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Wed 07 Dec: Perceptions - Cascading Events - Ci...
Modern survival means understanding perception warfare. Things are progressing as they should, just too slowly. Read those city charters now for the future. Mercenaries in the Georgia election. Lake fights in Arizona. What is happening in Germany? Tyranny designed for the future. We are running up endless hills. The escalation keeps happening. The Covid ship has sailed. DNA cross talk and you. Evil people and fake freedom. Yuval Noah Harari, one seriously complicated acquaintance of our OG. Yes, he will praise God and repent. The beast in a box. Info control is the installation of obedience. They move above the clouds while we're in the fog. Preparing humans for future control is evil. Logic is the devil's advocate. The psyop is to get you passionate. Controlled intelligence patterns. AI nano tech failures. Controlling the warm feeling of no pain. Our suffrage proves we are truly alive. The only way to defeat darkness is with a new beam of powerful light.
165 min
Tue 06 Dec: Counter Intel Class - Sabotage Wars...
All around are relentless wars of intel and the intended negative chaos. We are living within a massive operation. Rare blood and a medical briefing. Question everything and stick to it. None honestly elected means more food for the noose. Controlled elections and fine lines. Dragging their feet is tactical. Q pollution and the stupid dramas hurting our side. How am I being harmed? The so called mistress was raped. It's all societies fault. The coming months will not be pretty. They will manipulate hate speech to control the narrative. On evil's payroll and pretending to do good. FIE means a real foreign intel entity is involved. The target is always you when it comes to truth suppression. One wicked tool is a layered fake press. Remember to listen to your President. The most important commandment is to never give up. We will all soon see Christmas for what it truly is.
132 min
Sun 04 Dec: Late Night Hello - A Tore Update On...
A welcome report from Tore who gives us the latest on her medical situation, her bad weekend and what she and her doctors plan next. New details emerge on her original injury while on duty, overseas medical care, and why even her body is smart. She promises new shows soon with an emphasis on counter intel and seeing thru the fog. Run time is 29 minutes.
28 min
Fri 02 Dec: Enjoy The Show - Director's Cut - T...
This is the audio track from the full length documentary produced by Pandora's Box and Tore Says. Pray for our nation. Pray for our civilization. Be thankful for all we have. Know the enemy. Enjoy The Show.
125 min
Mon 28 Nov: Be Back Online Thursday - A Tore Up...
Tore updates us on her health issues, doctors, treatments and why we shouldn't worry. She takes questions, comments on her J6 research, and discusses new details on machines at the root of election fraud, plus much more. Tore plans on returning to her show schedule this Thursday. Today's update runs 25 minutes.
25 min
Tue 22 Nov: Difficult Conversations - Great Dec...
The wheels of justice move so slowly, and evil seems to never rest. Ours is the era of deception, and the wars prove it. They pacify us easily by allowing small wins. Arise and awaken to the massive confusion. Epstein's creator sitting pretty in Ohio. Russell Brand speaks. Ukraine fakery and the true heart of the conflict. Don't worry, it's just a stage. What will truly stir up Americans? A cosmic story and the land of the Lotus eaters. Ancient documents dates and numbers. Forty men in 12 ships and the perils of Ulysses. The true journey of man. A cyclops, deep caves, tattooed eyes, underworld gods, cannabalism, boiling seas, shipwrecks and the great return. Those who refuse the light may be force fed treason. We will fight with our words as swords, and with the full armor of God for protection.
103 min
Mon 21 Nov: Max Drama - SIOP Script - War Plan ...
It is the wise among us that can see what is truly important. Staying strong and focused is critical. The Single Integrated Operational Plan makes war a truly terrifying possibility. A faux rivalry and many distractions for the masses. The good cop show hides those plotting against us. Why now on all those laptop details? Lawfare is the favorite tactic of the deep state criminals. Chinese agreements, pipelines and crypto, plus LNG in the bayou make for a hot mix. The opening flash of the World Cup. Look at all the leaders who showed up for soccer. China's origins, offsetting Mao, and the repression by any other name. All the missed opportunities in 2016 may cost us now. A repeat of Covid tyranny is likely. Our Democracy now looks faded. Power held by the people is what truly terrifies them. Informed citizens see what's real. Knowing our actual history is what prepares us for the future.
101 min
Fri 18 Nov: Tore Hosts Tonight's Trump Speech F...
As usual, the President's remarks are interrupted, and the recording includes static. This is more media suppression of the MAGA message. Tore continues with several readings, and then discusses what we heard tonight. Run time is 51 minutes.
51 min
Wed 16 Nov: A Tore Interview With Joe Oltmann a...
It's a brisk back and forth with Tore and her hosts and they discuss election fraud and the multi layered solutions required. Complications, agitators and the mesh of fraud and deception are next. They discuss block chain pros and cons for both voting and ID's, plus the insanity of on line voting schemes. Joe and Tore also bring the Arizona debacle into focus. The big pharma war, Ohio politics, overseas political infiltration and our corruption fight at home and all covered in this wide ranging interview. Run time is one hour and fifty three minutes.
113 min
Wed 16 Nov: A Tore Interview With AniaK Of Poland
Tore gets into the higher levels of foreign policy in her discussion with Polish host Ania. They start with Tore's background, but are soon onto the CAA, Brittany and Hunter, Sean Penn's bodyguards, clones, disguises, and then the Ukraine war and Crimea. But wait there's more. Tore examines RSA networking, global coms, the uniparty, her SOS run, and some Ohio politics in this dense cerebral display. Run time is 1 hour and 16 minutes.
76 min
Tue 15 Nov: Money Wars - What's Important - Pre...
As our stunned country reacts, what's truly important comes into focus. The FTX dirt spreads. State legislatures, ignorance, compliance, and the scourge of child trafficking. Poster ads for pedos. The clubs are not what they seem. Ohio's grim example. State funding? Really? Mix in voter fraud. How do we fix this? All the corporate involvement explains things. Shay's rebellion and the Articles of Confederation. Our history of revolt against gov't corruption. Can a strong central government protect our freedoms? Amplify your enemies to take them down. 1.07% is proof of concept. The dense fog of war has gotten worse. It feels like a tipping point to those now waking up. Start digging into your local pol's. SEC complaints and the get active campaign. Who's all been to Ukraine? The uniparty is now in the spotlight. At this stage, our focus on God and victory will sustain us, as it did our forefathers.
136 min
Mon 14 Nov: Late Night Points - FTX Bits - Camp...
A late night Tore addition discussing the breaking news mix. How the Republicans undercut MAGA. The FTX blab is missing the point. It's all about campaign money and fake reform. No limits and no coordination, technically. A two party infrastructure. Citizens United decision psyops opened it all up. Financing candidates and corporate power. FEC bans and new strategies. They won the right to screw us. Focusing on Alphabet and all the rest of influence Inc. The billions involved. Free speech is for humans only. SCOTUS is supposedly on the case. Our vote is the most important form of free speech. Power and money threaten it all. It's starting to all make sense to the people.
