The Woody Report

In this podcast, Washington & Lee, School of Law Professor Karen Woody and host Tom Fox discuss issues on white collar crime, compliance issues, international corruption, securities and accounting fraud, and internal corporate investigations. From current events to topical issues to academic research and thought leadership, Karen Woody helps lead the discussion of these issues on the new and exciting podcast.

Business News
The Panuwat Trial and Verdict
Tom and Karen look at the Panuwat trial and verdict.
18 min
Shadow Insider Trading, The Panuwat Case
Tom and Karen Woody return to look at Shadow Insider Trading.
14 min
Succession: Season 4, Episode 10 – With Open Eyes
Tom and Karen look at the season finale of Succession.
33 min
Succession, Season 3, Episode 9 - Church and State
Tom and Karen are back to look at Episode 9, Church and State.
36 min
Succession, Season 4, Episode 8 – Election Night
The Woody Report, hosted by Tom Fox and Karen Woody, is a must-listen for fans of Succession! Today, Episode 8, Election Night.
29 min
Succession, Season 4, Episode 7-Tailgate Party
Tom and Karen are back to look at Succession, Season 4, Episode 7, Tailgate Party
34 min
Succession, Season 4, Episode 6-Living+
Tom and Karen look at Episode 6 as the fulcrum episode in this final season of Succession.
33 min
Succession, Season 4, Episode 5-Kill List
Tom and Karen breakdown Episode 5-Kill List.
32 min
Succession, Season 4, Episode 4-Honeymoon States
Tom and Karen are back to look at Episode 4, Honeymoon States.
32 min
Succession, Season 4, Episode 3-Connor’s Wedding
Tom and Karen are back to discuss Episode 3, Connor's Wedding.
28 min
Succession, Season 4, Episode 2 – Rehearsal
Tom and Karen review Succession, Episode 2-Rehearsal.
25 min
Succession, Season 4, Episode 1-Munsters
Tom and Karen are back in a new season where they will follow the Roy family in the concluding, final season of Succession. Today, Episode 1.
23 min
The Solar Winds Decision
In this episode Karen Woody and Tom Fox look at the recent Delaware case denying the plaintiffs Caremark Claim against the Solar Winds Board of Directors.
23 min
Twitter v. Elon Musk
In this episode, Tom and Karen explore the Twitter lawsuit against Elon Musk for his failure to follow through on his agreement to purchase Twitter.
21 min
Caremark Claims, Part 2
In this Part 2, Tom and Karen review Caremark claims in the wake of Marchand.
30 min
Caremark Claims, Part 1
In this episode, Tom and Karen begin an exploration of Caremark claims; from the original Caremark lawsuit up to Marchand.
22 min
Elon Musk and Twitter
In this episode, Professor Karen Woody discusses the continuing saga of Elon Musk and Twitter.
19 min
Introduction to The Woody Report
In this inaugural edition of The Woody Report, host Tom Fox visits with Professor Karen Woody about her professional background and journey to academia.
28 min