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Mike 'Thomas Paine' Moore is a journalist and broadcaster and today serves as True Pundit's chief muckraker. He previously worked for the FBI, White House, DEA, among many other Intel agencies and private concerns. Moore is the recipient of the coveted Gerald Loeb Award for journalism and two-time Pulitzer Prize for Investigative reporting nominee. As a Certified Fraud Examiner, Moore previously headed anti-money laundering operations for Citi in Chicago, Los Angeles, Delaware and portions of New York City. He has an expertise in covert telecommunications, HUMINT, and OSINT intelligence gathering.

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Ep. 16 -- ARE YOU BEING LIED TO BY the Govt? TW...
ARE YOU BEING LIED TO BY the Govt? TWO KEY GUESTS Help Decipher What the Hell is Going on in D.C. & The Coronavirus-Crazed Crisis; DOJ Refuses to Prosecute Walmart for Illegally Dealing Opioids in 30 States; Also: The Crooked CDC; Feckless FDA & Much Much More
167 min
Ep. 15 -- APOCALYPSE NOW: Paine, a Survivor at ...
APOCALYPSE NOW: Paine, a Survivor at Citibank During 2008 Crash, Reveals Banks Now Hoarding Crucial Cash From Small Businesses While Americans Have Stopped Paying Basic Bills, per Inside Banking Intel; We also talk Roger Stone, Prison-Yard Poultry, Brutal Realities for Small Business, Dopey William Barr, the Tone Deaf FBI, Your Ongoing House Arrest & Much More.
91 min
BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: DEM Sen. Feinstein Dumps $6...
BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: DEM Sen. Feinstein Dumps $6 Million in Biotech Stock Before Company Chairman and Co-Founder Quarantined with Coronavirus -- A True Pundit Exclusive story
14 min
Ep. 14 -- 12 GENIUS, SIMPLE & POWERFUL Money Ha...
You Can't Afford to Miss this Episode: 12 GENIUS, SIMPLE & POWERFUL Money Hacks You Need to Put Groceries On Your Table & Money in Your Bank Even If YOU'RE BROKE -- to Help You Become Liquid In Tough Times; We Take Some Phone Calls About the Virus; That Time the U.S. government poisoned & killed citizens during prohibition; Chronic government power grabs during crisis -- And much more.
108 min
Ep. 13 -- Lies & Fear from Crooked Media & Rabi...
Lies & Fear from Crooked Media & Rabid Liberals Are the Real Viruses Threatening America; They'll Use Fear to Collapse The Entire Country to Gain Power & YOU ARE Simply a Pawn -- A Pawn That Will Pay Dearly before It's Over. Supports us here:
51 min
Ep. 12 -- Top FBI Begin Spilling the DISTURBING...
Ep. 12 -- Top FBI Begin Spilling the DISTURBING Beans on Massive Clinton Crime Cartel -- How Much Money Did They Steal & Where Did it All Go? The Cover Up is Even More Massive than the Theft. And Everyone is Implicated.
116 min
Top Google Software Engineer Leaks TROUBLING In...
Top Google Software Engineer Leaks TROUBLING Internal Documents Detailing How Google Employs Psychological Warfare to Fabricate News & Trends to Manipulate YOU -- One of the most interesting topics that few are uncovering. Thanks to my special guest, VM.
92 min
Ep. 11 -- The Clinton's Swindle Hundreds of MIL...
The Clinton's Swindle Hundreds of MILLIONS From BILL GATES -- As the Microsoft Mogul Fumes, the DOJ Blocks the FBI from Investigating; DHS Whistleblower Gunned Down; Weinstein Conviction; Epstein; Nygard FBI Raid, Plus Much More -- Press the Magic Button to hear the Truth. Support us here:
89 min
Ep. 10 -- TOP FBI Agent Spills the Beans on And...
TOP FBI Agent Spills the Beans on Working For Andrew McCabe and the Culture of Corruption Inside the Bureau -- FULL INTERVIEW -- Support our efforts here:
116 min
Ep. 9 -- Decorated Top FBI Agent's SHOCKING & D...
Decorated Top FBI Agent's SHOCKING & DISTURBING Bombshell Confession Details the Dark & Frightening Hell of Working For Andrew McCabe; How FBI Agents are Driven to Suicide; Plus Breaking News on Rigged DOJ Probe of FBI. Press the magic button and hear the truth. Support us at
132 min
The ALARMING & DISTURBING CLINTON COVER UP That Has the Terrified DOJ, IRS, FBI, & D.C. Elites Scurrying. A Concerned DOJ & IRS Seal, Lock Down a Dangerous Lawsuit that Promises to Blow The Roof Off of One of The Biggest Public Thefts in U.S. History. Support us @
78 min
Ep. 7 -- DISTURBING & Shocking Interview w/ Mot...
DISTURBING & Shocking Interview w/ the Mother of Brian Terry, the Federal Agent Murdered by DOJ & Eric Holder's Illegal Fast and Furious Mexican Gun-Running Scheme ... Plus Much More including a new Ep. of FBI Dumpster Fire and We Delve Into the Disastrous Iowa Caucus. Press the magic button and hear the truth. Support us at
70 min
By popular demand we have broken this explosive interview into a separate BONUS episode based on overwhelming listerner feedback. PRESS THE MAGIC BUTTON AND HEAR THE TRUTH. Support our efforts at
60 min
Ep. 6 -- FEDS Leak EXPLOSIVE Details of Massive...
The Podcast Rockets Into Top 10 As Disturbing Details Uncover Dirty Players Implicated in Massive Clinton Global Heist; Plus Explosive Interview w/ Telecom CEO Who Blasts the DOJ as the Largest Criminal Cartel & Mafia in the United States. Support us @
116 min
The suicide of a top FBI Agent; A new Massive Clinton scandal; and a DOJ cover up -- ALL RELATED -- This is NOT a Hollywood script, this is real life. And disturbing. Press the magic button and get the truth. -- Support us @
65 min
Episode 4 -- DISTURBING -- Meet The New DOJ Bos...
More troubling Intel and breaking news all wrapped into one. Want more details? Click the magic button and get the truth.
68 min
Thomas Paine Podcast Ep. 3 -- How Obama & Bush ...
As we dig deeper, troubling facts continue to paint an uglier and uglier portrait of our intelligence agencies and politicians. We dive deep into that in this episode, showcasing folks we trusted with our votes selling out the interests of the USA. DEMS or GOP -- it matters little. They all work against YOU. You can support our efforts here directly:
95 min
Thomas Paine Podcast Ep 2 -- Disturbing FBI, Go...
We examine how fed government propaganda -- and how federal agents interact -- fact that have changed for the worse over several decades. We take a step back in time and we uncover more disturbing facts today.
73 min
The First Episode -- Meet Hamburger Halper; The...
We start things off with a bang in Ep. 1 -- Things you never knew about the key players in the concocted Trump collussion Op. It is downright troubling.
93 min
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