44 min
Mon 14 Nov: AI Geo Intel - Bio Vessels - Out Ge...
The rapid advances and widespread acceptence of artificial intelligence makes it a powerful weapon. Rebooting the biological vessels. The arrogance of mankind shows results. Unfettered access to data contributes. The vast range of applications, including elections. MSM is all AI. Humans are the smallest portion. Early promises, refusing tech, and the need for paper ballots. The future means demise or reset. Finding your frequency. The big motivation of overseas intel. Hayden's diaper and Brennan's briefs. The new Burns era. Saudi deals and Ukraine's elections. The current CIA and the MSM narrative. Destroying the two party system. Amalgamated Bank and gun tracking. Political lending and the coverups. The four year cycle makes it perfect. Union dues and working for change. Real winners keep trying. We cannot wait for hero's so we must be our own.
124 min
Fri 11 Nov: Hornet's Nest - The Serpents - Righ...
Kicking the nest, snake like thinking, blown covers and the benefits of patience. The info war climbs to a new level. With enemies all around, blending and observing brings battle wisdom. Patience before the strike. Careful reptiles know where to run. The manufacturing of the DeSantis dispute. 219-16 even with all the cheating. It was 8 years for our first revolution. Fog, darkness and confusion is their goal. Kelly Ann and Larry sittin' in a tree. What about Terodactyls? Truth resonates with those that can hear. A true force to be reckoned with. Betrayal of saviors often leads to death. When does hope translate into action? Out of order and out of control. Bergy again. Thank you Roger Stone? Casting, acting and influencing. Observing life objectively is not easy. Why in Arizona? Bad things happen when we fall out of line with God. Hear His words, and gain faith from all of this. Be brave, get active and run.
150 min
Thu 10 Nov: Circus Show - Ring Leaders - Cent...
The cast, long ago selected, is now rising to their roles. They show themselves as actors but their faces can't hide evil. Where does this leave the people? Physiognomy says more than words. The fraud seems so familiar. Same tactics, same swindle, same people. Stay on script and produce in your role, or be replaced. Not everyone knows who's been cast. As always, trust your gut. Disinfo as cover. Do you have your paperwork? DeSantis and the sly moves against Trump. Intel is used against you, and they know it all. J6 scripts and the effort to control us. Some sinister names return. Karl Rove at the center of the storm. Roger Stone involved. Avenatti again. The Fetterman float. Kammie's origins. Killary, Sri Lanka, money guns and treason. They hate us because we won't take orders. Resist the mind control, do NOT feel distressed, and keep fighting for the best that's yet to come.
110 min
Wed 09 Nov: One Percent - ZOPA Zone - Dense Fog...
It's feeling like a fake failure psyop, and here is why. Sowing confusion for better cover. The two sides of disinfo. A perfectly planned nemisis. DJT knows exactly what he's doing. People doing things at the right time and place. Making election theft look stupid. We will soon have another choice to make. Infiltration of MAGA and Anons is massive. Lights, camera, J6 documentary. Learning discernment. It will soon be a privacy fight. Who and when is data collected. Switching tactics. Weaponizing voting info is illegal too. Where the tabulator magic happens. Will the Left care if privacy is violated? Free speech means free voting. It's all about data. Why ship it to China? State groups mobilized. To stop the NWO, stop feeding them data. Nothing worth doing ever came easy. Again we will now be tested, and our victory will be earned by us, the righteous and the brave.
81 min
Mon 07 Nov: MARASforOHIO - Two Interviews - Fir...
To begin, Tore and her attorney Warner Mendenhall talk to Emerald Robinson on to discuss her SCOTUS case and the Ohio election scene. It's a fight for every citizen's right to participate independent of the two established political parties. Tore's second interview is with the Ohio Election Forum and host Damon Appel. They cover lots, including Tore's background, overseas work, and all the lies that have been used against her. Wrenching politics out from under corporate control is a huge start. Tore describes that strategy, and how her victory could mean other big positive changes for Ohio. Run time is just under an hour.
59 min
Mon 07 Nov: An Update Plus A Prayer With Tore -...
Tore gives us a short update on her battles with time, the SCOTUS case, election pressures, and the big rally tonight in Dayton. Then, a powerful prayer to give us the strength that victory demands. And tomorrow may He open the door to the truth and wisdom required to heal our friends and country. Run time is 29 minutes.
28 min
Sat 05 Nov: Tore On Live Truth Radio With Brian...
Tore discusses the hottest issues involving Ohio and America in this extended LTR broadcast with host Brian Lange. Included are the Ohio SOS race, all the factions and distractions, the deep state criminals currently controlling things, and why Christians vote for pedos. Blue cage, and red cage are forced on us, and the true viable ballot option gets ignored. Voters must be made aware. Tore also hits on recent arrests of patriots, the divided right, the weaponization of public offices, and much more. An SOS Maras gives specifics on how she would rock the Ohio world if elected. She also discusses the possible Trump endorsement during the Monday rally in Dayton. As always, the info is densely packed. Run time is two hours and 54 minutes.
174 min
Sat 05 Nov: Three Days And So Many Emotions - A...
Above all, we are making history. Get your hands on that wheel. A SCOTUS case update and strategy description. Medical scares, the system, and helping out Michael. Election meddling starts at the petition stage. And then there's that parental rights case. Seeing what happens next. A DJT shout out coming? It's monumental. Forcing states to recognize other parties. People don't see it, but Tore's fights are helping all of America win. Run time is one hour.
58 min
Thu 03 Nov: A Tore Interview With The Tipp Cent...
David Ingram presents Ohio candidates to the people, and tonight it's MARASforOhio. Tore covers her background, education, family history and how it's possible to graduate high school at age 14. More details emerge on her opponent Frank LaRose, his financial backers, the pedo connections and why he pushes the corrupt voting machines. As always, Tore details paper ballots, valid traceable votes and data security as part of a MARASforOhio agenda. Run time is 28 minutes.
28 min
Thu 03 Nov: Good Morning - Lavender Glaze With ...
An early morning request for prayers regarding her friend Michael, and also for real citizen justice. In Ohio, only R's and D's get to play politics. The just filed SCOTUS case can change that for Independents and all other parties not just in Ohio, but nationwide. Just for variety, Tore also drops some insights regarding Sri Lanka. Then, it's donuts. Run time is 8 minutes.
9 min
Tue 01 Nov: SCOTUS - Excited, Tired And Ready -...
This is both of Tore's updates from Locals tonight. First is news on the SCOTUS filing, plus the insane expenses and fees. This case is done for new political parties yet to come. Advice regarding pharma sponsored judges. Amnesty pacts then and now. We need to change financial lawfare rules. Justice shouldn't be just for the wealthy. A worthy gift for America's future generations. Run time is 19 minutes.
19 min
Tue 01 Nov: Geo Dynamics - Round II - Modi's In...
