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Thu 23 Mar: Tore Is A Guest On The Conservative...
Tore's been working. She rocks the house with updates on the shattered Trump fake indictment case, the now cracked J6 setup scheme, hot details from the Biden laptop, the Desantis Gitmo leaks, and it's all off script. And don't forget about Hunter's phone. Then the discussion hits on fake funding in the UN, the World Food power play, the Krapenstein annihilation, Kieth Ablow, Lev Parnas and the crumbling of the spoon fed MSM lies. The enemy is strongest at the lowest level. We will never sink that deep. These subjects and more are covered as our trio travels down the long road of truth. Run time is two hours and three minutes.
123 min
Mon 20 Mar: Bumptuous - All About Timing - The ...
Perception and knowledge is hard earned in times so immersed in evil. The truth comes from brave scouts and those smart enough to listen. Saved within the walls of Jericho. Just facing up to reality makes a chosen one these days. It's All About Time, the full length documentary. Nexium, Epstein, his island, Stone, the bull's head, witnesses, fixers and crimes. The best view is always found at 40k feet. There's no tangible currency like prayer. Where is AI in all this? Lip reading and face recognizing eyes in the sky. Friendly hint, always take your time when responding. Keyhole data and compilation power needed. Info entropy is how much drops thru the cracks. Go ahead and pretend everything is true. Still, everyone eventually tells you who they really are. Thanks for setting an in-kind precedent. We know about the money. Did those fifty really think they weren't recorded? Broken Anthem closing. The wicked fortress walls are crumbling. Lets all pray for those righteous enough to be in the fight.
116 min
Sat 18 Mar: Uncensored Saturday - Feeling Aunty...
Tore opens up on the Trump arrest talk, the mobilizing of protest, and why our President said no deals. It's all about cars, weddings, coming work plans and why she's pissed at the press. Did you know there's a backpack for cats? You get to hear it all. She's the chain smoking, coffee drinking cat lady in pajama pants, that knows things. Run time is one hour and 18 minutes.
78 min
Fri 17 Mar: Deal No Deal - Pioneers - Fun Show ...
This is the time when desperate deals are being sought by bad people. With nothing to bargain, their lunacy reigns. Nan to Italy, Brandon to the basement. The MQ-9 took a dose. Non lethal attack cripples drone. Even the left is begging for Trump. It's like George Washington stepping down. Joe walking out like a hero NOT. The purpose of creation differs with culture. The consequences of speaking truth to power. Speaking material things into existing. Cool gravity toys. More telling files are incoming. Evil cannot create, it can only mimic. Building precedents that come back to haunt. Vatican maps have some curious surprises. Deep sea creatures, indigenous peoples and Antarctica. The religious money machine and God's voice on Earth. A scary Cardinal story. Age free for two decades. Black suits, blue ties and mathematical cubes. Always remember that courage with integrity inspires positive change in others. Then, all of us will have a better future.
68 min
Wed 15 Mar: Toxic Times - Dioxin Dose - Water W...
Watching the water takes on new meaning considering pollutants, land grabs and corrupt politics. New systems, energy games, bribes, official pandering and election fraud can all be linked together. The Clinton Energy Management Services and Uranium One make an evil mix. Worldwide involvement and control of rare energy assets. A Canadian based company? Who signed off on this? Now it's the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) stirring up trouble. Their motives are what again? When it comes to dioxins, it's all bad. The size of this problem is hard to imagine. Chip fabs use 10 million gallons of water per day. Where does the waste go? Maximum containment levels are breached. When joke advice gets you arrested. A blatant attack on free speech. When maximizing stress is a goal. The Paris Hilton story and why it's so familiar. Trauma based fear seems all the rage. Her IVF secrets inflame the press. Defeating improved facial recognition for fun and profit. It's all so obvious now. Our enemies can lie with no restraint, but they cannot run from justice forever.
117 min
Tue 14 Mar: Brain Class - Pi Day - Inner Connec...
