The Trial of The Century: The Enron T...

Enron was truly a Trial of the Century. It had everything; massive egos, bigger than life lawyers and a massive fraud. On this special series from the Compliance Podcast Network, Tom fox is joined by Loren Steffy who was a business journalist while it was all happening. Tune in for his reflections and new insights on the first Trial of the Century for the 21st Century.

Episode 5: What is the Legacy of Enron and the ...
The final episode in The Enron Trial series is here. In part 5, Tom Fox and Loren Steffy take a look at Enron’s legacy, fifteen years after the trial.
18 min
Episode 4: The Enron Trial - The Verdict Comes In
Loren Steffy and Tom Fox have another conversation as The Enron Trial series nears the end. In episode 4, Loren Steffy recalls the aftermath of the guilty verdict.
16 min
Episode 3: The Enron Trial - The Testimony
Loren Steffy and Tom Fox sit down for part 3 of The Enron Trial series. In this episode, they discuss some of the significant testimonies by witnesses, and the effect they had on the trial.
16 min
Episode 2: The Enron Trial - Trial of the Century
Loren Steffy and Tom Fox are back for another episode in The Enron Trial series. Here, Loren discusses the atmosphere in the courthouse.
16 min
Episode 1: The Enron Trial - Prelude to the Trial
The five-part series on the Enron Trial kicks off with Tom Fox and Loren Steffy. This first episode highlights the major events that led up to the beginning of the trial.
17 min
Introducing The Trial of the Century: The Enron...
Join Tom Fox and guest host, Loren Steffy, as they look back on the Eron Trial after 15 years.
0 min