Although the shape of world politics is changing rapidly, it's also mired in history. India, Asia and the power to control it all. Seeing Iran for what it is. Interaction between global player's is everything. Resource mining and controlling the masses. India's massive military and regional reach. Why all the secret bases? Muslims are on China's border. The surprise in who supports what. Developing nations that we destroyed long ago. The stone age myths. Creating radical governments to serve a purpose. And then there's Africa. A century ago freedom reigned. Infighting as a strategy, but Modi resists. Playing Muslim's against Hindus. Music, hate, blood and cultural violence. And still, it's as if hands are guiding us from out of this world.
122 min
Mon 31 Oct: Fright Night Focus - WW3 Builds - P...
The real fear is the war coming into view. This show sends a timely message. There is reason to be afraid. With increasing tensions globally, what's next? Prolonged conflict increases risks. Turkish and Iranian drones establish superiority. Developing the market. Lebanon internal politics have changed rapidly. Overstepping and then coming together. Boxing in Turkey strategically involves them all. Erdogan should be nervous. Russia is a major player in the mix. Armenia, Azerbaijan and their long history of war. Massacres and ethnic cleansing. A new airport slows disruptions but other dynamics tighten. Major Libya news incoming. The Caucasus region is rich in oil and gas and crisscrossed with pipelines. Alliances are always being formed. Watch closely. The title of US citizen is important when you know the best is yet to come.
100 min
Sun 30 Oct: Catch Up Sunday - A Tore Update On ...
Tore talks about her parent's rights case, plus her SCOTUS filing involving third party independents. It's case law, phone calls, dying battery stories, problem solving, big names dropping, hints on the upcoming documentary, and the needy old boy Bisquit. Run time is 18 and a half minutes
18 min
Fri 28 Oct: Tore Maras For SOS - Meet The Candi...
This is Tore's portion of tonights meet and greet event. She covers her platform for positive changes as Ohio's SOS, some basics on election fraud, the state's major political players, and how corporate money hinders the process. She then takes questions from the crowd. Run time is 1 hour and four minutes.
64 min
Fri 28 Oct: SCOTUS !!! Another Tore Update
Tore explains the Ohio supreme court ruling and how the results are so exciting. It's going to the top. SCOTUS will now be involved. It's both a loss and a win for us all. Here's how. Run time is 10 minutes 34 seconds.
11 min
Fri 28 Oct: Updates And Lessons - A Tore Talk O...
Tore takes to Locals for another important discussion on Ohio, parent's rights, the campaign world, all the incoming hate, and the digital election fraud subjects no one else wants to talk about. This is an upfront challenge to the controlling power of child predators, those who finances and support them, a corrupt judicial branch, box cage mentality, the fake media and the real people doing the homework. Wexner funds which candidates? GOP you say? Pedophile $$$ is now attacking MARASforOHIO. So many major systemic roadblocks to an independent run exist. It's the RINO's pushing digital voting systems and ID. It's all about tech voting versus our own iron clad survival. Run time is just under 1 hour.
59 min
Thu 27 Oct: Tore Maras On Lindell TV With Brann...
In this brief interview Tore provides a fast, broad but concise picture of election fraud in Ohio and how it compares nationally. She hits on the Federal takeover of State election sovereignty, the Georgia example, her opponent's involvement, voter data mining, untraceable machine code and more. Brannon keeps up well, but then calls her Tony. Apologies for the annoying static. Run time is 9 minutes.
9 min
Wed 26 Oct: Tore Maras For Ohio SOS - Cincinnat...
Tore takes the mic and redpills another slightly stunned crowd. Tonight she highlights corporate $$ in elections, forced red and blu cages, state election sovereignty, pedos in Ohio elite politics, the importance of community involvement and much more. The way is now open for independents to run for office, and the state needs you. As always, Tore discusses her detailed plans for the SOS job. Run time is 43 minutes.
42 min
Wed 26 Oct: Les Wexner - Epstein and the OHIO GOP
Huge enemies are triggered. Les Wexner, the ICC, and the Ohio GOP are all coming after Tore in a coordinated effort to destroy her campaign. They fear momentum building from a dedicated effort to save trafficked children. It all starts in Ohio. Tore updates us on the Ohio SOS race, and what it's like running as an independent in a corrupt and collapsing two party system. Do the local citizens understand? Big questions exist about timing, attack coordination, dark corporate money and the gag order on local coverage of MARASforOHIO. The Tore campaign team keeps it all going with a dedicated focus on saving Ohio and the USA. Run time is just under 40 minutes.
40 min
Sun 23 Oct: A Tore Interview On The Truman Town...
It's another newbie introduction to the fire hose of Tore truth. Invited to discuss her Ohio SOS run, the topics quickly broaden to Tore's background, false identities and disguises, early election fraud ops overseas, cultural forensics, rank choice voting, data mining, the crimes of incumbent Frank Larose and why he fears a real debate. But wait, there's more. Most importantly, Tore describes her plans as future Secretary Of State, and how she will end Ohio's electoral corruption. Run time is one hour 48 minutes.
108 min
Thu 20 Oct: A Lot Going On - A Tore Update On L...
Tore catches us up on what's happening, and describes much of her very full plate. Legal battles ongoing. How to struggle with pain from the haters. How to feel sorry when you aren't really. Little moves to save the real vote. Following the voter's trail isn't easy. Courts, filings and farces. Small pebbles and stepping stones. And oh, there's the campaign for SOS. Super busy is the word. Run time is 48 minutes.
48 min
Wed 19 Oct: News 'N Views: A Conversation With ...
Apologies for audio problems at the start. It's catch up time when Patrick and Tore review the latest news on election fraud, the corrupt machines, hidden software, the many ongoing lawfare battles, and that's just the start. Insane horrific politics and brainwashed people. Drawdowns of the SPR. Benney and others on the receiving end. The Ohio incumbent SOS and his games. Killing reputations is a tactical crimes. Tribalism steals our attention. It's not far fetched, and it's our history. Looking back brings understanding. Will the people have any thing to say about our future? Enemy options are dwindling. Predictive analytics and the image of time travel. It's all about feeding it data. It's not rocket science, it's about righting the wrongs done in the past.
117 min
Tue 18 Oct: Tore Speech At The Annual Candidate...
Tore takes the mic and from small venues comes big truths. More startling details on the Ukraine elections, software algos, DHS involvement, and how Ohio's incumbent SOS is involved. It's media mistrust, corporate control of elections, and a mass exodus from the establishment parties to follow up. This is historic straight talk that's causing panic in the uniparty. Run time is 53 minutes.
53 min
Tue 18 Oct: Tore Maras And Warner Mendenhall In...
In a remarkable wide ranging interview, Tore spills the truth about all the obstacles she has faced in the Ohio election process. Her ally and attorney Warner Mendenhall joins the discussion on election fraud, the important legal structures required for change, and the plans Tore has for her role as Ohio's SOS. Joe Oltmann, and his listeners, learn details on how 45 elections were stolen overseas, and then how that evil was brought home. Why isn't this national news? Indeed. Run time is one hour and 24 minutes.
84 min
Mon 17 Oct: Island Time - Lottery Winner - MSNB...
