Thomas & Friends™ Storytime (UK)

Join Thomas and his friends on a new adventure in Thomas & Friends™ Storytime, a new podcast series featuring stories from the magical island of Sodor! With new episodes, Thomas & Friends Storytime will feature special origin stories of your favourite engines, magical fairy tales, and so much more. Listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever else you listen to your podcasts!

Kids & Family
Stories for Kids
A Fairytale Special Compilation: Once Upon a T...
Here’s a Thomas & Friends™ story time compilation inspired by three favorite fairy tales. Will they all end “happily ever after”? Tune in to this Thomas & Friends podcast for kids and find out!
34 min
Friendship Special Compilation: Helping Friends...
Kids see how friends work together, play together, and help each other in this compilation of Thomas & Friends™ podcast stories all about friendship. Tune in for all the fun with friends!
31 min
Letting Off Steam - Thomas & Friends Storytime
An argument leaves Thomas and Percy steaming mad at each other! Will their big fight tear them apart, or can Nia help bring the battling besties back together? Listen to today’s Thomas & Friends™ railway podcast story for kids to find out!
11 min
Counting Cows - Thomas & Friends Storytime
How hard can it be to keep track of 10 cows and get them to McColl’s Farm? Thomas and Percy find out in today’s hilarious Thomas & Friends™ podcast story for kids.
10 min
Music is Everywhere - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
Nia is excited to attend a classical concert – but mishaps threaten to stop the music. Can Thomas orchestrate a happy ending for his friend? Find out in today’s Thomas & Friends™ podcast story for kids.
11 min
Summer Special Compilation: Summertime on Sodo...
This summertime story compilation features a heat wave, high seas adventure and a beach rescue! Listen to find out what happens during summer on Sodor in this Thomas & Friends™ podcast for kids.
30 min
A Quiet Delivery - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
When Thomas offers to haul sleeping Annie and Clarabel across Sodor without waking them up, he finds out the job is harder than it sounds in this Thomas & Friends™ railway story for kids.
10 min
Who's behind the Mystery? - Thomas & Friends™ S...
Sodor has secrets! And they all come out in this mysterious Thomas & Friends™ podcast compilation for kids. Who’s behind it all? Tune in for kids’ storytime and solve the mysteries!
32 min
Thomas and the Magic Lamp - Thomas & Friends™ S...
"Be careful what you wish for, Thomas! A Magic Lamp grants Thomas five wishes, and he gets carried away…until his very last wish. Tune in to this Thomas & Friends™ podcast fairytale to see what happens! "
11 min
The Great Easter Egg Hunt - Thomas & Friends™ S...
In this special holiday-themed Thomas & Friends™ podcast story, the Easter Bunny has not hidden her eggs, but LOST them! Listen as the Biggest Adventure Club works together to find all the eggs in time for Sodor’s Grand Easter Parade.
11 min
Tall Tales and Machines - Thomas & Friends™ Sto...
In this fantastical compilation, Thomas and his friends will go on some pretty epic, tall-tale adventures with noble quests and exciting rescues. Listen to find out what happens in this Thomas & Friends™ podcast for kids.
31 min
Animal Stories Special: Animal Friends - Thomas...
Even our animal friends need help sometimes. Listen to this set of podcast stories to hear about Thomas’ adventures with monkeys, tigers and even a dog.
30 min
Pop a Wheelie - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
In today’s Thomas & Friends™ podcast story for kids, the Troublesome Trucks join Thomas and Diesel on an important delivery. But when their mischief causes a breakdown, will the friends be able to finish the job?
10 min
Thomas & Friends™ Storytime 2022 Trailer
From the Thomas & Friends™ Storytime podcast, it’s All Engines Go, with abso-toot-ly awesome new adventures!
0 min
Thomas and the Elves - Thomas & Friends Storytime
Someone has been tackling his clean-up duties at the rail yard and Thomas is determined to find out who. Listen as the No. 1 engine makes a startling discovery in this fairy tale-themed Thomas & Friends™ story for kids.
11 min
The Perfect Gift - Thomas & Friends Storytime
In this Christmas-themed Thomas & Friends™ story for kids, Percy tries to find the perfect gift that’ll bring holiday cheer to Sodor’s scrap yard.
10 min
Thomas and the Nutcracker - Thomas & Friends St...
On Christmas Eve night, Thomas embarks on a magical journey to rescue the Sugar Plum Fairy from the evil Mouse King in this Nutcracker-themed Thomas & Friends™ story for kids.
