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Wed 29 Jun: An Ohio Event - A Tore Update On Lo...
From somewhere West of Cincinnati, Tore takes the campaign stage for a speech on election integrity, her work history, what America is now facing, and why she's Ohio's best choice for Secretary Of State. As always with local events, audio is sketchy in places. Run time is 1 hour 13 minutes.
74 min
Tue 28 Jun: The Club - Fraud History - Green ID...
The world is learning that American elections were corrupted long ago. Here's some fraud history for review. vote flipping made easy, and convincing. Test it all overseas. There were color revs elsewhere too. Getting people to play the game is goal one. All cabal assets are being deployed. Please, not Scammy again. Time travel means predictive analytics. Color revs and Kraken access. Rudi's Kiev trip was a good one. Humble State officials witnessed Ukraine elections? Seeing fraud in action. Election electronics are weapons of war and designed at the DOD. The new J6 witness gives it a good looking shot. Sweat, lies and honeypots. The real journalists have thick skins. Hearsay from the lower level staff. What's coming over the next few weeks will be very loud. Now, it is finally time to really see how they operate.
175 min
Mon 27 Jun: Panic Mode - Freakouts - Med Data -...
The right people are scared, which means the truth is approaching. The MSM breaks down. Massive are the challenges to real faith. Having the citizen weapons to fight fraud. Why the governors met in 2019. Data is sent worldwide from private medical sources. Controlling people easily thru fear and guilt. Thought crimes and warped minds. It's all about narrative control. AFLCIO labor power, funding of the left, and complete systemic election fraud. How did they know all that? Every electronic machine is compromised. The real shadow government and the people in charge. Anti aging tech and human harvest. Collecting, consuming, studying and profiting from tissue, fluids and vanity. The reasons for today's Africa. It's modern science with golden blood. The Roerich family contributions. Our knowledge and faith will guide us, with history's help, safely into the future.
126 min
Fri 24 Jun: The Ruling - 6-3 Decision - Your Pu...
The historical SCOTUS ruling has landed with a boom. Days and nights of rage are scheduled to begin. All expected weirdness and insanity from the left. Some people seek to rule. A social tug of war is now in effect. Potatus speaks. Who's encouraging violence? Lying about viability. Finding your purpose is the key to a happy life. Sacrifice and struggle are part of the equation. Using war as a domestic political tool. It's the vets that suffer. The private prison debate returns. Industry ties to the Cheney's. Framing and metaphore is beyond most. A look back at some Bush era bribery and corruption. Does that effect our current lawsuits? Election theft? Controlling history while we are distracted. Trump will be coming back, his enemies can go ahead and cry. Gun grabs by wackies. Election grabs by same. Now we must seriously ask ourselves what we are going to do about it.
115 min
Thu 23 Jun: Thunder (Part 2 of 2) - It's round ...
The clown show continues with witnesses, lots of fake news, accomplished liars and occasional commentary by Tore.
147 min
Thu 23 Jun: Thunder (Part 1 of 2) - Short Air -...
The rumbles are distinct, and the lightening is starting to flash. Airlines, the VAXT, and weather related cancellations. The fruitful necessary adventures. SCOTUS moves give some hope. Slowing the anti gun zealots. State changes are required like ways to impeach and remove. The Uvalde op blows up. The idiotic voter ID debate. They want robots not laws. How the uniparty got started. Early insights into party history. What happened to the Federalists? A political party was phased out. The GOP gets destroyed. Tribal instincts offer political advantages. Gutting Obotcare is a good start. The FROG cypher creates ballot needs. Primary fraud erupts in Georgia. Remember, they sued states to force use of election machines. Wrecking balls can tear it all down. More J6 show to fight what Trump represents. Have faith, because there is so much happening in the background.
152 min
Tue 21 Jun: All Crumbling - Corruption Show - R...
The desperation is all up front as the deep state plays every card. Container companies and MS13 contracts unearthed on Pelosi's record. Playing the GOP game means a restricted ballot. Blocking the outspoken. The scariest people get things done by pointing things out. Kansas gain of function and lots of dead cows. Is voter ID racist? But wait, blacks and hispanics support them. State law improvements means making recalls faster. Death panels, access to private data, and big pharma power all came from Obamacare. The precursor to a repressive social ID system. The black hole of corruption. Losing Africa and pushing countries towards Russia. Nimrod and the new world order. Can you endure more J6? Remember, a branch of Homeland Security changed the election of 2020. Be patient, stay alert, and watch the narrative dissolve.
212 min
Mon 20 Jun: Random Things - People Pain - Car $...
148 min
Sat 18 Jun: Extremists In Our Midst - A Tore Up...
Tore calls in to her Locals channel after a confrontation with a group infiltrator. She discusses the incident, voting fraud history, and the fight for election integrity in Ohio and nationwide. This was Tore's second Locals posting today, with the first being inaudible. Here, audio quality is sketchy in places and Tore is cut off abruptly at 46 minutes.
40 min
Fri 17 Jun: Loose Cannons - Big Desperation - F...
It does not seem possible, but Trump Derangement Syndrome is getting worse. Defending the fraud in all ways to cancel Trump. In what reality are they operating. Is MS13 running the show for Nan? Losing everything to see who's with him. The countries crime meltdown. Everyone seems a traitor. Schiff and Pense working together. The world is laughing. There's danger in being visible. Who funds who? The people don't like what our country has become. Truth tellers and name tainting. The building blocks of social credit scores are established. When there is widespread mistrust, solutions will follow. By oath, we are bound to fight tyranny. There will be an election case in SCOTUS. CSPAN censorship. Our President Trump takes the stage at the Faith and Freedom rally. Remember, all that really matters is the truth
185 min
Thu 16 Jun: Power Trips - The Law - Public Opin...
As the war intensifies, all power assets are coming into play. Incredibly, some Senators still slight our vets. We are at the point of maximum requirements for both faith and coping. Why Ali got involved in 2020. The Zoom coup plotters and their talk of chosen electors. There's a data purge planned to cover the evidence. On the ballot means valid standing is confirmed. Invoking fear keeps Trump's newcomers down. 2000 was our last real vote. Racial, gender, religious, all tyranny types are in play. Right now, it's still civilized. Some say give them actual chaos. A monstrous machine called polarity. Don't offend the monkeys. Clueless in gun-land. The J6 posturing has reached peak bias. A huge public opinion fail. Truth is not intricate, but quiet. A legit 12th Amendment case was blocked. Pence knew. Terrified pencil necks out front. Truth narrated hearings prove laughable. We must starve out the GOP, and then vote for the individuals who can fix all this.
218 min
Wed 15 Jun: Chaos Class - Info Sequester - Neve...
With so much anarchy and turmoil around us, our knowledge is our protection. Recognizing what matters and cutting thru the noise. Some benefit from the disorder. The most important information is now hidden. For those who knew it was happening, none of this is shocking. Fixed points in time do not change. The natural order and the crypto crash. NFT assets vaporized. Animal vessels housing our DNA in the VAX. Now we must ask what we should do. The disinfo board had plans. Dead cows, food shortages and water chemicals. So many are trying to silence us. Virgil Earp and some brand insights. There's a wave of change sweeping across the bio-dome. One match to start the fire. A video birthday present for the President. Expanding your circle to find the meaning of life. Seeing the bright light of truth and understanding choices will give us a true sense of living.
134 min
Sun 12 Jun: Night Cap - Another Tore Update On ...
From high atop NYC, Tore checks in via her Locals channel to answers listener questions and drop some hints about whats soon to come. Run time is just 31 minutes.
31 min
Sat 11 Jun: Fun With Flags - A Tore Update On L...
Tore takes a Saturday travel break and gives us an update via her Locals channel. As always with these updates, the conversation is casual and varied but includes occasional important intel hints. Run time is just under 90 minutes.
88 min
Thu 09 Jun: Time Tech - Fixed Nodes - Predictiv...
