This Book That Book

A narrative interview podcast about formative books we read as kids. The stories we read then haven't changed much, but we sure have! Join our conversation with one person and one book. We hear what made the story so special in childhood and reflect on what's changed in adulthood.

Society & Culture
Ep. 6 Melissa Lima revisits The House on Mango ...
Writer and music lover Melissa Lima remembers how Sandra Cisneros' stories kept her company growing up and now as she continues to move on.
33 min
Ep.5 Lucy Bellwood revisits My Family and Other...
Adventure Cartoonist Lucy Bellwood shares how Gerald Durrell's book My Family and Other Animals formed her creative DNA.
45 min
Ep. 4: Amanda Kogle revisits The Golden Compass
Amanda Kogle discusses how Phillip Pullmans The Golden Compass leant perspective on growing up and the changes that brings.
17 min
Ep 3: Chris Paek revisits The Boxcar Children
Co-host of the podcast Top 5, Chris Paek shares thoughts on The Boxcar Children by Gertrude C. Warner.
32 min
Ep 2: Liz Lin revisits The Baby Sitter's Club
Co-host of the Podcast Top 5, Liz Lin discusses The Baby Sitter's Club by Ann M. Martin
21 min
Ep 1: Billy Collins revisits Robinson Crusoe
Poet Billy Collins reflects on Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
48 min
Welcome to This Book That Book Season 1
Every book has an introduction, meet me and hear about my hope for the show!
2 min
This Book That Book Season 1 Trailer
A narrative interview podcast about formative books we read as kids!
1 min