It's a short show tonight, but the audio is perfect. MSNBC attacks, so get the beach chairs ready. A private island yet to be named. What they said and a forming legal strategy. Isn't that election meddling? That's not entertainment. Anger, disgust and panic. Those who are rebels will win. No longer looking to others for our decisions. Heart rending stories from behind bars. A vote for hope. A segment of the new documentary. JOB and his democrissy. The endless effort to push people into controlled political camps. Our biggest unified middle finger. It's time to change this version of the planned reality. There's nothing better than a big boo boo and a new rich girl.
40 min
Sun 16 Oct: Live Q&A Townhall With Candidate Ma...
Tore does a live stream townhall covering everything from resisting preset political boxes to Ohio's famous pedos and who they finance. Those people must be listening too. Tonight's audio vandalism has been corrected as much as possible. While answering questions, Tore gives more details on her Ukraine election experience, similarities in Ohio and why honest people with eyes are best at vote counting. Again, apologies for the spotty audio. Run time is 1 hour and twelve minutes.
72 min
Thu 13 Oct: Tore Speech At The Coshocton County...
Fighting for Ohio and the nation, Tore talks cyber security, fraudulent elections, PDF ballots and what she will do about it. It's a short, sharp blast of truth coming from a truly independent voice. This is a MARASforOHIO event. Run time is 6 minutes and 45 seconds.
6 min
Wed 12 Oct: A MARASforOhio Event -- A Speech ...
It's noisy rain, trains, static, endless spooling and an abrupt ending, but nothing stops the Tore truth. Tonight it's a campaign event with a speech and then the informative Q&A session. Tore lays out all the impressive facts, details Ohio's election fraud problems, and gets into a fascinating discussion on Trump's VAX policy. As always, apologies for the rough audio. Run time is 2 hours and nine minutes.
129 min
Tue 11 Oct: A Tore MARASforOHIO speech at Marri...
Although the audio is poor, this is a short, sweet and hot six minutes of fire. The power of the truth, Tore delivered, leaves the crowd a bit dazed. Run time is six and a half minutes.
6 min
Tue 11 Oct: Catch Up With Lots To Talk About - ...
An important and heartfelt briefing involving a dear friend's VAX tragedy, Tore's campaign schedule and the mounting evidence of Ohio election fraud. Also, how MARASForOHIO is about to wreck the entire entrenched system. Run time is 24 minutes.
24 min
Sat 08 Oct: East Cleveland Debate - A Campaign ...
Tore states the facts in her latest Ohio, Secretary of State campaign event. It's the usual startling issues, Ohio vote corruption, compromised candidates, scamdemic madness and a hopeful vision of the future. This recording includes other candidates speaking, and a second half question and answer session involving Tore. Run time is one hour 48 minutes.
108 min
Thu 06 Oct: Tore Maras - Ohio Independent Candi...
Tore takes the stage for a hard hitting talk on all things Secretary of State related. She discusses her background, service history, Ohio politics, her opponents and how she learned so much about election fraud - plus many other issues. More insights follow as Tore takes a broad range of questions. Run time is one hour, 25 minutes.
85 min
Wed 05 Oct: Fever Dreams - Comeback - Dose Math...
Apologies for today's Rumble related audio issues. Political frustration seems to be the norm for all of us. Returning from an absense results in more questions. The early handlers and what they taught. Why VAX doses matter, and how they got produced. The HAVA act and it's impact on us all. Julian Assange and what he stands for. Palin walks back the tough talk. When the DOJ sued the states over election law. Look how evil human beings can be. Aaron Swartz spoke truth to power. Foster crimes happen when the gov't claims children. It's true, they experimented on the homeless. Vulnerable and helpless but still citizens. Law suit records should be available to all. The little black box and what it tells us. They want a future of online elections. Is voter fraud really high tech terrorism? Above all, these times have shown how the people hunger for the truth.
81 min
Wed 28 Sep: Virtual Townhall With Tore Maras Ca...
Tonight's townhall discussion begins with some highlights from yesterday's Q&A session. Then Tore launches into a detailed description of Ohio's history of electoral fraud, current voting system status, and the vital changes that must occur to achieve statewide integrity. It's a high info fire hose for those unaccustomed to the power of a true patriot intellect. Run time is 1 hour and 43 minutes.
103 min
Tue 27 Sep: A Tore Interview On LiveTruthRadio
Host Brian Lange is joined by a group of local panelists to lead a wide ranging discussion with Ohio Secretary of State candidate Tore Maras. They cover Tore's history, experience with voter fraud, criminality of her opponent, the security provided by hand counted paper ballots, the many planned goals of her administration plus a host of other topics in this informative interview. Run time is just over two hours.
123 min
Mon 26 Sep: Maras For SOS - Interview And A Vir...
First is Tore's interview today on the Absolute Truth show hosted by Emerald Robinson on Lindell TV. Then it's a virtual townhall meeting with Tore answering questions and discussing how she, as a real SOS, will change Ohio and America for the better. Run time is one hour.
59 min
Sat 24 Sep: Live From Cleveland - A Tore Update...
This is a Tore campaign speech at a local event held today. Short, with very bad and annoying audio, it still gives us a glimpse of how truth will power the Maras for Ohio SOS campaign. The good parts are worth the bad recording. Run time is just under 8 minutes.
7 min
Thu 22 Sep: Bandaid Ripoff (Part 2 of 2) - Soft...
This is our game to lose, so we must now move to the next level. If the attack is global, the defense must be global too. Perpetuating and exasperating the infodemic. Asymmetric encryption, quantum research, and the controllers of technology. If Q is software, who were you decoding? Archbishop Vigano with some stunning truth. The global coup and a world alliance against tyranny. Calling out the system for controlling power and money. We are all capable of evil. First, understand the threat. All religions are radicalized. Forging us all within the good or evil fire. Stopping the people that subscribe to full control. It took a thousand years to place the right people. Show the fraud of stolen voices. Fact based means you have receipts. Now, real leaders are needed. Justice travels on a donkey. Maybe everything is going as it should, maybe not. Believe this fact. There's not one person that's going to save us, it must be everyone working together.
63 min
Thu 22 Sep: Bandaid Ripoff (Part 1 of 2) - Q Re...
It's time for some unapproved truthiness. Q is software used by hidden people and groups. The Knights of Malta have been players for centuries. The sovereign, ancient military order. All by lineage. Some paid to lie, some infiltrated. God hates liars. This is an operation. Ancient psyops for good and evil. Not a savior, it's just software. The Luxembourg subsidiary. good and evil people are working behind the scenes. for some, it's all about money. Keep quiet and watch. Many now realize what's at stake. Gen. Flynn in the middle. Infiltrating the NWO. Did their benevolent conscious grow? Explaining the names in the Russia hoax. This is a world wide war and not something new. So much mis-info makes people stupid. The first major psyop was Christianity. Then loyalty got trifurcated. The little guys aren't allowed to know. Suck it up, your country needs you. Here's some more truth, we must keep it up because we are winning.