Only mathematics describes the infinite complexities of life within time. Our futures fixed points cannot be changed. The Simpson's knew Trump would concede to Lisa. Predictive analytics and the billions of choices and directions. When will the SCOTUS situation come to life? The terminal node and why it is fixed. Working now to influence future change. It does not matter what version they choose. Let's say it again, the CISA algorithm steals elections. Ramanjuan the genius. The 3x + 1 loop is back. Mendalbrot explains. Think patterns and numbers. All things are interconnected. Was Trump predicted long ago? 911 was orchestrated to delay. Portals, and a world within the world. Mars is the past, Venus is the future. Amazing Javier vids. VR future food. Plant coms. In fiction there is always a root of truth, so we must stick to the foundations that give us discernment.
155 min
Wed 08 Jun: CISA Did It - The Disruptors - Crow...
It's our government that rigs elections thru the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. Here's the real facts. Of course they attack the truth tellers. All methods are used to derail freedom. When self help meets propaganda. Understanding Q posts without the red stringers. The truth levels the playing field for everyone. The power of the crowd can be unleashed. The hardest part is staying objective. Sticker inventor you say? Excuse me? It's all been planned for people who normally don't see. For some influencers, it's all about self. Histories best one woman band. Pigeon English for a laugh. RINOs plan a gun grab. The Gupta brothers and global crime moves. The J6 farce, intimidation, cover ups and sleepers. Drunk Albanians, a smashed up closet, CISA manipulation and watching the 2016 train wreck. Trump was our only duly elected president. Now, our focus should be to watch the traitors hang. Here is the truth about the anti-Trump coup they orchestrated.
135 min
Tue 07 Jun: Wisdom Divine - Life Feeling - Godl...
The wisdom of the creator is within all of us, and the future will prove it. The image is of total fraud at all levels. Wake up every day to that life feeling. The amazing Mandelbrot set, and how it proves a divine creation. The Romans could throw a party, Saturnalia. Who said "baby in the cake"? History says letting off steam will stop explosions. It's a purge philosophy. Right now, our electors are both sorted and selected. Peter Navarro's arrest and the weaponizing of our institutions. The J6 fiasco nears a blowup. What CNN forgot about pedos. Harnessing the power of Congress is vital. Citizenship rights are being diluted for all to see. Our strength, compassion and discernment are soon to be tested. Lets all strive to both prepare for and understand what is coming.
164 min
Mon 06 Jun: Prime Time - Moving It Up - J6 Dark...
Past news is now proving the future. The schedule for evil has changed. The J6 prime time stunt. A hard backfire will be the result. Edited and scripted front to back. Working frauds to rewrite history. Arrest moves send a message. Following the wallets. The widespread tree branches of the funding network. It's very difficult to bring back the mentally captured. Dark money is all over J6. It's narrative building run amok. Competing for eyeballs. Let's define what is meant by government speech. Red flag laws will prove we're crazy. The Pence is in danger myth. Cover-ups are so popular today. Veritas is in the thick of it again. What a great Mt. Rushmore idea. The plexiglass is important. Schumer threatens and Kamala won't answer. Get a free ring in Chicago. Final cards are being played. Remember, it's easier to prepare when you know what they're going to do.
118 min
Fri 03 Jun: The Structure - Old Proxies - Seeki...
So much of our history is rooted in structural deceit. Let's start with all the proxy wars. It was M.A.D. when the big three met in Ukraine. Evil is seeing the light of day. Tycoons and bankers are heavily represented. War happenstance is what we get. Many election methods exist. Cambridge Analytica and the radicalization of campaign war strategy. Did someone put media in it's place? Gerrymandering and the debate swirling the process. A method of explaining voting outcomes. Involuntary servitude is back in style. Genetics and crime research comes of age. Navarro harassed as the mourning begins. Blindsided from the left. Avenues we have for fighting back. NASA has real skin in the game. Tensegrity and gravity in an alignment event. Odd public responses are signals of coming upheaval. Be ready for mid June.
170 min
Thu 02 Jun: Fully Awake - Set Up - End Game - D...
It feels as if someone is milking this war for benefit. Our hope is their dope. What is consciousness in the era of psyops? Being aware is burdensome and constant. The plan includes peaks and troughs. Michigan threatens truth seekers. The added mass of matter unseen. FBI weirdness on multiple fronts. The poem question. Flocking to pain. Constraints are necessary for existence. Vulnerability is part of the human experience. Obot's secret meetings with Iran. The secret is the DHS owns our votes and picks the winners. There are swamp critters who still surround the President. No will to survive means certain death. We have everything we need and the evidence is overwhelming. Only the lies are stopping us. The cats are all out of the bag, so let's not refuse to see them.
156 min
Tue 31 May: Our Purpose - Magic Wheel - All Wro...
After years of neglect, our Republic is struggling due to us. But that's changing. The jury setup begins with demographic data. Not a loss, but a solid case against the FBI. SCOTUS seems tense. Bio truth means stop asking. Cell receptors and blank canvas HIV. A restraining order against voting machines is possible. Sketchy plane crash in Nepal. It is the people that are making things happen. A preemptive swearing in. Found the leak or created it? The Obot ran everything. Impeach 44. When a judge parties with Brandon. Expect more shoot-ups and max gun grabbing. Instructive ciphers and backdoor access. Seeing how this all works. Will inflation rates negate abortion votes? If you had just one question for God. True inner peace will always be found from service of others.
111 min
Mon 30 May : Memorial Day - History Repeats - G...
The grand game of global chess is being replayed, again. On Memorial Day, a historical look at the WWII era. How does history effect today? Strength thru peace. Making nice while using propaganda. Stalin's history and the big switch. Czech division and war moves. Appeasement then matches today's Ukraine. How Trump threatened the 100 year plan. Tehran, Yalta, Ukraine and Munich, the treaties and their results. War resource moves contradicted the narratives of the times. Taking over lands to protect them, and then handing protectorates to Hitler. They said we must stand in solidarity, with all cultures together, sort of like today. It all begins and ends in Ukraine. The enrichment of uranium was a big three agreed upon effort. The puppets and their handlers then are just like today. Knowing our history helps us understand what is coming while providing all patriots the courage and strength to endure.
155 min
Fri 27 May: The Bells - All Grabbers - Time Lin...
Many warriors claim that bells signal the start of a pivotal battle. It's now a shooting heard round the world. Time lines, stand downs, third person witnesses, and mounting questions. Obvious and blatant is the pandering from the left. It's drama time for the MSM gun weepers. Look at all the things not talked about. Our civil war is internal, and between up versus down. Who is really your government? President Trump speaks at the NRA, and destroys the anti-gun narrative. Programmable CBDC's and the next level of controlling us. Decentralization and how the printing press led to war. Censorship is their forever goal. When a QR code is needed for $$$. Central bank death rattles and the broad strokes needed for the future. The world is watching. It's go time and we must win, because it's America that showcases real freedom.
170 min
Thu 26 May: Hero's Stand - Vangelis RIP - Crisi...
Those who rise to a crisis are the people who make real changes. It's called taking a stand. Vangelis passes today. Approve of yourself and then get moving. Our individual worth is not defined by others. Our stickers are now everywhere. Acknowledgement comes first. Above all, be heard. Shifty Schiff and press freedom. Ukraine, Kissinger, and the ripping global fabric. The rigged Ohio primary was by the GOP. A hot summer is coming. Who's funding those red stringers? Disinformation and perspective are vital psyop tools. Craving structure means afraid to go against the grain. The reasons to mind hack. It's false flag season again, there's guns to be grabbed, and they all know what's coming. Expect a long, hot June. Always trust your gut, and be a hero in your own story. Then we all win.
146 min
Wed 25 May : Getting It - Gov't Inc - Slave Mas...
The elites seem to be noticing that we will not comply. As always, some are getting it and others never will. Why now with the premonitions? That is one well timed shooting. Lots of gear and training for grandma's tranny. it's a seamless transition from media to government. They call it the mark. Have you ever heard of the relay? There were major grid lines and related tech in '69. Intergalactic comms where a thing then too. One of the four had faith in humanity. We may know her. The DNA identifier. The global human experiment is going all wrong. Wray talks a good line. White hat or not? Obot's criminal FBI supervision. The evil in the WEF shows as the deep state plays their last cards. Now is the time to support one another, protect your family, and summon all possible courage for the weeks ahead.
