The Safety Guru

Real leaders leave a legacy. They capture the hearts and minds of their teams. Their origin story puts the safety and wellbeing of their people first. Great companies ubiquitously have safe yet productive operations. For those companies, Safety is an investment, not a cost for the C-Suite. It’s a real topic of daily focus. The SAFETY GURU with host Eric Michrowski, a globally recognized Ops & Safety Guru, public speaker and author explores through leader interviews how to leave a safety legacy. Your legacy success story begins now.

Episode 14 - Mental Health & Suicide Prevention...
with Kathleen Dobson
26 min
Episode 13 - Distracted Driving: Making our roa...
with Brian Kuebler, author of The Long Blink
27 min
Episode 12 - Pushing through the Plateau - Beha...
with Dr. Josh Williams
23 min
Episode 11 - Are you feeling sleepy? Why sleep ...
with Rebecca Brossoit, M.S.
16 min
Episode 10 - Inspiring Safety Leadership and Ow...
Inspiring Safety Leadership and Ownership with Brad Gardner
23 min
Episode 9 - COVID-19: Critical safety considera...
with Dr. Stephanie Andel
25 min
Episode 8 - Improving our Safety Communications...
with Dr. Archana Tedone
25 min
Episode 7 - Predicting Safety Outcomes: Learnin...
with Dr. Chuck Pettinger
30 min
Episode 6 - Mental Health in the Workplace post...
Mental Health in the Workplace post COVID-19: Impacts on Safety with Dr. Madison Hanscom
25 min
Episode 5 - Learnings from the Flin Flon Smelte...
Learnings from the Flin Flon Smelter Explosion with Brian Humphreys : Making workplaces safer
30 min
Episode 4 - Safety Communications with Dr. Josh...
Safety Communications with Dr. Josh Williams
19 min
Episode 3 - Close Call Reporting with Dr Josh W...
Close Call Reporting with Dr Josh Williams
18 min
Episode 2 - Safety Incentives with Dr. Josh Wi...
Safety Incentives with Dr Josh Williams
17 min
Episode 1 - My Safety Why
My Safety Why... What is yours?
18 min
Safety Guru with Eric Michrowski - Trailer
0 min