement. What is a tyranny allowance? This is how corruption occurs. It's important that the people see the evil. How to think and what to trust? Junk DNA is where storage occurs. Family holiday chaos is the food of life. Enjoy it all and have a blessed season.
122 min
Tue 23 Nov: Receipts - Storms - Now Focused - G...
Call it evidence, documentation or proof, it's actually just receipts for actions taken. We have a lot of them. The storm is brewing large, and it will have a very cleansing effect. When people are safer, they become bolder. Take time and study that dinner. This is the systematic dismantling of the old guard, and it's an ugly fight. Fake investigations are what they do. DJT on Hannity. Mike Lindell and his upcoming Thank-A-Thon. It is far past time to dismantle the GOP. Stolen elections should be everyone's first priority. AJ and Ali, sitting in a tree. We have pages and pages of truth, or just call them receipts. Massive MSM bailouts are from taxpayer money. This is how it's all coming down. Work hard and be righteous, for the storm that erupts will show us the light of truth and justice.
141 min
Mon 22 Nov: Snake Farm - Anniversary - Paper Tr...
If there was ever any doubt, it truly is a swamp. With so many grifters, blackmailers, prostituted and traitor politicians, redemption seems impossible. The JFK assassination has an anniversary, and history awaits retribution. Sometimes, we bite the snakes. SCOTUS filings and legal battles are happening in the shadows. MSM in their last gasps of life with Kyle lies. The people must see it for themselves. AJ sells out and what a shame. Pick the right side or go to jail. The kill shots take a toll on young people. The entire world is watching our struggle. What has happened down under? They aren't even hiding what they're doing. The people themselves are the ultimate depositors for freedom, and we must protect it with everything we have.
109 min
Fri 19 Nov: On Offense - Two Step - Target Bann...
The moves, countermoves and narrative building are truly getting wild. Guns, Kyle and Bannon are the current missed targets. Of course, it's all about getting to Trump. Did the WH order a political arrest? Watch out for the quiet ones, especially when they're smiling. Everything went according to plan. Bait taken. AJ, Ali, and the ins and outs of a setup shill lie fest. They usually like to be hidden. The McCarthy marathon was an amazing feat. That kid Kyle did everything right. Loose lip POS comments. Sure was a lot of drones that day. Thank you courageous jury. Blaming pot for heart attacks in 6 year old kids. Have no doubt they are coming for the guns too. We have every zoom call and chat room archived. It's going to be boots at least until Xmas. Remember, God sees all and justice is coming.
131 min
Mon 15 Nov: Free On Paper - Final Say - Assets ...
The struggle of the people versus central power goes way back. Hamilton rules today. Tucker, and the ratification debates of the time. Look for what's concealed to drive the investigation. Express written consent has not been given. It's time for the AG's to get on board. to end the nightmare. How to introduce evidence according to the law. Pro Se not allowed. The JOB interviews show a different man. It's just a little fraud. The FEMA camp code in your file. Red castle, green castle. Hilarious gas prices. Sticker wars drive them crazy. Time to join the suit. Climate change insanity. RINO's watch your step. Look what happened when we were asleep. Let's say it again. We are the news.
121 min
Sun 14 Nov: Sunday Movie Night Discussion With ...
Tonight Patrick Byrne joins Tore for their latest insightful look into major events of the day. ChyNa's hold on our defense industry. Election fraud and media hits. Podcast ports to strange locals. Hero talk among pals. Frustration and how to fight. Mission Of America project. The Nov 23rd lawsuit and it's impact. Grass roots and state group participation. RINO's and fraud. Who's a tycoon? Gen. Flynn and the future of MAGA. Thugs, bouncers and covid police. The next few weeks are going to be eventful. We're well seasoned and ready. We love you all long time.
63 min
Fri 12 Nov: Uprising - Free Will - Usurpation -...
The endless train of lies and abuse seems to go on forever. The documentary series will be epic. Just when the people need them, churches become tools of coercion. The free will and the boomerang. Two can play at the indictment game. It's a facade with masks and pretending. Would Jesus be cancelled today? There's a difference between God and religion. We will take back what is ours. The judgement time is upon us. C_A informants getting hunted down. Attacking truth seekers. Fifteen days to eighteen months of covid insanity. Still lying about 6 Jan. Self defense and the whacko left. Spectators will suffer as the cookie crumbles. The uniparty wins on fake ballots. Even the slowest have to see the truth now. They can't win, because this is the uprising.
144 min
Wed 10 Nov: Turmoil Time - Risking All - Brass ...
A true warrior fights in faith while risking it all. The random chaos events that surround us. Failure is all part of the freedom game. Now you are going to see fangs. Look into the mirror and decide. Attacking freedom's warriors gets you nowhere. Nothing is hidden on the internet. Take a stand and be a hero, some training may be required. The amazing power of group think mind control. Shifty caught again. It's a pro's world of dirty tricks. Files not numbered means you will never know. The flights into Florida. A judge throws down hard. With quiet determination we must continue the fight. Couch bound critics complain, but the patient patriots are the ones actually saving them.
133 min
Tue 09 Nov: The Divide - Death Rattles - Data O...