124 min
Tue 24 May: Story Time - Another Tore Update On...
It's another important Tore update via the Locals channel. From the ambiance of an airport lounge, she stirs things up on all manner of subjects from war developments to election strategy. As always, her responses to listener questions leaves us with a lot to think about. Run time is just under 50 minutes.
48 min
Mon 23 May: Hammock Thoughts - A Tore Update On...
Tore calls in from her sunny hammock location for an update on some major happenings worldwide. As always, she drops hints about things she's working on, and major events about to unfold. Run time is 1 hour 25 minutes.
85 min
Mon 16 May: Rico Vacay - New News - Formula Fi...
Short show tonight, it's time for Rico with the girls. OMG, there's real news on CNN. You know what to think when the scheme is a repeat. Is Bill Barr actually on it? Russia bashing peaks. Deep fake algos and the shimmering Schiff. Soon, very soon. The whistle blower was a wire tap. Manufactured evidence means they made it all up. It's false flag season so be careful who you're with. Is unrestricted concealed carry a real danger? Hate roots, violent plants, and the flowering of tragedy. Stay calm and alert, keep to your friends and maintain our effort. As the astrology column says, it's time to avoid complications with strangers.
58 min
Fri 13 May: Arctic Fronts - Power Plays - Upgra...
Global strategies are now proving the importance of the far North. Selfish intentions are always involved in decisions. Have humans been upgraded? Is that divine or man made? Bacteria talks as every cell is in symbiosis. The judges always find something wrong. Life support for red stringers. Very small pockets of people actually get things done. Satisfied comfortable slaves cannot fathom a lack of structure. The sheeple aren't going anywhere. Arctic power plants and under the ice bases. Energy security heads North. Greenland energy, Estonia tech, and the heart of cyber security development. Quantum tech isn't new. All nations have been the subject of tests. The WHO already gives advice to the world. Even when every chip is stacked against us, ours remains a civilized revolution. Remember, it's up to we the people to take back our nation.
163 min
Wed 11 May: Patrick Q&A - A Discussion With Pat...
Tore and Patrick discuss today's hot topics on just about everything. Subjects covered include election fraud, voting machine tricks, some white hat history, and what happens next in the war. They also take on all listener questions.
140 min
Tue 10 May: Priming Us - The Odds - CIALSD - De...
The long battle seems never ending because the scope of war is so huge. The odds are stacked, which is why we fight. There's something called a group say, because we're all in this together. Winning is not why we do things. The evil legacy of the McGill Project, and what it says about today. Torture on foreign soil. They can't stop the truth bots. It's not the who or where that makes intel, it's the how. The entire facade of political parties needs to go. There is no reforming the GOP. We follow the candidates that stand for freedom. HSBC and the big early frauds. Make your attack sideways, and never go for the head. Who's ready for racist attacks in Ohio? The digital code is coming with DNA as the ultimate ID. Remember that hate and love both bring passion, but only one has the frequency of hope.
115 min
Mon 09 May: Tore Update On Locals
Tore calls in for a Locals channel update while driving. She covers the latest on her various legal cases and drops lots of hints about what's to come. Apologies for the disjointed audio.
105 min
Fri 06 May: Vulnerable Times - Forgiving You - ...
Life in today's American is stressful, traumatic and vulnerable. And it's all by design. The neck stomping must soon end. Some people fight just for glory. Important conversations are taking place. The posturing just creates pockets of stupid drama. Evil requires instructions, has no new play books, and never changes what works. The conditioning is to pacify free thought. More than anything else, truth is resilient. Remember, the gates of hell are locked from the inside. President Donald Trump speaks from the rally in Pennsylvania. Tiny dancer stays away. Time to answer. Election theft starts on the petition side by blocking challengers. Our legal filings and other patriot things are making history. Let's keep it up, and throw in some unconditional love.
142 min
Wed 04 May: Tore's Court Case Update On Locals
Tore live streams her discussion of today's court ruling in her case against Dominion, discusses the attitude in the courtroom and then talks to some observers who were there. Run time is 17 minutes. Yup, 17.
17 min
Mon 02 May: Crystal Clear - Real Science - Evil...
Connections, vibrations, crystals and systems of control. Let's talk real science. Don't tell people, show them. They are lying to protect power. Manipulation from idiots and clowns. The J6 setup was modeled on the 1932 Bonus Army. Super fires and protecting that one person. There are chess board pieces on the move. Brain crystals and controlling power was shown in Rwanda. Huh? Amazing powers in frequency, oscillation, piezzo pressure and molecular orientation. Let's get our minds together. We're all just tons and tons of atoms. What is the magic frequency? The destructive power of resonance. Tesla was right. Manipulating ideologies is easy but deprogramming isn't. The new flu, liquid crystals, project Milkyway, and the evil coming this month. President Trump speaks. NCSWIC which means the train has left the station. So, inspire your neighbors, protect your family, and concentrate on what's local.
142 min
Fri 29 Apr: Consequences - Death Threats - Roll...
The threats are becoming so real, you can feel embarrassed for ignoring them. God's armor shines under pressure. It's a war, with depression, psycho behavior, security personnel and long dark drives home. But now it's roll up time in the defense against demons. There's lots of self centered talk among the depressed. It's harassment to obfuscate. Red flags mean cords are cut. A true purpose is in service to others. Stupid people will beat you with it. Lying because someone lied to you. Religious fights happen in the military. Targeting Christians is real, ongoing and historical. The Bonus Army and their lost battle. It was military versus the military. The magic name Wexner and all that goes with it. CEO's, the letter agencies, honeypots and intel gathering. It's all a prelude for what is coming. We must define our future because our legacy will be our freedom.
133 min
Thu 28 Apr: Maras4Ohio - Tore's Campaign Speech...
This is a recording compiled from separate streams on Locals, provided by Phoebe Maras, and covering most of Tore's hard hitting speech at tonight's Columbus campaign event. It's real politics with busy room audio, speaker introductions, questions from the crowd, after event chatter, and a complete shut down of two streaming platforms at the mention of Les Wexner's name. Run time is 48 minutes.
46 min
Wed 27 Apr: Freedom Expectations (Part 2 of 2) ...
Now that we see the divisions, we can begin to understand the evil. They turn on each other and lash out in all directions. A new bad guy in the bullseye. Blackrock owns all. The Tesla is all about AI and data, data, data. The monsters right in front of us. Pardon me, what about Greenland and Mars? A shock awaits when you see the betrayal. Conservative assets with pay stubs. Hollywood and government are the first targets. It's a huge war swirling all arounds us. We must be the ones who shape our tomorrows. Not just another yesterday. Don't project fear and always retain a pure heart. It's visions of compassion and freedom that make us human. Take the objective perspective, and then what's coming will all make sense.
77 min
Wed 27 Apr: Freedom Expectations (Part 1 of 2) ...
A frantic fear of freedom is breaking out all over. They are showing themselves like never before. A significant two year contract has ended. This is how the ops happen. Now it gets fun because the game is well planned. Does it all seem to be happening at once? The reward is in doing the act of kindness itself. Ali and those who back him. Using food as a weapon has dire consequences. It all comes down to power and control. The toxic history of lead and it's health connections. Long standing operations are being challenged. It's a revolution versus misdirection. Bats, snakes, venom and the VAXT. In the vicious info war of deceit, our awakening means they are only prolonging the inevitable.
85 min
Tue 26 Apr: Unexpected Happenings and Q&A - A c...
Tore takes online questions, chats about numerous subjects, calls into a campaign rally, and then plans a vacation. Plus, she smokes and knows things. Run time is one hour and 17 minutes.
76 min
Mon 25 Apr: Bright Monday - Standing Tall - Sin...