10 min
The Christmas Coffee Pot - Thomas & Friends Sto...
When an old coffee pot engine is found buried under snow, Thomas comes up with a plan to save the senior steamer in this Christmas-themed Thomas & Friends™ railway story for kids.
10 min
A Cranky Christmas - Thomas & Friends Storytime
In this holiday-themed Thomas & Friends™ story for kids, Sir Topham Hatt sends Thomas to pick up an important package from the docks, but Cranky the Crane™ has run into a problem unloading the cargo. Can the railway friends deliver the package in time for Christmas?
10 min
Steam Team Tales - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
Meet the members of the Steam Team and learn about the first adventures of Thomas the tank engine and his friends in this compilation of Thomas & Friends™ podcast stories.
32 min
Percy and the Enormous Pumpkin - Thomas & Frien...
It’s Halloween on Sodor, and Percy has run into a big problem trying to make a delivery for Sir Topham Hatt. Find out what happens in this Thomas & Friends™ railway story for kids.
11 min
Spooky Sodor Tales - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
From dinosaurs and trolls to glowing ghost trains, the spooky stories in this Thomas & Friends™ podcast compilation bring some spine-tingling Halloween fun to kids’ storytime.
24 min
Flatbeds of Fear - Thomas & Friends Storytime
A delivery at the docks leaves the engines spooked in this Halloween-themed Thomas & Friends™ story for kids.
11 min
Two Wheels Good - Thomas & Friends Storytime
On today’s episode of the Thomas & Friends™ Storytime podcast, when some very special guests need a ride—and fast—engines Bertie, Thomas and Spencer race to prove they have the right number of wheels for the job.
9 min
Thomas' Fuzzy Friend - Thomas & Friends Storytime
In today’s Thomas & Friends™ podcast story for kids, the No. 1 engine Thomas meets a lost dog along the railway. Can he find a home for his new four-legged friend? Listen and find out!
10 min
The Inventors Spectacular Bridge - Thomas & Fri...
In today’s Thomas & Friends™ podcast story for kids, a railway bridge collapses, trapping Toby and Henrietta! Can Inventor Ruth help save the day? Listen and find out!
10 min
Thomas and the Three Cranes - Thomas & Friends ...
When an accident at the docks leaves Thomas feeling guilty, the No. 1 engine embarks on a noble quest to make things right in this Thomas & Friends™ podcast story for kids.
11 min
Down at the Docks - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
Travel down to Brendam Docks and meet some heavy-lifting friends, including Cranky the Crane and Carly the Crane, and find out what happens when Kevin tries to help, in this compilation of Thomas & Friends™ podcast stories for kids.
25 min
School of Duck - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
In today’s Thomas & Friends™ story, a terrible storm destroys the classroom at Harwick School, prompting Duck the tank engine to find a creative solution for the school children.
10 min
Dizzy Diesels - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
Listen to this Thomas & Friends™ Storytime podcast compilation for kids and learn about Diesel's first day on Sodor. Sing along with Sidney as he gets himself in a spin and worries he'll forget what his job was. And see Diesel go all dizzy over some cute little springtime ducklings.
25 min
Train, Planes and Rescues - Thomas & Friends™ S...
In this compilation of Thomas & Friends™ podcast stories, kids can discover Sodor’s sights beyond the rails, from soaring through the skies, to exploring the other side of the mountain, and meeting some helpful new friends.
29 min
Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Trucks - Thomas & Frie...
A heatwave hits Sodor in this Thomas & Friends™ Storytime podcast for kids. Find out what happens when the blazing sun causes the railway’s tracks to bend and buckle!
10 min
Thomas and the Seven Tiny Engines - Thomas & Fr...
In this fairy tale-inspired story, Thomas gets lost on a journey to collect cargo and meets 7 tiny mining engines in a faraway railyard. Can these new friends help Thomas get back to Sodor?
11 min
Best Engine Ever - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
In this heartwarming Thomas & Friends™ railway story, steam engines Emily and Caitlin discover you don’t have to be the “best” to be a valuable member of the team.
9 min
Emily's Best Friend - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
In today's story for kids, Emily discovers what being a best friend is all about.
9 min
Skiff and the Mermaid - Thomas & Friends™ Story...
In today’s nautical-themed story for kids, Skiff and Sir Topham Hatt hit the high seas in search of a mythical mermaid. Find out what happens!
10 min
Thomas and the Baby Tiger rescue - Thomas & Fri...