They claim to be working for us, but we can see all the lies now. Final cards are being played. Thoughts and concepts have been weaponized. The Project Veritas raid, and what it means to journalism. Why now? With his upbringing, maybe Hunter just didn't know any better. The diary from hell on the laptop from same. Evidence of potential crimes should go to authorities. Trump is the symbol of our victory. Let's just say their family respect is in the negative. Cash only please. It's not up to us to forgive. The citizens are downtrodden right now, but the government should worry about their waning patients. Force should be for enemies. They know the jig is up. IRS records stolen for political reasons. So many lies, it looks like a Mars fact filter. They cannot destroy the true source of good. We have to pray that our ears can always hear and our eyes can forever see.
114 min
Mon 08 Nov: Heating Up - Cuffing Season - So Mu...
It's going to be a big month for wins, but don't celebrate yet. So much happening, where to start? Your actions have made history. A Rittenhouse case witness blows it. Boomerang on gas prices. Where's Chucky? Pushing ChyNa and barf back better. Ohio is on the list. Mass exodus from L.A. There is no such thing as tepid fraud. Florida rejects the madness. The courts have gone from least to most dangerous. PATRICK BYRNE joins Tore for the second half. They cover election fraud, most corrupt states, wuflu corruption, zip code medicine, child experimentation and all the horrors of our day. Another powerful convo between two of our biggest patriot warrior hero's.
120 min
Fri 05 Nov: Evil Sweet - End Limitations - Fund...
It's the source of massive graft, corruption and evil ignored by all. The sugar daddies and how they roll today. The CDC is NOVAXT. More lies about weaponizing viruses. A daughter's dynamic within the family. Who supports who in the vipers nest? Tortuous interference means they messed with you, like Hunter did. The shower diaries are back in the news. Nance squirms and begs. Some history on the sugar industry and who controls it. The Fanjul brothers own an empire supported by political influence. Dark Dominican trafficking, resorts, airports and model citizenry. The cartel for elites. What happens when there's no sugar? What are the chances of two matching bed wetting stories? Be ready for big news soon --- again.
128 min
Thu 04 Nov: Trafficked - Clicks Away - The Cube...
When He scorches everything, it's time for big faith. We have a choice. Full control means we still fight back. Take a look at everything we've done. Reactive media has a cow. Learning how to be humble is the ultimate test. The biggest soldiers are put thru fire. Tolerance comes from understanding. Tough conversations come from trying to listen. Who owns Dominion? Invisible computing means they own your data. A real sheriff speaks out about human trafficking. The brutal truth about slave porn. Sex work often begins with vulnerable children. There's lots of odd history that nobody wants to talk about. Be ready for battles against the big snakes, those from the past and the evil ones of today.
124 min
Wed 03 Nov: Seeds - Done Toast - Vendetta - Wit...
So much is going on behind the scenes that we don't see. An election message was sent - they're done. What happens when you just can't cheat enough? Call it dead in the crib. The people no longer buy the BS. Own the idea. The war has gone on for almost a decade now. All the dark money, or fund raisers, and what they actually want. The V movie and all the parallels for today. Notable cases, partisan rulings and blatant favoritism is all the evidence they need. December 3rd, expect boots. Sponsor decals required. Bloviating from Congress to lay groundwork. There truly is a hidden history for the high court, and their scandal is poised to go hot. Be ready for everything, and always pray.
132 min
Tue 02 Nov: Back Doors - City List - In Charge ...
It's a smart move for the enemy to take the evil to local communities. Make a world pledge of obedience. How many mayors in on this? What voters get to say is zip. Just move along citizen. The VAXT and NOVAXT separation is coming. Using city, state and country tyrants was always the plan. Thanksgiving is a target date for big events. City councils will sell you out in a minute. Commonalities in cities worldwide can be used against us. It's blatant foreign influence in our country. Sponsor labelled suits required for all politicians. What and who's doesn't stink? It's what we call optics. She told them to go get those Alaska servers. The toxicology reports are coming back. Remember that everybody tells you who they are. November will be an exiting month, but then December comes. Stick together, help each other and pray.
155 min
Mon 01 Nov: Truth Pills - Shocked - Code Brown ...
Back again and the attacks never stop. Patriots and truth tellers face the fascist onslaught. Throwing shade the General's way. Some say soiling of official undergarments may have occurred. The political prisoners of Jan 6. The truth cannot be controlled. Pro Se people are making progress in court. Fighting for election integrity never ends. The Daughters Of Liberty showed us the way. Citizens push big for education honesty. Keep coming at them and never stop. Hidden justice starts with judges sealing reports. She's upgraded, got questions? It's never smart to delay truth. Take one step back and think. The dominoes must all be in place, because big moves start now.
170 min
Sun 31 Oct: Tore Guests On A July 26th, 2017 Ha...
Tore in her second early interview with the Hagmann Report. Subjects include Tore's amazing predictions regarding pandemics, hospitals and medical tyranny, and her research background. Also discussed are Information on viruses more DNA questions, and what to expect if things continue in this direction. This is the second interview of two. Run time is one hour and twenty minutes.