Faith and trust are always in the same wartime foxhole. Strokes, sickness and surprise deaths. Harassing faith means chipping away at social defenses. Breaking the covenant of love and purity. It's the era of deception. Showing evil to people is necessary. Elon frenzy reaches a peak. Betrayal is a strategy for some. Choose God over government. Who have we been taught to trust the most? Truth inspires awe for the witness. Rough, tough and ready. Running them into the dead end of the maze. No election machines means no elections. The sandcastles of lies are being washed away. The stream of lies from the FBI is truly amazing. The agency of crimes and conspiracies. More scamdemic is coming to stop the paper ballots. Donate to the war and wonder where it goes. The ending won't be for everyone, whatever that means. Everything depends on faith because the future is for the survivors.
142 min
Fri 22 Apr: Discernment Maxed - Jailed Rights -...
As the war's intensity grows, insight, judgement and understanding can save your life. Call it well vetted personal intelligence. J6 shows the level of betrayal. To top it, they poke the bear. It's all in the end stage. Rights don't depend on likes. Preserving justice means it applies to everyone. Do good and get rewarded. The Bergy anger runs deep. His karma cache cannot be good. A good example of bad flaws. Spotting lies is easy if you start small. See the demons by looking right into their face. Doxing and whining go together. A new generation of real journalists exists. Intentions matter because they show integrity. Hog tied and undercut, Trump got more done than anyone. Our President speaks from Florida. The wins will soon get bigger. Fear nothing because the enemy has already lost. Now, we must seal our victory and claim true freedom.
159 min
Thu 21 Apr: The Real War - Traitor's Life - Co...
When the battles are many, we must focus on the key conflict. It's good versus evil, and the demons hide so well. They eradicate the humanity within themselves. A life defined by deception and corruption. So sneaky when the backstory is setup first. Trump represents what they stole from us. Not a Christian nation, but a free nation. Communism cannot coexist with religion. It was religion versus religion first. It matters not who your God is. A Trojan horse built by the almighty. This is a global effort. Concessions made for others, Christians take the heat. The majority are feared, so religion is targeted. Churches have sold out, but America was born from religious freedom. The true story of Judas. Is the United States similar? The scriptures tell a story that we may not be seeing. We have to defend more than our religion. Include our thoughts, our spirit, our freedom.
136 min
Tue 19 Apr: Fearless Faith - Holy Tuesday - Th...
There are fables and traditions that lead us to true understanding. A moral and knowledgeable citizenry are requirements for a constitutional republic. America is based on Christian values like basic respect. The power of controlling all thirsts. People convince themselves to be stupid. What we see and hear depends an where we stand. So said CS Lewis. Deadly sins and heavy hearts. Allah means god. Do not mock is good advice. There are zero exemptions for Christians. As always, it takes faith to overcome self preservation instincts. Being blacklisted and then scrubbed will make you ready. There's no looking back when reality has been shattered. How will we change tomorrow? When are we going to stand up? Let's never ask why we did nothing. To grow it our way, faith must water the future. Fighting for God and His words is the only way we win.
158 min
Fri 15 Apr: Crunch Time - Never Normal - On Cam...
This war has been one long stretch of intense mind fornication. All they have left is psy-ops, and it's coming to a head. Ali the grifter and his many troubles. Where's those bitcoins? Yesterday and tomorrow are formulated today. The Twitter algos are owned by the feds. Being right means there's more work. Let's talk keystone one more time. There is so much going on out of sight. A glimpse of the coming documentary. The sinking of a Russian warship threatens escalation. Let's start at the beginning back in 2019. False flag threats means keep your enemies close. Brandon's hand games. It's a fake war protecting a fake regime. The begging puppet wants more. Military VAX and one soldiers story. Some thoughts on faith during this Good Friday. Remember that justice rides in slowly on a donkey, and it's finally getting close.
135 min
Thu 14 Apr: Airport Update - Tore Provides A Sh...
Apologies for tonight's small missing portion at the start. A corrected file will be posted when available. First, some big case updates. Remember that trust and guidance go together. Believe it or not there is a huge amount happening. Ali's moves and coming indictments seem to be related. That pipeline is full. So many are being thrown under the bus. Desperation is in the air, so be ready for anything. No news now means big news coming. Pray for mercy and redemption. There will be plenty of need for both.
26 min
Mon 11 Apr: Trial Runs - Meddling Order - Frenc...
It's all been seen before. The election fraud we had in 2020 was initiated in other countries. Viva La France. It wasn't a receipt for meddling, it was more like a purchase order. The goal is to control all elections. Tools and techniques first deployed in Europe. Is that the Five Eyes? 2012 was a big year. Sarkozy bad, Macron good. The Judas kiss. Target Le Pen and the groups involved. On the cusp of breaking the chains. A foreign spy service gets close to Dr. J. Of course, news involving Pakistan is old hat to us. Let's call it a dearth of leadership. The EU is another example of fraud, graft and corruption. The big case update. Spurious and costly discovery. Looking back it's easy to see this was all necessary. Organic means hard to hijack. Remember that our values reflect who we are, and our faith defines our abilities.
106 min
Fri 08 Apr: Wicked Games - Truth Hidden - Asset...
The info war is spreading into numerous high level struggles. The SAG is back, thanks to Sean. Odd articles are starting to showing up. Those henchmen once paid are now flipping. The public can no longer recognize the truth. It's time to call evil by it's true name. Multi tasking during the demon battle. Doing the right thing means sometimes helping losers. Center yourself and take some prayer time. CAA funding and what they really do. J6 lockups are intimidation. No doubt, their target is the family. Working the system after the dust settles. All MSM is scripted. Those outsourced are also unprotected. So much backup for that one laptop. Revenge is bait. Does whistle blower mean cloud access? From here, it looks like unneeded deal cutting. The Finger Lakes and a zone of evil. The entire fight is about control, of information and of us. It's not like she told us so, it's more like a friendly warning.
161 min
Thu 07 Apr: Crypto Class - Digital $$$ - Block ...
What would you do if they stopped printing cash? Here's a scary choice, learn about cryptos or starve. Be ready for future digital debates. Digital dollars must never be programmable. Hot and cold wallets and secure online ID. Ensuring digital money is universal. We must recognize that control is their goal. Programmable digital currency could own us. Superior payment methods preached by kids in baggy pants. If we want to control our own future, then we must understand it. Bypassing the evil parts of AI. Understanding public and private keys. This is happening whether we like it or not. It has to be civilized. Watch all related local legislation, because we are getting thrown into the deep end of the digital future. Our understanding is also our best defense.
148 min
Wed 06 Apr: Heating Up - A Discussion With Mike...
Independent researcher and analyst Mike Trimarco joins Tore for the first hour. They cover the Hunter hell laptop, Maxey, whistle blowing claims, human smuggling, hidden emails, deleted texts, and all the crimes contained there in. Hiding in the Alps cuz you see black sedans? So what? Cambridge is a word soon to be famous. SloJo the wanderer. Illegal human smuggling for high level meetings. Obot hints and slights. How they twist the facts against us. DJT brings the heat. It's a battle to control the story line. Stay sticker tactful. The new N word. Embarrassed on a global scale, and looking like idiots to the world. No joke. Special elections are a reality. There's no letting go of the obvious fraud. Dice trolls. Welcome to the everywhere tragedy. It's patriots like us that are going to save this country.
155 min
Tue 05 Apr: Behind The Curtain - 22 Days - Orde...
It's all been planned and it isn't complicated. The future was planned in 1944 from New Hampshire. Decades of existing order. The gold peg break of '71, SDR's first crypto, and exploiting poor countries. Bonds and bondage. Using our money to enslave us. How the IMF claims resources. Nothing has ever been normal. The PR push for poverty. Trump mitigated everything. The genius of Space Force is coming into focus. It's about national security. EMP incoming and watching the water in the sky. X and gamma rays down to the inch. Are you ready for the dark? Let's get the damn torches out. One question, isn't that an egg in a frying pan? A united America is unstoppable. Ukraine is the Dim's Hiroshima. Impeach 44 is the perfect plan. Now, we must keep putting on the pressure to insure that the future is the one we want.
118 min
Mon 04 Apr: Bad Coms -- Tech Issues Force Short...