When an awakened populace threatens, evil turns to tech. The devil is just following the book. Being true to yourself means working with others. More horrific evidence emerges. The team, the urgency, and twenty long years of coordination. Targeting corruption by pretending. The domino effect in a gory world. Bribes, favors, loyalty and quietly building cases. Compare and contrast while solving the impossible. The RFIA promises a responsible finance approach. Merging AI with humans. Elon's competition. Chips and inserts should be internal repaired circuits. Are they helping or mapping? The innovation and industry behind graphene oxide. The error correction codes in firmly rooted algos. Yes, your DNA is involved. Hey AI, get some morality. Tracing the philosophical perspectives. Yes indeed math can prove what they say. When machine learning falls off the rails. Modern info theory and Shannon's vision. An OS on top of an OS. Is it all about controlling us? We are God's best quantum computer. Humanity can recognize good, have true faith, and be courageous in the endless fight against evil.
118 min
Mon 13 Mar: For The People - Trump In Iowa - So...
The initial 90 minutes of tonight's show is President Trump's speech from Iowa, joined in progress. Then, Tore briefly comments on the upcoming show subject of information theory, her pending 6th circuit lawsuits and why teachers get away with what they do. We must challenge the law. Should the courts be just for lawyers? Stopping the gender, medical and legal based insanity. History is being made in court. This is all a game, but real changes are happening. Be ready, because much will be coming to the surface very soon.
114 min
Fri 10 Mar: Short Rundown - Brain Chems - Fear ...
Those who would control entire populations have no limits on evil. Even our neurological chemistry has been weaponized. The brain initiative and it's defining goals. Anxiety disorders and the inputs of fear. Sold as shiny new tools for diagnostics. There's nothing like a fear rush. Mapping receptors, calcium channels, crossing the blood brain barrier and the role of associated viruses. Engineering gene delivery. Knowledge loosens the grip. Remember, they need some humans to do the work. We are living thru the worst crime against humanity in recorded history. Behold the horrific exercise in controlling entire populations. Have the Gen X'ers flipped? Declining populations are an off limits subject. Of course, it's much worse than we think. Who were the Elons of Mars? It's time to think about real solutions moving forward. Common sense isn't taught in school. Each of us must study the enemies nefarious tactics, then band together and fight. We must also continue to strengthen our faith in God.
63 min
Thu 09 Mar: Invisible Enemy - Solutions - Fear ...
Yes, we know what they did and how they did it. Now it's time for real solutions. So many shapes and forms of evil. There are real changes being discussed. DOJ intimidation comes into view. Sweating the SWAT teams. The body sings along with the brain. Labs to bats to humans. Dr. Redfield speaks in congressional testimony. Supporting the narrative means total compliance. Gain of function and playing God. Most people think they are doing good. Why the need to create a narrative? Pfizer pfunnies. Tucker comes clean with J6 truth and video strangeness. Shut up and accept the trend. Liars, prosocuters, videos and political prisoners. Consent decrees and censorship in the targeting of Elon. Where's the FTC? Jim Jorden gets fired up. Ukraine mercs tell their tales. The US involvement is very deep with targeting coordinates, weapons support and everything before the trigger. Even amidst so much fakery and deception, the truth shines thru to those in the know.
104 min
Mon 06 Mar: Tore Is A Guest On The AlphaWarri...
It's all about AI, who is watching you, and the coming year of the R's as Tore sits down with the Alpha Warrior for a wide ranging and informative conversation. Is the weather weird where you are? Digital book banning, chatbots, spy drones, healthcare, painful truths and the future of AI censorship are special topics tonight. What proactive actions can we expect to stop behavior they predict? It's a fast moving conversation with promises of a second get together soon. Run time is just under 2 hours.
118 min
Sat 04 Mar: Tore Is An In-House Guest On The Co...
