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Politics is how people achieve power. Policy is what they do with it. Every week on The Weeds, host Jonquilyn Hill and guests break down the policies that shape our lives, from abortion to financial regulations to affirmative action to housing. We dive deep and we get wonky, but we have fun along the way. New episodes drop every Wednesday.

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News Commentary
Social Sciences
Could the war on terror be over?
What Zawahiri’s death means for US foreign policy.
59 min
The new politics of abortion
Let’s talk about Kansas.
41 min
Maybe we’re not doomed?
Maintaining climate optimism in a world on fire.
56 min
Weeds Time Machine: The ADA
The landmark civil rights policy, explained.
58 min
What the hell is up with SCOTUS?
The latest Supreme Court term, explained
58 min
The legal limbo of abortion rights
Roe v. Wade is gone, but its demise raises a whole host of new questions.
59 min
Pregnancy in a post-Roe America
Our maternal mortality rate was already bad. What happens now?
43 min
ConGRADulations, fellow kids
Ten months ago, the faculty of Cramer Hill Elementary set out to get their kids back on track after a year of mostly remote learning.
24 min
How the world became rich
A quick recap of thousands of years of economic history.
57 min
Does the US need a National Guard of nurses?
The country doesn’t have enough nurses. This could be one way to fix that.
40 min
The gun control stalemate, explained
There is no panacea for mass shootings.
42 min
The Most Dangerous Branch: A well-regulated mil...
With six conservative judges on the bench this term, the Supreme Court could rule in favor of the most sweeping gun rights laws yet.
63 min
Immigration, democracy, and the rise of the Wes...
The Weeds live at TruCon 2022
70 min
The scourge of the “time tax”
The miserable sludge of applying for government aid.
48 min
Ukraine and the global food supply crisis
What happens when the global breadbasket is empty?
41 min
What the Alito leak means for Roe — and everyth...
The draft opinion, explained.
54 min
The Most Dangerous Branch: Roe v. Wade
What does the future of abortion rights look like?
68 min
Why do we go to war?
An expert on why wars start and how to prevent them.
44 min
Weeds Time Machine: The Clean Air Act
How the landmark environmental policy changed America.
43 min
Tax time at the culture wars
Why Sen. Rick Scott’s 11-point plan to save America scares Mitch McConnell.
50 min
Taxes! Let’s get right Intuit.
Why filing your taxes is so annoying.
46 min
The Great Expiration
Saying goodbye to the Covid-era social safety net
51 min
The art of the gerrymander
Why a fair electoral map is more complicated than it looks
49 min
The myth of US energy independence
How can America call itself energy independent when it still relies on foreign oil?
49 min
Why it’s so hard to move in America
The cultural cost of high housing prices
40 min