Rumble performs badly at first, and then fails completely near 40 minutes. It's all about communications. Machine assets and the dangers of AI. When there's no push back, evil takes more. How things are evolving at Truth Social. Allocating resources means cutting off someone. Dead babies sitting on the shelf. What are they doing with our tax money? Under the guise of climate change, bad people thrive. World happenings and yacht confiscation in Spain. Hunter news and Obot's front companies. The laptop spells it all out. And, right about there, Rumble starts leaking oil, blows a valve and then seizes up solid. Better luck tomorrow.
39 min
Fri 01 Apr: Playbook - Same Methods - Setups 'n...
NOLA edition two. Short show tonight pre festivities. It's always the same with these people, lawfare and harassment. They will infiltrate and isolate. Be careful in your groups. There is something ongoing all the time. Election integrity will be the issue that identifies all. Some historical Russia, Russia, Russia with Coates and Kerry. Imagine examples of people types we need in office. Just so we're clear on this, 44 orchestrated it all. Be ready, because the next few months are going to get crazy. But for now, it's party time on April fools night in New Orleans.
57 min
Thu 31 Mar: No Deals - Half Truths - Mother Loa...
NOLA edition. We're being shown laptop porn when there's a more important blueprint of evil. Let's call it throwing cover. It's all about asset control. Small details released means deals being made. What the world should really know. What to do when all the agencies are corrupt. Was Beau's death a deliberate move? When patriots are running on script, be concerned. It almost feels like they're deliberately pissing it away. There it is, a failure of duality perceptions. The goals is to never have this happen again. Regarding the agencies, torch it all. Peoples analysis is the best. JOB, Obot, Big Mike, Dr. Jill, they all knew. The forecast is for intense periods of interim chaos. Now we're seeing the shift, currency plays, and a meeting of the minds. When we all come together and use the power of our united voice, the truth will win.
106 min
Wed 30 Mar: Tore Maras On Greece, The Hellene M...
This is an audio rendition of an article, written by Tore, and first published on July 7th, 2015 at It was recently converted to mp3 format and posted on ToreSays+ Telegram channel. Don't let the digitized male voice, and occasional mispronunciations fool you. These are Tore's powerful insights, observations and descriptions of Greece, it's history, and her experiences growing up there amid strong family and culture. Then, she outlines the currency manipulation and economics that determined locally community success, as well as national status in global world affairs. It's interesting, informative and excellent info vital in unpacking today's geo politics. Run time is 30 minutes.
29 min
Tue 29 Mar: Coming Storm - What Used 2B - Rule ...
We all know that from this point on there is simply no going back. What used to be will change soon. Starvation news and shutdown speculation. The Hunter connections are thick, and then there's brother James. Psaki involved? Pushing a plan for carnage. Sen. Grassley spills the beans and Rep. Gaetz throws down, while Nadler sharts. The transfers, the connections, the accounts, it's all there. When the corrupt panic watch out. Was the great depression planned? The Marshall plan for total control. Keynes, the currency pump, and how we got where we are today. The IMF and World Bank's crypto SDR's. The BANCOR was the first try. Big dollar moves are coming. Digital currency in exchanged for what? Economics is perception management. Get ready to ride the upheaval train this summer. Free people must always control their own money, and thereby control their government.
126 min
Mon 28 Mar: Freedom Flowers - Recompense More -...
More than any other teaching, we must learn to always question everything. The period of serious recompense is upon us. Editing history and the Bible. Cromwell's pact with the devil. The power and the Arc. The age of deception goes way back in history. Time to stop and look up. The guiding light means good or evil. When in doubt, search within. They can't stop this train wreck. All network devices can be compromised. Our country is no longer intact. We allowed them to prey on us. The dogmatic thinking channels that exist. Ours is an endless extension of love and allegiance. The real president speaks from Georgia. Some golden geese and Metabiota truth. Maxey is right, but doing it wrong. CIA investments and the big backers. Actual happenings in those labs. Why jump the gun? Decide, and then stand on your own two feet. Our goal is to think with knowledge and experience, and always for ourselves.
212 min
Sun 27 Mar: Tore With Patrick Byrne On The Dail...
Hosted by Daniel McGirr, Tore and Patrick team up to cover important ground in this 90 minute interview. Their different backgrounds, how they met, current projects and team efforts start the discussion. Then, it's all of today's topics like Jack Maxey and the laptop, encryption keys, MetaBiota, election integrity, new insights on major breaking investigations and why it's so hard to get honest voting. Also discussed are major world events including Ukraine and all the related graft and corruption. Tore and Patrick conclude with some comments on the what future may hold.
92 min
Fri 25 Mar: Bottomless Pit - People's News - An...
The obstacles to truth and freedom can seem almost overwhelming. But the long battle is necessary. Losers are gumshoes without contacts. Let's call them thirsty. It's not about who's first. The truth is messy, raw, and not what we want to hear. Real news is now powered by the people. Some just blow out candles to make their flame brighter. Believe it, much testifying has taken place. Start asking basic bank questions like name, location and board members. Low hanging fruit. Where are those tax $$$ today? Now is when we begin taking control of the future. Greek tragedies and four centuries of slavery. Some calendar facts. It's looking like the script has changed. Iran and North Korea reach a critical point. Union power, 100% transparent, and who takes the first wedgie. Remember, your heart is what you really offer, and together we can set fire to the rain.
114 min
Fri 25 Mar: Prelude - A 16 minute chat about to...
Tore drops some hints about Jack Maxey, recent moves in the RICO case, cool cars and crab legs. The show will begin after dinner. Start drinking, because you're going to need it.
15 min
Thu 24 Mar: RICO Time - Patrick Byrne joins Tor...
It's all about racketeering. Tonight's short talk with Patrick Byrne is a brief intro to the RICO lawsuit made public today, and the in-depth analysis coming soon. Run time is just 18 minutes.
17 min
Wed 23 Mar: Resilience - Good 'N Bad - Division...
The knowledge we have is what makes us strong. Human faculties lowered means less resistance. Red stringers and the new dinosaurs. The Brightbart era and a media model that works. Those chaos butterflies can mess up the future. Some thoughts about what we can do together. They know what works when controlling the slaves. A nominee that knows not of a woman. RINO bragging rights. Freedom depends on us refusing their answers. Our little things have made big changes. Evil exists when good people do nothing. They don't want to believe it's true. It could get real bad real quick. Hang on folks, because recent Mid East events point to a Marshal Islands solution. Have faith, pray, and always be ready to help the friends and family around us.
118 min
Mon 21 Mar: Inciting Bravery - The Losers - Tru...
Standing up for what is right encourages others. Walking the walk. Never let the stupid people pull you down. What are they doing to advance the cause? The Hell Laptop is more than sexual deviance. Rein in your rage. Inside the game is when they show their true motives. Innate reactions are hard to control. Feel those fangs growing? Don't be afraid to look stupid but never be deterred. Just trying to help a city. Bare bones honest is a style. The curious case of Lindsey. Who was the best localizer? KBJ nomination for all the wrong reasons. Sen's Cotton and Hawley speak up. The look on her face. Please, not the circle back thing. Lawsuits aplenty for the spring planting. Taxation is theft. A hard look at who finances the enemy. It's not just the corporations. Be ready, because evil will summon all it's demons in the face of our combined power.
130 min
Fri 18 Mar: Making Magic - A Few Things - Feeli...
Seeing real change means you must make the magic. If it's never been done, then go do it. Oddball lawyers who watch TV. The real enemies quietly plan and scheme against you. Only loser have followers. We're all leaders like the lions and eagles in the Bible. Events timing is inspiration so make your mark in history. Ohio memories of fights over redistricting. Election theft software is not new. Those that scream the loudest have the most to hide. Preemptive set ups is just the start. The 15th Amendment Voting Rights Act, was poorly interpreted. These are court filings that defend we the people. Fast talking legaleze in denial of Writ. When people are evil, they eventually fail. It's like live learning legal theater. Bringing the good and courage out in others is something we must do. Because the righteous are brothers and sisters in the fight for the future.
201 min
Thu 17 Mar: Slow Justice - Eating Crow - Case R...