Tore is in the building for a fast moving and informative return conversation. The Defender also calls in, and the discussion goes from Lindell to Curzweil to Elon and more. Let's see those MOU's between Twitter and the alphas. Is it the money or the AI? Then there's the famous laptop diary and all the analysis yet to be done. There are internal intel wars happening now. Trump coms, the economy and ambassadors acting like traitors. It's a diverse dialogue from patriots dedicated to informing us. Run time is one hour and 44 minutes.
104 min
Fri 03 Mar: Why Now? - 4 Years Late - World ReO...
The first question in dissecting fake news is always why are they telling us now? Where their script strategy meets unplanned delays. The Nazi ideology and methods, both then and now. Usurper in chief gives away of our military. Foundations are mobilized and showing their true colors. PKD's dark world of reformed history. Who is that man in the high castle? Solidarity when used as a fascist dictum. Suddenly, it's all about the banking system. Let's look at the Dim's slush fund accounts. It's time to question the ambassadors. The more you know just keeps accelerating. Cloud based AI is easy to manipulate. Budget ballers and sloppy seconds. Suddenly, our old facts are their main subjects. We make the news now, and it's not for egos. It's from humble, free speaking, truth telling rebels who pay attention and know things. We're also the citizens who will fix this mess.
64 min
Thu 02 Mar: The People's Voice - Work2Do - Min...
Every offer has been made, the cords are all cut, and the intensity is going to a new level. Mind death is a terrible thing to watch. Showcasing real journalism or the lack thereof. Facades, fake narratives and the orchestration of everything. The Milgram experiment on a global scale. Sometimes the people need to sweat a little. Removing, obfuscating, confusing and manipulating. So many martyrs in the dark. A typical agency strategy. AI that's non-bilogically merged. Say what? Oaths actually matter. Controlling your healthcare means owning your own DNA. There is so much for informed citizens to do. The Crocker family at home and abroad. I'm sorry, remittances for who? The queen of Sheba want you. Do not underestimate the importance of city mayors. The people are getting small glimpses of what is actually happening. Senior fellows, assets, stables of programs and the UN scam. Tipping over a few trains to make a point. Parents rights means fighting for children's rights. Most media is group think, and the people are waking up to it. We citizens are the real troops that will stick with God and see this fight through.
128 min
Tue 28 Feb: Tore Is A Repeat Guest On The Cons...
After Brandon Howse opens the show, it's Tore's turn and another fast moving discussion on the events of our times. Is there a need for a big crisis? The age of disinfor and some major testimony. Arizona events and the Mandan massacre. Court corruption and how far the cartels can go. A grisly twelve minutes. Property managers, paid hits and why the feds got involved. The truth can stand on it's own, and lies always collapse. All video evidence should be immediately available to the J6 prisoners. The people and the power of the pen. It's all covered at full speed, down to the new islands just going up for sale. The pace is hot but the hosts just manage to keep up. Run time is one hour and eleven minutes.
71 min
Tue 28 Feb: Love And Unity - Truth Sells - Loc...
Only the evil ones are threatened by movements of peace, solidarity and consensus. The power of coming together is immense. GINA and a workable anti-VAXXX strategy. Above all else, my body, my choice means protecting your DNA. If you don't stand up, insurance companies and employers will always take advantage. Local politicians should not be ignored, but instead watched closely. The infiltration by hate groups is real. Isolated, ignorant and alone is how they want you to feel. The proximity weapons surrounding our President. Debates about the Gospel of Thomas. Knowledge allows escape from the deep dark culture maze. The alphas and all those influence ops from the past. Look at the message, not the messenger. The horrific world of human butchery. Ulterior motives for human body legislation. What, it's not illegal? Let's call it world wide cadaver culture. How much for that foot? The version of the truth we're told shows their real intentions. If we're educated, awake and together, we will always have the sauce needed to carry the good fight forward.
119 min
Mon 27 Feb: Attracting Demons - OCE Down - WeDa...
