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The Single Mom Podcast is dedicated to inspiring and supporting single moms. Heather Wells is a single mother of three children (two with special needs) who spent years struggling just to make ends meet. Now she is a successful business owner and is dedicated to helping other single moms find the tools, resources and mindsets to navigate through the craziness of raising children alone.

Kids & Family
Scatterbrained Mom or ADHD?
33 min
Why Do We Feel Guilty?
Why do we as moms feel guilty for doing things we want to or NEED to do for ourselves?
32 min
It's My Birthday!!! Why Did I Wait Until My 40s...
Things that I have learned and realized after 45 years ...
36 min
Giving Your Kids a Safe Space
Mental health is so important to us as moms but it is also very important for our children.
32 min
Going Through a Rollercoaster of Emotions
A Trip to Hawaii, working from home and the loss of our dog....
33 min
A Family Stay-cation?
Researching low cost vacation options took a hilarious turn
31 min
Trauma & Our Kids
How we can help our kids when they have experienced trauma
36 min
Overturning Roe v. Wade Is A Bad Idea
Why Roe v. Wade is so important not only for our rights as women but for many of our other civil rights.
32 min
Removing Your Limiting Beliefs with Suzie Wheeler
In this interview with Suzie Wheeler we talk about how to remove your limiting beliefs
51 min
Finding Strength In Unexpected Pregnancy
In this episode I interview Kaycia Ellingsen on how her unexpected pregnancy while she was in college made her stronger
53 min
When Will Smith Asked 'Who Are You?'
When Will Smith asked the question "Who Are You?" it brings up a lot of deep things...
34 min
Creating a Plan In Case Something Happens to You
My interview with David Edy where we talk all about estate planning
42 min
Single Moms Should Run The World
Why I Think Single Moms Should Run The World
32 min
Absolute Exhaustion
Have you ever felt that complete, down to your soul, exhaustion?
35 min
Are You Struggling With CoDependency?
Signs that you may be struggling with codependency.
33 min
Should Our Kids Set Boundaries?
Short Answer - YES! Our kids should absolutely be setting boundaries for themselves.
32 min
Texas Passed the Heartbeat Bill & I Am Furious ...
33 min
Rediscovering Yourself with Jen McGuire
How a Single Mom Found Herself Again in Europe
47 min
Who Were You Before You Were 'Mom'?
You were a person before you had kids and that person matters
35 min
Don't Take It Personally
There will be ties your kids don't like you, when they are moody and unhappy - you can't take it personally
32 min
What Can Truly Change Your Life?
Something that I figured out year ago changed my life forever - for the better.
33 min
Setting Boundaries
Why Setting Boundaries is Important for You AND Your Kids
48 min
Choosing to Be Happy
32 min
What Threatens Your Inner Peace?
What triggers you, sets you off or drives you crazy? Inner peace is important so how can we get more of it?
34 min
What I Learned From a COVID School Year
34 min