Justice delayed is evil's strategy because they think truth can never win. Who's to say crow isn't food? The Halderman Declaration is a major factor. Erroneous defamation is still a crime. At the core of our election fraud is some simple, routine code. A complete pencil and paper election process is the only answer. It's tyranny when a judge's mind is already made up. St. Patrick of Ukraine. Hookers and blow does not a laptop make. Still, it makes you feel dirty. Is it possible to have compassion for the Bidens? This defines blatant graft. What organization could supervise a new election? The advantages of a separate law enforcement agency. It was the US Marshals that maintained fair elections after our civil war. Remember that lies travel around the world at light speed, while truth seems to ride a donkey. But, justice is coming.
166 min
Tue 15 Mar: Atomic Crimes (Part 2 of 2) - Refug...
The added years have changed perceptions of an evil legacy. Sea Gypsies, the dome, and the new nuclear tourism. Much has changed since the late fifties brought new weapons and atoll attacks. Blackouts, sea floors, radioactive pools and the death snow. Operation Hardtack cleanup was underfunded by a distracted Congress. Stateside nuke production and a Missouri story. Argentina's historic nuke fraud. In the Pacific, exiled island natives can rarely return. The familiar names of Robinson and Sinclair appear as original island owners. Forbidden communications or outside visitors is to save the culture. Some recent history brings us full circle. New ideas for isolated islands include prisons for the corrupt and treasonous. Soccer balls in action? Take it all in and consider the true facts, because our nation's nuclear history may shape our future.
97 min
Tue 15 Mar: Atomic Crimes (Part 1 of 2) - Human...
It's sad but true that our national legacy includes crimes against humanity. The tragic story of the Marshal Islands. Other atolls have also paid the price. A few survivors look back. Exposure claims and the downgrade legacy of lies. Porous coral waste dumps and short term solutions. Now it's climate change that's threatening. Pacific horrors and the evil deals made. All boxes ticked on the worst of crimes checklist. Offering a fifty million payoff after destroying their nation. The ghost team and Bikini Atoll. They call it the dome, but it's really a tragedy. Iodine, radiation and the new tourist industry. There were bio weapons tests too. Even crypto's started here. This was the proving grounds for the Cold War. As always, the civilian population pays the tragic historical price. Stay strong because there is much more truth to come.
95 min
Mon 14 Mar: Money Money Money - Not Ashamed - O...
Follow the money and you follow the crimes. The best criminals control finance. Feel embarrassed for our country, but remember it's not our fault. Climate change is used to crash things. The Raskin appointment and all the baggage involved. Only dead fish go with the flow. Climate markets and directed assistance. Energy as blackmail. Our worst enemies are within our borders. Need an off shore corporate structure? The Panama Papers and the purpose of shell companies. Guano politics and island claiming. Nitrogen fertilizers and visionary players. Why would American Cyanamid abandoned facilities so quickly? Zoetis, animals and vaccine research. Strange how pets got Covid too. Avoid rabbit holes and put the pieces of understanding together. Be warned, the truth can be detrimental to your psyche because that's where the war is fought.
134 min
Fri 11 Mar: War Routine - Clear Thinking - Big ...
The selling of another war somehow looks different this time. An evil repetitive history of sinister manipulation. So many war motives. Knowing their history makes for clear thinking. Today, the war pitch sounds like traitor talk. Making us vulnerable with prison thinking. The Ukraine distraction and corruption cover up. How may wars did Trump start? Zero. Now it's NAZI propaganda all over again. The words of war have evolved, but we have stepped up too. Our war is informational, but no less war. A sad history of presidents and lies. Their biggest mouths are constantly elevated. Memes and stickers are part of the fight. Our five missions. Don't let them tell you lies. It may not feel like it, but we are in command. When we invest in knowledge, the results show that together we will win.
123 min
Thu 10 Mar: Front Page - Hot Mess - Largest Ric...
What they consider news is a complete joke. Car stories and gas price plans. The judge reads the act to Juicy, who acts right back. The butt of jokes and and wacko award winner. Mayor Lori with Chicago's largest. Uruguay and the new energy play. Saudi has 28 years of oil left. Then what? ChyNa's future energy play in Uruguay. The small human oriented country. A national balancing act. Some confuse it with Paraguay. On purpose? Climate, seashores, economics and small population, How does this nation even exist? Spain, Portugal, colonial dominance and John Kerry. Useful information for the coming months. Clean food and good access. Time for nations to pivot South. Expansionism and the Orientals. Watch who's coming down the map. Trust in God because there will be no deals.
139 min
Wed 09 Mar: Harder Way - Dingy Briefs - A Littl...
The pathways used by evil are becoming more apparent. The legal fights continue in a mix frustration and determination. There's two ways this can go. Work day birthday. The back burner is where they put everything. Follow the Constitution or GTFO. Trump speaks to the youth. Can you imagine Brandon doing this interview? The sponsor drop challenge. Economic growth was the best in the world. The best answer to everything is education. Florida leads the way, again. It's tough looking back on history and then living it. The planned path to human destruction. Random samples and lots of them. Meningeal signs, damaged VAXT immunity, atypical symptoms, dumb docs, scattered blood work, medical system compromises, stiff necks and sudden death. It's time to educate yourself on treatment of the VAXT we love. They may hate you for avoiding harm, but we must now consider how best to help those that didn't.
186 min
Mon 07 Mar: Enrichment - Our Ore - All Stops - ...
It's a long sordid history of corruption, evil and treason. Uranium One was the crux of many schemes. Remember, nukes are clean energy. The war lies, concocted stories, blatant treason, and deep state failure of everything. Visa, SWIFT, and the amazing flash ban on Russian everything. History has realists like Stephen F. Cohen. The view from 40k feet makes it all make sense. Is this the Dim's Hiroshima? Western blood gets spilled with senseless war mongering. Costs are too great for the EU or NATO. Nuland, the election planners and an atta boy attitude. This is Antifa like behavior. CHAZ in Kiev looks familiar. It's proud boys on steroids. Since 2010 this has been building. The brave Andrew Breitbart went around the gatekeepers. Be ready for anything, because they can't avoid the truth this time.
177 min
Sat 05 Mar: Core Struggle - The Goods - Give 'n...
Everyone is an expert until they have to show results. The memes offer both give and take. Stawwwp not being productive. Show us real action. Who's walking the walk? Ask who really wants election integrity. Where are those generals and pundits now? The constant trashing looks strategic. Who's the only person fighting Dominion? None have offered to help. It's a civilized civil war. No fly bait and the hard sell. Don't forget when Ukraine's debt vanishes. What the citizens want. Exiled and drafted. The blue haired combat volunteers are where? The bloviating and the freak outs. Delaying the inevitable while everything crumbles. Focus on the micro things, right? With dinosaur tools we fight. Mind your family, yourself and always love mankind because that's why we fight for freedom.
120 min
Fri 04 Mar: Short Show - Ohio Fallout - Closing...
Short show tonight due to a tight schedule of patriot tasks. The blatant bending of rules in Ohio will cost them. Tennessee kicks out Dominion. More to follow on them. Major movements and events hint at future good news. Lindsey panics. In the closet and the shady files, plus smiling on the photos. Crimea is to Russia as Guam is to the USA. Let's do a hands across Ukraine. Don't forget, now Ukraine's debt is gone. A GoFundMe account? Really? Bottom line, it's not our war. We should never forget our nations founding values, and stand firm on what we demand.
21 min
Thu 03 Mar: DePlatformed - Death Twitch - Power...
Ours was once the land of free speech, now tyrants censor truth tellers with no repercussions. For live shows, Twitch is out, is in. Patrick Byrne explains and speculates. SOS ballot phookery in Ohio. No real patriot likes running psyops. Just look who is supporting Ukraine. The pressures are gettin into their heads. Dominion eating crow in Tenn. Decertification pending? Checks and balances mean the courts might actually be working. One case can prove election fraud. An undercover victory for journalism. There's nothing like attorneys who speak freedom. The raging dumpster fire accelerates. We all need to get involved. Remember that prayer is the best ammunition for defense. Use it often.