Effectiveness is proven when the opposition hate groups form. Attacks are coming from all fronts. Thirsty basement dwellers, fair weather friends, targeted people and knowing who to trust. The Office Of Congressional Ethics is not taking complaints today. Note to the Speaker, it is the people's evidence not yours. Would a .gov website censor complaints? If you are too busy to get involved, then suffer the consequences. Politics is people using other people. A toxic legacy in Ohio showcased by the real President. Look who's got the boot on now. No one has heard of the House China Panel. Is the GOP against real people? Traitors often call themselves patriots. Look how many have become hate focused. Trump trade talk sounds so refreshing. Big events are going on in the background. Something in the air means peak distractions will be incoming. Stay focused on what is important. Together we will plow thru it all with knowledge and our all important faith.
95 min
Sun 26 Feb: Infrastructure, Healthcare, War Nar...
It's the Chaos Coordinator leading tonight's group discussion starting with questions swirling around the chemical derailment in Ohio. Who knew what and when? Why was the DOD involved? What is the current status for all the citizens affected? Let's talk ulterior motives, water rights, illegal cargo, health tracking, DNA testing and many more issues yet unaddressed by the MSM. Then it's onto Ukraine, government overreach, NATO's waning power, insane budget issues and staying focused as the Covid narrative collapses. Tore takes calls and questions from both domestic sources and overseas. It's a night for connecting with the people, listening to other opinions and sharing in a group effort at staying sane in a world of confusion.
193 min
Fri 24 Feb: Tore Is A Special Guest On The Con...
Tore jumps right into the evils of human trafficking and all the grisly details with her two intrepid hosts. Fentanyl ingredients and it's production, the role of illegal immigration, how organ preservation is related, the grisly harvesting, then shipping, donor motivations, and the massive income from steadily increasing sales. Facts, news stories, alpha agencies and named politicians are all discussed. Why are so many scientists and universities involved? Epstein, the infamous island and humans as commodities. It's criminal behavior at it's inhuman peak, that is the subject of this fast moving discussion on the ConservativeDaily podcast. Run time is 1 hour 36 minutes.
96 min
Thur 23 Feb: (Partial) A Geopolitical Roundup P...
A UN chairman is on tonight's panel as Tore dives into a detailed policy discussion with the host, Unapologetic Christian. The group dialogue touches on all aspects of our current foreign policy situation including the WHO and health information, infiltration, attacks on sovereignty, and the real possibility of war. Then, it's debt based economic control, then everything about corrupt banking and finance starting with North Dakota and stretching out to the world. The stream begins and ends abruptly. Run time is 2 hours 30 minutes.
146 min
Thu 23 Feb: Dangerous Times I - New Ops Deploye...
When the vicious are cornered, they will kill and destroy anything to survive. This is a very important time for our country. Schedules are disrupted and the new plans have started. Disasters as talking points are not working out for them. Backtracking, amplifying and showing up when the people react. The Bill Gates land grab is using water as leverage. It's simple, they don't want people there. California screaming and hints of what's to come. Spilled milk and missing the next threats. They destroyed evidence on purpose in front of a useless media. Don Jr. speaks up. Crisis action leadership is nonexistent. Chest feeding during a chemical cloud. Why thump it like a pony show? Roofs on fire means things are hot. The J6 videos will show all the lies. The Tucker touch is being watched. Those who are able to see reality recognize the gravity of the situation. Prey that righteous guidance and discernment shapes all humanity, because we truly need it now.
76 min
Thu 23 Feb: Dangerous Times II - True Intention...
The sowing of confusion and turmoil mark the early steps in an operation. There are so many devils all around us. Setups occur, even in high school. Kenye's mom and the struggle with demons against redemption. When it comes to media, it's all about intentions. A strategic lesson on Peru, and why it will soon be in the news. Long borders and low population make national defense difficult. Gravity anomalies, blood chemistry, strategic location and natural resources define a US State Dept target. Hear comes the bird flu again. Break down politics by injecting woke on both sides. Fujimori, Garcia, Castillo, Toledo and planned election turmoil. Payments, illegal extraditions, accusations and foreign armies. The close parallels with our 2000 elections. Shakin' and quakin' to destabilize society and unleash hell. Clinging to power based on a shaped narrative. Farce elections incoming. Sound familiar some how? Remember that God always wins and faith will keep our legs strong so that we never bend a knee.