82 min
Wed 27 Oct: Targets - Power Drunk - Rhetoric - ...
Tyrants are terrified when the people are united. The Fed's reaction to school board meetings proves it. Disgusting weasel talk is called out by a few brave Senators. The wellness centers push their product lines at school. Back when California advised Hitler. The proletariat troops protect leaders not people. Difficult conversations lie ahead, and behind. Excitement and determination are sure signs of movement. Disgusting Cohen of Tennessee was in on all the evil. Out front then, ready to burn now. It's going to get fiery, in maybe, 48 hours. America will be going off completely. Here's the facts, we are not now and have never been the underdog. Now is the time and it's finally our turn. That's how it goes.
122 min
Thu 21 Oct: Hard Awake - Down Pants - The Point...
Waking up is so very hard to do. Obvious fake, fraud and abuse makes it easier. There's a point where even the sheeple get activated to stand up. That's why the psyops are thick. What the hell is Congress even doing? The Nads uses protocols to interrupt real debate. It's the erosion of discussion. But, some real questions are getting thru. Justice joke on the stand. The $600 excuse. An obvious goal is to kill off all small business. 10 most powerful angels. A Reagan history lesson. Statewide groups are catching on fire. We need our own think tanks. The 9th and 10th Amendments are genius. Now is when we mix our pride with activism, because we can only rely on ourselves.
132 min
Wed 20 Oct: Freak Out - Crumbling - Person Part...
Why did they wait until now to say get involved? Where were they? The people must carry the fight. We are the storm. Political parties are a scam for all to see. Rebellion means involvement, and the press is freaking. It's money that elects the ancients. The dismantling means they are on the way out. Changing faces is common with celebs. When military and politics combine. The wrong track was chosen by many. Clone lives still matter. Did someone say no sperm needed? Everything is weaponized. Vax's, infertility, human cloning, IVF, it all seems like some sort of plan. They seek to divide both cells and political opposition. When the truth becomes known, we'll be asking how could this possibly have happened.
135 min
Tue 19 Oct: Coming Bells - The Beast - Same Scr...
If you think it's the worst year ever, you would be wrong. It feels like history all over again. There is simply not that many of them compared to us. Autocracy and how quickly things can change. Check out the island tyranny. Idols come and go. The covid model and it's history. Some claim it's the mark of the beast. Regime crumbling is a spectator sport. Sew your pants on, here comes Theodora. The year 536 led to the dark ages. Global ash of various colors came from nowhere. The moving geography of history and the ancients. Beware, beware of the green gospel. It strains logic and meaning, but those in the know say we are going to hear a lot of bells.
141 min
Mon 18 Oct: Find Out - No Whimpers - Max Lawfar...
The greedy bastards want to own us, and they think we're stupid too. F around and find out who's the spookiest of the spooks. Don't forget, lots of people are watching. The health care system was created to control us. Fat pharma paychecks define the news. The rewriting of history is an ongoing effort. Crafting a narrative is getting more complicated. Fake kids in fake vids for a fake veep. It's just about that time. Who recalls when SNL was funny? Color of law is not enough for justice. The masses must stand up and resist tyranny. The Clinton's are back in the news, and there's hints about Chelsea. It's happy birthday time. Remember that only the people can put a check on run away government power.
104 min
Sun 17 Oct: Tore Guests On A July 24th, 2017 Ha...
Tore in an early interview with the Hagmann Report. Subjects include Tore's background, experience and plans for the future. Also discussed are Information on viruses, DNA and related subjects relevant to today. Medical industry changes, Tore's experience in the field, and the tyranny of the future are covered. This is the first interview of two. Run time is one hour.
58 min
Fri 15 Oct: Game Changers - Double Speak - Tide...
The people are finally seeing their collective power. And the fight to destroy it rages on. It's hot garbage from one disaster to the next. Vax psyop failing. Lottery IOU's mean states can be bribed. It's a red looking tide and MSM has panicked. DNA testing is the next ID tech. VISA has been good to Nan. The big push to comply makes for obvious tyranny. Masks keep slaves obedient. Doctors know what's going on. Some are even standing up. Remember, it had to happen this way. Torching the bottom line. Hidden budgets and unused kickbacks. Our people are going thru a major stress test. Teaching dis-function K thru 12. Are you ready for torched benefits? We must each be individuals, but work as one. If not now then when? If not us than who?
150 min
Tue 12 Oct: Throwing Fire - Wise Guy - Writs La...
The deposition from hell highlights smug, arrogant, elitist corruption. The Coomer crumble fest . A large majority of Americans don't want mandates. Is defending rights really domestic terrorism? Texas takes a stand with our Writ wording. Professor Alex Halderman dives into voting machines. Judges should not be hiding evidence. Reprehensible and illegal is standard. Swing state testing for self hackers. Fighting the fighters gives cred. How far gone are teachers unions? Those zoom call recordings say a lot. Discrepancies, miscounts, large differences, and the basics of electoral fraud. The people now understand how recounts can happen. Let's go Brandon. You may be sick of hearing it, but they really, really, cannot stop what is coming.
126 min
Mon 11 Oct: Tyranny Law - Rebel Duty - Can't Br...