81 min
Tue 20 Sep: SOS Maras - A Tore Update On Locals
Here's a very short update with victory whoops and happy talk as a major court ruling in Ohio comes down in Tore's favor. It looks like she will be on the ballot for SOS. Was the Trump visit related? She drops hints and talks about what's next. Run time is just 12 minutes.
12 min
Sun 18 Sep: Tribalism - Major Contro - Rally St...
It's a difficult feeling to articulate, but the rally felt like separate tribes of pandering politicians. Brownie points for whining hangers on. Not too proud to nag for endorsements. Did they really hate the crowd? Why was MTG there in Ohio? How tyrants create divisions. Some cannot speak without being told what to say. Hiring and casting like actors. Handled carefully every step of the way. Eerie nuns dislike video. Most people were there just to see the President. All the hangers on are repugnant. First interactions are important. The spices around you are the ones we use. Is religion about to change. For the record, Allah means God. Is the Koran the book of Satan? Asking yourself about faith, means knowing yourself well. What Reagan stood for. Many only want an identity to adhere to. Today's parallels to biblical times are striking. With faith and preparation we prepare to build the next chapter. Remember, no one can cancel he truth.
147 min
Sat 17 Sep: Trump Rally - A Tore Update On Lo...
This is a combination of Tore's three updates on Locals today. It's raw rally audio with convo's with attendees and occasional comments by Tore. Her third update effort, made after the rally, had a bad connection and was mostly inaudible. Run time is 46 minutes.
46 min
Fri 16 Sep: Chit Chat With A Full House Of FBI ...
From a noisy bar in Cleveland, Tore talks about her special cocktail, polluted city water, Bisquit's UTI, Phoebe's driving permit, VAX dating, HIV history, the strategy behind her SOS run, nationwide ballot corruption, and the private reasons she's so exhausted. Run time is 58 minutes.
58 min
Tue 13 Sep: Control Tech - Surveil All - Sex4Se...
The concerns with AI are peaking as the info war intensifies. Controlling thought, behavior, consent and future actions. Deployment to defend treason. Isolating Trump supporters. Some history of the surveillance timeline with Stellar Wind and beyond. McCain, Blackberry, pin2pin coms and blackmail as a weapon. Directional sound and the LRAD systems. Willful obfuscations for the usual reasons. Dealing in the currency of evil. The Havana Syndrome is real. Putting sound where they want it. Voter tech weaponizes info. Individual free thought is being targeted. Breaking algos with the unexpected. Think 2016. Digital cammo techniques. Clones don't need a body. Corrupt individuals are still creatures of habit. Bush black sheep. Jenna's dinner with the prince. Divine intervention can happen. Deciding what is real and what is not. Especially with information, that question depends on you.
106 min
Mon 12 Sep: More Layers - Revisit - Hot Son - T...
So much has happened that a review is in order, but the fire hose won't stop. Friends of freedom are popping out of the woodwork. Rare are the people who will truly fight. Hunter's laptop, hookers, bribes and the planted idea to free him. Who did that? Suffering goes along with being trapped. There are no rules on who deserves compassion. The foundations and charities they love so much. Understanding Trump's VAX moves. Watch all the details and understand. Don't mess with the ISI. Machine certifications were faked. Marshal Islands, nukes and some very scary events incoming. Mis-info has been dense for years but there's a remedy. Christianity, courage and the power of knowing. Fighting the ego wars. Objectivity loses in confusing times. Good ol' boys and energy states. Now is when we need a little more faith. She is not a traditional candidate. We are the drops that will cause the flood of truth. Remember, the most important person in this war is you, so do something.
112 min
Fri 09 Sep: Domination Plan - 911 Show - Souls ...
It was always about controlling free citizens, and here is how they did it. Ushering us into enslavement. Spoon feeding the obvious to the never truthers. A planned event. Hillary, Bill, Jim, James, John and all the others. Think Congress and Senate. So many traitors facilitated and capitalized. Visa corruption in foreign locales. Not about left or right, but good and evil. The 911 perps still rule. Never forget? 20 years later, same questions. Fear is the vehicle for loss of rights. They perfected it all in other countries. Where would a whistle blower have gone? They own the media. Bio-warfare was the next step, now it's VAX weapons. Real press were attacked. Voting systems designed to ensure extended control. Own nothing and be happy. A new 911 review should be about accountability and truth. Bannon talks our strategy. J6 teasers. Lights, camera, insurrection. Stay focused and be strong. Sometimes we have to start way back at the beginning to really fix things.
108 min
Thu 08 Sep: Stranger Times - Op Unicorn - Legal...
The queen has died, and we've just entered a new level of weirdness. The J6 plot and who staffed and planned it all. Long Covid and the back to work blues. Remember, there was once a King Charles executed for treason. Unicorn rainbows and the death in Scotland. Can a judge selecting counsel? We must all be working at the county level. I do not consent to the use of voting machines. WTF dark money and influence. Time to put on the big boy pants. Realize, we are entering uncharted waters. It's all about the frequency of working together. Stand up for what's accurate. Ten days and all decisions will be made. 17 Sep speech will be big. It's going down, and here's how. Active coms between MSM and Gov. Their censorship enterprise. Ongoing and active you say? Amazing things are happening, and we're winning big. Yet it's only God that can truly protect us, but only if we respect and work with our fellow citizens.
90 min
Wed 07 Sep: Morality Class - Transparency Hustl...
In just one generation, the ethics, morality and norms of a nation can change drastically. This applies to elections too. How you should think, act and complete your life is their mission. On what authority? Sodomy was once a crime. Those doors are locked from the inside. It's like the EU without communism. Stress decreases compassion in individuals and societies. Good and evil was defined before time. Intimidation is the result of our citizens requests. Public office abuse is common. Our law is very clear. The extortion lobby protects election fraud. How to gaslight Christianity. Ohio radio dorks trash the Maras candidacy. Federalizing elections under our noses. Hand count votes for truth. Bending the knee for Podesta. Aren't we supposed to be protecting children? Remember, the beacon of freedom is us, and we determine what is truly right and wrong.
106 min
Tue 06 Sep: Maps And Red Face - A Tore Update O...
From Boston, Tore is researching historical geography and reviewing old maps from the early 1900's. Lots of topo strangeness over the years with many unanswered questions. Who, and why would someone lie about geography? Run time is 1 hour and 14 minutes.
74 min
Sun 04 Sep: Boston Tea Party And More - Some To...
This is a compilation of three Tore updates on Locals and Utube over the past two days. It's the sounds of the NYC, chatter inside a famous tavern and replaying history in Boston Harbor. Audio can be rough. Run time is 30 minutes.
29 min
Fri 02 Sep: Wheel And Whale - A Tore Update On ...
In another short Locals update from NYC, Tore talks strategy on the saving election data letter campaign, throws in possible civil actions, talks about some of the players in the war and then describes an amazing NYC dinner. Once again, her connection ends abruptly. Run time is 15 minutes.
15 min
Thu 01 Sep: Lies And Spies - A Tore Update On L...
In a quick update from NYC, Tore briefs us on her work schedule, drops hints on future events, and gets specific on some J6 details. Run time is just 14 minutes.