87 min
Mon 28 Feb: Sideways Strategy - Father Of Lies ...
To understand the evil we're seeing, you must imagine yourself as the devil. The maximum load of anxiety, doubt and fear. Misinformation, distraction and misdirection are their tools. The arbitrary selection of our rulers. This is not the way it's supposed to work. Towing the line no more. When it comes to political reps these days, nobody wants a pussy. The best place to wreck a system is from within. The blind spots that result from lying, and the damage they do. Watch for negative creep over. Our President Trump and his speech at CPAC. Powerful, cunning and smart. Call BS, and bring down the house. The America First Strategy is the only strategy. "By 2024 or sooner." Integrity in the electoral process means ballot access too. Focus on today as if tomorrow was already here. Truth takes them down with one swoop so you must never stop fighting.
125 min
Fri 25 Feb: Targets - Caddy Dan - False Fronts ...
The desperate enemy is lashing out in all directions. Dan Scavino, and everyone on Trump's staff, is a target. Social media and the tamers of the tweet. A perfect strategy is both intricate and simple. Call it change, chaos, or a fighting spirit. Then there's the Raskin level TDS. Verizon deals and the German power plays. Evil brothers from Ecuador, huge donations to Obama and Clinton, arranger Adam Schiff, genius journalist Julian Assange and the disgusting deals made. Why would a country flip? Yes, there were experiments on people. Relentless grasping at straws. Puzzle pieces coming together. Russia has them by the nads. No SWIFT, no heat. Nigel at CPAC. We're all tired of the antics. Look to the regular people and not RINO's. Brace yourself, because now things get really hot.
120 min
Thu 24 Feb: Geo Briefing - The Prizes - The Reg...
It's like the best current situational briefing available to civilians. A breakdown of the players, the history, the inside moves and the scramble to cover tracks and save narrative. It's all planned. Turkey, Greece, the Dardenells, the Bosphoros, three seas and heating fuel for Europe via the TurkStream. It's all in play. These waterways bare watching you say? Those agents pushing riots have been arrested. Who are the Nazi's with bio weapons labs again? A warm water Putin and the big game chess he plays. Brandon shakes inept and befuddled. Turkey's challenges are major. Greece holds some cards too. MSM lies and hides, then repeats. Forgive them, for they know not what they do. Remember, it had to be this way, was not unexpected and has been mitigated as much as possible. NCSWIC We will take back our country because the weapons they cannot control are us.
142 min
Wed 23 Feb: Then 'n Now - Fun News - Re Pluto -...
Let's take a close look at just how far we've come. The swamp is so very deep and wide. A short look at some fun news. Rare earth magnetic supply chains, huh? It's a planet again. Pluto, strange snow and ice, and the question of reclass. Is that planet X? The declass panic and MSM narrative scramble. All roads lead to 44. Do not overlook war between agencies. Data monitoring under the big island. FISA judge plays dumb. Their plan is all about division. PP Harry shouts pass the soap. Willing and complicit spell JOB. It's called framing a target. That could be us too. A war with half baked losers, taxpayer funded evil, amid refused knee bending and a murdered witness. That makes for big brass ovaries. Meet Tore Maras. Fearless is as fearless does.
140 min
Tue 22 Feb: All Can See - Bizarre Days - Brit T...
Even though we see truth faster, others are finally catching on. Brittany has some shocking stories to tell. The chosen brother and the dirty work done. Seriously, the grand kids too? When you're spoiled and protected, the hold is strong. Most binding chains are unseen. The unrighteous that spread the word. Panic is accelerating. The land of confusion. Messing with the algos. Laying and weaving make a false fabric. We are consuming their goods while they consume us. Acknowledging the break away. A man on the street in Kiev. Liberation will come piece by piece. Donetsk don't tell. Cheesy Chucky chatter. How to put people in a box. Milo calls out the cracking masks. Can you feel it in the air? We're winning.
119 min
Mon 21 Feb: Corporatism (Part 2 of 2) - Patrick...
Patrick Byrne joins Tore in the second half. They touch on tyranny's history, the cabinet model, a militant layer, aeroplane miles, and more. Why is the Dominion lawsuit being ignored? Has John Kerry been served? So many smart people are blinded by the scamdemic. The complex, vile contents of Hunter's laptop. Big victories are coming, lets don't blow it. Scammy Davis Jr. brings doubts to the coming trucker protest. A set up? How we're living thru a global Milgram experiment. Why do libs crave authority? Scratch a lefty, get a goon. Ask Chomsky. The beginnings of wokism and the loss of critical thinking. Citizen grand juries and a new strategy. Our future plans are for justice and freedom. That's why we should always aim above morality and strive to do good.
101 min
Mon 21 Feb: Corporatism (Part 1 of 2) - Evidenc...
The first half of tonight's two part show. The wedding of communism and capitalism has born many bastards. Syndicalism, industrial Mussolini variants, and the worst upper level fascist kind. Hitler, Sanger and the helpful American left. Discernment is key to media understanding. Find and support those patriots who love the country. They try to deter citizen participation. Ukraine infiltration or an obvious invasion. In world affairs, America is no longer a factor. Some history behind the modern origins of fascism. The power of words and how they are weaponized. Change for good take work. The USA is no longer a player in world events. How Russia can liberate Ukraine. Patrick Byrne joins Tore for the second half.
100 min
Sun 20 Feb: Tore's Speech At The ReAwaken Ame...
Introduced by Patrick Byrne, Tore takes the conference stage at this very successful ReAwaken America Tour. This was on Saturday 19 February, and presented by Apologies for audio issues. Tore's speech runs just over 11 minutes.
11 min
Wed 16 Feb: Treason Tales - Half Slime - Tech...
It's all coming into better focus, and it looks a lot like treason. Of course, that's nothing new to us. Freaky hints at the SB. The NFL's fast deals and real big time players. People see it's time to reset our course. Race, justice and the melanin nomination. The coms within the silent circle. Manos, Joffe and how MIT and UNC got involved. Ohio is where things happen. Cyber attacks and political campaigning. Fabrication alpha. Ongoing resistance is a big deal. Friends sometimes fight in public for positioning. Sen. Grassley is pissed. Who's tired of boomerangs? Remember, it's our obligation to prove we want freedom. And that means it's time for good people to step up.
112 min
Tue 15 Feb: On A Ride - Time Review - Broken Re...
For those just catching up, today's events were covered here long ago. Let's look back and see how current events unfold. Discernment is a highly learned skill. The useless media are nothing but script readers, and everyone is playing a role. Spent cards don't help in the game. When it's easy, they ban you. What happens when options run out? The genius of crowd sourced intelligence work. Like a broken record we must keep repeating the facts. It's all moving at a dangerous speed. Killary's bribes and very deep state $$$. The blacklisting of enemies is what fascist regime's do. When does denial of service get criminal? The Russia versus ChyNa models. The criminal MSM still gets funded. Political prisoners are real in America. Know your rights and facts, because all this insanity stops only when we say so.
131 min
Mon 14 Feb: Mosaic Day - Love Targets - St. Val...
For patriots, love of country is part of today's reflections. You can also add families, friends and freedom to the list. Safety, security and warmth is what we all need. Seeing election fraud from the other side. Guarding the puzzle pieces until the right time. The hamster wheel is spinning and you are on it. A chocolate crazy story. She was picking her teeth with a key? Everyone knows Obama knew. JOB was a special advisor at the time. Remember the name Angelo Manos. It always has to be independent private contractors. Florists and bugs. Something needs to be broken into a million pieces, then reassembled. You have to catch them first, and that's been done. But there is no point if the people don't see, so we must help them.
73 min
Thu 10 Feb: Big Shift - Real Thriller - Talking...
The winds of change are blowing, and they're getting stronger. Narrative fractures and panic repair efforts. Sure reality is confusing, but total ignorance is a choice. Give us some of what they are not talking about. GOP endorsements good or bad? Again, they can't stop what's coming. What about those other stolen elections? A look at crumbling media myths that go back to generations previous. Speaking truth to evil makes some eat their words. The tech fiat rules are also ending. President Trump speaks about crime. Running the numbers for boomers. Old Tonight Show clips and the hints they dropped. VAX criminal Dr. Wen is a fraud and useful crisis actress. There is a shifting shape to the evil we face, so we must stay strong in both faith and resolve.