In this action-packed mystery, a baby tiger becomes lost on the island of Sodor and it’s up to Thomas and his friends to reunite mother and baby.
10 min
Chases and Races - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
Kids are in for high-speed hilarity in this compilation of funny Thomas & Friends™ podcast stories, which feature a friendly competition between Thomas and James, a speedy discovery for Annie and Clarabel, and a runaway gingerbread train chase across Sodor!
32 min
Chucklesome Trucks - Thomas & Friends™ Storytime
Hilarity ensues when Rebecca has to work with the Troublesome Trucks to make her deliveries on Sodor in this funny railway story for kids.
10 min
Thomas & Percy Stick Together - Thomas & Friend...
Things get sticky when Thomas and Percy go racing and chasing on the tracks and get stuck together. Can the engines get the day's deliveries done on time? Find out in this hilarious story for kids.
10 min
Thomas and the Royal Engine - Thomas & Friends™...
In this special Thomas & Friends™ story, Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt travel to London for a royal rail request, get lost in the unfamiliar land, and meet a very important new engine friend.
11 min
Nia and the Unfriendly Elephant - Thomas & Frie...
In today's story, Nia faces an unusual challenge: an elephant who doesn't like steam engines! Can she deliver the animal to its new home at the Sodor Animal Park?
9 min
Thomas the Wooden Engine - Thomas & Friends™ St...
A toymaker, a wooden train, and a little bit of magic come together in this special fairy tale-themed Thomas & Friends™ Storytime podcast for kids.
11 min
James the Super Engine - Thomas & Friends™ Stor...
In this comic book-inspired story, James discovers his secret super-engine hero identity: The Rail Rocket!
10 min
Thomas' Animal Friends - Thomas & Friends™ Stor...
Thomas’ day gets wild when he’s asked to help at the Sodor Animal Park only to find the park’s new monkey residents have escaped! Find out what happens in this Thomas & Friends™ podcast story for kids.
10 min
Thomas & Friends™ Storytime 2021 Trailer
From the Thomas & Friends™ Storytime podcast. New stories for kids are coming down the track!
0 min
Diesel and the Ducklings - Episode 44 - Thomas ...
When Diesel's kind to some cute little ducklings, he's worried he'll be teased by the other engines. But he soon learns that his friends like him for simply being him.
9 min
Banjo and the Bushfire - Episode 43 - Thomas & ...
Thomas helps rescue a koala from a bushfire in the Australian rainforest.
11 min
Luke’s New Friend - Episode 42 - Thomas & Frien...
One day at the Blue Mountain Quarry, Luke finds a scared young deer. The other engines warn Luke that the quarry is no place for an animal, but when Luke remembers how he scared he was when he first arrived on Sodor he's determined to help the deer feel safe.
10 min
New Crane on the Dock - Episode 41 - Thomas & F...
When a new crane, Carly, joins the docks, she and Cranky both try to outdo each other, causing confusion and delay.
10 min
Henry in the Dark - Episode 40 - Thomas & Frien...
When Henry gets repainted at the Steamworks, he doesn't realize its with the wrong paint. But as it gets dark, Henry starts to glow, and Thomas, James, and Gordon are convinced they've seen a ghost train.
10 min
Thomas and the Big Bad Storm - Episode 39 - Tho...
When the three little engines, Thomas, Emily, and James, are given a chance to have their very own sheds built, they each choose different ways to make them. But then a Big Bad Storm arrives and tries to huff and puff and blow their houses down.
11 min
Thomas and the Steam Troll - Episode 38 - Thoma...
Reg tells Thomas the tale of a Steam Troll who lives under the old bridge near the yard. Thomas laughs at Reg's story, but when he arrives at the bridge, he is shocked to see a giant Steam Troll blocking his way across the bridge.
10 min
Thomas & the Gingerbread Train - Episode 37 - T...
It's Sir Topham Hatt's birthday, and Thomas has asked the baker to create a special gingerbread train as a gift. But the Gingerbread Train comes to life and, terrified of being eaten, escapes down the track. Thomas is joined by various animals and characters in a chase to get the Gingerbread Train back.
13 min
Sidney Sings - Episode 36 - Thomas & Friends™ S...
When Sidney, the diesel, is given a special job, he worries he might forget to do it, so Thomas helps him make up a song to remember.
10 min
Thomas and the Dinosaurs - Episode 35 - Thomas ...
Thomas the Tank Engine isn’t afraid of anything … or is he? When dinosaurs are spotted on the Island of Sodor, it’s another engine who turns out to be the bravest of all …
5 min
Thomas and the Dragon - Episode 34 - Thomas & F...