It's centralized government force versus the people, again. No surprise, our country has a long untold history of same. Slaves run the hamster wheel until it ends. Poverty and freedom are very close relatives. The essential elements of a prosperous society are wrapped around freedom. Writs alive, 47 states have now filed. We're seeing pyramid style control. Now is a perfect big entrance time for SCOTUSgate. 1880 was a stalwart election with crazy leftists, painful death, stalwarts and half breeds. The Social Compact Theory takes a hit. Jacobson versus Massachusetts in 1805 is now being sold as forced jab precedent. No need to die if violence means they win. Resisting is totally in our blood. Supreme Court shenanigans then and now. Our victories will be etched in history. Always remember that we are the many and they are the few.
130 min
Fri 08 Oct: Memory Whole - DNA Stores - Phase S...
Understanding the miracle of human memory, and related research, explains much about today. DNA as a storage medium is well advanced. Why not crystals? Eons of information passed down, until now. Protein memory blockers are real. Was it 2019 when things got started, or 2012? Fauci and killer virus planning go way back. Ike knew way back when. That's right, memories get passed on via neurons and the germline. Flower loops and super coils. Perfectly bred humans means smart enough to serve but too dumb to revolt. The winners write the history. Who would experiment on black people? The amazing cell line of Henrietta Lacks and her tragic, sad story. Frequency changes have made all that was invisible now painfully obvious. Stand fast patriots, because it's going down.
130 min
Thu 07 Oct: Our Courts - Mockery - Selective La...
Without legal justice in honest courts, we have nothing. Taking back our Constitution and the institutions that protect it will not be easy. The level of compliance is shocking. Promises kept means something. Selective justice and targeted arrests are signs of a dictatorship. Lawfare has been a weapon of the left forever. School boards shake and whine. FBI versus moms. It's what a tyranny does. We're still free on paper, at least for a while. Protecting the courts means using them. Corrupt judges will show themselves and become vulnerable. When evil can no longer hide, then the rule of law will return to America.
120 min
Wed 06 Oct: Off Hacked - Gone ID - The Pen - VA...
The hacks and shutdowns are for cover. BigTech has pressing data management issues that need addressing. Somehow, the keys are lost in the wallet. A good crypto mystery rides the ups and downs. Writs now filed in 45 states. Fake whistle blowers are obvious next to the real ones. Promo bait, message control and operational backfire. Good body doubles will test your ID skills. That's you on paper, just not really. Monica interview weirdness. Project Veritas exposes the shocking vax fetal cell lines. Contempt for religious exemption. McKinsey in the middle again. It's hard to see it, but we're actually winning. Take pride, because you are the hero's of your own story.
128 min
ue 05 Oct: Trust Touch - WhoRThey - Pre Plague ...
If you're asleep now, tomorrow's future may be a real surprise. Many sheeple are trapped in their own mind. The American dream and perpetual debt. Layers of tyranny show quickly in the brainwashed. Domestic travel restrictions are next. Consultants suddenly own the world as McKinsey remains a major player today. Speculation is not production. The top layers of the pyramid will always survive. Taking power back means getting money out of the equation. The blame others strategy. 45 Writ states and growing. Know their plan and counter early. We must use our court system as the founders designed it. It is both our tool and our weapon to protect precious freedom.
133 min
Mon 04 Oct: So Hot - Fire On - Mask Distraction...
Can you feel everything getting hotter? It's a scorched earth policy they pursue. Let's segue right away. Judges sandbag, scold and trample Article III. Have no doubt, they are coming for your kids. That's when things start to get real. The blackouts may be self inflicted, like the whistle blower. NDA's are there to cover evil. Censorship is a sure sign of tyranny. SCOTUS is in session, so let the scandals begin. We must use our voices and pens as weapons within our own courts. Project Veritas is doing God's work. Chit chat about crimes against humanity over a salad at lunch. FB snitch looks staged along with their app family problems. Big show coming? Sort of obvious with the UFO news suddenly on all channels. What's a Fonesca? The Pandora papers are coming soon. For most people, their eyes and ears are just not ready, but we will see a more complete human existence soon.
116 min
Fri 01 Oct: Foundations - The Taking - Freedom ...
History repeats itself, and also their evil plans. We're about to see another nasty round. It's Constitution time, with some rule of law please. Call it bail ins or capital controls, but bank theft is more accurate. Look to Cyprus and see our future. Bond holders go first. Fascists use lots of repeated slogans. Who's tired of giving in? Explaining away trillions is easy for Yellen. 39 states have filed Writs with almost zero media coverage. The circle tyranny of stolen elections and medical mandates. Cal vax psychos start after kids. One child's choice between hospital or heaven. What exactly is a hive mind failure? Some people were just never meant to be with humans. What's coming will help sort that out. Stay salty.
127 min
Thu 30 Sep: Nightmare Shift - Flashbacks - They...
It's a sad, horrific tale that has to be told. Past shows prove perception. It is incredible what they are allowed to do. The Obot bill got it all started. School boards are feeling the heat. What? Hunter involved with pallets of cash? Conservators, and how they got that power. Have no doubt pinheads, parents are the primary stakeholders. Real victims tell heart wrenching tales of medical protocol murder. Hospitals, death panels, and our sudden reality of medical tyranny. Give me some happy veep talk. Who do you like? There is nothing better than having your voice heard. A new month is here, so let's have faith in better things to come.
