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This American President delves into the lives and legacies of U.S. presidents through long form stories and interviews. It will challenge the way you look at American history. Hosted by Richard Lim. Art by

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Fighting Misinformation with Sharon McMahon, Am...
How do you combat political misinformation in the era of fake news and hyper-partisanship?
65 min
The Man Who Saved Ronald Reagan with Carolyn Parr
On March 30, 1981, Secret Service agent Jerry Parr saved President Ronald Reagan's life during an assassination attempt in Washington, DC.
79 min
Ronald Reagan's Address on the Reykjavik Summit...
In this address to the nation, Reagan conveyed his optimism that he and Gorbachev were working to create a more peaceful world.
22 min
The Voice in the Wilderness Part 2 | Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan's audacious plan to work with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and abolish nuclear weapons from the face of the earth.
52 min
The Making of Ronald Reagan with Paul Kengor
Reagan brought with him a mix of old-fashioned Midwestern values with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.
47 min
Ronald Reagan's "A Time for Choosing" Speech | ...
In 1964, Ronald Reagan delivered a speech that changed his life, establishing him as a rising star in the emerging conservative movement.
30 min
The Disaster in Afghanistan: How We Got Here wi...
What led to the present crisis unfolding in Afghanistan?
104 min
The Voice in the Wilderness Part 1 | Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan’s rise to power and how he sought to do the unthinkable: win the Cold War and destroy Soviet communism forever.
80 min
In the Arena: American Presidential Hopefuls wi...
Every four years, someone loses the election for president of the United States. What is it like to suffer such an epic defeat?
71 min
Richard Nixon's Address to the Nation Announcin...
President Nixon addresses the country to announce his resignation as President of the United States.
22 min
King Richard: Nixon and Watergate with Michael ...
In 1972, Richard Nixon was reelected in one of the greatest landslides in American history and yet this campaign had also planted the seeds of his spectacular downfall.
41 min
Richard Nixon's Remarks upon Returning from Peo...
President Nixon delivers remarks upon returning from his landmark trip to China.
14 min
His Own Worst Enemy Part 3 | Richard Nixon
Nixon opened relations with China and signed treaties with the Soviet Union, but he would also suffer one of the greatest downfalls in modern history.
109 min
Photographic Presidents with Cara A. Finnegan
Photography plays an indelible role in how we remember and define American presidents.
77 min
Richard Nixon's "Silent Majority" Speech on the...
President Nixon's Address to the Nation on the War in Vietnam
35 min
His Own Worst Enemy Part 2 | Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon entered office during one of the most tumultuous times in American history.
49 min
Fan in Chief: Richard Nixon and American Sports...
Richard Nixon was a pivotal figure in the nexus between American politics and sports.
48 min
Richard Nixon's First Inaugural Address | Janua...
Richard Nixon's first inaugural address was the culmination of one of the greatest comebacks in American political history.
24 min
His Own Worst Enemy Part 1 | Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon is one of the most vilified presidents and yet the American people chose him twice as vice president and twice as president.
76 min
39. Joseph Stalin's Formative Years with Ronald...
We interview Ronald G. Suny on his new book about the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.
51 min
The History of WWII Podcast | 316-FDR: The Man ...
Ray Harris Jr of The History of WWII Podcast is joined by Richard Lim to discuss Franklin D. Roosevelt.
11 min
38. James Garfield: The Last Lincoln Republican...
When he was shot by assassin Charles Guiteau, President James Garfield was robbed of his place in history.
73 min
37. Abraham Lincoln in His Times with David S. ...
An enduring theme of Abraham Lincoln's life was his genius for striking a balance between opposing forces.
42 min
36. The Price of Ambition Part 3 | John F. Kennedy
The origins of America's disastrous intervention in Vietnam—and JFK’s own tragic demise.
49 min
35. John F. Kennedy's Early Years with Fredrik ...
John F. Kennedy's early years were formative for his ability to steer the nation through perilous events during his presidency.
57 min
34. The Price of Ambition Part 2 | John F. Kennedy
In October of 1962, John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev went to the brink of nuclear armageddon.
70 min
33. Washington's Cabinet with Lindsay Chervinsky
We take the president’s cabinet for granted but Professor Lindsay M. Chervinsky shows that it’s creation wasn’t a foregone conclusion.
50 min
32. Jackie Kennedy Onassis with Paul Brandus
Paul Brandus discusses his new book, Jackie: Her Transformation from First Lady to Jackie O, and how Jackie Kennedy sought to build a life without JFK.
56 min
31. The Price of Ambition Part 1 | John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy entered office amid great expectations and high ambitions. But his idealism would soon crash into the realities of the Cold War.
70 min
30. The World According to Vladimir Putin with ...
Vladimir Putin remains one of the world’s most enigmatic leaders, but Professor Brian Taylor has spent years studying what makes the Russian president tick.
48 min
29. Abraham Lincoln: The Master of Fake News wi...
They called him Honest Abe, but according to author Elizabeth Mitchell, Abraham Lincoln wasn't always honest.