13 min
Wed 31 Aug: Courage In A Time Of Fear - A Tribu...
#AssangeAThon The plight of Julian Assange drags on as his supporters continue their efforts at building pressure for his release. In this tribute we meet his family, review his situation and pray for his freedom. Tore discusses courage, and how Julian's situation, and this war, are demanding it from both individuals and our society. Run time is 46 minutes.
46 min
Tue 30 Aug: Special Chit Chat - A Discussion Wi...
It's a fast moving discussion on Ohio politics, big J6 news, developments in the Russian scam, kooky claims from Bergy, the moves towards SCOTUS, lefty shakedowns, bad eggs, chasing tails, the steps in a genocide, national PTSD, and much more. More importantly, Tore gives us a top tier briefing on what comes next. Run time is 1 hour 7 minutes.
62 min
Tue 30 Aug: Sacrifice - The Playbook - Measurin...
It's important for all of us to understand the true meaning of sacrifice. What must we do to win. Remember, it is only temporary. Think of what DJT has put into the fight. How do we know if we're successful? Prosperity is in the eyes of the beholder. Are those conceptual ideas or personal grievences? Stepping back into the light of love and creativity. Confined in a preset narrative. Realize who you really are in this frame of time. Everything is a perceived illusion. Anything pleasurable demands some sacrifice. We must always ask ourselves what we really want. Inside the MLB raid. A massive gotcha operation. Outside operators at their own pace. New FBI names and players. Yup, we've already won. Now, we're just going thru the motions like it had to be. Watch carefully and enjoy the show.
72 min
Mon 29 Aug: Up A Notch - Campaign Limbo - Two B...
If it feels like the pressure is rising everywhere, then you must have common sense. Short show tonight due to myriad obligations. Campaign in limbo as ballot decisions are made. SCOTUS here we come. Call to action letter campaign to establish position. Preserve all documents and information. Sick and tired, hello? The rats are trapped and a scramble is on. Draining $$$ is part of their plan. The GOP is representing corrupt interests. RIMO demons and their voting machines. The deeper you go in voting machines, the worse it gets. Focus on the person not the parties. Click bait is the goal of many. Country rapping mystery solver. Common sense isn't very common. Get down low and focus on the tangible, because everything else is just distracting smoke.
72 min
Fri 26 Aug: Chess Moves - Set Traps - Enemy Kno...
It's all about knowing your enemy, playing a role, and setting the trap. Big moves in the Ohio SOS race. Unknowingly, they're playing right into a pocket. The violations of due process in the hearing. Eight signatures short, so they say. De-certified means exited. We're going to the next level. Lost battles mean sharper swords. Watching, seeing and learning. Sometimes, you must embrace the suck. The egg on our face we wear with pride. Illegal uniparty ballot exclusions happened nationwide. Of course, there's no press or reporting. In time of war, it's patience that leads to victory. Watching the enemies destroy themselves. Get ready Ohio for incoming upheaval. This case will have a red carpet path to SCOTUS, so let's enjoy the ride.
31 min
Fri 26 Aug: Perjury Class - Feeding MSM - Spud ...
In the information war everything is recorded, even all the lies. Falsehoods and narratives spread in the limelight. The MSM propaganda wing. Are they told exactly what to say? Protecting interests is job one for most. It's all entertainment. For some, evidence is key. The fading skill of critical thinking. Gen X discernment seems dead. Stand up for truth or fall for anything. My Son Hunter movie trailer. More Bergy highlights of lies. An affidavit born in desperation. A conspiracy to take out a duly elected President. The Vet badge isn't enough. DeSantis doubts. Ballot info preserved? It's a good line. The devil is in the details. Now, there are so many people missing in action. In the end, you will love the truth no matter how much it hurts.
55 min
Thu 25 Aug: Whoa, This Is Crazy - A Tore Update...
It's confusion, concealment and corruption at the Ohio court this morning where Tore's SOS candidacy is being challenged. Tore comments are a compilation of her Locals channel and a UT stream. Run time is 1 hour and 4 minutes.
64 min
Wed 24 Aug: Special Report - Fed Obfuscation - ...
Ohio is the epicenter, DHS is the culprit, and corrupt officials are the players. The question to ask is do you have MOU agreements? Texas is a good place to start. It all goes back to Homeland Security. Taxpayer financed fake election structure. They underestimate the people's spirit. How to own private voter software and hardware plus share the data. It all started in 2004. Nothing is dead on the internet. The contracts designed to hand over elections. The three ways they control state systems. Corrupt boards, judges and our diluted rights. Detailed agreements and careful control. Same contract, different states. Now it's called rules of engagement. Crowdstrike, Inc. hired to protect elections in NC. Tell them we do not consent to Federal control. Stop chasing Dominion and look at all machines. This is going to get fixed, and the time to start is now.
45 min
Wed 24 Aug: Traitor Spotting - Certified Enemie...
With a little practice, the enemies of our freedom and the Constitution are now easily seen. What defines a traitor? Fawkes and Judas know. It may be interesting for some. Assisting in chaos and confusion qualifies many. Remembering who you are and what you stand for. Early foundations offer precise predictions. Being someone who sets fires. Spying today is a massive problem. Less ideals, more money worship. Traits of those with something to hide. Is there a genetic marker for spies? Miserable, distrustful and lonely. Shaping the perfect profile for traitors with organic life traumas. Taking away what journalists do. Defectors, James O'Keefe and the FBI. The many problems with being too honest. Overcoming difficult schooling. Constructive criticism is key. They will never bite the hand that feeds them. This is a brutal information war and the truth is key, so damn the consequences.
98 min
Mon 22 Aug: Airport Drama And GOP Exposed - A T...
In today's Locals update, Tore is enroute to Dallas and takes time to talk about GOP corruption back home in the Ohio swamp. There is dirty party politics afoot. Run time is 15 minutes.
15 min
Sun 21 Aug: Just A Bit Of Chit Chat -- A Tore U...
In her second Locals update of the day, Tore mingles with the Truth Summit crowd, discusses the hot topics, and enjoys the shared community experience. Run time is 25 minutes.
24 min
Sun 21 Aug: Boomerangs Against Us -- A Tore Upd...
Tore and attorney Grant provide us with a briefing on the Truth Summit, a pertinent Constitutional law discussion, and some inside details on the many people and factions now forming the fog of war.
53 min
Sat 20 Aug: Checking In On The Summit -- A Tore...
The Moment of Truth Summit from Springfield, Missouri was spreading truth today, and Tore was in the thick of it. She takes a short break and gives us her thoughts and impressions. Run time is 20 minutes.
19 min
Fri 19 Aug: Celebrity Drinks And Hints -- A Tor...
From Springfield, Tore discusses the alcohol concoctions she's not drinking, what she's doing in Missouri, and then drops some quick hints about tomorrow. Run time is just 16 minutes.
16 min
Wed 17 Aug: Top Targets - Election Feds - Hacke...