109 min
Wed 09 Feb: Re Betrayal - Many Forms - Maskhole...
The betrayal comes from many angles and in all forms. A sense of harm from losing trust. CDC switches policy and spawns mask off movements. Infighting and irrelevent policies go together. We all have PTSD now. Helping our nation grow means dealing with smack talk. Pence and Pelosi in collusion. Assets for unlimited investigations meant their ops failed. Aggression is their default policy. Foreign money helped the red stringers. True fact, it's game over for them. The dots are easier to connect looking backwards. Get involved and get off the bad candidate ride. Politics should not be considered dirty. Never forget that people hate the truth. Don't let hard lines blind us. Ukraine's 7 year itch. Always pay attention as they show us who they really are.
112 min
Tue 08 Feb: Never Again - Mike Timarco Intervie...
Truth shines when we see their ways and not just hear their words. God is our protector, and always will be. On wings of eagles is where justice soars. The Homeland Security edict of tyranny. Cambridge Analytica data mining, election moves, true intentions and API for beginners. Mike Timarco is Tore's special guest. Together they cover inside info on the bottomless laptop, election scammers, global news and all the traps being layed for patriots. What future strategies show promise? We must consider both short and long term. All the awake people want to get involved. Poll watching, running for office, and voting in primaries are all critical. Taking our country back must be a local effort, because giving up just isn't in our blood.
118 min
Mon 07 Feb: Patrick Byrne Press Conference With...
Patrick Byrne talks to the press about what he saw during the election fights, what choices were given and taken, his meetings with President Trump, the stolen election strategy, snakes and RINOs team up and much more. Patrick also takes a series of questions from the press. Technical issues end the stream abruptly. Run time is 1 hour 11 minutes.
71 min
Mon 07 Feb: First Domino - Evil Moves - J6 Frau...
Every move they make is destructive to America. What happens when the thumb is off the scale? What is taught today isn't real history. Our unity as a people will pull us through. Flu versus Covid. Fake data, scary peaks, coding tweaks and whistle blowers. VAX experiments in Africa and population control. US aid is gone $$$. The first domino makes the rest fall. Is that you Warren? You can't lock them ALL up. Without valid ID, we have nothing. As tech evolves, so must our privacy. Where's Durham? Hints flow as our President interviews with Kash Patel. Raskin ethics. Before the big moves, it all has to be perfect. Adding insult to injury. Demons crawl in thru open borders. It is what it is for now, because sometimes things are a little bit different.
126 min
Thu 03 Feb: Meetup In Tampa - Live Recording - ...
Tore and Patrick Byrne speak at tonight's group meetup in Tampa, Florida. Audio is rough and technical difficulties were rampant, but the well attended and energetic meeting went on. Patrick and several speakers take the mic, presentations are shown, strategies discussed and then Tore and Patrick field questions from the crowd. The recording begins and ends abruptly. Run time is one hour and thirteen minutes.
74 min
Tue 01 Feb: Patrick's Place - New Bunkers - COG...
A short show tonight from the Byrne residence. West Virginia's Greenbrier facility, and the age that conceived it. Cold war, nuke scares, duck and cover, and the bunker of a lifetime. What COG means for today. The Cuban missile crisis updated. A new blimp suit strategy. For the maintenance of freedom. A mock up White House interior could pass as authentic. Who would go underground today? Patrick Byrne joins Tore for a lively second half of show discussion. Then it's off to do patriotic shit.
66 min
Mon 31 Jan: Tiger Year - Relevance - Wanting Wa...
In the year of the tiger, wild things happen. The entire world knows that it's Ukraine the dog. There is a lot going on, so stop nagging. If people knew the full truth, only a few would make it. Some good hints from our President. Don't look now, but it's HIV incoming. It's time for some real news. It's the party of Boris now. Who wants a war and why? One refugee asking the Taliban for help. Owning your own ID is key. Shadow AI is a constant threat. Block chain tech is unavoidable. Think voting. Confirming identity is no easy matter. Zero proof keys, user allowed data and isolating AI threats have all combined. The meteverse and the cyber putz. Let tech assist but not control us. Have faith in yourself and always remember that God will not leave us isolated and misunderstood.
129 min
Fri 28 Jan: Events Foreseen - Had It All - Chos...
The events of today were known, planned and evident long ago. What didn't the Simpson's predict? The J6 committee and people's rights. What to do when the playbook is known. Do not be deceived because you think you know. Malicious lawfare on a whole new level. AG's and their evil is abuse of office. Is jury nullification considered anarchy or a defendant's right? Arbitrary investigations are against the law. Discovery allows strategy. The internet is legal communication. A paper ballot purpose. No warrant means no search will make big fourth amendment news soon. You are more than just one person when you have a purpose. Putting ourselves out front is the place to make a change and that is why Tore will be on the ballot in Ohio.
159 min
Wed 26 Jan: An Evening With Patrick Byrne (part...
In part 2 of Tore's talk with Patrick Byrne, they hit on Ukraine crimes, coke versus pot, get well diets, today's legal filings, block chain tech, the alpha agencies, what's happening to crypto's, the leveraging of pensions, failed party politics, why the monkeys got involved, and the massive wake up call facing America. The subject list is long and the pace is quick so try and keep up in this latest of Patrick and Tore's informative and fascinating discussions.
100 min
Wed 26 Jan: An Evening With Patrick Byrne (part...
This is part 1 of a tonight's 2 part discussion with Patrick Byrne. All aspects of the current news are covered including SCOTUS moves, the Wisconsin recall bill, RICO cases nationally, trusting Marines, targeting Karl Rove, no look tail numbers, wake up calls, the Juicy lynching, events surrounding Lin Wood, and the big push to retaliate against truth tellers and patriots. There's more in part 2 of tonight's discussion with Tore's guest Patrick Byrne.
110 min
Tue 25 Jan: Cover Wars - Meddling History - Bac...
Insane in the Ukraine. Weaklings, playing global power politics, should stay in their own lane. Back end history and NATO games. All that aid to help their elections. Was Maidan a warm up for our fake insurrection? Ukrainian people have suffered true tyranny. History, war, empire politics and the Crimea prize that has tempted many. Russia's backyard and our corrupt alliances. Obot's lackeys were to provide oversight? Election fraud R us. Hunter's deals always cut in Pops. The Cyprus example defines a real annexing. Is Russia now as aggressive as Turkey was then? Hiding crimes is what foolish wars are for. Patriots and history will soon have the truth standing tall.
114 min
Mon 24 Jan: Betrayal Tales - War Rumors - Truth...
In war, betrayal is as lethal as guns. And there is plenty throughout history. Praising riots and occupation. CNN gets truthy? An early trigger to a fake war. Cartel money and auto audits. Who's good at finding booby traps? J6 committee suddenly revamped and re-tasked. Threatening children is where they go first. Violation of trust reveals dark secrets. Hot mics and great assets. Tech they don't understand gave it away. Physical deformities, earthly heaven, the Oneida Community, evil schemes, a presidential assassination and the definition of insanity. Failed ops mean they double down. This won't stop until we win using our most important weapons - our pen, our voice and our prayers.
140 min
Sat 22 Jan: Retro Evil - Tesla Trouble - Race C...
First, let's tell some high tech car stories. Customer service and sudden hacks. Then, the perpetrators of evil can never outlive their crimes. Election fraud was the goal, torture was the method. Playing the race card again and again. How could the military possibly be involved? Mid level people from the old school. Helping America see clearly. Past stories hurt those who lived it all. Why must we fight for standing? Panic, Pelosi and Pense. Booby traps, fraud and election desertification. The torture queen and difficult memories. Software testing for all the marbles. Wrong place, wrong time. Masks and VAX to help you bend the knee. Remember in the end you must focus on trusting your gut, because the truth will all be coming out.
135 min