36 min
28. Confirming a Supreme Court Justice In An El...
GOP senators are moving to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
39 min
27. The Blueprint: Washington’s Farewell Addres...
In 1796, George Washington decided to retire after decades of public service, but he was worried for his nation’s future.
19 min
26. What Happens if the President is Incapacita...
President Trump’s COVID diagnosis raises questions about what happens when the president is incapacitated.
41 min
25. The History of Presidential Elections with ...
In the middle of a heated presidential election, historian Jarrett Stepman explains what lessons history has to offer about the electoral college, running mate selections, and televised debates.
54 min
24. America’s Suffragists: 100 Years Later with...
100 years after the 19th amendment, Jane Hampton Cook’s book Resilience on Parade recounts the long struggle to secure women the right to vote nationwide.
53 min
23. Dwight D. Eisenhower's Legacy with Merrill ...
The grandson of the 34th president, Merrill Eisenhower Atwater continues his family’s tradition of public service as CEO of People to People International.
56 min
22. On the Edge of Armageddon Part 2 | Dwight D...
Some remember Dwight D. Eisenhower’s presidency as a time of peace and prosperity, but in reality, it was an era of constant global crises.
105 min
21. On the Edge of Armageddon Part 1 | Dwight D...
Few men entered the presidency as prepared as Dwight D. Eisenhower, but the Cold War required exquisite statesmanship.
57 min
BONUS: Pandemics, Presidents, and Prophets
Our host Richard and Joey Brown discuss the smallpox pandemic during the American Revolution and the Spanish Flu and the lessons those events have to offer for the present COVID-19 pandemic.
32 min
20. The Power of the Universe Part 2 | Harry S....
Harry S. Truman, a former haberdasher from Missouri, presided over the final victory in World War II, but a new conflict emerged: the Cold War.
103 min
BONUS: State of the Podcast + Kickstarter Project
Richard and Michael answer questions from listeners including the origin story of the podcast and what goes into making an episode. They also announce a Kickstarter Project to fund a podcast studio. To become a...
33 min
19. The Power of the Universe Part 1 | Harry S....
In 1945, Harry S. Truman made one of the most fateful decisions any president has ever had to make: to use the atomic bomb as a weapon of war.
73 min
18. FDR's Final Odyssey: D-Day to Yalta with Ni...
Nigel Hamilton is the author of an epic-three part biography on Franklin D. Roosevelt.
70 min
17. Apollo 11 Splashdown with Navy Frogman John...
When John Wolfram joined the US Navy in 1967, he did not know he would become the first person to see the Apollo 11 astronauts after the moon landing.
42 min
16. A Gulf of Civil Horror | George Washington
George Washington is known as the “Indispensible Man” of the American Revolution.
99 min
15. Presidential Fight Club with Scott Rank
Scott Rank discusses his podcast "Presidential Fight Club", which seeks to answer the question "If all of the presidents fought each other one-on-one, who would win?"
57 min
14. Gen. Michael Hayden, Director of the NSA an...
General Michael V. Hayden was on the front lines during President Bush’s War on Terror.
67 min
13. Will and Ted’s Imperial Adventure Part 2 | ...
The Spanish-American War is at hand and America faces even more temptations towards imperialism in the Philippine-American War.
117 min
12. Will and Ted’s Imperial Adventure Part 1 | ...
The unlikely pair of William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt transformed their nation from an isolationist republic to a global empire.
82 min
11. The Great American Conqueror Part 2 | James...
When James K. Polk left the presidency, he was exhausted with just months to live—but he left his nation a continental giant.
64 min
10. The Great American Conqueror Part 1 | James...
Politicians are known for breaking promises, but not James K. Polk.
78 min
9. The Art of the Steal | Thomas Jefferson
It took America a little bit of luck and the collective genius of Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe to secure the Louisiana Purchase from France.
101 min
8. The Women Who Would Be President
No woman has ever served as president, but it isn’t for lack of trying.
124 min
7. Photographing the President with Bob Knudsen
As a White House photographer for six presidents, Bob Knudsen had a front row seat for some of the most important events in modern history.
73 min
6. The Inscrutable Man Part 2 | Franklin D. Roo...
Franklin D. Roosevelt spent his last years as president winning one world war while trying to prevent another.
64 min
5. The Inscrutable Man Part 1 | Franklin D. Roo...
In 1944, Americans elected Franklin D. Roosevelt to an unprecedented fourth term as president, but few knew that he was a dying man.
76 min
4. Ronald Reagan's Life After Presidency with P...
In 1989, Peggy Grande got the opportunity of a lifetime when she became the executive assistant to former President Ronald Reagan.
68 min
3. Fake News and Nasty Men: The 1876 Election
Before Bush v Gore and Trump v Biden, there was Hayes v Tilden, the nastiest presidential race in American history.
69 min
2. Smile of the Demagogue | Andrew Johnson
Fate put Andrew Johnson in the White House during a critical time in American history—a unique opportunity that he completely squandered.
65 min
1. The First American Action Hero | George Wash...
He might look like an old man on the one-dollar bill, but George Washington was once a bona fide action hero.
47 min
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