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The Trip
"The Trip is one of the most fun podcast interviews I've ever done. I'm still coming down from the high." —W. Kamau Bell. Join the late Anthony Bourdain’s partners at Roads & Kingdoms for interviews and drinks from around the world. From Oaxaca to the Himalayas, from hallucinogenic potions to Russian carraway moonshine. Hosted by Roads & Kingdoms co-founder Nathan Thornburgh. Beats by Dan the Automator. Artwork by Edel Rodriguez. Kanpai, y'all. This show is moving to Luminary! For more, go to LuminaryPodcasts.com.
Society & Culture
Places & Travel
Episode 38: Africa, Fashion, Philadelphia
45 min
Episode 37: Growing Up in the Camps
81 min
Episode 36: California+Kris = Night+Market
Night+Market’s Kris Yenbamroong on defining LA food
67 min
Episode 35: Carolina Miranda in her East LA Eden
51 min
We'll Meet You There
A word about some exciting changes at The Trip.
2 min
Episode 34: Dr. Howard Conyers is Reclaiming B...
Rocket scientist and barbecue pitmaster Dr. Howard Conyers talks aeroelastic engineering, whole-hog roasting, and how black pitmasters have been written out of the history of barbecue.
45 min
Episode 33: Pepper Bowen is Laying Down the Foo...
Food and environmental lawyer Shawn “Pepper” Bowen downs a What the Fuck? daiquiri and talks about the regulation of what Americans eat, working with small businesses, and African American land ownership.
44 min
Episode 32: L. Kasimu Harris Imagines an Upris...
Visual artist and writer L. Kasimu Harris breaks out the Maker’s Mark in the Ninth Ward and talks about photographing the revolution, missed opportunities after Katrina, and how fighting with your girlfriend can lead to creative breakthroughs.
45 min
Episode 31: Francis Lam is on a Bleisure Trip t...
Business plus leisure, plus indigenous coffee and some sick Nam Prik: acclaimed food writer, editor and radio host Francis Lam talks about it all with Nathan in Chiang Mai.
42 min
Episode 30: Naomi Duguid on the Charms of Chian...
Legendary cookbook author Naomi Duguid talks fermented sticky rice wine, raucous Thai market culture, and the immeasurable value of unscheduled time.
26 min
Episode 29: Creating Thai Cinema with Tom Waller
Thai filmmaker Tom Waller talks Thai iced tea, government censors, and his upcoming movie about the dramatic 2018 Tham Luang cave rescue.
21 min
Episode 28: Tokyo Fixing with Shinji Nohara
Legendary Tokyo food journalist and fixer Shinji Nohara locates the perfect 7 a.m. breakfast at Haneda Airport: stellar ramen and cold beer. The conversation with Nathan Thornburgh covers Anthony Bourdain’s first show, the scourge of the gastronaut, and what makes Tokyo such a deeply good eating city.
40 min
Episode 27: Japanese Love Hotels with Toko Seki...
Host Nathan Thornburgh finds himself, yet again, in a Japanese love hotel watching porn and knocking back shochu with his old friend, the Tokyo journalist Toko Sekiguchi.
45 min
Episode 26: Yasmin Khan Cooks Her Way through P...
Writer Yasmin Khan, author of the new cookbook Zaitoun, whips up an Old Monk hot toddy and talks about the joys of Palestinian cooking.
57 min
Episode 25: What Jason Rezaian Learned as a Pri...
Journalist Jason Rezaian, author of the new book Prisoner, talks about his 544 days of imprisonment in Iran, what he thinks of his captors, and his stubborn hopes for Iranian society.
40 min
Episode 24: Edel Rodriguez is Stress-Testing De...
Illustrator Edel Rodriguez talks with Nathan Thornburgh about how his childhood in Cuba makes him uniquely equipped to illustrate our troubling political climate.
62 min
Episode 23: A Life in the Commune with Tanja Fox
Christiania, the world's oldest squatter’s commune, is under threat from both the narcotics trade and mass tourism. Tanja Fox grew up here, and isn't about to give in.
48 min
Episode 22: Jennifer Ching is Dismantling the S...
How do you start to tackle poverty in a city like New York City? Jennifer Ching of the North Star Fund has some ideas.
32 min
Episode 21: Beyond War with Yuri Kozyrev
Coffee and conversation in Moscow with one of the great conflict photographers of our time
39 min
Episode 20: Matt Orlando's Restaurant of the Fu...
Drinking regrettable instant coffee and eating revelatory kale "seaweed" with a rising star of the culinary world.
29 min
Episode 19: Punking the Paiche with Michael Snyder
A hulking, invasive Bolivian fish with a terrible personality is the subject of this conversation with journalist Michael Snyder
36 min
Episode 18: Japanese Energy Drinks with W. Kama...
W. Kamau Bell, host of CNN's United Shades of America, talks about making television and handling fame, while getting super amped on speed-laced Japanese beverages
61 min
Episode 17: Tacos in Viking Country with Rosio ...
Rosio Sanchez's Mexican flavors have made her an international culinary star, from her base in... Denmark
33 min
Episode 16: San Francisco Happy Hour with Dan t...
Legendary hiphop producer Dan "the Automator" Nakamura talks about his unlikely path to hiphop immortality and why he's owning his Asian-American identity now more than ever.
33 min
Episode 15: Hammered Vegans with Shannon Martinez
One of Australia's great chefs of vegan cuisine is an avowed meat-eater.
47 min
Episode 14: Dreams of Pickled Heron in Galway
One of Ireland's greatest chefs, JP McMahon, talks about Food on the Edge and reimagining Irish cuisine
37 min
Episode 13: Sipping through Austria
Writer, editor and Vienna native Alexa van Sickle talks about her boozy roadtrip through Austria
32 min
Episode 12: Marketing a Better Mezcal
Niki Nakazawa and Nathan talk about her journey from the US to the burgeoning mezcal market of Oaxaca.
34 min
Episode 11: Fermenting in Oaxaca
Paulina Garcia talks with Nathan about mushroom tea, coyote skins and how her group of Norteños ended up living in Oaxaca.
33 min
Episode 10: Day Drinking at Netflix
Raiding the corporate pantry with Samin Nosrat, the unstoppable chef and author behind Salt Fat Acid Heat.
36 min
Episode 9: Chasing Korean Cornbread
Nicole Choi talks identity, powdered milk, and post-war Korean cornbread
26 min
Episode 8: Drinking Saint Petersburg
The Trip visits Russia to drink northern drinks with the owner of the legendary Bar Khroniki
38 min
Episode 7: A damn fine mezcal
Drinking some bad news away with José Andrés and Matt Goulding
30 min
Episode 6: Goats, Gods and Garlic
What happens when a spiritual awakening messes with your favorite food memories
26 min
Episode 5: The Man We Call Chacho
The story of the strange, glorious life of Andalucia's cave-dwellers
27 min
Episode 4: The Sandwich that Ate Pakistan
How an unassuming KFC chicken sandwich became a permanent part of Pakistani food culture.
23 min
Episode 3: Superman of Havana
In search of the most famous sex star of pre-Revolutionary Cuba
27 min
Episode 2: Dancing with the Dead
Madagascar's Turning of the Bones can teach us a lot about how to cope with death and loss.
26 min
Episode 1: The Root of All Things
A clear-eyed journey through the Amazon, hallucinogens, to sickness and back to health.
32 min
The Trip from R&K: trailer
Anthony Bourdain brings you an early look at The Trip
1 min