Thomas gets worried when he's given the honour of bringing a dragon to the Chinese New Year celebrations.
9 min
The Other Side of the Mountain - Episode 33 - T...
When Bertie the Bus tells Thomas about the amazing sights on the other side of the mountain, Thomas wants to see for himself. But Thomas can only go where there are tracks and soon gets into trouble.
10 min
Red vs Blues - Episode 32 - Thomas & Friends™ S...
The Sodor football fans wear blue and cheer for Thomas, while Barrow fans wear red and cheer for James. Soon the two engines are competing with each other.
10 min
The Beast of Sodor - Episode 31 - Thomas & Frie...
Spencer delights in teasing a worried Henry about the abominable snowman, but when they meet a man covered from head to toe in snow, it is Spencer who is the most frightened of all.
10 min
Terence Breaks the Ice - Episode 30 - Thomas & ...
Terence the tractor shows off to Thomas that he can go anywhere. But when Terence falls through a frozen pond, it is Thomas who has to save him!
10 min
Thomas and the Fairy God Engine - Episode 29 - ...
It's the King's locomotive ball, and all the engines on Sodor are invited to dress up and join a grand parade. But Thomas has too much work to do and ends up covered in dirt and soot. It will take a spark of magic from a Fairy God Engine to ensure Thomas goes to the ball.
10 min
Thomas' Animal Ark - Episode 28 - Thomas & Frie...
The boiler at the Animal Park breaks down at Christmas, so Thomas and his friends need to find a way to keep the animals warm.
10 min
Kangaroo Christmas - Episode 27 - Thomas & Frie...
Thomas is shocked to learn that Christmas in Australia is actually in summer. He goes on an adventure to reunite a baby kangaroo with its mother and learns the importance of family at Christmas.
10 min
Christmas in the Air - Episode 25 - Thomas & Fr...
On Christmas Eve, Thomas the Tank Engine sees his engine friends with all sorts of special deliveries. Where are they all going? Thomas wonders. Thomas soon discovers that his friends have brought everything for the Christmas Eve party!
5 min
Last Train for Christmas - Episode 26 - Thomas ...
It is a snowy Christmas Eve, and a lot of passengers are coming home to Sodor for the holidays. But the snow keeps falling and threatens to keep everyone from getting home in time for Christmas. Soon all the engines have to work together to save the holiday.
9 min
Santa's Little Engine - Episode 24 - Thomas & F...
It's Christmas time on Sodor, and Sir Topham Hatt is dressed as Santa for the fair. But when his sleigh slips down the hill, with him still in it, it's up to Thomas to save the day.
10 min
Letters to Santa - Episode 23 - Thomas & Friend...
With Christmas fast approaching, Percy and Harold help each other to get the children's letters to Santa in time.
9 min
The Missing Christmas Decorations - Episode 22 ...
When the Steamies’ Christmas decorations go missing from Tidmouth Sheds, it's Percy that discovers who is stealing them. The Steamies team up to get the decorations back.
10 min
Rocky Rescue - Episode 21 - Thomas & Friends™ S...
Rocky Rescue - Episode 21 - Thomas & Friends Storytime
10 min
Thomas the Hero - Episode 20 - Thomas & Friends...
When Thomas sees a vintage plane flying overhead, he is fascinated and follows it to the airfield. There he meets many wonderful planes and learns all about the part they played in the war. Thomas wishes he could be a hero too.
6 min
The Story of Cranky the Crane - Episode 19 - Th...
Thomas and Percy enjoy working at Brendam Docks until they meet a new bossy crane called Cranky. He is mean and rude to them and calls the two little engines bugs! But when an accident knocks Cranky to the ground, it is the two little engines who come to his rescue.
6 min
Not so Slow Coaches - Episode 18 - Thomas & Fri...
Not so Slow Coaches - Episode 18 - Thomas & Friends Storytime
9 min
The Story of James the Funny Engine - Episode 1...
James is so proud of his new shiny red paintwork. He believes it makes him the smartest, funniest, and most useful engine on the railway. But when James plays a trick on Gordon, he soon learns that not all jokes are funny.
5 min
The Story of Toby the Tram Engine - Episode 16 ...
Sir Topham Hatt's new tram engine Toby is not fancy-looking like the other steam engines; he is brown and square. But he soon proves that its what's on the inside that counts when he bravely saves King Godred's crown.