138 min
Wed 29 Sep: Toe Hold - An Interview With Patric...
The great patriot Patrick Byrne joins Tore for another electric interview. Arizona facts, massive fraud, and how it's going to roll from here. All the scams have to get fixed before the next election. Topics include magic ballot paper, undercover disguises, deleted data, and an AG looking to do the right thing. Don't miss the big rally in Arizona tomorrow. It's the start of the new phase, because we've got them cold. This is a fascinating strategy session between two geniuses fighting for your freedom. Listen, learn and then go get active.
74 min
Tue 28 Sep: Super Salty - Due Credits - Sidney ...
Some people take the risk and some take the credit. It's good, it's bad, it's pissed off grateful. The general says advice was given, not taken. The great Sidney Powell makes use of a bad ass affidavit. Who's scribbles are those? Tom Feeney of Florida is who started it all. Did someone say sharks? One small gal was the absolute best at operational planning. Oh, the early days of vote rigging in Ohio. Methods over people was the rule. Case the 6 Jan event and don't miss anything. Spooks always go alpha. Project Veritas does it again. The new evil needs numbers. It's there for all to see, so go tell the world.
130 min
Mon 27 Sep: The Charter - UN JFK - Paytriots - ...
The challenges intensify as expected. It's no time for mincing words. Is this what got JFK shot? The UN charter and why he signed it. The endless game of inside info and compromise. Bend the knee now and it will never stop. Brave military men now facing the SHU. Apathetic America is the biggest disappointment. Private contractors are the devils little workers. Lawfare weapons target families too. There's gates, fences and roads as the camps get real. Machine checks in each state needed for October surprise. Are the grass roots dead? Remember that it's during extreme pressure when diamonds are formed.
125 min
Fri 24 Sep: Undo Time - Hil2Dy On - Speed Up - ...
The results are in. Massive discrepancies prove Trump won Arizona. All the dazed and confused that don't get it. The coup against the people is unraveling. A short interview with Patrick Byrne. At the keyboards during the exact moment. They are clinging by teeth, toes and fingernails. Those that vouched for the Arizona results are suspect. Oh yeah, all servers had full internet connectivity. It's the first state point of the spear. Thirteen writs filed, sixteen ongoing. Next target up is the IRS. And then what everyone is waiting for, the MSM. Nothing an illegitimate junta does will stick. Short show tonight, but includes a bonus phone convo with PFC_Bergy. Let's all have a blessed restful weekend.
76 min
Tue 21 Sep: Rights Club - United Power - Your H...
It has never been more true than today that our rights are won in battle. There is no one deserving faith other than God and ourselves. Our numbers outweigh their evil. There is simply no government right to control me. Big tech and the MOU agreements. Did I hear Lockheed? How certain intel groups played elections. Self policing and the bottom line are opposites. Never play dumb with a woman. Writ updates from state groups. A corrupt judiciary leaves very few options. The state constitutions can be our tool. Freedom from masks is paramount. SCOTUSgate is coming and will be a stunner. School health care has become sadism. Now is truly the time to get up and fight for your freedom and your country.
179 min
Mon 20 Sep: Med Evil - Mask Daze - Death Jab - ...
The medical tyranny is intensifying as injustice builds. Needle evil has so many adherents. Masks, school prisons, teachers unions, forced jabs, social division, it all swirls in a bad stew. They seek to divide, and the scamdemic is a perfect tool. Project Veritas has another brave truth teller. Vax deaths hidden under the mat. The HIV factor will be news soon. How quickly the hospitals turned malicious. Even the FDA posts internal critics. Saved from wolves, eaten by shepherds. What? The Constitution doesn't specifically protect parents rights? A movement grows. The first goal is 26 states. Never forget that this fight is helping the boss. It's harvest moon and time to separate the wheat from the chaff. Fight hard, because our freedom is at stake.
131 min
Fri 17 Sep: Constitution Day - Many Rising - St...
It's a day to celebrate our national heritage document, and also use it. Vigilance is the price of freedom. Today's colleges and the Constitution are a dismal combo. We the people have been asleep, but not any more. The challenges before us are are great, and so is our goal. Look at those states stepping up. Idaho is just one gem. Washington, Ohio, and North Dakota enter the fray. Others soon to follow. The scary new power of hospitals. Obama care solidified medical tyranny, and it's finally being challenged. The Creative Artists Agency has quite a story. It will be coming out in documentary form soon. It's all a movie to shackle your mind, so don't let them do it. And always enjoy the show.
95 min
Thu 16 Sep: Marked Now- New Apartheid - Vax Tru...
Mixing politics, health care decisions and the church. It can only end up bad. The Novaxt are the new lower caste. Doubt caused by the church runs contrary to true faith. Gone is a sense of peace. Wise and obedient have left the building. Changing focus tests the brethren. Who trusts the vax? Platte River Networks is back in the news. Two months in 2016 is when it all started. Everything is orchestrated for mass consumption. Milley mixed messages. Shouldn't the writs be headlines, instead of fast food? Hildawg's attorney is under the gun. East coast be warned for fifteen days. We are making history and future patriots will praise us in song.