92 min
Wed 22 Feb: Truth Class - Objective Certainty -...
Really knowing the truth is not as simple as it sounds. The grey areas, philosophies and concepts. The VP auditions and cautious wife watch. Actual history as fact and function. @ScottyFilms says goodby. The Dunning Kruger Effect and what you think you know. A little is dangerous. What you don't know is knowledge too. The minimalist approach. Decision tools are also evaluation tools. Physical reactions and body chemistry. You must see everything else before the truth. Roofs on fire means hidden information. The Nestle' way. Warp speed means schedules going pear shaped. Two generals say war is coming. The Denver Airport psyops. Issues are building within our trust. Global black sites to examine. The airbase is called Eagle 44 you say. A Romanian wake up call. Wow, there's zero data latency in Bucharest. Mall deals and JOB. Louis Freeh as overseas defense attorney. The FBI presence is telling. What's under the Vitan Mall? Hunter, ten percent and that guy who's big. Remember, the stronger your own light of truth shines, the deeper the darkness will seem.
190 min
Mon 20 Feb: Bigger Monsters - Presidents Day - ...
Righteous people may think evil can go no deeper. They would be wrong. Bringing the unspeakable to light. The history of this day, and why it doesn't exist. Canadian bacon and a whole new breed. Begging for a Ukraine war. Pizzagate was a very successful narrative control operation. Taxpayer funded atrocities. War fog from a million directions. Elon speaks about Twitter in five years. What we're seeing means schedules are rushed. Why Ethiopia? Tedros, Epstein and the real island story. Did someone say there's a Cleveland organ operation? Waterworks hacks are a very bad sign. Poor cyber hygiene. Knowledge is power, that's why it's denied. All cards are now being played. It's impossible to transfer a human spirit. The Harvey connection. Always watch the wives. Why celebs are more important. Wow, you sure have nice skin Tom. Epstein's true title was experiment coordinator. Being Christ like means listening to all and understanding yourself. We've got this so let's get to work.
140 min
Fri 17 Feb: Fear's Shadow - Secret Texts - DogE...
Self preservation is the ultimate motivator and it's immune to time. Secret texts show the real influencers. Everything just to sit at the table. The passion to outdo others. A scary smoke column and the loss of citizen power. Look who's lapping it up. Water, Nestle, chip plants, and playing right into their hands. Where is the enviro left? Feeding a narrative and pushing the lies. Don't worry, they will always need slaves. Is Marburg incoming? Rabbit holes have an amazing range of colors. It's time for our side to come together with a unified message. Nothing to lose means danger to our enemies. The fig tree and the forbidden fruit of knowledge. The 100th monkey and isolated coms. Step back and watch it all simmer. Psyops are never good, but looking weak can make you stronger. Putin always kept his word you say? A re-look at Schumer's warnings. Stay tune for lit weeks to come. Remember, when you can't see the light then it's time to become the light.
170 min
Thu 16 Feb: Panic Pockets - Infant Society - Fi...
Distractions, distortions and fear are exploding all around us. It was all planned, just not like this. Twitter bots, narrative control and Del Harvey, if that's a valid name. Were you creating or preventing them? Once played, the alien card can't be pulled. The final phase is coming in right on time. Don't forget about Jo's heath test today. Is the 25th incoming with Gavin next? Music can plant ideas and shape mood, so weaponize it. The body language of a weak, scared little man. Who set off what explosives and is the liquor safe? Water scares and public obedience. One goal is to have us trust nothing. Look over hear, not over there. A rapidly approaching game theory pinnacle. Have no doubt, Trump protected us. The dangers of group think. Nikki and JOB hung out? Many are trying to bring forth awareness without blowing their cover. Striving to find our private still among the growing chaos. It will only get worse, because we cannot be cancelled.
102 min