5 min
Toad and the Whale - Episode 15 - Thomas & Frie...
Toad and the Whale
9 min
The Story of Emily the Clever Engine - Episode ...
Emily's first day on Sodor doesn't start well when she takes Thomas' coaches by mistake. But when Emily saves Thomas from a possible crash, the other engines all see that Emily is both brave and clever.
5 min
Who's Geoffrey - Episode 13 - Thomas & Friends™...
Thomas causes a small accident by being silly and he is so embarrassed that he blames it on someone else… an imaginary engine called Geoffrey. Follow along as Thomas learns an important life lesson about telling the truth.
10 min
The Story of Diesel the Diesel Engine - Thomas ...
In this week's storytime, when a new diesel engine called Diesel arrives on the island of Sodor, he thinks he is far too modern and special to be told what to do by an old steam engine. But when he gets into trouble, he soon realizes that it helps to listen.
5 min
The Story of Gordon the Big Engine - Thomas & F...
Gordon is known for taking things too seriously, but one day he can't stop laughing and is worried Sir Topham Hatt will think he is a silly engine. In this episode of Thomas & Friends Storytime, Gordon soon learns that sometimes having fun is ok.
5 min
Marion and the Dinosaurs - Thomas & Friends™ St...
n this episode of the Thomas & Friends Storytime podcast, when Marion the Steam Shovel sees a long line of dinosaurs, she thinks it must be a dream! But then the dinosaurs return, and Marion is chased all the way up to the castle.
9 min
The Story of Nia the Helpful Engine - Episode 9...
Nia is a helpful and resourceful engine who is good at solving difficult problems. In this episode of Thomas & Friends Storytime, she soon learns that even helpful engines sometimes need to ask for help.
5 min
Big World, Big Adventures! - Episode 8 - Thomas...
In today's storytime for kids, Thomas embarks on an ambitious trip around the world and discovers magnificent new sights and cultures, as well as making friends with a fun Kenyan engine named Nia.
33 min
The Story of Rebecca the Happy Engine - Episode...
In this week's storytime, yellow and caring engine Rebecca is new to the Island of Sodor and works very hard to fit in. Rebecca is worried that unlike the other engines, there is nothing special about her, but her new friends soon help her discover her unique qualities.
5 min
The Story of Percy the Small Engine - Episode 6...
In this episode of Thomas & Friends Storytime, the big engines are causing trouble when they refuse to come out of their sheds, so Sir Topham Hatt enlists the help of a small green engine named Percy.
5 min
Kevin's Cranky Friend - Episode 5 - Thomas & Fr...
In today's storytime, Cranky the Crane is very busy down at Brendam Docks, so Sir Topham Hatt decides to send Kevin from the Steamworks to help him. But Cranky doesn’t want any help, and Kevin has to work extra hard to prove he can be Really Useful.
10 min
The Story of Thomas The Tank Engine - Episode 3...
In this episode of Thomas & Friends Storytime, Thomas works every day in the yard collecting coaches for the big engines. But the little tank engine has big dreams of pulling coaches on his very own branch line.
5 min
Thomas & the Beanstalk - Episode 2 - Thomas & F...
In today's Thomas & Friends Storytime for kids, Thomas tells his friends the story of "Jack and the Beanstalk" before bedtime. The next day, while carrying a load of beans, Thomas has an accident and dreams about riding up a giant beanstalk to a land of giants high above the clouds.
10 min
Happy Birthday Thomas - Episode 4 - Thomas & Fr...
In this week's Thomas & Friend's Storytime, when Bertie won't race with Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt sends him to the Steamworks, Thomas thinks he's not a Really Useful Engine anymore. But little does he know that Sir Topham Hatt and the rest of his friends are planning a surprise party to celebrate his birthday!
5 min
Steamie Stafford - Episode 1 - Thomas & Friends...
In this week's Thomas & Friends Storytime, Stafford doesn’t run on coal and water like the steam engines. Instead, he runs off a battery, which is very quiet. So when Stafford overhears some children saying he doesn’t sound like a proper engine, he asks Thomas and Percy to teach him how to make the same chuffing sounds they do.
10 min
Thomas & Friends™ Storytime Season 1 Trailer
Join Thomas and his friends on a new adventure in Thomas & Friends Storytime, a new podcast series for kids featuring stories from the magical island of Sodor!
1 min
Thomas & the Monkey Palace [Sneak Peek!]
Thomas is pulling a cargo load of coconuts when he discovers an old palace and encounters some cheeky monkeys.
9 min