134 min
Mon 13 Sep: War Layers - Filing Heros - Dark Co...
It's really all about the children, and a parents right to protect them. Sammy, Kelly, Valerie and Jennifer tell their courageous tales of intimidation in the people's courts. Hero moms facing up to evil. Big men, covid closures, and drop box dimwits. Child abuse in schools is illegal. Any real judges? Does an average citizen have a chance? Dark room scare tactics and controlled attorneys. Use your rights now or forever be slaves, and pussies. It's hospital prison murder. Medical mistrust skyrockets. Soon, they will all pay. Those that bend the knee and comply will die. Hack attacks and the coming big documentary. When will this all be over? When you get off your ass. They're feeling the heat with war on many fronts. Now it's time to use their own words against them, because they matter.
187 min
Fri 10 Sep: Writ Happens - Mandamus Rules - Rud...
When you read the details, it's a done deal. The Ohio constitution is like others, so go look at yours. Rising waters and the 911 anniversary. Rudy was, and still is a hero. The vax mask distractions. To compel and to punish is covered in the law. It's called informed consent for a reason. We have to step up, so dude, just do it. Education is the fuel, justice is the spark. There's a legal way to make those responsible act. A common law remedy. Where are all the brave lawyers? The new documentary approaches, and it will change things. On many different fronts, it's truly almost time to enjoy the show.
114 min
Thu 09 Sep: JoVax Reax - Freedom Not - Face Boo...
A short show and reaction to the latest vax demands. First, a catch up on judges who prejudge and lawyer bots to plug up the system. The Pretender speaks with new requirements. The old days when it was our body, our choice. Hate percentage climbing. Begging and offering paid time off. Booster confusion. Is this all in the mandates? Minorities now not allowed in bathrooms and diners. The reaction to this insanity will define our country long into the future.
68 min
Wed 08 Sep: Mask Truth - An Interview With Step...
A true subject expert, Mr. Stephen Petty, P.E., C.I.H., C.S.P., joins Tore to talk truth about masks. The insanity, the law, schools and what looks like child abuse are all discussed. Reality means droplets, aerosols, mask holes and openings the size of a human hair. What are the effects of depriving children of oxygen? Airline cooties coming down the isle. It's really all about control. Shocking behavior from the emerging tyrants. Who's the conspiracy theorist now? It's important to dispel disinfo for both judges and the public. Mask mandates are being overturned in Kentucky and elsewhere. The forensic engineering behind OSHA lies. What ever happened to dilution and ventilation? Open a window. Know the law and the facts, then you will be part of a real mask solution.
125 min
Tue 07 Sep: Normal Not - Foundations - 16th Deb...
Taking back the legal process means getting active. Fear is what's for lunch. Build now what we will use legally later. It will be one prison for all the Karens. Judge assignments get juggled. Admit it, the Federal courts don't work for the people. Another update on Avery Garfield and her fight. The taxation fight goes way back. Did you say straight to the DNA? It is impossible to unsee and unlearn. American society as we know it is now gone. Twenty years ago JauntyTor was here as a dude. Cities versus the country, and the scatters. Get to know your neighbors because you will be talking soon.
135 min
Mon 04 Oct: So Hot - Fire On - Mask Distraction...
Can you feel everything getting hotter? It's a scorched earth policy they pursue. Let's segue right away. Judges sandbag, scold and trample Article III. Have no doubt, they are coming for your kids. That's when things start to get real. The blackouts may be self inflicted, like the whistle blower. NDA's are there to cover evil. Censorship is a sure sign of tyranny. SCOTUS is in session, so let the scandals begin. We must use our voices and pens as weapons within our own courts. Project Veritas is doing God's work. Chit chat about crimes against humanity over a salad at lunch. FB snitch looks staged along with their app family problems. Big show coming? Sort of obvious with the UFO news suddenly on all channels. What's a Fonesca? The Pandora papers are coming soon. For most people, their eyes and ears are just not ready, but we will see a more complete human existence soon.
116 min
Mon 06 Sep: Labor Pains - Mesmerized - Slaves I...
The history of labor is really all about corporate control. We will take back courts, because the people demand it. Look what details have popped up. There is only the now, and every second counts. Non conformity means a closeness to faith. Can you really understand life before your dead? Wut? From child labor to child indoctrination. The good and bad of unions. Who to sue? Mandatory vax by corporate masters equals slavery. The evil surrounding vaxing kids. It's child abuse. Are they inserting info? We've been lied to so long, truth is almost unknown. It's not complicated. Good people try to help everyone, even those that hate us.
133 min
Fri 03 Sep: Spear Tips - Reins Taken - Where RU...
You've been given everything you need, now it's time to step up. We have to take back the courts and our legal processes. Knowing your rights is just the beginning. Spoon feeding is over, so get to work. Yo, dudes, are you out there? It's lawfare at the lowest level. TRO's ignored and justice delayed. Student's rights are patients rights. The vaxbeast bears the mark. Where are the Christians? Now there's booster pills? It feels like Revelations all over again. When zombie movies look tame. The fear of uncharted waters. An interview with a brave nursing student Avery Garfield, and her lawyer Russell Newman. Support their fight against vax tyranny, and a free future for our children.