To truly understand election fraud, we must look within our own government. The truth about DHS hacking. A planned effort to federalize elections. Kemp of Georgia provided a good record. The critical infrastructure designation means controlling it. 48 states gave up their election sovereignty. Constantly pushing the narrative. Intent is key. Penetration tests and cyber hygiene scans. Why the guise, guys? Project Veritas scores again. Let's do pen and paper elections with counting eyes on ballots. Upchurch destroys the mystery case myths. MSM finds Epstein again. The alphas ignore horrors for intel blackmail. Digging deep for something Earth shattering. Caging thoughts is impossible. Anti gunners, subjective standards, CCW permits and rights violations. A past coup strategy of election night pauses, hacks and scams. DJT and election deals. Sometimes we must let people show themselves, while we also pledge to never give up the fight.
120 min
Tue 16 Aug: Taxation And Usurpation - IRS Tales...
When it comes to controlling citizens, the Feds have many tools. A short history of the IRS and their mission. Building target specific legal weapons. It's all about slowly breaking down our rights. The IRS truth problems. Some call it fraud or treason. The 1918 flu is news again. They dug up what? Why?Don't forget, it was the state's that wrote and ratified the constitution. Originally, taxing income was prohibited. It's all about the 10th Amendment, and how they go around it. Rights and lists. Freezing legitimate dissent. Bitcoin is competition to the Fed. Confiscation and censorship resistance. Power off, content gone. Decentralized government is imperative. We now have no transparency. It's not the Fed's, it's the states and the people. Federalism, what a concept. Exchanging one prison for another. The new GOP is all about control. Their actions are praetorian. Always ask yourself, who is allowing this to happen and why now?
143 min
Thu 12 Aug: Radicalization - Raid Rage - Preced...
Careless statements and talking point manipulation come from the right too. Planned problem narratives and the influence rs. Introducing evidence via the raid. Setting precedent. Target items not there. Beautiful talk from those tapped. Executive coms and backdoor deals. Boxing us in with or without transparency. Epicenter Ohio. Nail guns and corn fields. The FBI needs to do it's job, and not be defunded. Nervous Reps sound off. The 302's will tell us a lot. So you met with the prez? Just saying the opposite is not a strategy. Trump represents every American. He was surrounded by good, bad and in the middle. How the game ends. Commie red Dakota. Your own nation will nuke you and blame it on Chyna. Using porn stars to terror list us all. People get it, and are being proactive, starting at the county level. We must always expect more attacks to dilute our rights. You've heard it all before, which means we've already won. Be cool, stay grounded and lets get back to reading and thinking.
112 min
Tue 09 Aug: Walk About In NYC -- A Tore Update ...
It's the sounds of New York as Tore and Phoebe go for a stroll, visit Trump tower and talk to some locals about city culture and recent events. Run time is 25 minutes.
25 min
Tue 09 Aug: A Tore Interview With Samuel C McGuire
Local Ohio podcaster and activist, Samuel C. McGuire, interviews Tore on a broad range of subjects including her SOS run, Tore's deep state opponent, election fraud and much more. Importantly, Tore also shares her ideas on solutions to the election fraud that plagues Ohio and all of America. Run time is just under two hours.
117 min
Mon 08 Aug: Fruit Basket -- A Tore Update On Lo...
Tore's thoughts on tonights raid at Mar-A-Lago. Who did what when? Was it a set up or not? Tore takes questions and spills insider dirt on today's excitement. She says it was a good day. Run time is 22 minutes.
21 min
Mon 08 Aug: Be In Charge - Anger Uptic - Haters...
With everything that has happened, our interests as Americans is being ignored. It's our own ruling class too. Is a war with DC possible? Tough luck with our two party system. As goes Ohio. Are we just the necessary portion? The massive un-elected branch seems endless. Some want new faces, but the same old policies. Making history by demanding transparency. Funding non-profits to undercut organics. Believe it that miracles are happening. The people's unity will defeat all forms of tyranny. Some play dumb and feed the gator. There is no retaining of the old parties. Dark chocolate and liver function. Focus on your state and avoid national news distractions. This is where we fight. It's important that the people are involved in the fight. It's our country, our freedom and our future.
80 min
Sun 07 Aug: Just Checking In - A Tore Update On...
It's Tore and Phoebe from NYC discussing culture, travel, odd events taking place, the importance of local news and what to expect in the coming weeks. Run time is just under 30 minutes.
29 min
Fri 05 Aug: Odd Day Today - A Tore Update On Lo...
Tore spends 25 minutes describing a somber and shocking death she witnessed today in Cleveland. Suicide or murder, some details don't add up. A young man lost his life from ten floors up in a tragic and odd fatality. Tore describes what she saw. Audio quality is sometimes sketchy.
24 min
Wed 03 Aug: The Whistleblowers - Same Boat - Un...
It is a myth that truth tellers are protected in any way. The modern history and legacy of Julian Assange. What didn't he tell us? The full force of law and government comes down hard. Thumping fake info is a good living for many. Crimes done against their own citizens. The truth only hurts once. The dangers posed from those not controlled. How else would we know the lies? Horrors from gran and pushing aside memories. Dungeons and human hunts. Ignorance is a choice in the modern age. A history of child experimentation. How to be a good little slave. These things really happened. Once again, self preservation is the ugliest human trait. The conglomerate of anti-truth. Have no doubt, the media is the enemy. A warning to all Americans overseas. No details? Adjust your plan. The strategy of a Trump day. Remember, even when they are lying there is an element of truth.
140 min
Tue 02 Aug: Our Gordian Knot - Unraveling - Swo...
Maybe the great swamp of corruption is a knot that cannot be undone. There is always the cutting edge answer. Some suggest just burn it all down and start over. Should we just not vote and see what happens? The Gordian knot of voting machines. The web of lies has no beginning or end. Picking the right battles. False dichotomies come in all shapes and sizes. It's a game where the enemy sets the rules. Backdoor deals taking place to keep Trump out. A potato sack of prayers. Casting aside of principles. All we need is each other. The laptop, the journalists and the pussies. The comparison of young and old thru history. Old maps tell us so much. Will chasing the rabbits save us? Our neighborhood, our counties, our states and our voting system. Taking back freedom means control locally. When we all work together for a common goal, we win.
156 min
Fri 29 Jul: Real Concerns About J6 - A Tore Upd...
It's mother Tore and daughter Phoebe in a heart felt, emotional and personal discussion about J6 prisoners, the injustice system, the shocking depth of the swamp, and how we must pray for our enemies while facing all the opportunists who have turned against us. Run time is 1 hour and 30 minutes.
89 min
Fri 29 Jul: Truth Concepts - A Structure - Phos...
The rhythm of facts and truth are rooted in human physiology. There is chemistry in being objective. Overlords of the overlords. The phosphorus cycle and why it's so important. Red tide related? Random acts of kindness offer big results. There are insulated circles of influence. Their plans are becoming obvious. Secret pacts and the bitch they can't stand. The alphabets are all losers. Screaming demons are pissed. Truth is hated so much. How do global elites think of you? Tha handcuffs of time don't have to be all chains and hell. Target genes for VAX and drugs. They will always look down on us. It's why they hate Trump. Good people are swept up. Triangle J Council of Gov't is active in NC. The hankering of the mind is irresistible. Reason is the advocate for evil. Do what's best for humanity, so they say. Do you love your country? When did you know? We see how the games work. A new nation of leaders will be created from our shared experience. Mea Culpa. Now is the time to summon all our faith, because it will be needed.
