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The Pitch
Real entrepreneurs pitch to real investors—for real money. In each episode, we take you behind closed doors to the critical moment when aspiring entrepreneurs put it all on the line. The Pitch delivers on the high-stakes promise of a live pitch without shying away from the nitty gritty details of what happens after everyone shakes hands and walks out of the room. Hosted by Josh Muccio from Gimlet Media.
Society & Culture
#27 Qleek Pt. II: What Happened After The Pitch
The surprising story of what happened to one startup after its founders pitched to investors—and thousands of listeners.
23 min
#26 Dynofit
Maria Schneider wants to take physical therapy out of the clinic and into the home with the help of a small device.
30 min
#25 Rex
What happens when a scientist takes on the world of business?
31 min
#24 unGlue
The apps on our smartphones seem to be engineered for addiction. Alon Shwartz wants to fight this with an app of his own: unGlue.
28 min
#23 Jiobit
After John Renaldi lost track of his kid on a trip to downtown Chicago, he vowed never to be in that situation again.
31 min
#22 Lunar Wireless
Hunter Rosenblume pitches Lunar Wireless, a company he co-founded as an answer to pricey cell phone plans.
35 min
#21 Metabrew
Romy Raad and her cofounder have created Metabrew, a healthy beverage they believe could replace your morning coffee.
30 min
BONUS: We Answer Your Questions
We opened up our phone lines and you delivered—with questions about entrepreneurship, pitching, and the show.
15 min
#20 Harper Wilde
The founders of Harper Wilde want to take the B.S. out of bra shopping.
37 min
#19 SandBox Commerce
In a world where it seems like everybody has an app, can Sterling Smith convince investors he has a better way to build them?
37 min
Co-founders Kevin Allen and Moses McCall think they’ve hit upon the next big fitness trend: rowing.
33 min
#17 Investor Spotlight: Jillian Manus
You’re probably familiar with Jillian Manus the investor—but in this episode, we dig in a little deeper to understand how she became the VC force she is today.
21 min
#16 Qleek
The cofounders of Qleek hope to marry the nostalgia of vinyl with the convenience of digital music.
37 min
#15 Shift
When Mike Slagh left the military, he wanted to find a job in tech, but he couldn’t get his foot in the door. And then he realized he wasn’t the only one.
36 min
#14 Tushy
Miki Agrawal made headlines with the success of her first company Thinx—until she became the headline. Now she’s ready for a comeback with Tushy.
40 min
#13 Meet the Investors
On today’s episode, we hear from the people who make deals happen: our investors. Who are they and how did they become the ones calling the shots?
22 min
We're back!
2 min
Gimlet Presents: Uncivil
Uncivil, Gimlet’s new history podcast, takes you back to a time when America was so divided that it split in two.
24 min
#12 Teamable
Entrepreneur Laura Bilazarian has an innovative solution for helping companies find great talent.
36 min
#11 Tesloop
Haydn Sonnad pitches his plan to revolutionize regional transit on the back of Tesla’s electric charging network.
31 min
#10 Sudden Coffee
Two entrepreneurs believe they have the secret to making premium instant coffee.
31 min
#9 Tuckrbox
The founders of Tuckrbox need to convince investors that their healthy food delivery service is more than just a noble idea.
33 min
#8 Hykso
Could a little sensor designed to measure punches be the next big hit in a long line of fitness fads?
34 min
#7 Shimmur
The social media landscape is a veritable graveyard of failed startups, but Matthew Peltier believes his company, Shimmur, is different.
36 min
#6 Guru Games
College students Evan Thomas and Troy Pettie have been moonlighting to build a business they hope will bring millennials back into casinos.
35 min
#5 FITGuard
An entrepreneur thinks he has the solution to sports-related concussions—but now he has to convince investors to buy in.
35 min
#4 Skylights
35 min
#3 Industrial Organic
30 min
#2 iMirror
The hotel room hasn’t seen disruption since the addition of the television in the 1950s. Pieter Boekhoff wants to change that—by transforming what happens when we look in the mirror.
32 min
#1 Babyscripts
34 min