110 min
Thu 02 Sep: Our Coups - Roads Traveled - Target...
Our history is coming home hard. We have definitely been there and done that. Iran and Guatemala are just the start. 245 years and on going. Locke's theory and our founders. The play book and the money came together everywhere. Paid chaos in our modern era. The psy ops are now very finely tuned. Overthrows and economics always go together. Angels stand firm. The trick is to justify planned aggression. Kermit and the creative thugs. How to disallow corporate behavior. Hunter's devices keep on giving. Where's the mask experts at HHS? The people who deserve freedom are now the ones who are fighting for it.
106 min
Wed 01 Sep: Be Brave - Maskholes - Warrior Chil...
Mandates, masks, and student repression are fueling growing anger. Like hamsters on a wheel, they want us obedient. Rule one says keep them stupid. Lust, greed and power all crave cash. Some of us feel ashamed for the world. Get outside your comfort zone and make a difference. Class poison runs his mouth. The boundaries of common sense no longer apply. Face diapers for cash. Our smoking non-nun is among the 1% that are fearless. Break stuff and be pain free. Follow the money, because it talks. Never be scared when you fight for freedom. The fate of our nation depends on us coming together.
115 min
Tue 31 Aug: Time - All In - Healing - Achieveme...
Every moment that passes cannot be regained. Life's achievements are judged at our last breath. The importance of healing. A true understanding of history is essential. Societies are transformed in many ways. Control is key. JFK's peace speech revisited. Quick change disguises. Two generations of innate free will makes us tough to enslave. The reality box we're used to has shattered. Look at all the converging events. School boards for prison. Rigging elections is what they do. Find your still and always remember that our faith motivates our humanity.
112 min
Fri 27 Aug: Forgiven - Devils Inside - Tired - ...
Who doesn't get it now? The people must stand up and defend their rights. New fallen hero's and our incredible national decline. The CIA has F'd up again. The blood of martyrs is now on their hands. Insane parents donate their children to science. Schools are in a daze while parents doze. Toe tagged and ready for the harvest. If you are sick and scared then stay home. Get off your knees or die. To them, your destruction is necessary. The corrupt fiefdom of North Dakota. Let's be clear, masking kids is child abuse. Only one party and one President talks about the Boss. Be confident that although the evil is huge, we the people will expose and overcome it.
133 min
Thu 26 Aug: Titan Fight - Unraveling - Reveal A...
When the best of us stand up, quisling school boards shake. The conflicts of interest are thick. They're scared and it shows. All will be revealed in this white hot summer. The reactive anger and call outs are part of the smack down. ISIS-K is the new terrorist variant. Push the military to the limits and see what happens. Are you ready for the season ending bang? 911 truth is integral to all that is happening. Disease and war are buds. Did she say "Pacific Northwest Morgellans"? The angriest people will be the VIXIMS. Nations fall for lots of reasons. Time to get strong, stay salty and be ready. Our real President Trump appears on Hannity.
153 min
Tue 24 Aug: VAXWARZ - Kill Shots - Mil Targets ...
This show will trigger the safeguarding of the US Military. It's all vax lies with fake data, fake studies, fake approval. ChyNa and Germany team up for vax production. No real US reviews. Into who's arms? Our troops? Kill shots? We must help our own NOW! Sketchy places and hidden locations. FDA scams to hide the collapse of PedoJo. Vaxt are lab rats and always were. A placebo in your state? Pharma won't say. Hey, it's 95% effective, in 1% of the cases. Demons attacking real doctors. Disgusting paid VAXRS. 40k per child? Better find a hiding place. Soros nursing unions, vax tags marking subgroups, perfect $$ scams, it just goes on and on. It's time to put on the armor of God because we're going to need it.
114 min
Mon 23 Aug: Persecution - Defiance - Head First...
The growing intensity of oppression will only get worse. Vax lunacy supreme. Off the chart bitterness and spite. What is coming will test the faith of all believers. Those that cannot stand for truth see nothing. Do not consent because He will be victorious in all things. There's a school board that has no idea what's coming. Something is happening and we can feel it. Do not be consumed by a thirst for power. The 50cc Corinthian showed spunk and grit. Now is the time to stand up and not be afraid. Follow your true self while preparing the young for what's to come, because the future is a gift only for survivors.
119 min
Fri 20 Aug: Free Will - Full Rights - Door C - ...
The building and toppling of nations has never stopped. Is that what we patriots face? The typical approach is them claiming they want to help. Losers preach to the sheep. Gullible seems to be a drink so many enjoy. Vax insanity boils, while the people begin to stand their ground. Reports of Caries, another vax side effect. Of course HIV and Covid are related. The tech they have and we don't. We're due for a complete medical turnaround. Those who sell their soul cannot savoir peace. Watch the water, while it goes thru your prepper filter. The islands, the military development, and the poverty of the people. Seeing what they do gets us ready for our future.