175 min
Mon 25 Jul: Evil Flowers - Red Roses - DSA Root...
The symbology is all around us, as well as the deception. How the DSA infiltrates, subverts and radicalizes. Worse than commies. Enemies seem attached to the red and yellow roses. Putting together beauty, fragrance and lethality. Full bloom means full disclosure. Why does the foreign press have it figured out? Their strategy is to dangle hope. The coup is often colored green. Success should not be about imperialism. Insane city councils. Marxism means deception. MSM begs for Trump hate. Morality seems to be spreading. Behold, the honesty. Trap gene mutations discovered. The GINA issue and a lack of focus. What protection? The victims definitely caught something. Niche focusing, then preset treatment. Voice data and brain hacking. Olfactory avenues and TRP2 gene targets. Big time mining of social data and related election behaviors. Here's how they've been lying. To understand the scamdemic, or life, always look at everything and never stop paying attention.
203 min
Sat 23 Jul: A Tore Interview With Millennial Mi...
Tore Maras is on the ballot in Ohio for Secretary Of State. She sits down for an interview with Millennial Millie to give the details on ballot manipulation games, preliminary moves in her campaign, how the SOS race is shaping up, and her plans for the future. Run time is one hour and seven minutes.
67 min
Fri 22 Jul: The Coup - All Resources - Blood Br...
see so much. Cement and blood seem to go together. The building blocks are you. Learning how to love your enemies. Do they know what's in store for them? The self promoting fog of war. Wanting others to succeed is noble. Texas moves are still pending. Do not be pedestrian in your thinking. Have no doubt, the media was a part of the coup. Endless question, why are people so dumb? Everything seems to be a psy op. Keeping your still in the moment. When we stop learning, we stop living. Historical J6 coup training? It's time to end political parties. Resources for evil seem all too willing. The left is looking for nothing but power. Expecting a major mic drop. Digital character recognition, and the camo it can provide. Reverse the programming. There are few real freedom lovers dedicated to helping the people. The Adam and Eve treatment. Even though the chips seem so stacked against us, we have truth, knowledge and justice as our leaders.
148 min
Thu 21 Jul: Summer Heat - J6 Hearing Round 8 - ...
Due to choppy sound quality and extended length, the J6 hearing audio has been omitted from todays show. Agendas, blackmail, lawfare and lots of pressure on players large and small. The war on Christianity is real. Mind games make it OK to invade. Evidence pointing to people we trusted. Dirty ballot games using shady tactics. As goes Ohio, so goes the nation. The GOP controls who runs for office. Refusing to support Trump. Backstabbing and big $$$. It's already been predetermined. Let's denounce the parties completely. Wierd fraternities at a new level. With some people, there is no moral floor. Big things will happen when the Hunter poo hits the fan. The pride comes before the fall. There is some ship jumping going on. The ChyNa virus is code. An outline for the future has been set. Here's some startling predictions from Tore's first show. Those who fight for our nation are lawfared until broke. The disarray and chaos is part of war fog. Our knowledge, perseverence and courage will bring us thru it.
82 min
Wed 20 Jul: Light Rays - Out Of $$$ - Done Hidi...
As pressures mount, the enemy are being forced to show themselves. Loyalty waivers when there's a lack of money. Here's why the funding has dried up. The greed, lies and funding are big factors in the game. The fires can either burn us or forge our metal. Lessons learned are not always easy. Witches and bitches are often combined. Loyalties become tested. The ultimate level of Trump smart. Did the cute J6 witness need money? Rumors of blackmail are flying. It's important for them to bury the evidence. Finding out who's flipped. Worthless credibility or lack thereof. Weird Greta, new gig. How they deployed population control. ChyNa banks imploding and people are in the streets. One vet fights the VAX. Lab rat treatment. DOJ and the Russia frame up. FISA, judges, FBI officials, meetings and the new cover ups. Evil is arrogant and will not see. Any electronic steps in elections forfeits control. Remember that righteous behavior means walking with the people, and not just in front of them.
152 min
Tue 19 Jul: Spilling Tea - Max Distract - Cloak...
So many things are happening that some rare truth is being exposed. It's time for maximum distraction to prevent real news. There's even lots of UFO talk. Hiding messages in plain sight. The Ohio illegal candidate screening has taken a turn. Signatures, courts, party affiliation and ballot exclusion games. People flipping is the common goal. Let's talk Red Sparrow, Sumaria, Mari and the study of green rocks. All the NGO's in Africa. 214 coups and who pulls the strings. Always watch the game of water. From the heavens and hoping it stops. Huh? Purging the dark continent. Nigeria, Boko Haram and the Bolton coup string. His zoom call staffers and J6. Someone we know was involved in all of them. How to weaponize demographics. Making them chiefs of their own tribes. El Salvador tragedy relived. At home, our coup was planned well in advance. Always, be watching the water. J6 keeps pushing. Don't lead them, feed them. Remember, God is on the side of justice. Now, we must keep all options open and let the truth and evidence guide us.
172 min
Mon 18 Jul: Best Trick - Fire Fights - Same Nam...
The Devil has convinced many that he does not exist. It's at the top of his trick list. Questioning will guide us to the truth. Learn to obey, and then you can command. Purging emails to protect the dead. On point and putting it out. Creating a demon's assets. All efforts should be focused on doing good work. Some make a conscious choice to perpetuate evil. People refuse to see what's coming. Still, you can never tell them what to do. Leaders are often called not chosen. There is a cult in culture. Without inside traitors, outsiders can do no harm. SOE's in ChyNa. What does being a private company really mean? No accountability and more expensive. Now look at the right just like the left. Jedi mind tricks. The gates of hell are locked from the inside. The Alexander Project is a real thing. Plants, nitrogen and cancer. Walk not in darkness but in truth. Now is the time to wake up, be strong and let's be ready for the future.
186 min
Fri 15 Jul: Shoe Drops (Part 2 of 2) - Creation...
So many of the weak are tainted by these dark financial arts. The dirty 8. Allegations are flying. Gates land purchases portend what? This is why so much is happening. It feels all muddled. All the bankers know the money's gone. Evil cannot fathom organic grassroots movements. Some people do better with direction. Oil price indicators and base metal elements. Who's dumping ETF's? Covering for Amalgamated Bank. The unions have zero hard assets. JOB's choice of poison. The UBS records division and a bitch on point. With many, the inner demon is hidden. Stop waiting for a savior and get involved. Some things only God can do. Spelling is important and be careful with names. Some battle to maintain control, others are humble. Remember, the attacks President Trump endures are the result of a real war. The true patriot's objective is to return the country to the people. We must all be ready.
93 min