132 min
Thu 19 Aug: Demons Flock - Sideways - Bad Optic...
All the things that we think we know. Our real President shines in pointed flashbacks. How the Taliban treaty was scuttled. There are a million shades of fake. It's all psyops 101. They planned all this crap. The universal call for no deals. Factions, friends, relatives, and whoever is left. Child porn setups and lawfare. Today's false flag attacks fizzled because the people are waking up. Private jails, blackmail, and what comes next. We are watching a movie. Patriots will never bend the knee. Now is the time to dig deep for your faith.
124 min
Wed 18 Aug: The Goods - Truth Is - Damn Salty -...
Where the hell are the journalists? The President reviews PedoJo's debacle. Milley makes excuses. No decisions being made even score above senseless. Are these what are called journalists? Crooked lawyer poses with fake Pretendant. Somehow missed by MSM. The words election integrity better be on their lips. Multiple ops run at the symposium. Now we see where people sit. Stone and Santilli looking bad. Truth was burned and hidden. Patrick Bergy joins the show for a broad ranging discussion.
160 min
Tue 17 Aug: An Interview With Patrick Byrne
Tore's special guest tonight is the great patriot Patrick Byrne. They discuss the state of America and our changing world status. Also, the strategies and actions, taken and not. Are we armed with the right tools? It's absolutely possible, truth can win over violence. Mike Lindell and the symposium attacks. Be looking for the wrong take away's. Race, vax's, Hitler and the Nazi left. Mesa we cannot talk about, yet. America's greatest shame. President Trump speaks to the nation on Hannity.
148 min
Mon 16 Aug: Exposium - Lindell Edition - Dirty ...
The Lindell Symposium proved it all, while under constant attack. The super patriot himself, Mike Lindell, covers what went on. Insiders showing themselves is part of the plan. Antifa, fake ID's, and the counter intel folks also operating. Complexity and media never go together. Vote data bases accessible by phone? Really? The snakes on the floor were easy to see. Code Monkee business. Getting the evidence into court is the key. The affidavit that leads the way. Truth never gets anywhere quickly. It's a war for our minds, and timing means everything. Relax in a prone position, watch, wait, and be conscious of scope shadow and trigger pull. God bless America.
138 min
Fri 13 Aug: The Brink - Brain Wash - Redemption...
They say battle lines are drawn, but it's more than just a line. Reclaiming the words that got us here. The philosophy of who lives and dies. We know these facts to be true. Dominion must admit their crimes. The shape of our forces and how we will now engage the enemy. Make me happy because that's the final goal. Original filings are a buttress of truth. We have come full circle. In tank combat, it's always about the weak points. Never fight a war without knowing yourself and your enemy. Pray hard for our country and our patriots.
104 min
Thu 12 Aug: Re Eugenics - Vaxt Reich - Feeble M...
Another case of been thru this before. The vaxt and their master race. The parallels are mind blowing. Making better humans via a needle. Human rights are reproductive rights. Sanger, Galton, Kellogg and now Bill Gates. Hitlers advisers planted the seeds of evil. Tay-Sachs and the DNA collection effort. Watch the vax pressure mimic our history. Impeach 44 and rid us of Obotcare. Have no doubt, the virus was created for the vaccine. Vax insanity will now grow worse, much worse. Incoming lawsuits will shake things up. Keep your eyes open and get ready to rumble.
109 min
Wed 11 Aug: Controlling All - Boomerang - Auto ...
Remember, take it all in one small piece at a time, but open wide for this one. People always want maximum truth. They attack then ignore. Cyber symposium talks and results. Fix'n ops R us. To forgive is to understand. Cody Snodgrass and the inside story of OKC. Detonators, micro wave brain weapons, protein synthesized poisons, all part of the gut wrenching treason and evil. They do it cuz we're stupid. Do you want to be here again and again? Hell yes she's salty! Agnes Heller and the philosophy of decency. You dismiss what you don't understand. Always remember that data is gold. Get active and work citizens, because they are nothing without you.
122 min
Tue 10 Aug: Vax Attax - Lie Fails - Re Anthrax ...
Quoting once again "We've already won." But it's still a long hard fight. Ego problems incoming. You better believe the credit is due. It's you, Tore listeners, that have made a real difference. FAG reps and the evil they push. Anthrax is back, just like in the 911 era. What the vax's have done to the military is a crime. Under a bridge level of homeless. The red team looks good. Cyber Symposium, patriots and the mountains of proof. CaC cards can modify software too. The greatest scrutiny of all is the public kind. Hold on to your seats, because we're driving, not riding.
177 min
Mon 09 Aug: Loop 421 - Unstoppable - Lie Lullab...
The learning we've done and the lies we were told. Sen. Rand Paul stands up. Control the opposition and you will win the war. Forfeiting freedoms year by year. The sharpest weapons are the non violent ones. WWG1WGA is made for now. The plan was always you. Hailstone numbers, Benford's Law, Polya conjecture, Python shapes and collapsing timelines. Math is life. Doctors speak out when the people give them strength. Are all our leaders actors? Mars is the past, Venus the future. Be ready for anything and always retain your situational awareness.
129 min